Golf survival guide: How to become a better golfer in 30 days

Golf is a very important game for a sports lover. Golf is a game which doesn’t need a lot of stamina and effort to be played, but it requires accuracy and precision.

In golf you must have a specific technique and skill to play a good shot. It is a lengthy game and requires a lot of distance to be covered by the ball to make the game proceed.

In golf, your equipment must be good and efficient like you must have good golf gear to play the game. It is a great activity to improve your strength of arms and elbows because the regular swing to hit the ball is an excellent exercise for this purpose.

Golf can also release your stress to a great degree. This game is psychologically quite important as it has an ability to keep the mind fresh and can provide comfort. In the new trend, this game is usually played by elders especially after their retirement so that they can enjoy their free time.

Since golf is played on a regular basis everywhere in the world, everybody wants to know how to improve their golfing skills. There are some important factors to be accomplished to become a better golf player in thirty days only.

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A normal golf course has a length of more than six thousand yards which requires lots of effort to be covered.

Estimation of Length to be covered after each hit

You must estimate the length of each hit before the game. As already mentioned a normal court has a length of six thousand yards. To cover this distance accurately and precisely your hits should be well struck and according to the need.

At the early stages, your hits must have high magnitudes and should cover more distance. To defeat your opponent, you need to put the ball in the hole before him. To do this, your ball should cover more distance in less time at the start.

So at the start, the magnitude of your hit matters a lot. Nearly fifty-eight hundred yards must be covered in a hurry and with fewer hits as the one who uses fewer hits to hole a ball wins the game.

Though you have to hit the ball with high magnitudes in the start but at the end when less distance is remaining you must decrease the distance to be covered. As science states low magnitude can result in more precise actions.

So to put the ball in the hole earlier than anyone else you need to be precise and to be precise, you should restrict the length to be covered after each successive hit. At the stage when less distance is remaining you need to vary your hits.

Time by time when less distance remains your hits must cover a low distance. And the last hit must be struck much politely then any earlier to obtain a precise result.

To avoid any problems during the game you must estimate the lengths after each hit earlier before the match. It is a perfect hack to make your golfing skills much better. This estimation can help you catch up with any miss hit and the distance and number of hits ratio can be capitalized.

If you even lack in distance with your hits you can vary your magnitude of other successive hits to gain the distance you have already estimated.

Partition of length to hit ratio

The six thousand yard court must be divided to half and quarters. The first half should be covered with equal hits in the next quarter and the last quarter for precision must be covered in double hits than the previous quarter. This pattern helps you get a linear distance and with discipline.


Magnitude of hits at the start

At the start of the game most important thing is distance rather than precision. To achieve high distance your magnitude of hit must be high. This will allow you to gain more distance with less hits.

To strike high magnitude hits you need to have high elbow strength. As golf stick is struck using your elbow movement. Not only your elbow strength but your style even matters. You need to have more distance between your hands and the surface of the golf stick.

This means the distance between pivot and point of motion must be high to gain higher moment of force. Another factor which majorly affects the hit is the point of release of the hockey stick. From more distance the hockey stick will be released the more distance it will cover.

Magnitudes during the last hits

To hit precise and accurate your hits must be of low magnitude. The lower the magnitude the more precise distance can be obtained. To hit for low distances you must use low magnitudes. The distance of the release point of hockey stick must be decreased to obtain low magnitude and more precise distance from the hole.


At the start

In the start of the game, direction does not matter much but to have a great ending direction may not be underestimated. You should hit the ball towards the direction of the hole every time so that at the end you can have less distance required from the hole.

At the end

At the end to keep the direction steady is more important than magnitudes. You must hit the ball in the perfect directions so that the ball can be plotted in the hole.


The factor and vector of wind must be kept in mind. Wind can be very effective towards the direction of your hits. So to have perfect directions the vector of wind may be resolved orally in your mind.


There are many obstacles on a golf field. Trees and stream are the most common one. To avoid any hesitation to achieve your hole you must vary your direction and magnitude of a hit with the position of obstacles.

All of these factors are very important to be kept in mind before the start and during the game. In order to become a better golfer in less than thirty days you must keep on practicing upon your hits keeping the factors of length, magnitude, direction and obstacles in your mind.

You must visually analyze all these factors again and again. This will help you know the conditions involved in a game and the maximum or minimum difficulty a golf game has.

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

I’m a golf enthusiast just like you and have been playing the game since I was 12 years old. Although I love watching the PGA Tour and following my favorite stars on tour I’m also fascinated by all of the unique and innovative products that are associated with the game I love. It's my greatest joy to share my fascination with golf gadgets, equipment, training aids, and golf accessories with fellow golf lovers on all levels.


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