8 Things to Consider When Buying New Golf Clubs

Looking to get into the sport of golf? Maybe you are looking to upgrade your old, rusted set of clubs for brand new and shiny ones? No matter what the reason is, when it is time to buy new golf clubs, you can find yourself presented with a daunting task.

Sets, brands, special club types, all these things can become overwhelming when you set out to buy new golf clubs, especially if this is your first time doing so. So let the professionals help you out, as we give you the information that you need to consider when buying a new set of clubs!

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8 Things to Consider When Buying New Golf Clubs

What is Your Budget?

Obviously, the first thing that you want to know before buying golf clubs is how much you have to spend on your new gear. Golf is an expensive sport, especially when it comes to the cost of your golfing equipment. While you are not likely to get off cheap (at least not if you want good golf clubs), you will want to know just how much you are willing to spend before you make your purchase

What Level Do You Plan to Play At?

Despite what it may seem like to someone who has never played before, not every set of golf clubs is the same. Some clubs are better suited for more competitive play, being crafted in ways that help golfers obtain certain types of shots on impact or otherwise, while others are basic and run of the mill clubs for casual play.

For this reason, your play style should determine both the type and cost of the clubs you are buying. In general, you are likely to pay more for clubs that are catered to competitive play as they use different and more expensive materials, as opposed to the more cheaply made practice and casual clubs.

Brand Research

 Sure, you've been eyeing those new Callaway clubs over at your local sporting goods store, but how much do you really know about the brand itself? Are they known for making good gear, or have customers had issues with their quality?

Look up the specific brands or types of club you plan to purchase online. Here you will find many customer reviews and spec details that will let you know if the clubs you are planning to buy are the right choice for you, or if you should look elsewhere.

Buying Used Can Save Money

 I have learned that divorce can be a funny thing in some way, namely in the fact that you can always tell if a couple is separating based on what is in their garage sales. If their sale has a nice set of golf clubs being sold for cheap, then chances are the couple in question have gone their separate ways and one of them is selling the other's goods for cheap.

Joking aside, you can find good quality, used golf clubs both at various yard sales and online with websites such as Amazon and Craigslist. These used clubs can sometimes be of a very high quality and are often sold for much cheaper than they would be new. The only downside to this is, depending on the age and usage of the clubs, their durability may be a bit lower than if you bought new.

Location, Location

When buying new or used clubs, try to buy them from reputable retailers and sources if possible. The retailer can make the difference between buying great clubs at a decent price and buying average clubs at a price point that is way too high, so try to shop around and look at many potential retailers for the clubs you want before deciding on your purchase.

What You Will Need

The full set of clubs should consist of at least a Driver, 2 Woods, 8-9 Irons, and 2-3 Wedges, as well as your putter. While a full set is not exactly necessary to play, you will want to make sure when buying a completely new set of clubs that you at least have a minimum 11-13 individual clubs in the set.

When buying or replacing clubs in your set with new clubs, try to buy those that suit your needs best. Different companies will produce clubs that are able to help with control, backspin, power, etc., so if there is an area of your game that you would like to improve upon try to find which clubs are available that you will benefit most from.

Make a List, Check it Twice

To help you with the previous problem, try and make notes for yourself that list what clubs you are looking to buy and what areas of your game you would like to benefit from the new clubs. This will help you narrow down your search for clubs and let you find the clubs that you could get the most use from.

Test the Gear

If possible, try out your clubs before you buy them. While you can't really do this when buying online, many sports stores will allow you to test out the clubs they have for sale. This will help you to get a feel for the clubs before using them on the course so you know if they would be a good fit for your playing style.


Trust me when I say that I know how confusing it can be when trying to buy new clubs blind. When it was time to replace the clubs my father gave me (after owning them for 18 years), all the brands and types of clubs available to me was a bit overwhelming. Hopefully, this article helps to clear up for you some of the fog I had in my own mind and makes it a bit easier on you when it is time to upgrade to new golf clubs.

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Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

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