7 Best Golf Putting Aids: Sink More Putts Today!

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Putting is the most important aspect of golf that you should improve on to lower your score. In this guide, I’ll show you the best golf putting aids available today AND the best drills that you can try to putt better.

Before I show you the putting drills, let’s go through what putting aids you can buy today.

What are the Best Golf Putting Aids? 

  1. PuttOut Pressure Putting Trainer – Best Overall Golf Putting Aid
  2. Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror – Best Golf Putting Mirror
  3. The Putting Stick – Best Alignment Aid
  4. Blast Motion Golf Putting Analyzer – Best AI Putting Analyzer
  5. GolfPutting Arc MS-3D – Most Innovative
  6. EyeLine Golf Edge Mirror Training Aid – Another Putting Mirror
  7. 5 Footer Golf Training Aid – Best for Short Putts

What is a Golf Putting Aid?

Golf putting aids help you practice your putting at home or on the practice green without the pressure of a golf round. Putting is one of the essential parts of a golf game and something that many amateur golfers will struggle with.

If you can find a consistent flow on the putting green, you will see your scores lower and your confidence increase.

Next, I’ll review some of the best golf putting aids on the market below in detail to help sink more putts and lower your score.

PuttOut Pressure – Putting Trainer

Best Overall

If you’re looking for the best putting aids to help you practice you’re putting even if you’re at home or at the office, check out the PuttOut Pressure Putting Trainer. I test and analyze A LOT of golf equipment here at Hitting The Golf Ball. However, it is very rare to find a product that is both excel in its category, while also being low priced and affordable.

The PuttOut Pressure Putting Trainer is popular with amateur and professional golfers. With constant practice on your putting stroke, you can work on your speed control and find the alignment bit easier.

This training aid has a simple design but does an excellent job as a training aid. This is small and collapsible so it will take only a little space on your golf bag. It is made from elastomer polycarbonate. To brighten up your mood, it is available in four colors — blue, orange, green, and red.

We’ve already written a lot of praise about the PuttOut Pressure Putting Trainer. This is our top pick among the putting aids if you’re serious about training to improve your putting skills.

Key Features

  • Has a parabolic curve design
  • Available in different colors
  • Collapsible and can easily fit in your golf bag
  • Immediate feedback
  • Efficient use of time and space

Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror

Best Putting Mirror

The Pro Path putting mirror is perfect for all types of players. It is portable with a putting alignment mirror and can be your on-the-go putting training.

This comes with a microfiber carry pouch, so you can practice your perfect putt not just at home, but also in the office during your spare time or even at the green. You can also use the pouch to wipe the putting mirror before starting your game.

Pro Path was created by PGA tour pros Richard Woodhouse and Grant Field. They wanted to help players to enjoy more golf and help you lower your score.

Pro Path Golf is made from plexiglass and aluminum. They designed it to refine your posture. This features a two-sided design so it can both cater to left-handed or right-handed golfers. The putting alignment helps you with the consistency of your swing. It has a mirror that represents a 15-degree natural arc.

Aside from helping you correct your posture, the alignment ensures you that your eye line is correctly over the golf ball. The mirror also allows you to see the position of your shoulders. This is very easy to use and can easily fit on your bag too.

Key Features

  • comes with 4 staggered putting gates
  • provides real-time feedback
  • ideal for all type of golf players
  • portable and comes with a microfiber carry pouch
  • eyes directly into the golf ball 

The Putting Stick

Best Alignment Aid

In terms of golf putting aids, one of the best ones available is The Putting Stick. Used by many former and current PGA Tour Pros, The Putting Stick will not only aid in improving your putting stroke but also help with your putter head speed and the correct length for your back swing.

The Putting Stick is straightforward to use. You lay the stick on the ground, point towards your target, and place the golf ball on the target. From here, you putt it as you would normally.

The Putting Stick will tell you if your club face is not square at impact. There is also an alignment mirror located right behind the ball, and it will tell you if your eyes are aligned correctly over the ball or not. If your eyes aren’t lined up perfectly, the putt will not go where you think it will.

Another great thing about The Putting Stick is it will let you know if your backswing is too long. There is a little black stopper located behind your putter head. If your swing is too long, your putter head will hit the stop, and you will decelerate through impact, causing a mishit.

The best way to improve your putting is to reduce inconsistent contact. The Putting Stick fixes poor alignment and poor putts.

Key Features

  • Aids with the perfect speed
  • Helps you perfectly line up your target path
  • Provides feedback when your back swing is too long
  • Used by many PGA Tour Pros

Blast Motion Golf Putting Analyzer

Best AI Putting Analyzer

The Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer is one of the most premium putting aids available on the market today. It is not just made for putting, but for the interest of this article; that is what I will focus on the most.

You attach the Blast Motion sensor to the end of your putter and then swing as you normally would. The sensor is synced with an iOS/Android app you need to download on any smart device. Once synced, every single stroke will show up through the app, and you can analyze it from there. Blast Motion gives you instant visual feedback about your putting motion and swing.

The sensor will help show you the length of your backswing, timing, and more. It will also show you the angle of your face at impact and how to improve your putting tempo and putter speed. The nice thing is that you don’t even realize the sensor is attached, and every stroke will show on the app. This means you can see exactly what you are doing and make adjustments.

The only downside to the Blast Golf Analyzer is that it is pretty costly compared to other putting aids on the market. Some beginner golfers may not want to spend that much on a putting aid, but it depends on your goal and what you are willing to do to get better at golf.

Key Features

  • Analyzes every swing and provides instant feedback
  • Records and clips video of each swing and stroke through the app
  • Multiple drills available to use in the Training Centre
  • Price is expensive

Golf Putting Arc MS-3D

Most Innovative

Most golfers think of putting as a straight movement, but it’s really arcmore of an arc. That’s where the Golf Putting Arc MS-3D steps in and tries to help your work on the full putting arc, instead of just the pure focus on results.

I was very curious to test this unique product and it definitely worked in changing our attitude and improving our putting swing. Creating a pure arced stroke was possible as the putter head moves on a 3-dimensional arc.

This golf putting aid weighs 3.4 pounds and you can place it on top of the carpet or take it with you out to the green. It will help you bring your putting to the next level with constant practice, even just for 5 or 10 minutes a day.

Key Features

  • Innovative Approach
  • Simple
  • comes with a mirror
  • has holes so you can station it on the green
  • Relatively expensive

EyeLine Golf Edge Mirror Training Aid

Another Putting Mirror

The Eyeline Golf Edge Mirror is an aid capable of doing more than just aligning shots. The Eyeline’s durable acrylic mirror is able to give you feedback on your entire body during putts. View your stroke mechanics and make adjustments on the fly.

When placed flat on the green, you are able to see your eyes, shoulders, arms, shaft, and putter head to see exactly how your posture and movements look when making putts. This angle and view allows you to see what mistakes you are making.

With the putter alignment lines on the mirror, you are able to square up your putter face with these lines, helping to give your putts more accuracy. And if you can’t make it to the golf course, no worries!

The Eyeline Mirror has a non-skid backing that allows for easy indoor or outdoor use, so you can use it right in your living room on rainy days.

While durable in use, the Eyeline is may have issues when being transported, as the mirror has had some issues breaking while just being in the golf bag. Some people have also complained about the mirror being a little bit too small.

Golf mirrors are a great way to improve your game. The feedback you get by being able to see where you need improvement is detrimental. And as far as golf mirrors go, the Eyeline is one of the better options to consider.

Key Features

  • Helps to master the setup
  • Understand full-body alignment
  • Portable, light, and non-skid for indoor use
  • Like all mirrors, it is fragile

Best for Short Putts

I have the 5 Footer Golf Training Aid and like the name suggests, this is a great aid for helping you sink more short putts. A lot of golfers work on their long game, but making all of your putts in the 5-foot range is key to lowering your score.

The 5 Footer has a long, U-Shaped bracket that can be used to guide your putt along, helping give you an accurate shot. When using the aid for shorter putts, you can wrap the curved end of the 5 Footer right around the hole itself, providing a guide that takes you directly to the hole.

One of the features of the 5 Footer is how easy it is to move. You can roll it up and transport it easily, without the need to secure it down every putt like the TIBA Putt bracket. It is also very flexible, allowing you to use the guide on various types of lies, such as putting uphill or from left to right.

You can use it on a real or a practice green. This golf putting aid is a must-have for those looking to improve their short putts.

Key Features

Golf Putting Drills

Putting Mirror Drill

Equipment Used: Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror

Using the Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror is a great way to ensure that your eyes are lined up correctly over the putt and that your putter face is square to the golf ball at impact.

To do this drill:

  1. Lay the mirror on the ground, aimed toward your target.
  2. Line up to the ball as you would any other normal putt.
  3. Using the putting mirror, ensure that:
    1. The shoulders are square and parallel to the line
    2. Putter’s face is square to the line
    3. Eyes are lined up over the ball/line
  4. Take two tees and put them at the opening of where the ball comes out. This creates a gate and ensures the ball is heading on the correct line.
  5. Take two more tees and place them behind the mirror, making a gate for your putter to barely fit through. This ensures the putter head stays square the entire swing.
pro golf putting mirror best golf putting aids

Putting Gate Drill

Equipment Used: Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror

This putting gate drill also utilizes the putting gates that come with the Pro Path Putting Mirror. There are four gates included, all different sizes.

These gates can be utilized in many different ways:

  1. Set up the four gates with the smallest one right near the hole and make a tunnel with them back to wherever you start putting.
  2. Line up your putts and hit them with an emphasis on trying to get through all of the gates without hitting them.
  3. This will help ensure that your lines are correct and you are hitting your putts square towards your target.
  4. You can also just set up one gate near the hole or where you think the putt breaks and try to hit the ball perfectly through the gate.

Putting Pace Drill

Equipment Used: PuttOut Pressure Putting Trainer

One of the best features about the PuttOut is that can help you hit the ball at the right pace and speed for your distance.

  1. Setup the PuttOut Pressure trainer and place your ball a short distance away.
  2. Hit your golf ball at the PuttOut, focusing on the right speed and distance.
  3. All successful putts are returned to you the same distance that you would have gone past the hole. This helps you understand how much swing speed you need for every putt you have to make.
puttout pressure trainer best golf putting aid

Top Alignment Drill

Equipment Used: The Putting Stick

With The Putting Stick, you can make sure that you are aligned over top of the ball correctly.

  1. Put down the Putting Stick and place your golf ball in the assigned groove hole.
  2. Setup for your putt like you normally would.
  3. Look down at your golf ball and ensure that you sight is right over top of the Putting Stick and the guide lines.

A lot of beginner golfers don’t stand right over the ball. This skews your angle to the hole and increases the likelihood of a mis-hit!

the putting stick best golf putting aids

What is the Best Golf Putting Aid?

For Beginners

The best golf putting aid for beginners is The Putting Stick. It is a simple aid, but does so much to improve your putting. It is also very inexpensive, so you aren’t spending much money to help improve one of the essential parts of your golf game.

With The Putting Stick, you know immediately if your putter head is not square at impact. If it is square, the golf ball rolls straight off the stick and not off to the side. It is also great to let you know if your backswing is too long because there is a black stopper to tell you so.

The stick also has alignment lines to help you know if you are standing over your ball properly. These are all key fundamentals that amateur golfers should know.

For Experienced Golfers

The best golf putting aid for professional golfers is the Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror, as it is very versatile and helps you stick to the basics. Even as an experienced golfer, your putting stroke must always stay consistent. Sometimes you find yourself not square at impact or not reading your lines correctly, and an alignment mirror will help you get back on track.

The putting mirror ensures that everything is square and you are on the correct line of your putt. It also shows you that your putter head is square at impact, and the ball should go exactly where you aim.

Putting is not very complex, but you must ensure you are consistent with it,. That is how you can make up the most strokes during your golf round.

What Putting Aids Do PGA Tour Pros Use?

Most PGA Tour Pros use some kind of putting aid when practicing.

Cameron Smith recently had a breakout year on the PGA Tour and has been one golfer to advertise using the Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror. Jordan Spieth uses the PuttOUT Putting Mirror Trainer. Putting mirrors are one of the best putting aids you can use because they are so simple to use, but they do so much for your game.

cam smith putting mirror golf putting aid

Dustin Johnson is a big user of the True Pendulum Motion. These two alignment sticks go under your armpits and are connected in front of you on the putter shaft. This helps you stay square through your entire putting stroke and ensures a nice pendulum motion.

It goes to show that even professionals need putting aids to help keep them in tip-top shape.

How Can You Improve Your Putting in Golf?

  1. Ensure you are comfortable with your putter and the grip on it. If the club itself doesn’t feel right, neither will the putting.
  2. Set up on the ball and make sure your body is correctly aligned. Alignment is a huge part of putting because if you are not aligned correctly, the ball will not go where you intend.
  3. Pick a putting grip and stick with it. There are many different variations of grips, such as standard, cross-handed, claw, pistol, arm-lock, etc. You want to make sure you stick with one to practice with it. Changing your grip too many times will throw off your entire putting game.
  4. Visualize precisely where you want the putt to go.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice. Putting is about hitting the ball square, judging the correct distance, and reading the right lines. It takes a lot of time and practice, so head out to a putting green and hit hundreds of putts.
Denny Putsh
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