Best (And Cool) Golf Hats: A Detailed Reviewed

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One of the favorite sports around the world is golf. Both professionals and beginners have fun playing it. A golf club should be accommodated with its accessories to give the best shot and style. A golf hat is one of them. It is not just a fashion statement or a sponsor board but primarily a sun shield and protection for your eyes and head. It is meant to wick sweat, give you comfort, and add precision and accuracy to the play. However, a hat has become more than a norm, as styles, sizes, external looks, and materials have changed over time.

THE CoolEST and Best Golf Hats

  • Callaway Liquid Metal (Best Overall)
    "It is perfect for temperature control as it has high-quality performance polyester. The material is bacteria-resistant and has UV (UPF 30 plus) protection and a sweatband with moisture-wick technology "
  • Nike Legacy91 Tech (Best on a Budget)
    "A soft headband that absorbs sweat. Fabric is stretchable for good adaptability of the wearer. It is very comfortable as it is light in weight and comes with adjustable hook and loop thumb tab closure."
  • Aussie Chiller Original Outback Bushie (Upgrade Pick)
    "A hat that can also be used for any outdoor activity. Prevents sweats especially during summer with its “ Soaked Me” fabric to give maximum ventilation."
  • Callaway Trucker (Great Alternative)
  • Wonderful Fashion Classic Herringbone (For Traditionalists)
  • Titleist Beanie (Best Hat for Winter Golf)
  • Adidas Adizero II (Best Golf Visor for Him)

Best Golf Hats 

Callaway Liquid Metal

Best Overall

Callaway Liquid Metal


  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Great finish and design
  • Unique metallic logo
  • Bacteria and UV protection
  • None! Everybody loves this hat

Are you a Callaway fan? If so, then you would be happy to add Callaway Liquid Metal Hat to your collections. This hat makes your outfit look chic and attract eyes on the course with its great design. It will help you stay stylish and protected from the sun.

If you’re one of those that are conscious because some of your hats don’t fit right; then this hat is worth a try. This hat has a slick design. It has a velcro adjustable closure at the back to adjust its fitting. It is even perfect to stick a ponytail through it.


Callaway Liquid Metal is suitable for all weather. You don't have to worry about the odor-causing bacteria even if your sweating. Its material is bacteria-resistant. It also helps you shield from the sun with its UV protection (UPF-30 plus).

Callaway is known for producing products with good quality. This hat has no exemptions. It is lightweight, adjustable and gives you comfort while playing. It is good for everyday use too. 

Other features of  Callaway Liquid Metal:

  • It is perfect for temperature control as it has high-quality performance polyester
  • The material is bacteria-resistant and has UV (UPF 30 plus) protection.
  • Adjustable in size makes it one size fits all
  • Sweatband with moisture-wick technology for sweat and moisture control.
  • Available in different colors such as Charcoal, Black, Navy, Gray, White, and Red 
  • Good unisex option with impressive design
  • Suitable to all-weather

Nike Legacy91 Tech

Best on a Budget

Nike Legacy91 Tech


  • Durable
  • Light in weight
  • Versatile
  • All- fit size and Dri-Fit technology
  • Comfortable & stylish
  • Best for tournaments and weekend play
  • The price can be a little expensive for some golf players.

Nike has launched a newer version with its legacy series. A big brand name and good quality material that comes in a slew of colors and designs are what you get with this hat. This is a highly touted sports brand in the gear industry.

It is considered one of the best hats because of their quality and features. It withstands all kinds of weather with high durability. The material used is top in its quality. It minimizes moisture and gives breathability, thereby preventing odor formation.


They come in vibrant colors, highly comfortable with great adjustability. Its adjustability feature makes the hat an all-fit size. It is light, and so your head doesn't feel compressed. So, it is worn for a long time effortlessly. Its "Dri-Fit" feature is due to its breathable material-work, which keeps the inner portion of the cap maintains its dryness and wicking of moisture. The cap is soft and doesn't get hot upon prolonged use in the sun. Sweat has no potential impact on the hat's material or quality. The price is worth the product and the brand.

Other features of Nike Legacy91 Tech:

  • Legacy version is latest in design
  • It is very comfortable as it is light in weight and comes with adjustable hook and loop thumb tab closure
  • It is a soft cap and hence comfortable for all day and everyday wear.
  • Top-notch in quality and breathable in material
  • Dri-Fit technology to maintain dryness.
  • Polyester-100 percent
  • A soft headband that absorbs sweat
  • The broader brim of the hat
  • 6-paneled design
  • Fabric is stretchable for good adaptability of the wearer

Aussie Chiller Original Outback Bushie

Upgrade Pick


  • Travel friendly. (Packable)
  • Ideal accessory for outdoor activities
  • Good for all weather
  • Best to help you beat the summer heat
  • Don’t shrink and lose its shape
  • 360 Degree of sun protection
  • Color won’t fade
  • Get a little dusty from time to time.(looks obvious on black colors)

Aussie Chiller Bushie is a lightweight yet stylish hat that can be worn not just on the golf course. It is also a great accessory for outdoor activities, especially during summer. From the name itself, this hat is made from Australia. The hat is actually designed for maximum ventilation and cooling so you can line up your next shot without squinting or blinking. 

This hat can be a cooling headwear by soaking it in chilled water just like soaking your towel in the cold water. The chill can last up to three hours. You can wear it comfortably until it dries up. You can even thoroughly soak the interior of the hat without worry. The fabric of this hat was designed for this function. This hat will not shrink, lose shape, or even rot from soaking. Thanks to the material of this hat, the soft, ultra-light chamois fabric.


Aussie Chiller Bushie is available in 3 sizes: Medium, Large & Extra-large. It is also packable, making it convenient for travel. You may observe a few temporary creases while unpacking. But no worries, it will return to normal.

During windy days, you can also adjust the hat by grabbing the interior stretch band at the rear seam and sliding for the needed fitting. This also comes handy when you’re caught with the rain. The side of the hat is water-resistant. This proves that this hat is not just good on hot days but it is indeed good for all-weather too.

This golf hat is also easy to clean. It is also a dishwasher and washing machine friendly with mild and strong soap. Worried that the soap may affect the color? Worry no more! The color of this hat won’t fade.

Other features of Aussie Chiller Original Outback Bushie:

  • Made from soft ultra-light chamois fabric
  • Design for sun protection and superior ventilation
  • Available in three sizes: Medium, Large, Extra-large
  • Don’t lose shape, rot, and shrink from soaking
  • Adjustable and color won’t fade
  • Dishwasher and washing machine wash approved

Callaway Trucker

Great Alternative


  • Light in weight
  • High in performance
  • Functional Mesh
  • A-Flex Fit
  • Mid-profile design structure
  • Available in S, M, L, and XL sizes.
  • Not available in a single size.

Use Callaway Mesh Fitted Cap for added comfort without breaking your budget. This is a cost-effective solution to get this accessory that provides good features and functionality equivalent to some pricey ones.

This is a mesh fitted hat that is light in weight and high in performance. Back panels give high breathability due to its mesh fitted back panels.  While A-flex fit offers a secure fit. 


The mid-profile hat design offers a simple look. This golf hat has good durability and is easy to use. You can play without discomfort for long hours because of its flexibility and lightweight design.

Other features of Callaway Trucker:

  • A-Flex fitting of a golf
  • Budget-friendly
  • Embroidered Logo of Callaway on the front side
  • Front panels are solid
  • Golf hat brim is solid
  • Light in weight
  • Mesh fabric of high performance
  • Back panels have a fitted mesh for excellent breathability

Wonderful Fashion Classic Herringbone

For Traditionalists

Wonderful Fashion Classic Herringbone


  • Different styles
  • Comfortable and high in quality
  • Traditional appeal
  • Easy to clean
  • Users experience shrinking of this hat

This is a traditional hat of high quality that stands out of typical attire. You can comfortably play your golf while wearing the Wonderful Fashion Classic Herringbone hat. This hat is great for keeping your head warm along with your body. It is made of great quality and assembled very well. The lining is decent with no loose thread. This one is not just good for playing golf but also with any other outdoor activities. It is also available in different colors that can complement your outfit.


Other features of Wonderful Fashion Classic Herringbone:

  • Classic look
  • Cool, modern yet authentic
  • Several Color choices
  • Natural like patterned golf hat
  • Appealing and comfortable

Titleist Beanie

Best Hat for Winter Golf

Titleist Beanie


  • A 5-gauge acrylic tricolor knit of excellent quality
  • Single color cuff with a pom-pom top
  • Micro-fleece liner of high performance
  • Optimum warmth and very comfortable
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Colorfast, no- fade and no-run material made
  • Some users feel it's not an all-size fit.

Titleist is a well-known brand name for golfing gear and clothing. The winter season golfing hat is like a beanie, offering a cute-look with a design worth the style. The winter golf hat is made from 100 percent acrylic. Their logo Titleist is embroidered on the hat.


Titleist Beanie fits all the primary sizes. This gives a snug feel without adding in bulkiness to the hat. This makes it lightweight wear and very comfortable to put on for long times. A golf hat with a pom-pom is stylish yet very functional in giving the much needed soothing warmth during winters.

Other features of Titleist Beanie:

  • Made from 100 percent acrylic
  • Stylish Beanie with pom-pom
  • Light in weight that permits all -day long wear
  • Gives a snug feeling to the head offering warmth during winter

Adidas Adizero II

Best Golf Visor for Him

Adidas Adizero II


  • High in quality
  • Light in weight and moisture wicking
  • Sleek in design
  • Various color options
  • Comfortable
  • User experience hat running small

Adidas Adizero II is known for its appealing design. It has a stylish sporty look. It has a mesh and unique Clima-cool feature to offer good airflow. It has a high performance yet still comfortable because of the moisture-wicking capabilities.

The hat material is made from 13 percent spandex and 87 percent polyester. It has under anti-glare visor system to prevent straining from the sun.


Other features of Adidas Adizero II

  • Stylish and attractively designed
  • Comfortable
  • Sporty in appearance
  • The anti-glare visor system
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Clima cool featured mesh

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the different types of golf hats?

There are four kinds of golf hats to choose from:

Ball Caps

Although they lack in style and fashion, they do a pretty good job with eye-protection.


According to some of the players, Visors do not cover the eyes from dust particles and sun-protection. This can be very troublesome. However, they have provisions for air, which is great on a sunny turf.

Bucket type

They are a hybrid' of the above two. They have provisions for air and offer protection from sun-rays and dust.

Wide Brim

They do a very great job when it comes to shielding sun-rays on the face and the neck. They block the rays and prevent any disruption during the game. A variety of hats come under this type. They involve Panamas, Straws, and Fedora hats.

What materials are the best options?

The fabric and material which make up the cap are a significant factor when it comes to comfort, strength, and durability.

When it comes to comfortable-play, you ought to choose a cap made with nylon-material. This is because having more percentage of nylon will make sure you have a dry face without facing any sweat-dripping situations. if not, a similar kind of fabric, polyester, can be used in its place. It has the same function as nylon, so make sure you get a hat of at least 40%-50% of its material.

Why should you select a breathable and soft fabric?

Golfing hats that are comfortable and have provision for air are much needed. Closed hats carry a myth that they block the sweat-smell from spreading. However, wearing a closed hat with no provision for air will block the head from breathing. This can cause mild headaches and increase the dirt on your head that is due to sweat-accumulation. If too much sweat accumulates, then your head becomes smellier and can get prone to pathogens. Avoid cotton and buy mesh and spandex type of material.

Why is an adjustable golf hat preferred in a hat for golf?

Caps that have adjustable straps provide the right air-provision. Fixed and stiff hats will not let your head breathe. Adjustable ones make sure you can play the game comfortably and changed according to your needs. Strapped hats for golfers will make sure you play the game to your optimum level without any problem of adjustments. Some fixed caps will be so tight sometimes causing mild headaches. This is due to the tightness and inflexible factor of the hat. Golf-caps, which have an adjustable strap, is best.

What is a traditional golf cap?

Although there are many customized, modified, stylish, and stylish hats out, nothing can beat the traditional golf-hat appeal. Even if modern golf-caps have occupied most of the market, they did not completely replace the traditional and original ones. A classic golf hat has a simple look to it and comes in many forms. They are also called as ivy, flats, bottoms, and driver hats. They are very different from snapbacks and buckets. The unique feature of a traditional hat is an inflexible brim to it. It is made of tweed with a standard-look and a tiny brim. These are available in any kind of sports-store if you want to wear one.

What is unique in a synthetic fiber material made golf hat?

It is preferable to use a hat made from synthetic fibers such as polyester, spandex, or nylon. This is because of their capabilities to prevent sweat-dripping and to maintain head and face dry. They can make sure your head is moisture-free during the game. However, if you use a golf cap made of cotton, you will not feel comfortable due to absorbed sweat and high moisture content. This is a good reason why you see many golf-players with hats of synthetic-make.

Apart from this, many caps are equipped with other features that are bound to make the game hassle-free. They come with technologies that offer sun protection, UV-ray protection, and size-adjustment functionality. They are flexible and not bulky. Hence, they can be carried around with ease and can be used for a long time.

Which golf visor is best for women?

One of the factors that have to be taken into consideration for women is the hair. Many golf caps suppress the hair, which becomes a very uncomfortable situation for ladies with puffy hair. One of the recommended types of hats for ladies is sun-visors. They are very useful and handy for women for good golf-play as they have an elastic-make. This elastic capability of the hat will make sure you have the right size. Most of the time, this won't pose a significant problem with the hair. Women who have a hair-length till their shoulders or more won't face any problem with the maintenance of their hair.

How to wash?

It is essential to keep your caps dry and moisture-free at all times. They must be kept in a hygienic condition and must be void of sweat when storing it. If not properly maintained, it can become smelly and prone to bacteria, which will damage your hair. This is especially so because it is drenched in sweat most of the time due to the game. One must wash it properly after every game.

Bucket hat can be put inside a washing machine and hence, will be comfortable and easy to wash. As for the other hat types, manual-wash is recommended with regular detergent, brittle-free brushes, and some warm water.

How to pick the best?

Some aspects of a hat have to be kept in focus when choosing the right type of golf cap for you. They should be comfortable and serve their purpose during the game. Several other factors, apart from comfort and function, are fitting, sun-protection, size adjustments, fabric type, and support.

The following aspects are in the must-look-for category:

  • Flexible brim-material.
  • Optimum sun-blockage and protection from UV-rays

Like already mentioned earlier, hats must live up to your comfort and style. They must also do their job of effectively keeping away from the sun's rays. As for the brims, make sure the material is flexible and not weak or loose. Brims do most of the work of protection from the sun, so check if the brims are of a length up to 6 to 7 inches. UV-rays protection is also of much importance to protect your skin while playing the game. To have the most experience, get a cap with a UPF of 55-60.

The type of golf cap also depends on the type of shirt you wear during your presence at a golf course. If you wear T-shirts, you can protect the exposed neck-area from the sun as well, although it is best not to wear collared shirts if you have these kinds of hats. They get in the way. If you do want to wear collared-shirts, then get a hat with a brim-length of 3-4 inches.


Callaway Liquid MetalOur PickCallaway Liquid Metal
Nike Legacy91 TechBudget PickNike Legacy91 Tech
Aussie Chiller Original Outback BushieUpgrade PickAussie Chiller Original Outback Bushie
Callaway TruckerGreat AlternativeCallaway Trucker
Wonderful Fashion Classic HerringboneFor TraditionalistsWonderful Fashion Classic Herringbone
Titleist BeanieBest Hat for Winter GolfTitleist Beanie
Adidas Adizero IIBest Golf Visor for HimAdidas Adizero II

Selecting the right hat that offers a proper shield from the sun, moisture-wicking, size adjustment, and sweat absorption are essential for a comfortable golf play. Golf hats come in different designs, styles, and patterns to choose from to match your attire or liking.

It is best to look for golf hats that are primarily made from polyester from the above reviews. The material preferred is synthetic as it comes with Dry fit, Clima-cool, and other new technologies. This material offers top moisture control. The adjustable strap will be handy to fit on the head comfortably and ease it whenever need. Mesh fitting in golfers’ hats provides good airflow and breathability. Also, avoid colorfast colors and size run to shrink in a golfing hat. The best hat is one that makes you comfortable and happy after a golf play.

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