The 8 Best FootJoy Golf Shoes to Wear Today – Reviewed

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If you are looking for a premium golf shoe worn by most of the top golfers today, then FootJoy has a different option for all styles. In this guide, I will go over the best FootJoy golf shoes that you can buy today.

Specifically, I’ll go over:

  • The top leather and synthetic options
  • Key features you should look for
  • What the FootJoy BOA system is and why it might be exactly what you need
  • How to buy a new pair today

If you’ve puchased some FootJoy’s lately and have some advice to offer, comment down at the bottom of this guide and let others know what you think.

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The Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

In a rush? Here are our top FootJoy options:

  1. Tour Alpha (Best Overall)
  2. Footjoy HyperFlex BOA (Best for Walking)
  3. Premiere Series (Best Premium)
  4. Pro SL (Best Spikeless)
  5. Traditions (Best Leather)
  6. Contour (Best Casual)
  7. Superlites XP (Best Lightweight)
  8. FJ Fuel (Best Golf Shoe That Looks Like a Sneaker)

Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

Tour Alpha (Best Overall)

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When it comes to the best overall goes shoes that FootJoy offers, look no further than the brand new Tour Alpha. The Tour Alpha has quickly become FootJoy’s most premier performance option, providing maximum grip and stability on every swing. Plus, the Tour Alphas are ultra comfortable for any type of golfer.

The Tour Alpha shoes have 9 soft spikes on the bottom that deliver great tractionsourced from different parts of the world in all weather conditions. This is a fully waterproof shoe that includes FootJoy’s 2 year Waterproof Warranty. If these get damaged due to water getting in, you can email FootJoy customer service and they will send you a new pair, free of charge.

Comfortability is also massive in the new Tour Alpha shoes. FootJoy included an OrthoLite Impressions FitBed which forms the shoe perfectly to your feet. There is also an OPS (Optimized Performance Stabilizer) that makes up the external 3D molded heel counter.

As soon as you slide your feet into them, the comfort is immediate. There is plenty of padding around the ankle and underfoot. These have great fit and allow you to swing full force with no worry of slipping.

What I Like

  • The comfort as soon as you slide into these is bar none. These have a great grip, which allows you to swing in full force without worrying about slipping or losing grip.
  • The Tour Alpha comes in Laced, BOA and Dual BOA styles. This will all come down to personal preference, but I like how it comes with versatile option lacing systems depending on what you like and are most comfortable with.
  • FootJoy’s customer service and 2-year Waterproof Warranty is a great thing as it helps retain customers and likely has golfers referring friends to them as well. A big promise means you’ll probably keep your feet dry.


The FootJoy Tour Alpha shoes are $189.99 USD.

Key Features

  • OPS (Optimized Performance Stabilizer) allows you to swing full force with no slippage
  • OrthoLite Impressions FitBed provides immediate comfort and will eventually form to your heel and toe the more you wear it
  • 9 Softspikes provide maximum drip and traction on any surface in tough conditions
  • 100% Waterproof and comes with FootJoy 2-year Waterproof Warranty

FootJoy HyperFlex BOA (Best for Walking)

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When looking for a golf shoe that can be used to walk an entire course, you will want something strong, lightweight, and ultra-comfortable. You want to be sure you have the best golf shoes for walking while maintaining stability and performance.

These features are one of the many reasons today that my pick for the most comfortable golf shoes for walking is the FootJoy HyperFlex BOA.

A full round of golf takes roughly 4 hours to complete and if you are walking, you will be on your feet for quite a while. The FootJoy HyperFlex BOA golf shoes have a supreme fit, which will provide comfort all day on the course. This shoe also offers excellent stability throughout your golf swing.

The FootJoy HyperFlex have a Wrapid BOA lace-fastening system that is designed to eliminate pressure points in the shoe. It will tighten the shoe to ensure ultimate fit and feel. The BOA crank is tucked away nicely at the back of shoe and you can barely tell it is there. Once your feet are in the shoe, click in the BOA dial and turn to tighten. It sounds complex, but works very smoothly and you will notice the comfort of the shoe on your feet right away. 

The HyperFlex shoe does not have a traditional tongue so it can be hard to slip your feet in like you would a normal golf shoe. However, the material is very stretchy so you can stretch your foot into the shoe quite easy. 

There are 4 Colors for Men’s (Grey, Black, Blue, Grey) and 2 for Women’s (Black and Grey) and they are 100% waterproof. You won’t find a more comfortable traditional golf shoe to wear on the course!

What I Like

  • With a fully waterproof membrane, the HyperFlex can keep your feet dry and handle any day out on the course and a golf swing from any lie.
  • This is the perfect shoe for walking comfort. The BOA system keeps everything locked in place out on the golf course.
  • Lightweight mesh on the upper provides some breathable comfort and makes this a lighter pair I’ve tried on recently


The FootJoy HyperFlex BOAs are $179.99 USD.

Key Features

  • Supreme fit with BOA locking system
  • Does not have a traditional tongue
  • Fully waterproof to handle wet conditions

Premiere Series (Best Premium)

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best footjoy golf shoes premiere series

The FootJoy Premiere Series are a pair of golf shoes for those looking for a premium, traditional option. It is crafted with soft full grain leather and sheepskin linings. The material is super soft and completely waterproof.

The Premiere also comes with FootJoy’s 2-year Waterproof warranty protection, so you know you’ll keep your feet dry.

There are multiple different color variations you can purchase, or else you can actually design your own right on the FootJoy website. WIth this option, you can completely design these spiked golf shoes to be customized completely how you want.

The Premiere is a good option if you have a wide foot. You can customize them with four different widths on it.

The Premiere Series has FootJoy’s revolutionary VersaTrax+ technology which provides maximum traction on every type of playing surface and weather condition. The underside also features both TPU and Pulsar cleats, which provide grip for all types of surfaces and situations on the course.

Lastly, the Premiere Series includes the latest OrthoLite EcoPlush FitBed which is a custom cushioning system that is designed to provide maximum comfort and limit fatigue from walking and hitting the ball.

What I Like

  • I like the traditional premium look of these and the fact that you can completely customize your own pair on the FootJoy website to be whatever color you want.
  • The VersaTrax technology provides excellent balance on every type of surface, so you can be sure that no slipping will happen even in the wettest of conditions.
  • These are very comfortable and I found myself feeling great even after walking a full 18 holes.


The FootJoy Premiere Series shoes are $199.99 USD.

Key Features

  • Traditional option, made of premium leather with limited-colour options available
  • VersaTrax ensures maximum grip on all shots
  • OrthoLite EcoPlush Fitbed provides maximum comfort
  • 100% Waterproof with 2-year Waterproof warranty protection

Pro SL (Best Spikeless)

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The Pro SL is FootJoy’s top performance spikeless shoe. It is dubbed as FootJoy’s most stable spikeless option they have ever created. This is why it is our choice for the best spikeless golf shoe that FootJoy currently offers.

The Pro SL is built on an all-new outsole called “Infinity”, which has 189 points of traction and 17% more surface area in the heel to provide perfect grip.

New in the Pro SL is the Stratofoam midsole cushioning system, which provides plenty of stability for every shot. It includes a soft underfoot foam for cushioning to your feet.

At the heel is an integrated Power Harness that provides unparalleled stability with medial and lateral support to your entire foot. This will help provide maximum control and power on every swing with no worry about slipping. It is also designed to absorb shock for maximum comfort while walking on the course.

What I Like

  • Easily the most comfortable golf shoe that has graced my foot
  • Although it has a spikeless outsole, VersaTrax+ technology provided great grip on every single swing and I didn’t find myself slipping or losing balance on any shot
  • Multiple different color options available, as well as the ability to fully customize your own pair on the FootJoy website


The FootJoy Pro SL shoes are $179.99 USD.

Key Features

  • The Infinity Outsole makes the Pro SL the most stable spikeless golf shoe that FootJoy has created to date, providing maximum traction on every single shot
  • FootJoy included their Stratofoam midsole cushioning system along with a Power Harness on the heel, which provides maximum comfort and molding
  • VersaTrax+ technology offers excellent stability on all surfaces and in any playing condition
  • 100% Waterproof using a premium ChromoSkin and also includes FootJoy’s 2-year Waterproof warranty protection

Traditions (Best Leather Golf Shoe)

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best footjoy golf shoes traditions series

The FootJoy Traditions are classic golf shoes and our pick for the best leather golf shoe that FootJoy has to offer right now. It is made from genuine premium full grain leather and provides outstanding comfort and breathability. With this material you can easily clean off your equipment after every round without having to worry about degrading the material.

The Traditions feature a lightweight foam midsole which will provide comfort during your round, but also makes the shoe very lightweight. I found the Traditions to be a very breathable shoe. Inside is also a molded high density EVA Fit-Bed that will help provide all-day comfort to the underfoot and ensure no foot fatigue.

Lastly, the Traditions utilize the Fast Twist 3.0 cleat system with Pulsar spikes. This is the most advanced insert system available for shoes on the market today. The low profile design offers maximum comfort all while securing each cleat so that you can swing full force.

What I Like

  • The material used on these classic shoes is nice and soft and offers great breathability in even the hottest of conditions.
  • There are also 4 color options available, depending on your personal preference.
  • These are very lightweight and the foam midsole is very comfortable on the foot
  • The Fast Twist 3.0 system used offers great grip on the bottom of the shoe and I was able to swing freely and full force without worrying about my feet slipping.


The FootJoy Traditions shoes are $139.99 USD.

Key Features

  • Made with genuine full grain leather that offers great comfort and breathability on the feet
  • Includes a foam midsole and molded high density EVA Fit-Bed for maximum underfoot comfort and ensuring no foot fatigue
  • The Fast Twist 3.0 cleat system with Pulsar spikes provides extra stability on every single shot, no matter the conditions or surface

Contour (Best Casual)

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best footjoy golf shoes contour series

If you are looking for a casual quality golf shoes that you can easily wear from the course to the lounge without anyone batting an eye, then the FootJoy Contours are for you. This is our choice for the best casual golf shoe that FootJoy has to offer today.

These are incredibly casual and stylish, made from a super soft premium leather. They look like a pair of Vans shoes when you wear them.

The Contours include a lightweight PU Fit-Bed that provides a soft cushion to the underfoot for maximum support all around. It features DuraMax, a soft rubber compound to provide ultimate comfort out on the golf course.

In terms of golf, it includes the VersaTrax outsole which is engineered for all types of traction elements (even in the fall and winter). You can be sure to get great grip on any surface of the golf course. These are also 100% waterproof and come with FootJoy’s 2-year Waterproof warranty protection

The Contour has few different modern styles available for every type of golfer.

What I Like

  • These are incredibly stylish and comfortable
  • Incredibly lightweight and comfortable
  • VersaTrax, which is in quite a few of FootJoy’s offerings, provides maximum stability out on the course to swing full force with no worries about slipping


The FootJoy Contours are $129.99 USD.

Key Features

  • Casual, athletic type golf shoes made from genuine leather that you can wear in all types of settings
  • Incredibly light and comfortable
  • Fully waterproof and includes a 2-year Waterproof warranty protection

Superlites XP (Lightest Golf Shoes)

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best footjoy golf shoes superlites xp

The FootJoy Superlites XPs are the lightest golf shoes that the company offers, if that is what you are looking for. These are reasonably priced too, so you will get bang for your buck. The Superlites XP are constructed with a waterproof synthetic material and breathable mesh, which is a modern golf shoe design.

The Superlite XP offers a Laser Plus fit. This means that it has a fully rounded toe area, standard fit on the forefoot and instep areas, and a slightly narrow heel. Overall, this offers unparalleled balance and maximum grip on every shot. They also have a little thicker insole that provides some extra lightweight cushioning. If there is one thing for certain, these popular shoes are light and comfortable.

The Superlites also feature the infinity outsole, which is the most stable spikeless shoe FootJoy has to offer. There are 189 points of traction and 17% more surface area in the area to provide the excellent grip on every shot.

What I Like

  • These are extremely light and extremely comfortable out on the course.
  • The fit of these are incredible. FootJoy does generally fit a little bigger, so I would suggest buying a half a size smaller than you normally would.
  • Outside of being extremely comfortable, they do have great traction out on the course


The FootJoy Superlites XP are $99.99 USD.

Key Features

  • Soft mesh uppers are light to wear
  • Incredibly lightweight and casual looking spikeless golf shoe
  • Laser Plus fit that molds to your foot and offers incredible comfortability
  • Infinity outsole provides superior traction for all types of surfaces and conditions

FJ Fuel (Best Golf Shoe that looks like a Sneaker)

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The FJ Fuel shoes are inspired by your favorite pair of sneakers and are also packed full of golf specific innovation to provide the best play out on the course. They are made with performance synthetic upper material that provides a comfortable fit. They are also 100% waterproof.

These have Stratolite foam included that provides incredible comfort and cushioning for walking out on the course. You can be sure your feet don’t feel fatigue while wearing these. The FJ Fuels also feature the Power Stabilizer that provide maximum traction and the all new Stability Bridge provides optimal support and control on every shot.

These are very athletic looking and will be sure to turn some heads. They are comfortable and fit your foot like a glove with the signature narrow heel and full rounded toe character.

What I Like

  • The looks of these are incredibly nice, looking like a pair of Nike sneakers you would wear out on the basketball court.
  • These are incredibly light and incredibly comfortable. They also fit very nicely with the narrow heel allowing your feet to lock in and swing full force with no slipping.
  • 100% Waterproof and come with FootJoy’s 2-year Waterproof warranty protection.


The FJ Fuel are $129.99 USD.

Key Features

  • Very stylish and athletic shoes
  • Power Stabilizer outsole provides excellent traction on the course with an all new Stability Bridge to provide even more support and control during your swings
  • Full rounded toe with narrow heel provides a perfect fit on every foot

What is FootJoy BOA?

The FootJoy BOA System is a brand new innovation for golf shoes. BOA provides an even higher level of comfort and support by using a custom fitted system.

On FootJoy BOA shoes, there is a little crank on the back of the heel. As you twist the crank, the system will evenly pull the laces and shoe across the instep, closing in the collar and drawing the foot down into the heel of the shoe. This will provide a secure, comfortable, custom fit throughout your entire golf round.

Once you have completed your round, you release the crank and the shoe will release so that you can take your feet out.

You pay a little bit of a premium to get the BOA lace system included. All of the options that we went over above come with a BOA lace version, but you can expect to pay about $50 or more for the system.

Click here to browse all FootJoy BOA products.

Different Types of FootJoy Golf Shoes


Classic spiked shoes provide unparalleled traction. Today, most spikes are made of plastic that is gentler on greens than metal and are much lighter when walking.

A major advantage of the spiked or cleated is the unparalleled stability they provide during your swing because of the better grip and traction. A lot of golfers love the spiked over the spikeless design.

Modern technology has enabled traditionally golf shoes to be spiked, lightweight, stable, comfortable, and water-resistant.

Consider changing your spikes every 3 months if you are a weekly golfer and walk frequently. This will maintain good traction, which will give you better support during your swing. Many companies also offer replacement spikes, like these THiNTeck replacements.


The spikeless golf shoes – inspired by the traditional style sneakers – are lightweight and have a treaded sole.

Designed for comfort and style, they use rubber studs instead of spikes. This means that you can wear them out on the course and in the clubhouse after your round.

The lack of spikes can also aid back and foot pain, as they don’t have the concentrated pressure points on the foot as spikes do. Walking is generally more comfortable with spikeless shoes

The trade-off with the comfort of spikeless is having less grip and traction, which can affect performance.

However, modern technology has provided rubber soles with additional traction and durability to compensate for the lack of spikes, resulting in hybrid shoes. A lot of PGA tour pros have even switched to the spikeless design.

Different Types of FootJoy Golf Materials


Leather shoes were previously the most popular option out there because is a breathable material, making them comfortable for summer golfers.

Once broken into, these will also mold to fit snugly around your toes and heel for a comfortable feel when walking.

Top manufacturers also provide a one or two-year waterproof guarantee, often in combination with a waterproof layer underneath.

The FootJoy Premiere series is the leather golf shoe of choice.

FootJoy also offers a lighter proprietary material called NappaLUXE. It has a softer feel and is also waterproof. The Contours are made from NappaLUXE.


Synthetic shoes use man-made material like polyester as a lining to protect the outer shell when walking or running. They are not as breathable and durable, but most are much thinner and lighter and still offer protection.

As a result, they are often cheaper than premium leather alternatives. Modern technologies have helped enhance the features of synthetic making them an excellent choice too.

FootJoy Tour Alpha and Superlites XP contain synthetic polyester material in them.

What to Look For in FootJoy


Your normal size may be different from your golf size. Hence, you should measure your feet for both upper length and width.

If possible, try on the specific FootJoy shoe you are interested in to gain an understanding of the fit and feel of sole. Try them with the same pair of socks you’ll wear walking on the course. A lot of reviews recommend buying a half size smaller because FootJoy’s fit a little big.

The shoes should bend at the same place where your foot bends and should be tighter in the upper middle of the foot for more stability during the swing.

When considering width, FootJoy’s online size abbreviations are running D(M) = Medium, E = Extra Wide, 2E = Extra-Extra Wide. Just remember, the more letters, the bigger the size i.e. EEE is bigger than EE.


Interior comfort is a must. It’s no good having a style without comfort.

Make sure your shoes are initially a tight fit – which means that if you pull the laces tight, the space between the parallel eye holes doesn’t quite come together. If it does, your shoes are too big or too wide.

If you walk plenty, you might want to have a lightweight, flexible option like comfortable spikeless shoes for more comfortable walking.

If you ride your golf cart on the course, you might prefer a stable and heavily-padded sole which is softer and offers more comfort.

Quality And Frequency Of Play

How often you play can be a determining factor in the quality of shoes you should buy.

If you golf regularly, you might want to fork out more for upper quality, durable shoes that are comfortable when walking and give you advanced stability.

If you are twice a year golfer, are you willing to pay the most for excellent performance you hardly wear?


There are shoes that are “water-resistant” (no warranty) and there are ones that have a two-year waterproof warranty.

Leather usually provides better waterproofing as compared to most synthetic styles.

Depending on when and where you love to play, you might want to opt for a FootJoy waterproof warranty.


Choose a design that suits your personality and lifestyle without altering performance.

If you are a golfer who plays after work and does not want to bring an extra pair of shoes, go for a spikeless classy black or brown outsole like Tiger Woods.

Sneaker-inspired spikeless style can be good for most golfers going out after games or walking all day.

There is a wide spectrum of styles available from FootJoy. Check out some of the options above and pick what you like.

Lacing System

As street-inspired shoes are becoming more popular, most models are adding designs for easy lacing and removal.

For example, Velcro has more casual fastening approach.

If you want extra ankle support, the FootJoy BOA mechanical lacing system has great reviews for its added performance.

Slip-on – while comfortable – can sacrifice performance and golf strokes in your game

Traditional laces are cheaper and hard to beat, while still keeping your feet secure.


How much should you pay?

Golf shoes can range anywhere from $50 to $300 & up depending on the material, features, benefits, and style.

You get what you pay for and believe it or not, good design can improve how well you hit your golf clubs. Shoes can offer an improved stance and better follow-through of your swing. They also allow a comfortable walking experience.

Pay plenty for quality and upper performance, but make sure to stay within your budget.

Bonus Tip: Caring For Your Pair

One of the most important ways to care for your hardware is to use a shoe tree.

Shoe trees have two main functions:

  1. Draw the moisture out
  2. Maintain the upper shape

Maintaining the shape is especially important for golfing. The last thing you want to happen is for your premium quality shoes to curl up or shrink a size and lose performance!

Check out the best shoe tree we could find:

Woodlore Adjustable Men’s Shoe Tree Pair 

  • Made of US aromatic cedar
  • All natural cedar absorbs moisture
  • Has a fresh scent
  • Prevents cracks and creases
  • Made in the USA


FootJoy Alternatives

Looking to try on a brand different from GootJoy? Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Nike
  2. Puma
  3. Adidas


What are the most comfortable Footjoy golf shoes?

After testing dozens, the FootJoy HyperFlex BOA is my pick for the most comfortable golf shoe in 2022. They include a BOA crank that tightens nicely and ensures the best fit on your feet. FootJoy is one of, if not the leaders in golf shoes.

Does FootJoy fit big?

One of the most common reviews on FootJoy is that they fit a little bigger than traditional and other golf brands. For most options in their lineup, you can purchase a half size smaller and you will be perfect,

Where are FootJoy golf shoes manufactured?

FootJoys are mostly manufactured in Mexico today. Different materials used in them are sourced from different parts of the world.

Does FootJoy make good golf shoes?

FootJoy has one of the highest reputations in the golf community for good quality. They are fair priced relative to other brands and offer high quality. FootJoy offers a lot of different and affordable options too, from classic shoes to dress shoes and running shoes all for the golf course.

Which PGA golfers wear FootJoy golf shoes?

FootJoy is the most popular apparel brand on the tour and is worn by top golfers like Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, Patrick Cantlay, Webb Simpson, Rickie Fowler and more.

What are good alternatives to FootJoy?

Some of the best alternative brands to FootJoy include Nike, Puma Titleist, Adidas, and Under Armor.

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