Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Review: The Perfect Beginner Clubs?

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Wilson Ultra

This is a versatile golf club that you can use to reach the hole, get over hazards, or hit the ball on the greens. The multiple hybrids and fairway wood ensure that you can tackle anything on the golf course.

Starting the game of golf can be quite expensive. Unfortunately, between the equipment costs, the lessons, the clothing, and those bets you may lose, the price tend to add up rather quickly. Luckily a complete golf set like the Wilson Ultras can help you save a bit of money.

This complete golf set is one of the most affordable on the market. It is built with lots of forgiveness and plenty of lightweight technology for the new golfer. 

If you have never considered this Wilson golf set and the quality or the longevity of the clubs, it is time to consider them. If you are looking to get into the game of golf this year, the Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs are a perfect option to consider. 

Once you go through our Wilson Ultra golf clubs review, you can gauge this club set's quality and usefulness.


  • Highly versatile
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Long lifespan
  • Excellent grip
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Suitable for any player
  • Legally compliant in tournaments
  • Very fair pricing for the quality of the set

Key features of Wilson ultra golf clubs

Let us look at the features of Wilson’s Ultra set of golf clubs.

1. Multiple options available

The best feature of this golf club set is that finding the right variant is easy. You get so many options that finding a suitable one is not a difficult task.

For starters, you can choose between the right hand and left hand variants.

More importantly, there are various sizes of clubs available. The numerous size options ensure that you can choose one according to your physique and height. That certainly makes it easy for you to use the complete set.

In terms of flexibility, you have some choice. You have the regular flex version as well as the senior Flex version. The one that we will be speaking about today is the regular flex version. The advantage of regular flex is that you need not struggle with excessive vibration and other such problems.

When you look at the numerous variants available, it is easy to understand why these clubs are so popular. Finding the proper fit for your game is essential.

2. Stainless construction

The construction of the golf club matters a lot. Only when it is sturdy enough, you can use it. The 430 stainless steel construction means that durability is not going to be a problem.

The perimeter-weighted design certainly makes it more reliable. Also, the stainless steel in use is such that it does not suffer from any wear and tear, either. The mix of these materials increases the durability of this golf club.

The great new about the durability and construction is that even if you are a new golfer with a lot of speed, you will benefit from this club in your bag.

3. Low center of gravity

One of the great features of this Wilson set is that they consist of a low center of gravity. You might be thinking, how does a low center of gravity help?

The answer is that it allows you to swing more accurately. It will help you in balancing as well. Due to this reason, the accuracy of this club is excellent. Your ball flight will be high, and you will be impressed with the results that you get.

4. Includes a carry bag

When you're buying a golf club set, it is also essential to understand how you can carry it around. Instead of buying a bag separately, the club set comes with its own bag.

The advantage of this bag is that it is pretty lightweight. Additionally, it allows for airflow as well. When you're planning to use the club in humid conditions, the airflow certainly comes in handy. It can dry the club set easily and make sure it doesn’t have any mold when you put the clubs away.

With adjustable shoulder straps, it is easy to carry the Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs around. The shoulder straps also ensure that you can customize them according to your requirement.

The handle on top makes it easy to carry it alternately as well.

Want to store some accessories?

The Wilson Ultra Golf Set consists of numerous pockets for the same as well.

The best thing about the Wilson golf club bag is that it has a self-activating stand. It will make the bag sit upright. In that case, choosing the golf club or putting it inside the bag will be easier than ever.

With so many features of the carry bag, you cannot go wrong with it.

5. Facilitates high accuracy

The golf club consists of a large sweet spot. The advantage of the sweet spot is that the ball will cover a greater distance. Additionally, the low center of gravity facilitates higher accuracy as well.

The wider sole means that you need not worry about shot-making at all.

It consists of a sand wedge which ensures that you can easily clear the higher side as well.

Thus, the accuracy on offer of this golf club is second to none. Certainly, the clubs are built for high handicappers and beginners, and those are the players that need the most assistance when it comes to being accurate.

6. Excellent grip

Without the right grip, you cannot use any golf club. You have to always ensure that the one which you are buying has an excellent grip.

The advantage of these Wilson clubs is that they come with a soft grip. Despite the soft design, you can be sure that controlling these clubs is easier than ever.

The soft grip ensures that even when using these clubs for hours together, you won't face hand fatigue issues. Thus, you will be losing less energy in gripping the golf club; you can focus on the game in a much better way.

The excellent grip aids the accuracy of this golf club.

When you look at these features, it is easy to understand why these are the best golf clubs for beginners.

7. Set Composition:

We haven't discussed what the golf club set consists of. We will help you understand that as well.


This set consists of 431 stainless steel irons. The Iron and low center of gravity makes a sturdy combo. Due to this reason, they can help you make the ball travel a greater distance in the game. In a nutshell, you can reach the hole on the golf course quite soon.

Sand wedge:

The club set consists of a sand wedge as well. The advantage is that the sole is pretty wide. So, you can use it on the greens as well as overcome obstacles. It improves your shot-making capability. Hence, it becomes easier for you to use compared to pitching wedge.


Another advantage is the putter. The putter comes with a soft alignment grip. The soft grip of the putter provides excellent feedback, as well. So, you know whether you have hit the ball at the sweet spot or not.

The putter has been so designed to make it suitable for every player. Normally, a putter has a long learning curve. The soft grip and excellent feedback of this putter eliminate that. You can easily familiarize yourself with this putter in a couple of days. That is why it is so unique.


The set consists of 4 hybrids as well. The advantage of hybrids is that you can use them for a variety of different shots. You can use them for high lofted shots as well as lower shots. The four hybrids and fairway wood make this complete set highly versatile and an excellent option for those that sometimes hit the ball in the rough.


The golf club set consists of a driver as well. The driver's advantage is that it also allows you to hit the ball to a greater distance and large height. The driver's learning curve is minimal as well, which is another reason why this is the best beginner golf club set.

When you look at this Wilson Ultra set, it is easy to understand why you should go with this complete set rather than any other.

8. Large Driver

The legal limit of the driver is 460cc. If the driver is beyond that, you cannot use it in the golf game tournaments.

Since you can hit the ball a greater distance with a 460cc clubhead, you will be glad the Wilson golf set contains a driver this size. The driver in this set is 460cc titanium. It means that it hits the ball to the maximum limit.

You might be thinking, why a large driver face is important?

It is because the large driver face ensures that the sweet spot is on the larger side as well. When the sweet spot is on the larger side, even if you miss that, you can make the ball travel a greater distance. The forgiveness is also on the higher side, due to which the driver deserves a special mention as well.

Thus, when you look at this golf club's features, you would understand why this 460cc titanium driver is such an excellent choice.

Our Wilson ultra golf clubs Review

Now that you are aware of this golf club set's features let us look at its design, construction quality, and so on. Once you look at these features, it should be a bit easier to make a decision.


When you look at these clubs' design, you will realize that they are aerodynamic. The aerodynamic design also reduces wind resistance and allows for golfers to get some extra swing speed. 

Moreover, the low gravity ensures that you have proper control as well. Whether you're looking at the 460cc titanium driver or the iron or sand wedge, they all have a large sweet spot. Due to this reason, you can hit the ball well even if you miss the center by a bit. 

The design features ensure that the Wilson Ultra set is efficient to use.

Construction quality

Whenever you're buying a single club or a set of clubs, it is important to look at the construction quality. Sometimes when a set of clubs seems like a good deal, it is too good to be sure. 

The 430 stainless steel shaft construction of these golf irons means that you need not worry about wear and tear. The polished design makes them aesthetically pleasing as well. The stainless steel shaft construction makes them suitable for any weather. Even when you're using them in a drizzle, the clubs will remain safe. The all-weather design means that you can use them around the year.

In fact, the golf clubs' construction quality is such that they will last for years together. Once you get this complete set, you won't have to bother about finding a replacement for another set of golf clubs anytime soon.


The stainless steel construction, along with the polished exterior, enhances the aesthetics. If you put a great deal of emphasis on aesthetics, these clubs will not disappoint you.


One thing that you will appreciate about the Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs is their forgiveness. Forgiveness is the golf club's ability to make the ball travel in the right direction and cover the distance even if you miss-hit the ball.

The higher the forgiveness of the set of clubs, the better it is for a beginner or high handicapper. The large face and the excellent forgiveness of these clubs will help you make the ball travel the right distance and in the right direction irrespective of how you hit the ball. 

The large forgiveness of every club like the sand wedge, iron, and the driver ensures that the lower side as well. If you're just starting with the game, excellent forgiveness will come to your rescue.

Overall performance

Now that you have gone through the construction quality and features of these clubs, you will realize that they excel in every parameter. Whether you look at the long lifespan, the heating capacity, or the forgiveness, you will have no reason to complain at all.

The versatility of these Ultra clubs does not disappoint either. When you look at these features, it is easy to understand that these are the best golf clubs for beginners. You will have no complaints or issues regarding the overall performance of these clubs.

Before you make up your mind, you can go to the FAQ and the rest of the information below.

Is the Wilson ultra golf club suitable for you?

The Wilson Ultra golf clubs are suitable for almost all beginners and high handicappers. 

The large forgiveness of these golf clubs comes to your rescue if you're just starting out in the game of golf. Also, the large face of the driver certainly makes it easy to hit the ball. The excellent soft-grip ensures that you have nothing to worry about, even if you're using the clubs for an extended time.

On the other hand, for intermediate level players, the numerous size options come to your rescue. You can choose exactly the size you prefer the most. That will ensure that you can pick up the fine skills without much of a worry.

Low handicap golfers will want to avoid the Wilson Ultra set as it does not allow for the same level of feel and performance that these players need. 

In a nutshell, whatever your game skills are, this golf club set will not disappoint you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Wilson Still Make Golf Clubs?

Yes, Wilson still makes golf clubs. If you check the golf club sets of professionals, an overwhelming majority of them are from Wilson. That is how popular it is.

Are Wilson Ultra Clubs Good?

Wilson Ultra golf clubs are good for those that are just starting in the game or those that want a fairly priced golf club. Whether you look at the construction quality, forgiveness, design, or the ease of use, they excel in all the departments.

Is Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Set Complaint Legally?

Yes, Wilson golf Club’s set is legally compliant. You can use them in tournaments.

Is The Bag Which Comes With Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Weather Resistant

Although the Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs are not fully weather resistant, they do a good job of protecting the equipment if there is a bit of a drizzle or a rain. 

Now that you are aware of the FAQs, let us look at our verdict.


The Wilson Ultra golf club set will not give you a reason to complain. More importantly, the construction quality is such that you need not search for a replacement as well. 

Additionally, these golf clubs' versatility means that you can use them to reach the hole, get over hazards, or hit the ball on the greens. The multiple hybrids and fairway wood ensure that you can tackle anything on the golf course. 

Considering the Wilson Ultra features as highlighted in the review above, along with the other properties that the golf club set possess, we will recommend it to you.

In fact, if you're on the fence regarding these golf club sets, there is nothing to worry about. You should go ahead and buy this set.

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