Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K vs Eleven vs Toulon Putters: Review

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Odyssey (and parent company Callaway) have redefined the putter game with three brand new options and an OG model to satisfy old fans. In this guide, we compare and contrast the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K vs Eleven vs Toulon vs White Hot OG so that you can decide which putter you want to buy.

Specifically, we’ll go over:

  • How to buy the new Odyssey putters
  • An overview of key features in the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K, Eleven, Toulon, and White Hot OG
  • Common features you’ll find in each of the putters.
  • Which new Odyssey putter is best for beginner golfers? For advanced golfers?

After this Tri-Hot 5K vs Eleven vs Toulon review, you’ll have all of the information you need to know to buy one of these new Odyssey putters.

How to Buy the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K, Eleven, Toulon, and White Hot OG Putters

Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K

Odyssey Eleven

Odyssey Toulon

Odyssey White Hot OG

Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Overview

The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K is a re-introduction for the Odyssey putter lineup. Like the White Hot insert, the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putter is more than 20 years old, but the company has added more whistles and bells for improved playing. Odyssey brought back the Tri-Hot 5K with the idea of replacing a mallet putter with a blade style

The company used new materials in ways unique to putters and moved the center of gravity forward, blending 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, tungsten, and steel. The result is a blade shape putter with over 5,000 IZZ in moment-of-inertia rating (hence the 5K part of the name). The blended materials offer consistency alongside improved spin and speed control. 

The front section, made of milled 303 stainless steel, helps to keep putts on their intended line regardless of the strike. This also works to keep the CG forward. There are over 120 grams of tungsten in the heel and toe sections to increase moment of inertia. 

Additionally, the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putter features the multi-material Stroke Lab shaft and the White Hot insert. The Stroke Lab shaft comes with a shortened and stiffer steel section compared to the original Stroke Lab. 

odyssey tri-hot 5k putter review

Key Features

Odyssey Tri-Hot is equipped with lots of features, some of which include:

Interchangeable Front Weights

The Odyssey Tri-Hot comes with interchangeable front weights to enable you dial in the head weight that’s suitable to your preference. The front weight is available in tungsten, steel, and aluminum.

Legendary White Hot insert

The Odyssey Tri-Hot is back with the most popular insert, sound, feel, and performance. This insert is synonymous with the Odyssey brand.

High Performance and Tight Dispersion From Stainless Steel Front

Unlike the OG version, Tri-Hot 5K offers tight dispersion from the stainless steel front for improved performance. This was achieved through a 303 stainless steel front section, which includes the face and hosel area. 

Unprecedented Forgiveness

The Odyssey Tri-Hot has an amazing forgiveness in a standard size blade putter. The design team positioned over 120 grams of tungsten behind the face in the heel and toe sections of the club head, and also increased the center of gravity forward for improved roll. 


There are 5 different models of the Tri-Hot 5K available:

  • Tri-Hot 5K One Putter – Crank neck hosel
  • Tri-Hot 5K Two Putter – Crank neck hosel
  • Tri-Hot 5K Three Putter – has a flow neck hosel with more toe hang.
  • Tri-Hot 5K Double wide Putter – Wide blade with a crank neck hosel
  • Triple wide Putter – Face-balanced double bend wide blade.

Overall, my Tri-Hot 5K review is that this is a familiar putter for most, but with smart weight adjustments. The putter feels a lot nice to hold than OG models and each putt comes off clean and crisp. Buy it today:

Odyssey Eleven Overview

The more the number on an Odyssey putter, the better and more forgiving the putter becomes. The Odyssey Eleven replaces the Odyssey Ten putters, and comes with a few new bells and whistles to enjoy.

The Odyssey Eleven has a stable MOI with alignment lines and a good choice of hosels for consistency on off center strikes. As with other mallet putters, this one comes with a unique head shape that’s designed to offer improved performance. Its center of gravity is positioned forward for more consistency and tighter dispersion.

The Odyssey Eleven is a square-shaped mallet putter with a polymer in the center. Aluminum and steel are positioned behind the head towards the forward portion of the club. The weight distribution moves the center of gravity forward to enable the putter to close more consistently on your target line. It offers less dispersion and better control while retaining moment of inertia benefits.

Available in three alignment looks – Unlined, Triple Track, and Tour Lined, the looks help frame the putt alongside the head.

odyssey eleven putter review

Key Features

New Eleven Shape

The Odyssey Eleven shape advances the alignment and forgiveness properties of the older version. The Eleven is uniquely created to help frame the ball with high accuracy, better MOI, superior alignment. 

Super Lightweight TPU Sole Insert

The white hotel insert makes this putter super lightweight. It also helps improve the sound and feel. The Eleven has the highest forgiveness out of all Odyssey putters.

Crowned Design

The Odyssey Eleven putter comes with a crowned design. The design provides a blank canvas for several alignment aides. The Eleven is available in Triple, lined, and Plain versions. 


The Odyssey Eleven comes in 6 different model:

  • Eleven S – slant neck hosel mallet with toe hang. 
  • Tour Lined CS – center shafted Face-balanced mallet.
  • Tour Lined DB – double bend Face-balanced mallet.
  • Tour Lined S – same with Eleven S.
  • Triple Track DB – double bend face-balanced mallet with triple track alignment strips.
  • Triple Track S – same with Eleven S.

Overall, my Odyssey Eleven review is that it’s a perfect putter for beginners and amateur players. The six different models give a style for everyone. I think this is my favorite mallet putter released in 2022.

Buy it now:

Odyssey Toulon Overview

The Odyssey Toulon is a uniquely made putter with a diamond-milled pattern and full grooves. The diamond-milled face promotes a soft connection with your ball. At impact, the face technology offers improved roll. It is very forgiving, reliable, and a steady club. 

The Odyssey Toulon putter comes with customized weighting at the bottom. There is a reason why it is currently used by many of the top PGA tour players.

One thing you will like about the Toulon is its premium look and construction. Its midnight black finish showcases the meticulous craftsmanship. The design team updated the Stroke Lab shafts, reducing the steel by 40 grams. The shaft’s graphite section is now closer to the putter head. The shaft aids tempo and increases stability in the swing of the putter. 

The shaft has also been stiffened and its weight reduced by seven grams for improved performance. When making your stroke, the milled finish will feel comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the deep grooves and sound dampening, Odyssey Toulon creates the best rolling putts.

odyssey toulon putter review

Key Features

Deep Diamond Groove Mill Pattern

The Toulon is equipped with deep full face grooves to control feel, sound, and channel vibration. The putter’s face features a medium depth cut to enhance forward roll and feel. The Toulon is the most best-rolling and consistent putter ever, with precise attention to detail.

Midnight Black Finish

The design is popular and widely recognized for its construction and premium look. The design is played worldwide on on the PGA tour and showcases innovative craftsmanship of milled putters. 

Stroke Lab Weighting

The shaft saves 40 grams of weight and redistributed to the grip and head end of the club. The Stroke Lab technology helps the putter to achieve consistency and improved tempo in the stroke. 

Adjustable Weighting System

All Toulon putters come with two split-weight designs that help to move the weight towards the heel and head. It also improves the inertia of the head, forward roll, and the consistency of impact ratio. This leads to a high level of performance and speed consistency. 


The Odyssey Toulon comes in at least 9 different models of different shapes and sizes:

  • Toulon Design San Diego Putter – classically designed heel toe weighted blade
  • Toulon Design Madison Putter – best suited for face rotation and strokes with moderate arc.
  • Toulon Design Chicago Putter – wide blade putter
  • Toulon Design Atlanta Putter – midsize square back mallet with a slant neck
  • Toulon Design Memphis Putter – midsize double bend mallet
  • Toulon Design Las Vegas H4.5 Putter – wing backed slant neck mallet
  • Toulon Design Las Vegas DB Putter – wing backed double bend mallet
  • Toulon Design Daytona Beach Putter – all-new multi-material crowned mallet
  • Toulon Design Le Mans Putter – all-new multi-material crowned progressive mallet

Overall, my Odyssey Toulon review is that Odyssey has made subtle adjustments to a beautiful putter. It took the right feedback from players on the tour to tinker with a solid formula and create the latest Toulon.

Common Features on the Tri-Hot 5K vs Eleven vs Toulon

Overall, you can see that the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K vs Eleven vs Toulon putters all have unique features and selling points. Being manufactured together, they also have a number of common features that are included with each club.

Red Stroke Lab Shaft

The Tri-Hot 5K and Eleven comes with a red stroke lab shaft for better performance. The weight of these clubs have been reduced by seven grams due to the shortening of the steel section. 

The design team also made these putters stiffer and stable for consistency in stroke and performance. 

Forward CG and High Inertia

Odyssey moved the center of gravity of all of these putters forward about a ¼ of an inch, while increasing inertia substantially. This creates speed control, improved performance, and speed consistency. It also creates spin control, and a tighter downrange dispersion for putts. 

odyssey tri-hot 5k putter action shot

White Hot Insert

All three models come with the most popular putter insert you will ever handle. They are also backed with improved sound, feel, and performance. 

Light weight

All of these putters are lightweight relevant to the competition. The shaft of the Tri-Hot 5K vs Eleven saves 7 grams, while that of Toulon saves 40 grams in weight. 

More forgiveness

The 2022 Odyssey putters offer a lot of forgiveness. In other words, the design and construction elements lessen the effects of poor contact with the golf ball and bad swings. 

What about the Odyssey White Hot OG?

odyssey white hot og putter review

The White Hot OG is still available for purchase by Odyssey. It is a double bend face-balanced mallet putter that’s suitable for strokes with face rotation and minimal arc. 

It features the White Hot insert, an iconic head shape, and is available in both Stroke Lab shaft and stepless steel. Each of the models come with the new midsize pistol grip. 

Overall, the White Hot OG is synonymous with top-notch performance that golfers at all levels love. 

The White Hot OG combines the benefits of the urethane insert technology with a fine milling on all surfaces and a rich silver PVD finish. It is available in a stepless steel shaft for improved performance and consistency of the stroke. 

The White Hot OG offers the most popular putter innovations in a modern and high performance package. It comes in about 26 models and you can grab any of the models for $219.99. 

Next, we go into even more detail about the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K vs Eleven vs Toulon.

Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K vs Eleven vs Toulon: Detailed Comparison

Club Look

The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K has a 359g head combined with a steel face, tungsten, and 6061 aluminum to create a club with over 5000 MOI, the highest so far. The head consists of 10% aluminum and 44% tungsten. The face is Odyssey’s White Hot insert which gives a great sound and good feel.

On the other hand, the Eleven club head sits a bit lower to the ground. The look is similar to a flattened TaylorMade Spider. You can see the white TPU sole insert with ‘Eleven’ and Odyssey’s circular logo stamped on it when you turn the head over. The shape of the head is square and wide, which looks a lot to swing back.

Toulon Design comes with black finish and alignment aid coupled with a simple white line. They are classy and slick looking. The deeper head allows for a longer alignment for easy lining up of putts. It will fit well into your hands and the feel is also excellent.


The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putters come at a price tag of $400 each. 

The Odyssey Eleven putters are priced $300 each, the lowest among the three. 

The price tag of the Toulon Design model is slightly higher than the other two, costing $449.99. 

Which 2022 Odyssey putter is better for beginners?

The best 2022 Odyssey putter for beginners is the Odyssey White Hot OG Two Ball Putter. Among others, this club offers high accuracy and tremendous distance control. These are two critical factors that beginners need to stay on top of their games. This putter also lets the ball come off with the right touch. 

If you want something more modern, then the Odyssey Eleven is the next best option for beginner golfers.

odyssey eleven putter action shot

Which 2022 Odyssey putter is better for experienced golfers? 

Experienced golfers need a putter like the Odyssey Toulon. It feels the most premium out of the three new putters and is widely used on the tour. The adjustable weighting on the Toulon gives you maximum control over each putt. 

If you have the time to practice shots on an indoor putting green, you will be able to get the exact feel you desire.

odyssey toulon putter front view

Who is Odyssey Golf?

Odyssey is a golf brand established in 1991 to focus solely on releasing high quality golf putters. Their putters are unique due to the insert placed within the face of the putter, which is designed to have a good feel with lots of forgiveness.

The original White Hot putter was released in 2000, which became one of the top selling putters of all time. The White Hot OG today comes in 26 different shapes and models.

Odyssey was purchased in 1997 by Callaway Golf and still operates as its own brand within the Callaway umbrella today.

Major PGA tour professionals use Odyssey golf putters, including Phil Mickelson, Xander Schauffle, Sergio Garcia, Henrik Stenson, Marc Leishman, and Kevin Kisner. Overall, Odyssey golf putters have been used during over 600 tour wins.

Conclusion: Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K vs Eleven vs Toulon Putters

Overall, Odyssey has some real magic on their hands with all three putters here. By focusing only on putters, the company can make high quality hardware and go all in 100%.

The naming can be confusing to new people, but thankfully you have us at Hitting the Golf Ball to make sense of things for you. 

The Odyssey White Hot OG is the original putter from Odyssey. Slightly redesigned, this putter is mostly as the original was. Instantly recognizable, you won’t go wrong sticking with what is familiar.

The Odyssey Eleven is a good putter for casual golfers and with the most reasonable price point. This putter is super lightweight and easy to hit.

The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K adds a front weight to help give it a premium feel. It retains the white got insert which will be familiar if you are upgrading from that.

The Odyssey Toulon represents everything premium. It comes with adjustable weights and the added price is not that crazy. I love the midnight black finish and you will too.

Which new Odyssey putter are you most interested in? Odyssey has three different new models to choose from, Tri-Hot 5K vs Eleven vs Toulon, as well as an OG original still in play. 

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