Vans Golf Shoes: How to Get Yourself a Pair [Step by Step]

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Vans are a stylish pair of casual shoes suitable for almost every single occasion – except that they don’t come gripped for the golf course. But don’t worry, because I’ll walk you through the exact steps you need to get your own pair of Vans golf shoes.

I’ll show you how to transform your Vans into a professional and stylish looking pair of golf shoes that you can wear out on the course.

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Let’s take a look!

What are Vans?

Vans is a brand of skateboarding shoes and casual apparel that started out in Anaheim, California. It is popular in the boarding community, sponsoring athletes and events in surf, BMX, snowboarding, and motocross.

The company originated way back in 1996, growing in popularity down in the California skate community. It is also the sponsor for the Vans Warped tour, a popular travelling music festival that was created in 1999.

Vans shoes are casual to wear and very comfortable. They have both high angle and low ankle styles to browse through. Compared to golf shoes, Vans are a lot less expensive as well – you can get a brand new pair for just $50.

Does Vans Make Golf Shoes?

Unfortunately, Vans golf shoes are not something that exists in the market today. The company’s branding is geared more towards skating.

However, it is possible to make your own Vans golf shoes! And the process is actually pretty simple overall.

Requirements for Making Vans Golf Shoes

In order to make your own Vans golf shoes, you need the following things:

  • A pair of Vans golf shoes
  • A pair of Golfkicks

And that’s it!

But wait, what are Golfkicks and why have you never heard of them before? Before we show you how to make your own Vans golf shoes, let’s go there first.

What are Golfkicks?

Golfkicks is a set of mountable golf spikes that allow you to turn any pair of regular shoes into golf shoes. You can install the spikes on your shoes all by yourself in just a few minutes.

This isn’t a new product – Golfkicks has gone through five different generations so far. And the product is now worn by players on the PGA and LPGA tour.

Golfkicks are made with a metal core and a durable rubber mold. Once they are installed, they’ll feel as soft and unnoticeable as a regular golf shoe. When you buy a kit, you get everything you need to convert your pair of shoes into ones made for golfing in.

You can see in the video below just how easy these diy golf spikes work:

Mounting Golfkicks golf spikes on sneakers. Install video.

How to Make Vans Golf Shoes [Step by Step]

Making your own pair of Vans that can be worn on the golf course is easy. Just follow these steps.

Buy a Pair of Vans Shoes

Hopefully this one is easy. You need to buy a pair of Vans shoes off of the internet that you want to turn into golf shoes. Technically, any pair of Vans will work. However, I would recommend something that will give you some support in the ankles, so not the slipper or loafer style.

Millions of people wear Vans to skateboard every day though, so nearly any pair will do.

You can browse Vans on Amazon or on the official site using the buttons below.

The most popular pair of Vans is the Low-Top Trainers sneaker, which has over 45,000 positive reviews! You can browser 32 different styles of this shoe by clicking below.

Buy Your Golfkicks Traction Kit

Golfkicks are DIY golf spikes that can be added to your Vans shoes in just a few minutes. Again, they can be purchased off of Amazon worldwide or from the official store.

You get 20 soft spikes in a package of Golfkicks, which is enough to convert one set of shoes. You can choose between different colors, including black, white, yellow, red, grey, and blue.

Mark Your Shoes

Once you have your Vans and your Golfkicks in hand, you are ready to create your golf shoes! The first thing you’ll want to do is use a black sharpie market and mark out at least 6 places where you will install your spikes. They should be installed on flat parts of the shoe and 8 places are recommended for an adult mens shoe.

Install Your Golf Spikes

Next, you’ll want to remove one of your golf spikes and place some of the included glue on the end of the screw. Then, use the included screwdriver and screw your golf spike into your Vans shoe in the one of the markings that you marked out. You will have to apply a decent amount of pressure as your turn clockwise into the shoe.

Continue with this process until all screws are installed in your Vans.

install your golfkicks golf spikes


And that’s it! With a little bit of time, you can create your own Vans golf shoes or convert any shoe into golf shoes. This solution can save you quite a bit of money verses buying dedicated golf shoes. Plus, they can look even nicer.

Over 1 million Golfkicks spikes have been installed before, so plenty of people are trying this out. You can too by using the links above to get started!

completed vans golf shoes with golfkicks
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