Callaway Rogue Driver Review

Callaway Rogue

This is a well-rounded driver that can benefit you immensely on the golf course. Whether you want longer distance shots or if you wish to roll or learn the game.

The driver can help you to hit the ball furthest. If you want to cover the distance to the hole quickly, you have no other option but to use the golf driver. In the normal area of the golf course, it is indispensable.

The extremely important nature of the golf driver means that choosing one carefully is important. The problem is there are numerous options available. The question is, which is a good golf driver to buy?

Today, we will share the review of such a golf driver. We are speaking about the Callaway Rogue Driver. Our Callaway Rogue Driver Review will go into all the details. You will not only know the pros and cons but the features and the construction as well. Before making your decision, you can go through our review and then make an informed decision.


  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to use
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Proprietary design
  • Packaging can be better

Key features of Callaway Rogue Driver

We will first go into the detailed features of the Callaway Rogue driver. Only once you take a look at the same, you will understand what this driver has on offer.

1. Available in numerous variants

Not everyone plays golf in the same way. Some of the players might be left-handed, whereas some others might be right-handed. The way in which you play golf can easily vary.

The good news about this driver is that it is available in numerous variants.

Firstly, it is available in the left and right-hand variant. The advantage of this is that you can be sure that you will find a suitable variant easily. You will not have to change the way in which you play the game of golf. It will help you play as per your strengths.


There are a few variations available on the softer material as well. The softer material in use is synergy 50 G. If you do not want to go with this material, there are a few other options available.

Another variant is the nature of the shaft. The nature of the shaft will determine how far the vibrations propagate. If you go with a stiff shaft, the vibration propagation will be on the lesser side. The regular version will comparatively propagate more vibrations.

Less vibrations are not always the best thing. You have to decide what you prefer. Some prefer more vibrations to know that he has been hitting appropriately. Others feel that vibrations are just a disturbance. In that case, they might go with the regular shaft. The variant which we are speaking about today is the regular variation.

The variants are also available depending on the loft of the driver. If the loft is on the lower side, the energy transfer is maximum. If the loft angle is on the higher side, it will optimize the rolling and carry of the ball. This advantage is that it is available in loft variants of 9° and 10.5°. Owing to this very reason, you can control the carry and roll easily.

When you look at these features, the thing which is pretty clear is that there are numerous variants available. You can pick one that fits your requirements the most.

2. High ball speed

The Callaway driver incorporates Jailbreak technology. The technology relies on two titanium rods that are present behind the clubface. They connect the sole and crown of the club. Once those are incorporated, the load is almost twice. As a result, the speed and distance increase significantly due to the jailbreak effect.

Consequently, you will not have to worry about putting in a lot of effort to gain extra ball speed either. You might be thinking; this certainly makes it illegal for tournaments. However, this is not true. It is suitable for every tournament.


Even though this might seem like an unfair advantage, but it works in your favor. Very few drivers incorporate such technology. If you want to make the ball travel a higher distance, you need to put in a lot of effort into the other drivers. Similarly, for more speed as well, you will have to put in more effort. The same is not true for this driver. It is among the main features of this driver Callaway Rogue.

3. Excellent forgiveness

The Callaway Rogue Driver has a triaxial carbon crown. The triaxial design means that you will hit the ball almost anywhere and still get the same kind of response. It also enhances the higher forgiveness of the standard Rogue driver. It may not be necessary for professional players.

However, when you're just learning the golf game for improving your skills, this feature certainly helps. Hence, it is suitable for any player. Coupled with the higher speed and distance, it ensures that you get the complete package with this golf rogue driver. You will certainly not be disappointed with it.

4. Heavy-duty construction

One of the main advantages of this Rogue driver is that the construction quality is excellent. The premium shaft material ensures that wear and tear are not going to be an issue. Moreover, the shaft is such that it can handle any weather as well.

The design of the shaft makes it aerodynamic. Due to this reason, even if you use it daily, there are no issues. You will not have to worry about any defects. The finishing of the shaft is equally good as well. The premium quality finishing further makes it easy for you to use it day in and day out.

When it comes to construction, you will have no problems.

5. Incorporates VFT Technology

You might be thinking, what does VFT technology do?

For the ball to travel higher and to a greater distance, it is essential to transfer its maximum energy. Otherwise, even if you hit the shot powerfully, it will not move that fast. If it does not go that far, you will need more shorts. In that case, you're likely to lose the game.

Consequently, when choosing a Rogue driver, it is better to choose one that results in maximum energy transfer. VFT technology is good enough for the same. It ensures that even if you hit the shorts slowly or off the center, the energy transfer is maximum. In that case, the ball will travel a greater distance. If you want it to reach a higher height, that is certainly possible as well.

VFT technology is the reason why it can outscore other drivers.

Our Callaway Rogue Driver Review

Now that you know the salient features, we will analyze it on a few parameters. It will help you understand more about it.


The rogue driver consists of many salient design features. The primary among them is the Triaxial carbon crown. The VFT technology ensures that maximum energy transfer is possible. Additionally, the excellent aerodynamics ensures that you can safely move the driver. Moreover, with the help of jailbreak technology, distance and height can be higher as well.

In total, the driver Callaway Rogue consists of numerous such design features. If you compare this with other drivers, you will realize they do not even have half of these design features including the jailbreak technology. That is why; it certainly is a much better option for your golf game.

Construction quality

The shaft's synergy 50G material means that it is not too stiff and not to loose either. Especially when you speak about the regular variant, using it is easy. The well-balanced construction quality means the durability and feedback are not going to be an issue as well.

As we have mentioned, again and again, it consists of a carbon crown. The carbon crown does not suffer from wear and tear, even with consistent hitting. No matter how much you use this rogue driver, the head will not undergo any problem. Once you buy it, you will not have to worry about finding a replacement.


The full black aesthetics of this driver Callaway Rogue do not disappoint. Couple that with the triaxial Crown club, and you will have no complaints about aesthetics. In fact, the slight tinge of blue adds to the aesthetics.

You might be thinking that there are no colors available. However, the truth is that the color combination available is aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, the color combination is such that you can use it for friendly matches, formal golf games, and even tournaments. It will not seem out of place. In fact, it will help you stand out.


When learning the golf game, it is a good idea to choose one with high forgiveness. This refers to the capability of the driver to hit the ball when you miss-hit it. You to keep a look at this one too because not all drivers have such characteristics. Professional players are also using this driver.

Overall Performance

One pretty sure thing is that the overall performance is second to none due to all of the features highlighted above. Simply put, the Callaway Rogue driver can help to have a further shot. So, there is hardly anything disappointing or missing in the Epic.

By now, the thing which is pretty clear is that whichever aspect you judge this Rogue driver on, it wouldn't fall short on it.

How does Callaway Rogue Driver stand against the competition?

The closest competitor to Callaway Rogue is the Epic by the same company. The Rogue has a large footprint and is also lighter. The high forgiveness and the larger footprint works in favor of the player.

The Epic, on the other hand, has a weight back design. The weight back design allows you to hit more precise shots. Simultaneously, the weight back design also means that the Epic is heavier as well. Heavier clubs can quickly wear you out. Once you get used to it, using them is easy. Due to this very reason, the Epic rogue driver is more difficult to use and has a learning curve. However, thanks to the sliding weight it can always be adjusted.

If you're looking for a versatile driver Callaway Rogue, you can go with the Callaway Rogue. If you're just looking for precision and do not mind handling a heavy driver, only in that case, you can go with the Epic.

Is a Rogue driver Callaway suitable for you?

There are some of the other features in the Callaway Rogue Driver, which make it suitable for almost everyone. We will highlight some of these in our Callaway Rogue Driver Review.

If you're just starting out with golf, this can come to your rescue. The lightweight design is another advantage that can help you when you're just starting out.

For intermediate players, once again, it comes in handy. Moreover, the intermediate players can benefit from the ground design. The Crown design ensures that maximum energy transfer is undoubtedly possible. So, they will be able to save the strokes and reach the holes soon.

For expert players, there are quite a few advantages. The expert players, of course, benefit from the forgiveness as well as the lightweight design. However, the bit of roll which it has on offer certainly helps the expert players as well. Also, expert players can easily familiarize themselves with every feature of this golf club. So, it becomes easy to use this driver Callaway rogue precisely as per their requirement.

The lightweight design means that most of the experts can easily conserve the energy while still reaching the holes with this driver's help.

It does not matter whether you're just starting out with golf or whether you are an expert player, this driver is for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Callaway Rogue a good driver?

Yes, it is! It does an excellent job because of its Jailbreak technology. You would be impressed with how this performs during off-center hits. The lower spin and higher MOI helps you achieve longer distances. Due to these features, it is undoubtedly a great option.

Is the Callaway rogue driver forgiving?

Callaway Rogue Driver stands out to be one of the most forgiving drivers. That is because even if you hit off-center, you can still have a great distance. There is still some resemblance of controlling even when you hit it off-center.

What is the difference between the Callaway Rogue Driver and the Callaway Rogue Sub Zero driver?

Callaway Rogue driver offers you not just a larger travel distance but also some spin. However, the amount of spin on offer is still less than Callaway Rogue Sub Zero driver. The forgiveness of Callaway Rogue is, however on the higher side. These two are the primary differences between them.

Is Rogue or epic driver better?

It entirely depends on your requirements. The Callaway Rogue Driver is certainly better if you're looking for lifespan, more forgiving, and a higher travel distance. However, if you prefer spin more than anything else, you should go with the epic.

How long is the Callaway rogue driver?

Callaway Rogue driver is 45.5 inches long. Despite that, the weight is just 244 g. Due to this reason, you can use it easily.

Now that you know everything about this Callaway rogue drivers, let us summarize the review and inform you what we feel about this driver callaway.


The Callaway Rogue Driver is a well-rounded driver. It can benefit you immensely on the golf course. Whether you want longer distance shots or if you wish to roll or just learn the game of golf, it can help you in many ways. Moreover, the heavy-duty construction means that there is no need to look for any other once you buy this golf driver. Combine that with the excellent aesthetics, and there is no reason you shouldn't go with this rogue driver Callaway. It can improve anyone's skill and even provide them with an unprecedented advantage.