The Best Driver for Seniors to Hit Longer [Ranked/Reviewed]

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As a person gets older, distance gets more and more challenging to obtain. A senior golf driver is an extremely important club in the bag. If a driver can get a golfers hole off to a great start, it makes the entire outlook of the golf game that much better.

Golf club manufacturers have become increasingly talented at creating golf clubs that will work for players who are starting to lose distance and control in their golf game. Golf driver have gotten lighter, more forgiving, and quite a bit longer as well.

We have put together a list of the best golf drivers for seniors and helpful information for you to narrow down the one that will work best for your game. 

THE Best Driver for Seniors

Best Driver For Seniors

Cobra King Speedzone

Best Overall


  • Lots of distance
  • Very forgiving
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight golf shaftro
  • High ball speeds
  • The new aerodynamic shape takes a bit of getting used to 

The Cobra Speedzone is a brand new release that has been turning heads since the day it came out. The Speedzone has a CNC Milled face and tons of power. Cobra focused on four different concepts when they made this driver. The Power Zone, The Strength Zone, The Light Zone, and the Aero Zone all work together to make this one of the most efficient golf drivers to date.

The crown of the Cobra Speedzone is a 360 carbon wrap; this helps to save some weight and lower the center of gravity. The shape of the clubhead is not quite traditional, but it certainly does help to increase ball speed and acceleration power. 


We love that the Speedzone is an adjustable driver and that it comes with a very high-quality golf shaft. The Cobra comes standard with the UST Helium, which is considerably lighter than other competing golf shafts for seniors.

Another thing that puts the Cobra Speedzone to the top of our list is the pricing. Although this is one of the newest releases and it is still quite expensive, Cobra is always fair about the prices on their golf clubs.

You can get the Speedzone in either the black and white model or the black and yellow. There is not much of a difference in performance between the two, just make sure to choose a great driver that appeals to your eye. 

Callaway Rogue

Best on a Budget

Callaway Rogue


  • Lots of ball speed
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Priced has been lowered
  • Lightweight and forgiving shaft for seniors
  • Not the best sound

The Callaway Rogue driver would not have won the best drivers in the value category last year. This driver has dropped considerably in price since it was first released, and it is now a great time to pick one up.

The Rogue driver features the incredible Jailbreak Technology that helps this club stand out as being different from the rest. The Jailbreak bars work like tiny trampolines behind the clubface of the driver. They help the ball to launch off the face and get plenty of distance. 


The Rogue Driver also has the classic VFT technology that Callaway has been using for many years. VFT stands for variable face thickness, and it helps to make the driver more forgiving in the places where people tend to miss most often.

When Callaway designed the Rogue driver, they wanted the best speed technology on the market. They decided working with Boeing would make a great deal of sense when it comes to getting incredible speed and an aerodynamic shape. The partnership was quite successful, and the Rogue driver proved to be faster and more powerful than previous models from Callaway.

The Aldila Synergy shaft is a perfect weight and senior flex, and this is not a heavy or cumbersome club to swing. The only real downside that some people had with the Rogue driver was that it didn’t have the best sound. If you can get past the sound, the driver’s performance and pricing make it a terrific drivers for senior golfers. 

TaylorMade SIM MAX

Upgrade Pick


  • Adjustability
  • Fast ball speeds
  • Speed injected face
  • High-quality manufacturing process
  • Fujikura Ventus Red shaft
  • Cost

TaylorMade drivers are known for their speed. If it is the distance you are looking for and you want some extra ball speed out of your shots, the SIM Max is the way to go. If you saw the TaylorMade M6 driver last year, you will notice that the SIM Max has a slightly different shape.

TaylorMade is always working on getting golfers those few extra yards, and the new shape of the SIM Max seems to be working quite well. The SIM Max features the speed injected technology, just like several of the previous models have.


The Speed injected face virtually ensures that you are getting a golf club that is as close as possible to the legal limit. Drivers must stay within the legal limit of the USGA, but being too far inside the legal limit means you will end up leaving distance and accuracy on the table.

The SIM Max also features twist face technology and a large sweet spot. The twist face technology helps golfers who miss in the most common areas. Usually, this is lower on the heel and up on the toe. There is no question that the face of the SIM Max will have you covered should you miss the center by a little bit.

The SIM Max driver for seniors comes in a 10.5-degree loft and a 12-degree loft options. The adjustable loft sleeve allows you to go up and down two degrees. If you are a senior golfer that struggles with launch angle on your drives, go for the 12-degree loft. This will allow you to set it as low as ten and as high as fourteen degrees.

In addition to the adjustable loft, you can also change the face angle of the driver. The SIM Max allows you to get a very custom fit. Of course, the SIM Max driver leads our best premium category because it is quite expensive. Even with the high price, you are getting some incredible technology that will be hard to match. 

Cobra F9 Speedback

Best For Beginner Senior

Cobra F9 Speedback


  • Low spin
  • Forgiving club head
  • High launch
  • Lots of speed
  • Long-distance driver
  • May not fly as far as the new Speedzone driver
  • Older model so there may not be many shaft options

As you know, the Cobra Speedzone Driver made the top of our list as the best golf driver for seniors. The F9 Speedback is the driver that Cobra put out last year, and it still has a tremendous amount of benefits, the pricing has also dropped considerably.

For the new senior golfers, the game is quite overwhelming. You are probably not sure if you are hitting poor shots because you are a new golfer or a senior golfer. You are trying to figure out all the golf lingo while still learning how to hold the golf club. 


Choosing a driver for senior who is a beginner is a bit more challenging than a senior who has played their entire life. Speedback is the best drivers for seniors that are new to the game for several reasons.

The Speedback is a highly adjustable driver. If you start the game with a slice and it ends up turning into a hook, you will adjust your golf equipment to fit you better. The F9 has some great ball speed, so you will not lack any distance either. This is a driver that will work for a beginner but continue to work as the beginner improves.

Many new golfers make the mistake of buying cheap beginner equipment that will not give them the distance and accuracy they need to stay with the game. It makes sense to invest in a golf club that will give you the performance you need for the next five to seven years, not just the next six months.

Cleveland Turbo Launcher

Best for Forgiveness


  • Turbocharged face for extra distance
  • Low spin
  • Large sweet spot
  • Higher launch angle
  • Great for slower swing speeds
  • Not adjustable
  • Not as long as some other options on the market 

So many of the golf drivers geared towards seniors are going to be all about distance. With the swing speeds of senior golfers decreasing, the extra speed and distance are important. However, some seniors feel as though the best golf drivers are those that are forgiving.

When older golfers get to move up a set of tees and play the course from a whole new angle, sometimes the fairways get tighter, and the club selections are going to change. Making sure that the driver from the tee is straight and on the right path is just as important as how far it goes. 


The Cleveland Turbo Launcher is one of the best for seniors golfers when it comes to forgiveness. The large sweet spot with the easy to hit clubhead makes a really great combination of performance.

With the HiboreCrown that Cleveland adds to its club, the Turbo Launcher has a very low center of gravity. It comes stock with the Miyazaki Kuma shaft. The shaft is made specifically to work with this golf club, and it will lead to a very high MOI when swinging the Turbo Launcher.This is one of the best golf for seniors because it allows plenty of distance while still focusing on keeping the golf ball in the fairway.

The only downside to this Cleveland driver is the fact that it is not at all adjustable. Adding adjustability to a club can sometimes make it a bit heavier, and Cleveland chose to go with a lightweight head. When you look at the price of this club combined with its high level of performance, it’s a great option for the slower swing speeds that are looking for quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do I Know I Need A Senior Driver?

There are a few ways to know that it is time to switch to a senior shaft. 

  • Have your swing speed tested: this is a quick and simple way to know that you are ready for a more flexible shaft in your club
  • Decrease in the distance: can you hit the ball as far as you used to? When you notice that distance is decreasing it could be because your golf driver is too difficult for you to hit
  • Slicing the ball: a telltale sign that your golf equipment is more than you can manage is starting to slice the golf ball. There are lots of reasons that a golfer can slice the ball; it is not always that the equipment is no longer a good fit. 

What Is The Difference Between A Senior Driver Shaft And A Regular Flex Shaft?

A senior driver shaft is going to be the same length as a regular graphite shaft, but it will be more flexible. The senior driver shafts can flex with much less swing speed than a regular shafted driver.

Golfers who swing a club less than 85 mph should start looking at a senior golf shaft. 

Will A Closed Face Driver Help Fix A Slice?

You may notice that many drivers for seniors are going to be called a “draw” model. The draw model is essentially an anti slice driver. The clubface is going to come slightly closed and help the golfer ensure they get a straight shot off the tee.

Closed face drivers are not for everyone, and it may be best to get a club that is adjustable that you can set to square should you get your slice worked out.

What Loft Driver Should A Senior Use?

Most senior golfers should not be using a driver with less than 10.5 degrees of loft. The more loft than a senior driver has, the better the launch angle and the potential for better ball flight and distance.

Many drivers for seniors are going to have twelve degrees of loft, and these are considered high launch golf clubs. The twelve degrees will help quite a bit if you need extra forgiveness. As long as your swing speed is slower, the twelve-degree loft should provide extra distance and accuracy as well. 

Do Seniors Need A Driver With Adjustability?

Some of the best golf drivers for seniors will have an adjustable club head. The adjustability in the club head allows the driver to change as your game changes. If you end up starting to develop a slice as your clubhead speed slows down, you can adjust the face to be a little more closed at impact.

Buying a driver with adjustable loft and face technology is kind of like buying two or three drivers for the price of one. You certainly get a good deal of value out of an adjustable club.

Should A Senior Get Custom Fitted For A Driver? 

The only real downside to a custom fitting is the cost. Outside of the cost of a custom fitting, they can be very beneficial for getting the proper statistics for your game. A custom fitting can tell you more about the specific shaft you need and the proper clubhead as well. A custom fitting will analyze your spin, ball flight, dispersion, and more.

When you think about the overall cost of a new driver, it does make some sense to purchase a club that is going to be the right fit for you. If you spend $500 on a new golf golfer, it must be the best one.

What Swing Speed Should Be Using A Senior Shafted Driver?

If your swing speed is between 75 and 85 miles per hour, you may need a senior shafted driver. The swing speed is measured using your driver. When you get your swing speed tested, it is important to use a club that you are comfortable with at first to establish a baseline number.

Then you can test out new equipment and see if your swing speed is changed at all. Some golfers will notice an immediate increase in swing speed when switching to a new senior shafted driver. Usually, this will still mean that the golfer stays within the 75-85 mph range and stick with the senior shaft.

If you don’t know where to get your swing speed tested, you can usually go to a local golf warehouse, and they will have a setup that can give you a simple swing speed number without a full custom fitting. 

Testing Criteria used for Evaluation

Now that you have a better understanding of the best golf clubs on the market and why seniors should choose them, it’s time to narrow down your choices. Although we gave you five great options, how will you know which is the perfect one for your skills? There are a few determining factors that you should research and consider before purchasing your next golf club.


Top of the line new golf drivers are going to cost anywhere from $400 to $500. This is certainly quite a large investment. The driver is generally the most expensive golf club in the bag. When you choose a driver, you want to make sure that you get something that will last you a long time.

Finding a deal on a senior shafted golf driver is certainly possible. Sometimes you just need to look at a club that is a season or two old. The pricing will be considerably less, but the club will still be very relevant as far as technology is concerned.


When you struggle with distance in your driver, you will want to look for a club that has a lightweight shaft and lightweight clubhead. The lighter clubs can be swung quite a bit faster and will, therefore, create quite a bit more distance.

Distance is also created using technology like a very thin clubface and the proper amount of loft in the driver. Most senior shafted drivers are made for lower swing speeds and have a very large sweet spot.

If you are a senior golfer playing with a golf driver that is five to seven years old, the clubhead is starting to get outdated as far as distance technology is concerned. The senior golf drivers have become lighter and much easier to work with.


A major misconception that golfers have is that a lower drive will go much further. Lower lofted drives sometimes will roll more, but the longer a golf ball spends in the air, the longer it will go. A driver for seniors will usually have a little more loft than a driver for a younger player.

Golfers with slower swing speeds tend to struggle with getting the ball up in the air and getting the proper ball flight. There is no perfect loft for a senior driver, but anywhere from 10.5 to 12 is going to be ideal. If you still have a 9.5-degree driver in your bag it is time to upgrade. 


Several things lead to forgiveness in drivers. A large sweet spot, more loft, and a lightweight golf club will make the senior driver more forgiving. The best golf driver for seniors is going to be packed with forgiveness.

As people age, the swing speed is going to slow down. There is not much a senior golfer will be able to do about this. Ensuring that the equipment is going to make up the differences for the changing game of a senior is of the utmost importance.


Some golf drivers for seniors are adjustable and others are not. Adjustability is a great thing if you want to be able to change the loft, launch, or face angle of your golf club. Modern golf drivers are very easy to adjust and the difference in your game can be seen almost immediately. There is, however, one downside to an adjustable driver.

An adjustable golf driver is generally a little heavier than a driver that is not adjustable. The technology to make the driver adjustable sits in the clubhead and on the hosel. This will add some weight to the club, and sometimes it makes it so that the center of gravity won’t be quite as low.

If you are a very slow swing speed senior golfer and clubhead speed is important to you, choose something like the Cleveland Launcher Turbo that has less weight and no adjustability. 


Cobra King SpeedzoneBest OverallCobra King Speedzone
Callaway RogueBest on a BudgetCallaway Rogue
TaylorMade SIM MAXUpgrade PickTaylorMade SIM MAX
Cobra F9 SpeedbackBest For Beginner SeniorCobra F9 Speedback
Cleveland Turbo LauncherBest for ForgivenessCleveland Turbo Launcher

The best golf driver for seniors is one that gives them the confidence that they need to continue playing this sport. Golf is a frustrating game and when you start to lose distance and direction; it only gets more frustrating. 

The best clubs for senior golfers are lightweight, forgiving, and have lots of ball speed. The best one that we could find is the Cobra Speedzone Driver. This is a high performing, high-quality golf club with a top of the line shaft, low spin, and tons of distance. We have not yet met a golfer that is disappointed in the results they are getting from their Speedzone. 

Brittany Olizarowicz
Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt Olizarowicz started playing golf at the age of 7. She played Division 1 College golf at St.Johns University, where she won two tournaments at the collegiate level. After college Britt became a Class A PGA Professional, her love for the game spans almost her entire life. Today Britt loves sharing her knowledge of golf through her writing. She also has two young children to who she is enjoying introducing the game.

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