4 Of The Best Pro Golfers For Beginners To Watch

Part of the legend of Tiger Woods is that his father supposedly stood in front of him and practiced innumerable repetitions of a fundamentally sound golf swing when Tiger was just an infant. It sounds crazy, but then you recall that Tiger Woods was on TV when he was two years old and was already a prodigy in the making.  So maybe we should at least entertain the idea that what his father did had some impact, either in fostering interest, teaching form, or both.

Extrapolating from this idea, we can acknowledge that it’s important for beginning golfers to study the people who really know the sport and excel in it. That is, as with most any other sport, it’s never too early to start studying the professionals. In a way, any pro will do, because golfers do have their own styles and tendencies.  While differences aren’t quite as pronounced, it’s not unlike how any young baseball player could adopt a different batting stance from a player he admires. With that said though, we’ve sough to put together a list of some of the most fundamentally sound, weet-swinging golfers for young people to watch.

1 – Tiger Woods

It’s not too complicated to figure out why Tiger Woods needs to be on this list. Beyond everything mentioned above, he’s the best golfer of an entire era, if not the entire history of the sport. And while Woods can get away with a few imperfections sometimes due to his natural touch and athleticism, as well as his unusual strength, there’s still every reason to mimic the best on Earth. No young or beginning player’s game is going to suffer from having too much of Tiger Woods in it!

2 – Adam Scott


If you’ve watched Adam Scott before and thought to yourself that he seems to have picture-perfect form with just about all his strokes, you’re not alone. Scott actually won a poll among 50 PGA Tour players asked about who has the prettiest strokes. While the poll was broken down into different categories, Scott won the overall results, indicating that his own peers believe he’s the finest active golfer from a fundamental standpoint. Interestingly enough, the write-up on all of this quoted Scott as saying he too likes to watch others when he needs to fix problems with his swing (even though to most observers’ eyes he never has such

3 – Justin Rose

Justin Rose also scored well in the aforementioned poll, likely in large part because of his pure consistency. Heading into this year’s U.S. Open, one article noted that he’s a veteran of 12 championships, and that every time he’d made the cut at the Open, he’d had a top-30 finish. He’s just robotically competitive, which in any sport is usually an indicator of sound fundamentals. All of Rose’s strokes are worth studying, though it’s typically his wedge work and chipping game that stands out the most. Any beginner working on approach shots should prioritize studying

4 – Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is a perfect study for some different reasons. One is that he has a fairly good shot at being the most popular golfer of the next 15 years or so, which means he can be a lasting role model for young beginners. Another reason however is that for an elite professional golfer, Spieth has a fairly simple motion, and is thus easier to imitate than a lot of his peers on the tour.

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

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