6 Ways to Gain Distance With Your Golf Swing

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One of the most vicious and challenging holes that a golfer will stare down on the course is the dreaded Par 5s. To make the greens of these holes under par, you need to have a swing that can drive the ball the distance and consistently.

I know when I first started out, it was impossible for me to get anything under double bogey on these holes. Every time I would strike the ball I would come up shorter than I would have liked, leaving me with a ton of ground to make up. This is when I started to work on ways to improve the distance of my swings, and this knowledge is what I'm passing on to you today.

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Tips for your Golf Swing

Build Muscle

It may seem a bit obvious, but building muscle in your biceps and forearms can aid your golf swing in the long run. I'm not saying to go out and get as ripped as The Rock, but having good upper body strength will help you to put that much needed extra power behind your swings.

Get Warmed Up

Before you go golfing and while taking practice swings, try to stretch out your muscles and get them accustomed to the motion of swinging your club effectively. Having the muscles in your arms and back ready for playing golf can help you to reduce cramping and strain while playing, and can help you to get the rhythm and timing down for your shots.

Body Language

Before addressing the ball, it may be best to know how to position your body for taking the best possible swing.

Your hands should be positioned at the end of the club with your dominant hand closest to the club head. This will help you to get the most power on your swing during follow-through. Also, try not to choke up to high on the club, as this will effect the force in which the club comes down during your forward swing.

Your legs should remain as straight as possible, with no bending at the knees. Bending of the knees during the swing could cause loss of power, and even loss of control when following through. It is also recommended that you have a "wide stance", as this gives you better grounding while taking your backswing.

Keep your arms out straight and your shoulders in a position where your dominant shoulder is tipped slightly lower, but without tightening up your muscles. Not only can this cause strain to the muscles themselves, but the stiffness of the muscles can cause lack of motion and loss of power during your swing.

Body Language, During the Swing

As you start your backswing, make sure that you move your arms and shoulders to raise the club up while slightly twisting the spine. During the backswing try to keep your arms as straight as possible and try to keep your hips and legs from moving too much.

During your backswing, make sure that your non-dominant shoulder is parallel with your opposite knee. This will ensure that your swing will have an arch wide enough to make a more powerful impact.

Weight Transfer

To keep your shot's balance, you will want to transfer your weight effectively during the follow-through of your swing. During the backswing, the majority of your weight should be focused on the dominant side of your body, with you shifting it to the opposite side during follow-through. This will help you to keep your shot steady and to release power upon impact.

Maintain Rhythm and Strike

From backswing to follow-through, make sure that you maintain the rhythm and control of your club. Losing control, as you might imagine, will lead to an erratic shot that will either not fly as far as intended or end up being sliced.

When striking the ball try to have the ball make impact with the center-point of the club face. This will allow you to hit the ball with the most possible surface area and send the ball flying further as a result.

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I wish that when I started golfing that I had a guide like this to help me with my swing, as it would have saved me a lot of embarrassment. Thankfully with this guide, and some good ol' fashioned practice, you can prevent yourself from the same fate that I faced by making your golf swings have the most power and impact possible!

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

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