The Best Golf Cart Batteries to Recharge Your Cart

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Gone are those days when golfers preferred renting golf cart instead of investing in a new one, whenever showing their talent on a course. This is perhaps because of the reduced cost of these carts over the past few years.

Further, modern carts need even less maintenance as well as are also lighter.

(Not to mix up the golf cart mentioned here with golf push/pull carts.)

One of the major causes of this comfort and efficiency is the revolution in the batteries when it comes to a modern cart uses is that the new batteries are quite lighter and better in terms of efficiency.

No matter what kind of cart you choose for golf, looking for some of the top golf cart batteries is perhaps one of the primary keys to lasting usage satisfaction.

These cart batteries are certainly those with deep discharge cycles as well as consistent performance without shooting any kind of costs.

Well, the challenge here is to grab the best deal associated with the best quality and cheap rate, which is ideal for long term usage.

THE Best Golf Cart Batteries

Best Golf Cart Batteries

Trojan T-875 Golf Cart Batteries

Best Overall


  • Deep-cycle lead-acid wet cell batteries 
  • premium cart batteries
  • 18-month manufacture's warranty
  • Price
  • requires water service

Looking for a new cart battery to replace your old one? Check the Trojan T-875 Golf Cart Batteries. Trojan is a known brand when it comes to golf cart batteries. Since 1925, Trojan Company is known for manufacturing golf cart batteries. With years of experience on creating a battery for golf cart, they are able to produce the impressive batteries and becomes leaders in producing golf cart batteries.

Trojan T-875 cart batteries are one of the top golf cart batteries on the market. It is a high-quality cart battery and is recommended for 48 Volt golf cart. This can work on your Yamaha, Club Car, or another golf cart that requires the 48V.

This battery is a deep-cycle lead-acid wet cell battery type with a capacity of 295 minutes at 25 amps or 117 minutes at 56 amps. The batteries can run at a 20-hour rate at 170Ah. T-875 is an 8V golf cart batteries with 4 water holes, also known as "cells". It has a dimension of 10.21 inches long, 7.06 inches wide, and has a height of 11.14 inches. It is quite heavy with its weight of 63 pounds. The battery is proudly made from the United States.


Since these golf cart batteries are made from deep-cycle composition it requires water service maintenance. No worries, maintaining these batteries does not require too much effort and time. It requires waters water to be added to the cell. Filled each cap with distilled water and always keep it fully charged when not in use. Add the distilled water after the batteries are full. For optimal function check the level of the electrolyte of the battery every two weeks.

Buying this battery online is a little expensive. You can buy it locally at a cheaper. However, since these batteries are large and heavy, and requires to be wrapped carefully because of the battery acid that it contains during transport, buying it online will save you from all the hassle. It is more convenient to just wait for it to be delivered right before your doorsteps.

Like any other purchase, Trojan company has a manufacturing warranty for this battery. For T785 it has an 18-month warranty from the date of purchase. To learn more about the terms of the warranty for this battery you can check here.

MB107-85 Vmaxtanks AGM Golf Cart Batteries

Best on a Budget

MB107-85 Vmaxtanks AGM Golf Cart Batteries


  • maintenance-free
  • Absorbed Glass Mat Technology
  • sealed and spill-proof
  • overcharging and under charge affects life performance

Most golf batteries are premium, however, we are able to get a product that is good for money and value. Even though these batteries fall into our best on a budget category, this does not mean that they perform less. These are still a high performing golf cart batteries. Unlike the first battery on the list, this is maintenance-free.

MB107-85 Vmaxtanks is an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) lead-acid batteries. You can ride with your golf cart even in all weather conditions. This battery has a specialized glass plate that has a solution and sealed thoroughly so it is also safe even on rough or hilly terrain. The extreme weather conditions will not affect the golf cart batteries. Compared to the flooded batteries, you don't need to water service for this kind of golf cart batteries.


MB107-85 Vmaxtanks is a 12V golf cart batteries. It has a fast-charging rate of 170 minutes. With regards to its size and dimension, it measures 10.2 inches in width, 6.6 inches long, and 8.2 inches in height. The golf cart batteries are quite heavy. It weighs 55 pounds.

Even if these golf cart batteries are cheaper compare to most of the golf cart batteries, it still performs very well. It has a maximum charge system as promised by VMax. And with its construction, you don't have to worry that the extreme hot or cold will affects your battery. These are also versatile golf cart batteries, as it can also be used not just on a golf cart but also with other electric vehicles.

FLYPOWER Lifepo4 Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Most Versatile Golf Cart Batteries 

FLYPOWER Lifepo4 Lithium  Golf Cart Batteries


  • lightweight
  • 5-year warranty
  • has BMS -for overcharge and undercharge protection
  • 12V and 100 amperage
  • long-life battery span
  • Easy maintenance 
  • lightweight

FlyPower has been in the industry for more than 30 years in designing batteries. This brand focus on Lithium Batteries. They have been selling batteries all over the world.

The FlyPower Lifep04 Lithium Battery is the lightest battery on our list. It weighs 24.2 pounds and has a matte finish. These golf cart batteries' dimensions are 15.47 x 6.85 x 7.48 inches. It is 12 Volt 100Ah differ shell batteries. These golf batteries did not just impress us, but also with other users. It actually garnered a good review on Amazon too. Those that have tried this product are quite happy and satisfied with its performance.


This battery has a slow self-discharge rate due to which you can go four times longer between charges. It can even be stored for more than one year. As long as the battery is charge you can use it no matter what the state is. You don't also have to worry about overcharging or undercharging. It has BMS that is reliable for protecting the batteries. With proper care, the battery life can reach 10 years.

From the list of the golf cart mentioned in this review, FlyPower Lithium golf cart batteries are also versatile batteries. These golf cart batteries are not just for golf cart. It is also compatible with camping cars, RV, medical equipment, marine, industrial, hunting, and gardening. These batteries come with a 5-year warranty.

US2200 XC2 Golf Cart Batteries

Best Lead Acid Batteries

US2200 XC2 Golf Cart Batteries


  • Durable
  • Long-lasting performance in high and low temperatures
  • 2 years warranty
  • Price

The US2200 XC2 Golf Cart Batteries are another versatile battery useful for many electric devices with its nut and bolt terminal. These batteries have an 6V with a handed welded Bush bar. It is very durable and offers outstanding performance. When it comes to construction, these golf cart batteries are heavier than Trojan Battery.

These golf cart batteries come with a high discharge rate, long lifespan, and broad operating temperatures. This is recommended for a golf cart with 48 Volts. These golf cart batteries are deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. Each battery weighs 62 pounds and has a dimension of 10.2 inches long, 7.11 inches wide, and height of 11.25 inches.


With proper care and maintenance, these golf cart batteries have a long life span. For maintenance always check its water. Always used distilled water monthly or twice a month for optimum results. The battery also comes with 2 years warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Special About Golf Cart Batteries?

Batteries made for operating golf carts are special and are capable of experiencing deep cycles daily, unlike the typical or starting battery. This is because they have thicker plates. The ‘deep cycle’ term means that the battery’s capacity discharges to a reduced voltage without damaging their cores. Quality batteries offer a higher number of discharge cycles than the cheaper ones. The batteries are designed for lasting for hours of heavy discharge daily, followed by a fast recharge in just some hours.

These batteries are also capable of retaining quite high rates for long time as well as giving a high power output consistently, although they are light in weight. These golf cart batteries are perfect for those who have never handled battery storage systems or wish to have trainer batteries.

How Does Sizing For Golf Cart Batteries Work?

Most golf batteries are of top quality and are available in different sizes namely, 6-, 8-, 12-, 24-, and 48 volts. They come with advanced technology contributing to a longer lifespan.

What Different Battery Types Available On The Market?

In the category of best golf cart batteries, a myriad of options is available, ranging right from a cheaper deep cycle model with great power to robust and swifter recharge rates as well as compatible with RVs and hybrid automobiles. Of all, the special deep-cycle models with a long life are known for their superior starting power as well as performance.

What is the difference between flooded and AGM batteries?

Flooded and AGM batteries are both known as lead-acid batteries. The difference in these batteries is much seen with the maintenance of each battery. The flooded batteries, also known as "cell batteries" needs maintenance for optimal function and for it to last long. You need to add water either twice or once a month. You have to always check the electrolytes. The extreme climates can also affect the batteries. The liquid will tend to evaporate in extremely hot weather or freezes when extremely cold.

AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat Batteries are known as maintenance-free batteries. This battery has a special glass mat with electrolyte solution on battery plates. They are sealed and spill-proof. The downside of this kind of battery is that undercharging or overcharging the battery can affect the life span of the battery.

What Is The Lifetime Of A Golf Cart Battery?

The lifetime of these batteries is 4 to 5 years, which is not so long. Still, these batteries are quite flexible as well as capable of functioning fine when being chronically undercharged. As per the model and size of your cart, it might be wise to keep four to eight batteries.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

For any shrewd or wise customer, looking for reviews is certainly a great way to get started. In reviews, you need to look for salient features, pros, and cons along with the overall rating to know how good that battery can be for your cart.

However, even before that, it is a comprehensive buying guide that should be gone through, for knowing what to look for in a golf cart battery.

Doing so helps you learn about several things, which are essential for you to know, understand, and consider in a battery.

By applying common sense, it is understood that the cost is a critical factor to consider while investing in a deep cycle battery. There are some more considerations as well, which are related to the basic details such as weight, dimensions, capacity, power rating, battery, and terminal.

Each of these considerations or factors, in grouping or on its own, is likely to affect the lifespan, performance, replacement, and maintenance of the chosen battery. This is why it is essential to check out these factors for buying the best battery for your golf cart. Let’s check them out!

Types Of Golf Cart Batteries

For a golf cart, the available batteries are chiefly classified into one of the three categories namely, flooded lead-acid batteries, Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) lead-acid batteries, gel lead-acid batteries, and lithium-ion. Of all the four, the lithium-ion model is more efficient and productive. It also keeps trickle charging away, which is a con of lead-acid batteries. Nevertheless, you can choose a product after studying them in detail.


For ensuring an increased capacity, it is important to set up a parallel connection with the battery. Well, this is not going to raise the system’s voltage. For example, when two 6-volt deep-cycle batteries of flooded lead-acid battery type at 220 AH are set up in parallel, the system’s capacity eventually becomes 440 AH.


Knowing the system’s voltage is essential for selecting the best battery. This is because this voltage makes you decide which battery and how many to buy. For instance, for fulfilling the need for a 48v system, you can choose to have a parallel connection of six 8v batteries or four 12v batteries.

In practice, the battery’s size, its cost, and performance requirements set by you can restrict the number of options at your disposal. The most commonly used battery type for golf carts are 6v deep cycle models of lead-acid type. For measuring power, you should check amps, and not volts.

Terminal And Connections

You need also check out the kind of cables that will be needed along with the terminal capable of fulfilling the prescribed energy needs. So, do lookout for the number of terminals in the chosen battery and then invest in the rightly sized battery cables to keep overheating at bay. You also need to use a charger that is designed for the specific battery.


The fresh piece is the best powerhouse! Usually, any top-rated golf cart battery is not older than six months. All golf cart batteries have a code on themselves, indicating the manufacturing date. So, find out the code in the label of description, on the sticker on the top right at side, or near the terminal post.

For example, if the code says F19, it means that the battery is manufactured in February 2019. From the left to the right, the first character indicates the month of manufacture, while the second number signifies the year. Consider this as a basis to compare the batteries for selecting the best.


Checking the size of the battery is also important. Batteries have different dimensions. So you better be 100% sure to avoid headaches and hassle. Golf cart batteries are usually heavy and require special care for transport. It would be very inconvenient on your part if you'll end up returning it because it does not fit.

Local or Online

Which factor did you value the most? Money or time and convenience? Others are having a second thoughts to buy online since it's way more expensive sometimes compare when you buy it locally. The decision on buying it locally or online is still up to you. However, if you're far from the local store and don't have enough time to visit each store and want to avoid those long queues, buying online is the most practical one. Yes, it is a little bit expensive. It's because batteries, especially golf cart batteries are heavier and requires extra care during transport. It needs to be wrapped up and handled properly.


Trojan T-875 Golf Cart BatteriesBest Golf Cart BatteriesTrojan T-875 Golf Cart Batteries
MB107-85 Vmaxtanks AGM Golf Cart BatteriesBest on a BudgetMB107-85 Vmaxtanks AGM Golf Cart Batteries
FLYPOWER Lifepo4 Lithium Golf Cart BatteriesMost Versatile Golf Cart BatteriesFLYPOWER Lifepo4 Lithium  Golf Cart Batteries
US2200 XC2 Golf Cart BatteriesBest Lead Acid BatteriesUS2200 XC2 Golf Cart Batteries

A golf cart can be a great part of your golf equipment. It may be expensive but considering the life span of each battery, it can be considered an excellent investment. However, you cannot just jump into getting one as there are important factors that you should consider. Hope this review helps you to make a sound decision.

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