6 Best Putting Aids of 2021: Reviews & Recommendations

You have had a great hole so far, with great shots that got you on to the putting green two strokes under par. Now all that is left is to sink your putt for an Eagle.

Except things go terribly awry, and you miss your mark, and not just once either. When all is said and done, your sure thing Eagle is now a Double-Bogey, all because of some bad putting.

So what is there that you can possibly do to help with this situation? Well, you can always practice your shot with a coffee mug in your hallway, but that doesn't really help much for improving, does it?

For those that need some extra help with their putting game, there is some gear available called putting aids. These putting aids help to better your shots on the green by using various tools, from recreation greens to mirrors, to help you pinpoint the issues in your putting game.

With a wide variety of prices and features, it really is hard to pinpoint which of these putting aids will be perfect for each player. So to help with that, we present our own list of the available putting aid in the market, in the hope of making your game that much better.

Our Best Putting Aids in 2021

Best Putting Aids 

PuttOut Pressure - Putting Trainer

Best Overall


  • has a parabolic curve design
  • available in different colors
  • collapsible and easily fit on one's golf bag
  • Immediate feedback
  • Efficient use of time and space
  • Nothing

If you're looking for the best putting aids to help you practice you're putting even if you're at home or at the office, you can check the PuttOut Pressure Putting Trainer. We test and analyze A LOT of golf equipment here at Hitting The Golf Ball. However, it is very rare to find a product that is both excel in its category, while also being among the lowest-priced items.

Enter the PuttOut Pressure Putting Trainer. It has been popular with the golfer. With constant practice on your putting stroke, you can work on your pace and control and find the alignment bit easier.


This training aid has a simple design but does an excellent job as a training aid. This is small and collapsible so it will take only a little space on your golf bag. It is made from elastomer polycarbonate. To brighten up your mood, it is available in four colors — blue, orange, green, and red.

We've already written a lot of praise about the PuttOut Pressure Putting Trainer. This is our top pick among the putting aids if you're serious about training to improve your putting skills. We love it!

Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror

Upgrade Pick


  • comes with 4 staggered putting gates
  • provides real-time feedback
  • ideal for all type of golf players
  • portable and comes with a microfiber carry pouch
  • eyes directly into the golf ball 
  • a little bit expensive compared to the other training aid on the list

This is perfect for all types of players. It is portable with a putting alignment mirror and can be your on-the-go putting training. This comes with a microfiber carry pouch, so you can practice your perfect putt not just at home, but also in the office during your spare time or even at the green. You can also use the pouch to wipe the putting mirror before starting your game.

This was made possible by the brilliant mind of PGA tour pros Richard Woodhouse and Grant Field. They wanted to help players to enjoy more golf. Pro Path Golf is made from plexiglass and aluminum. They designed it to refine your posture. Worried because you're a right hand or left-hand golfers? Worry no more! This features a two-sided design so it can both cater to left-handed or right-handed golfers. The putting alignment helps you with the consistency of your swing. It has a mirror that represents a 15-degree natural arc.


Aside from helping you correct your posture. The alignment ensures you that your eye line is correctly over the golf ball and the mirrors allow you to see the position of your shoulders. This is very easy to use and can easily fit on your bag too.

Another thing that makes this more exciting is that it comes with a 100% refund guarantee if you're not satisfied with the product.

Golf Putting Arc MS-3D

Most Innovative

Golf Putting Arc MS-3D


  • Innovative Approach
  • Simple
  • comes with a mirror
  • has holes so you can station it on the green
  • Relatively expensive

Another putting aid that made it into the list is the Golf Putting Arc MS-3D. Most golfers think of putting as a straight movement. However, it's really more of an arc. That's where the 

Golf Putting Arc MS-3D steps in and tries to help your work on the full putting arc, instead of just the pure focus on results.

We were very curious to test this unique product and must say it definitely worked in changing our attitude and improving our putting swing. Creating a pure putting stroke was possible as the putter head moves on a 3-dimensional arc. This training aid weighs 3.4 pounds so place it on top of the carpet. However, if you want to carry this one and have your putting training on the green, you can also do so. It has holes so that you can easily station it in the green.

Don't expect any wonders from this, but it will help you bring your putting to the next level with constant practice even just with 5-10 minutes a day.

EyeLine Golf Edge Mirror Training Aid

Best Mirror Putting Aid

EyeLine Golf Edge Mirror Training Aid


  • Helps to master the setup
  • Understand full-body alignment
  • Portable, light, and non-skid for indoor use
  • Like all mirrors, it is fragile

Our next putting training aid takes us in a different direction from our previous one, using a mirror to help improve your putts.

The Eyeline Golf Edge Mirror is an aid capable of doing more than just aligning shots. The Eyeline's durable acrylic mirror is able to give you feedback on your entire body during putts.

When placed flat on the green, you are able to see your eyes, shoulders, arms, shaft, and putter head to see exactly how your posture and movements look when making putts, allowing you to see what mistakes you are making.

With the putter alignment lines on the mirror, you are able to square up your putter face with these lines, helping to give your putts more accuracy. And if you can't make it to the golf course, no worries! The Eyeline Mirror has a non-skid backing that allows for easy indoor or outdoor use, so you can use it right in your living room on rainy days.


While durable in use, the Eyeline is may have issues when being transported, as the mirror has had some issues breaking while just being in the golf bag. And although it may not be an issue for everyone, some people have had slight issues with the surface area of the mirror, with some claiming that it was a bit too small.

Golf mirrors are a great way to improve your game, however, the feedback you get by being able to see where you need improvement is detrimental. And as far as golf mirrors go, the Eyeline is one of the perfect options to consider.

5 Footer Golf Training Aid

Simplest Putting Aid

5 Footer Golf Training Aid


  • Takes time to roll and unroll

From a mirror back to a bracket of sorts we have the 5 Footer Golf Training Aid. And much like the name suggests, this is a great aid for longer putts.

The 5 Footer has a long, U-Shaped bracket that can be used to guide your put along, helping give you an accurate shot. When using the aid for shorter putts, you can wrap the curved end of the 5 Footer right around the hole itself, providing a guide that takes you directly to the hole.

One of the features of the 5 Footer is how easy it is to move, able to be rolled up and transported easily, without the need to secure it down every putt like the TIBA Putt bracket. It is also very flexible, allowing you to use the guide on various types of lies, such as putting uphill or from left to right.


The 5 Footer can take some time to set up on every putt, unfortunately. Between unrolling the guide to aligning it for your shot, the amount of time it takes to actually use the 5 Footer may be a turn off for golfers in a hurry.

Another all-in-all great putting guide that offers a ton of versatility. A must-have for those looking to improve their long-range game as well as their putts from tough lies.

Sharper Rails Premium Guide Rails Putting Mirror

Best Guide Rail Putting Aid

Sharper Rails Premium Guide Rails Putting Mirror


  • Guide rail approach is very promising
  • Adjustable and removable guide rails
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Minor design imperfections that will hopefully be fixed

A fundamental misunderstanding with putting trainers is the idea that the club goes straight back during the "backswing", when in fact it should move in an arc. The clear plastic guides of the Sharper Rails Premium Guide Rails Putting Mirror allow you to see your putter being guided in the correct arc pattern, which helps instill the new movement pattern.

With the size of 17.5" x 9.25" putting alignment mirror. You can practice at home with your putting mat. t has a mirror face, guide rails, and putting mirrors. You can see the perfect face angle to perfect your putts. Whether your a beginner or a professional golfer already, you can use this training aid if you want to improve your putting stroke.

This might be the most complete tool on our list today and the one that can teach you the most things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best putting aids?

PuttOut Pressure - Putting Trainer. With its parabolic design, it mimicked the real hole on the putting green. This training aid gives instant feedback on your putting stroke. What makes this putting more attractive is its design and portability. It is collapsible and won't take up a lot of space in your bag so it is easy to carry around.

Why use putting aids?

Using putting aids is the easiest way to improve your golf game. With a dedication to a lot a little bit of your time you can start making more putts inside a 10-feet. The above-mentioned training aids are great value for money. So you can start improving your putts even your not on the green.

What Putting aids were used by Tour Players?

The Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror is used by the PGA Tour Winner Cameron Smith. This is not just for the pro but also ideal for all types of players. With the superb features that can greatly help improve your putting, this is a great putting to consider if you're looking to level up your putts and knock off a few scores from your scorecard.

Testing Criteria Used for Evaluation


Design is a crucial factor in choosing the perfect training aid for you. Before doing so, you must take a look first at why missed your putts. Is it because of alignment? Or your clubface is too close at impact? Being able to identify makes it easier for you to choose from the array of putting training aids on the market. The simpler the training aid, the better.


The next key factor that you should look at our putting training aid is durability. Remember that you will be using it almost every day either indoor to outdoor. Having a warranty for the purchase is preferable. You must also keep in mind the warranty policy before getting one for yourself.


PuttOut Pressure - Putting TrainerBest OverallPuttOut Pressure - Putting Trainer
Pro Path Golf Putting MirrorUpgrade PickPro Path Golf Putting Mirror
Golf Putting Arc MS-3DMost InnovativeGolf Putting Arc MS-3D
EyeLine Golf Edge Mirror Training AidBest Mirror Putting AidEyeLine Golf Edge Mirror Training Aid
5 Footer Golf Training AidSimplest Putting Aid5 Footer Golf Training Aid
Sharper Rails Premium Guide Rails Putting MirrorBest Guide Rail Putting AidSharper Rails Premium Guide Rails Putting Mirror

A good putting aid helps you reduce a few strokes off your score which will give you extra help with your putting. That concludes our list of the best putting aids available, and this list is just barely scratching the surface. There are a lot of aids out there that can help you to improve your putting game, and this is just a sampling. With these options and more, you should be able to get out on the course and start practicing those putts!

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