Best Driver Shafts to Put On Your Clubs: Reviewed & Tested

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Are you one of those that don’t pay much attention to your shaft? we know, drivers already come with a golf shaft upon purchase, so you usually don’t consider buying a new one. However, as you play a lot and time goes by, it wears out, broken, outdated, and needs some upgrade.

Most of the golfers’ common mistake is not looking at the key factors and features appropriate for them. Do you know that the driver shafts also have a significant impact on your swing speeds? Choosing the right driver shaft is also important to have the best shots. Many golfers don’t usually take this into account, but there’s a difference between graphite and a steel shaft. Graphite shaft dominates on the best shaft for drivers while steel usually for iron.

The shaft is not just a mere long tube that connects the golfer’s hand to the clubhead. It is considered the engine of the modern clubhead. The drivers’ shaft must match his speed. Why? The poor shaft can affect the impact of your game. A well-designed driver shaft can result in great swing speed, flexibility, and accuracy.

So today, we are going to explore the top 10 best driver shafts in the market, the key factor that you have to look for when getting one.

THE Best Driver ShaftS

Best Driver Shafts 

AccuFLEX Assassin II Wood Shaft

Best Overall


  • great looking
  • more distance swing
  • played on Tour
  • affordable

Accuflex Golf is committed to providing advanced golf shaft to all golfer. With their efforts, their driver shafts become one of the best driver shafts in the market. It is can also be seen being used by Tour players.

The AccuFLEX Assassin II helps you gain more distance and control. It is the most popular A2 shaft entry. This shaft uses and incorporates graphite technology into a tighter-torque version. Another thing that is good for this shaft is the color. It is a great looking shaft with a beautifully polished gloss red textured finished.

This is a golfer’s dream shaft. Aside from being one of the most affordable shafts in the market, it is also a versatile shaft and fits every player with different swing speeds because of its quick recovery and ease of loading. With a weight of 0.14 pounds, this is indeed a very lightweight shaft and is even considered everyman’s shaft. This is a perfect mid-to-large launch shaft with players who have a semi-aggressive to clean swing.


If you’re struggling with a high handicap, you can take a look at this shaft. This is the shaft that is most preferred by golfers with a high handicap. It has a great high launch angle. This is also available in different kind of flex — A, R, S, X, or 2X.

Winning on WORLD PGA TOURS, PROLONG DRIVE TOUR, AND REMAX COMPETITION, quality is indeed superb, and the value is great. This can fit a wide range of golfers who want easy loading of the shaft. It is one of the best shafts that you can purchase today.


Best on a Budget


  • Affordable
  • Mid-high spin rate
  • mid-high launch

This is the new shaft for Matrix Radix S Series. The word RADIX is Latin which means "base" or "root".

The shaft's weight is 0.10 lbs with 46 inches shaft length. This is suitable for the mid-handicapper golfer. Compare with the regular shaft Radix is faster.  

Another thing that I like about this shaft is the color. It is white with an attractive HD design and has a reasonable price. The contrast of white, black and gold color makes the shaft stand out.

Project X Even Flow Riptide

Upgrade Pick


  • Attractive design
  • Perfect for low launch
  • Great feel

Another shaft from Project X that made to our list is the Evenflow Riptide. If you don't mind spending more dollars for your shaft, this is a great option for your old driver shaft upgrade.

Some shafts focus on performance or feel. But this shaft has a great feel without sacrificing its performance. It has a solid feel. This is a great shaft for those who have a higher speed.

This ideal to fit Callaway drivers, from Epic, Epic Sub Zero, XR series and more.


Weighing 1 lb., this shaft comes with uncut 46" mold. This is great for golfers with higher swing speed as it is built for speed. The hitting of the good ball will have a good launch and consistency. For stability and fee, this shaft uses Torsional Stability Optimization.

Project X New HZRDUS Smoke

Best For Low Handicappers

Project X New HZRDUS Smoke1


  • Affordable
  • Lows spin and low launch shaft
  • Increase distance

Stability and high quality are a major selling point with the HZRDUS Black 6.0 shaft. It has a larger wall layer throughout the entire length of the shaft gives more power and consistency to players.

This is a low-spinning and low launching shaft and available for both woods and hybrids. You will be surprised by how this performs when it comes to distance especially if you're an aggressive golfer. It has just enough kick to keep the shaft from feeling too stiff without sacrificing the control.


The HZRDUS shaft features increased stiffness along the full length of the golf shaft This shaft will fit your driver as long is has a .355 tip size to match the size of this shaft tip It will give you a high-quality action to keep your swing smooth and stable in the game.

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft

Best Lightweight Shaft

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft


  • Custom assembled graphite shaft
  • Perfect for Taylormade shaft upgrade
  • Wrench not included

Fujikura Vista Pro embraces the lighter weight category. The aesthetic designs for this shaft were inspired by Tour. This shaft was almost loved by everyone. It provides players with great versatility.

The shaft was made from graphite and can be customized and assembled. This shaft can work on most TaylorMade adjustable drivers.

Vista Pro 60 uses Fujikura technologies like CAGE, Maximum Fiber Content, and Phantium. It was redesigned with Fujikura technologies CAGE and Maximum Fiber Content.


Fujikura Vista's technology was called “cage” because the outside of the graphite shaft fibers resembles a cage structure. A lighter shaft wall usually gives control even on the heavy shafts. The maximum fiber content also makes it stiffer and added some strength allowing stability, distance, and feel.

If you're confused with its flex, here's Fujikura's flex designation. R3=Ladies Flex, R2=Senior Flex. If you need distance and high trajectory this is one of the popular driver shafts in the market.

Project X NEW HZRDUS Black 6.0 Shaft

Best for Distance

Project X NEW HZRDUS Black 6.0 Shaft


  • Affordable
  • Lows spin and low launch shaft
  • Increase distance

Stability and high quality are a major selling point with the HZRDUS Black 6.0 shaft. It has a larger wall layer throughout the entire length of the shaft gives more power and consistency to players.

This is a low-spinning and low launching shaft and available for both woods and hybrids. You will be surprised by how this performs when it comes to distance especially if you're an aggressive golfer. It has just enough kick to keep the shaft from feeling too stiff without sacrificing the control.


The HZRDUS shaft features increased stiffness along the full length of the golf shaft This shaft will fit your driver as long is has a .355 tip size to match the size of this shaft tip It will give you a high-quality action to keep your swing smooth and stable in the game.

Project X PXV

Best for Beginners

Project X PXV R-Flex Shaft


  • Comes with an adjustable adapter
  • Affordable
  • Increase club head speed

Project X PXV R-Flex Shaft is a top-quality shaft installed in a TaylorMade SLDR shaft adapter. This is the best shaft driver for beginners. Project X PXV is a replacement shaft designed to fit your TaylorMade SLDR, R15, M1, or M2 Driver. It is cut with the manufacturer’s standard length. For a standard size Tour Velvet, there is no extra charge for the installed rubber grip.

This is an out of the box design! It is guaranteed with satisfaction and workmanship. For a regular shaft, this is firm and stable. It can even be customized with a special request. The flex point helps in optimizing speed. This came ready to assemble as it comes with the adjustable adapter.


Project X PVX is a good driver shaft for beginner and entry-level golfers. This is for players with below 100 mph swing speed. Being a lightweight shaft increases your regular speed. If you like dark colors, you may not like this shaft. It has a striking white color. The PXV line is built for speed. V in PVX means velocity.

Just please take note that the wrench is not included. You must consider this one when you want to upgrade your shaft.

Dynamic Gold True Temper

Best Steel Shaft for Irons

Dynamic Gold True Temper


  • Variable Wall technology
  • Step pattern
  • Flexible
  • Comes without grip

If you're looking to upgrade your irons drivers shaft, the Dynamic Gold Temper shaft is a reliable option in the market For exemptional performance and feel, this shaft uses Variable Wall Technology. this shaft is actually designed for skilled players. Ti has a high-flex with a low ball flight trajectory for more control for irons.

Professionals that are seeking a heavyweight shaft will be delighted with its shaft stability with the swing while enhancing spin control.

Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro

Consistent Shaft For Low Handicappers

Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro


  • Ideal for players with faster swing
  • Softest in butt-section
  • Mid-low spin

Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro is one of the top lines for the best shaft driver. Tensei is a Japanese word that means “transformation” in English. This aims to transform your driver for a better shot. This is also great when it comes to control.

It has the stiffest tip-section compared to the rest of the TENSEI series, but it has the softest in the butt-section. This shaft driver has been used by different professional players like Francesco Molinari and more.

Mitsubishi Tensei is one of the best driver shafts in the market designed as a mid-launch shaft. It has a mid to low spin. When it comes to its performance in the course, this one usually hit the ball higher off the tee with an average launch angle.


This shaft is a graphite wood shaft that is available in three colors —blue, orange and white. If you really wanted to invest in your driver's shaft this worth investing in. It is a versatile driver shaft that is fit for many golfers drivers and Fairwood

Accra New Tour Z 85

Best for Mind Handicappers

Accra New Tour Z 85


  • Flex and driver adapter options
  • Low spin
  • You can choose your flex and adapter
  • With Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip

With a sleek black and silver finish, this shaft is lightweight. There are plenty of options and adapters. It is easy to assemble. It is an easy plug-and-play shaft.

This shaft promotes exceptional distance and stability. It gives you better control of your driver. This shaft has a low torque and high kick points that trigger the low trajectory of your ball. However, if you already have a smooth tempo and transition with your swing, Tour Z 85 shaft will give you better control over your driver.

Driver Shaft Flex

The kind of flex affects the golfer's performance. It has a great impact on the distance and trajectory of your shots.

In general, driver shafts are usually categorized into five flex ratings

  • X-Extra Stiff shafts
  • S-Stiff shafts
  • R-Regular shafts
  • A- Amateur/Senior shafts
  • L- ladies shafts

Extra Stiff

Extra stiff is the type of flex that is often used by professional players and for those who have a 300 yardage off the tee. There are only a few driver shafts that offer this kind of flex as it is not that popular. This is design for players with more than 105mph club speed. If your speed does not meet with the kind of shaft that you had you can lose control over your shot's accuracy and trajectory.


For golfers who can drive the ball to 250 yards off the tee, you can choose the stiff shaft. This type of shaft is great for mid-low handicap golfers with a fast swing speed. If your speed is around 97 to 105 mph club speed consider choosing the stiff flex for your driver shaft.


This flex is the most popular and the most forgiving golf shaft flex. It is for golfers with high-handicap. If you are driving your ball to 200-300 yards off the tee and has a swing speeds between 84 and 96 mph club speed, then the best driver shaft flex for you is the regular flex. Others also called it average shaft flex. 


This driver shaft flex is for golfers who have slower swing speeds and can reach 200 to 300 yards of the tee and has a club head speed around72-83 mph.


This flex is for those who have a speed lower than 72 mph below. This is the softest flex among shafts. In general, the faster club usually uses stiffer a shaft.

Types of Shafts

Basically, there are two types of shafts. The steel and the graphite shaft. But you may also see this multi-material shaft. You will find it more below.

Steel Shafts

This shaft is less expensive compare to the graphite shaft. Steel driver shaft is often heavier and is made from carbon steel. Although some brands use stainless steel. When it comes o your swing speeds, you will have better control. The torque on the graphite shaft is not present on steel shafts.

If you have regular swing speeds and have a better grip and control over your swing, you can use this type of shaft. As this shaft emphasizes accuracy, this shaft is the most popular for professional golfers. The steel shaft is firmer and has an average weight of 0.26 lbs.

This shaft is available in 2 designs. The stepped steel and rifle steel shafts.

Graphite Shafts

Compare to the steel shaft, this shaft is lighter. However, this shaft is more expensive and not that durable. If the steel shaft weighs 0.26 lbs, graphite weighs only between 0.11 and 0.19 lbs which is almost half the weight.

As this is much lighter this often appeals to women, beginner and senior golfers who struggle to produce longer drives.

Multi-material shafts

The multi-material shafts are the new type of shaft in the market. This is the combination of steel and graphite to get the best in both worlds for golfers.

Multi-material shafts have a graphite tip and a firmness of steel shaft. This will allow the player to have more control and allows the ball to gain more distance with fewer vibrations.

Since it is still new in the market, there are only a few variations available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you mean by shaft torque?

Every shaft has a certain amount of torque which is measured in degrees. Torque refers to the twist of the shaft during a swing. The higher the rating of your shaft it is more prone to twisting. Low torque shaft has less twisting and less stiff feel.

what do you mean by kick point?

In simpler terms, the shaft kick-point is the flex point where the shaft bends during the swing. This usually affects the trajectory of the shots. Low kick point usually gives high ball trajectory and the opposite for high kick point.

If you're new and would like to straighten your mis-hits you should look for a shaft with a high torque rating.

How can a flex help me?

If you want to get the best of your golf driver clubs, the key is to select the right flex. During your swing, the golf shaft flex. So if you have a faster swing it's better to use stiff flex. Regular and firm flex is popular to men while the senior flex and ladies flex are popular to women and senior who has a slower swing speed.

What Swing Requires A Stiff Shaft?

Understanding your speed is the most important in choosing your best driver shaft flex. A professional golfer swings faster than those who are just entry-level. Based on the custom club fitting chart of TaylorMade the required speed for selecting Stiff Shaft Flex is 95-110mph and has 240-275 yards of carrying distance.

What Is The Most Popular Driver Shaft On Tour?

Mitsubishi Tensei CK is the most popular shaft on the tour. According to “The 8 hottest driver shafts of 2018 on the PGA Tour”, this driver shaft rank no. 1. It was used by Justin Rose, Alex Noren, Sergio Garcia, Kiradech Aphibarnrat, Ian Poulter, Charley Hoffman, Haotong Li, and Tiger Woods. This year, Andrew Tursky of PGATOUR.COM, release a list of the top 10 drivers on the PGA tour and still this Mitsubishi Tensei CK remains no. 1.

Do PGA Players Use Stiff Shafts?

As a general rule, the more speed you generate, the stiffer your shaft. Most PGA Tour Player professional uses the stiff or x-stiff shafts. This will help them achieve an optimal result from a swing with a fast tempo. This is the best driver shaft flex for distance.

Should I Use Regular Or Stiff Shafts?

One of the common problems of the golfers is looking for the right flex for them. If your carry distance is 200-240 yards and has a swing speed of 85-95 mph you can choose the regular flex. Regular flex is the best driver shaft for those who have below 100 mph swing speed This is the most popular flex and best driver shaft flex for beginners. This is usually chosen by high-handicapped golfers. The regular shaft provides additional flex for a little more power and accuracy.

If your carry distance is 240-275 yards and has a swing speed of 95-110 mph you can choose the stiff shaft. It flexes less during the swing than the regular shafted clubs. Professional and seasoned players often choose this kind of flex.

Testing Criteria used for Evaluation

You might consider some factors before buying the best driver shaft for you. As you can see today there is a lot of best driver shaft that is available in the market with different shapes and designs. Of course, you must also consider some important factors like stability, consistency, and accuracy before buying one.


One of the common mistakes of the beginner golfer is no matching their driver to their club speed. If you want to optimize the full potential of your driver, you must find the right shaft for you.


Most of the driver shaft on the market are made out of graphite shafts. This is often the standard of most driver shafts. This is because these shafts are lighter and have a variety of flex depending on your golf club swing speed.

However, some people prefer steel as they are more comfortable and gives them more power. This is more durable and usually last for a longer time, well not unless you will accidentally break it.


As mentioned above, the flex of your club must match your club swing speed for optimal results. A stiffer flex may generate a lot of speed for the professional golfer but not beginners may find it hard to control. If you want to make the best of your driver you much also consider its flexibility.


Your shaft weights will also have a big impact on your performance. All drivers shafts are weighted, for example, the graphite which weighs around 0.11 - 0.19 lbs and the steel average weight at 0.26 lbs.

If you have slow swing speeds you might start looking to lightweight clubs. However, if you already have exceptional swing speed, a heavier drivers shaft is more appropriate as it will you establish more stability and tempo


AccuFLEX Assassin II Wood ShaftBest OverallAccuFLEX Assassin II Wood Shaft
MATRIX NEW Radix-S IVBest on a BudgetMATRIX NEW Radix-S IV
Project X Even Flow RiptideUpgrade PickProject X Even Flow Riptide
Project X New HZRDUS SmokeBest For Low HandicappersProject X New HZRDUS Smoke1
Fujikura Vista Pro 60 ShaftBest Lightweight ShaftFujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft
Project X NEW HZRDUS Black 6.0 ShaftBest for DistanceProject X NEW HZRDUS Black 6.0 Shaft
Project X PXV R-Flex ShaftBest for BeginnersProject X PXV R-Flex Shaft
Dynamic Gold True TemperBest Steel Shaft for IronsDynamic Gold True Temper
Mitsubishi Tensei Ck ProConsistent Shaft For Low HandicappersMitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro
Accra New Tour Z 85Best for Mind HandicappersAccra New Tour Z 85

Shaft being considered as also the soul of the game must be chosen carefully. Graphite is the most preferred shaft by most players because it is lighter than steel. After choosing the kind of shaft, you must also consider shaft flex. You may be able to choose the right shaft but not the shaft flex. This can still have an impact on your game. On choosing the best shaft driver flex for you, you must consider your carrying distance. Hope our review of the best driver shafts gives you a better understanding of what driver shafts to choose in the future if you are ready for an upgrade.

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