Best Women’s Golf Shoes in 2021

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Are you looking for golf shoes that can improve your game?

If yes, it is time to get good women's golf shoes rather than using any other sports shoes on the golf course. The golf shoes excel regular sports shoes in various aspects. Not only, they facilitate freedom of movement, but also keep you comfortable on the course. The problem is that when you compare multiple women's golf shoes, it is confusing to choose one.

If you do not want to spend hours comparing different women's golf shoes, you can refer to our list of 6 Best womens golf shoes below. We will also answer some FAQs and help you understand what constitutes a good women's golf shoe. Once you go through this post, buying the best womens golf shoes without spending hours will be easy.

Our Best Womens Golf Shoes in 2021

  • Skechers Max (Best Overall)
    "The numerous features on offer place these women's golf shoes on top of our list. high water resistance, heavy-duty construction, excellent cushioning, excellent comfort, ultra lightweight design, high traction"
  • Adidas Tech Response (Best on a Budget)
    "The low-profile design of these golf shoes helps them stand out. Apart from that as well, these shoes have a lot of features on offer."
  • Nike Roshe G (Upgrade Pick)
    "The shoes offer features like premium quality materials, excellent traction, and so on. With the help of foam midsole, you can be sure that cushioning is ample."
  • FootJoy LoPro Collection (Great Alternative)
  • Puma Monolite Cat (Best for HOT Weather)
  • New Balance Minimus Sl (Best for HOT Weather)

Best Women's Golf Shoes 

Skechers Max

Best Overall


  • Numerous variants available
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Excellent traction
  • Efficient cushioning
  • High water resistance
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Proper support for your feet
  • Packaging needs improvement

The reason why these women's golf shoes are on top of our list is because of the grip they offer. Along with that, they have a responsive design that allows you to move around quickly. Coupled with numerous color and size options and you can buy the best one easily. Additionally, the water-resistant construction, and rubber sole makes these shoes stand the test of time. Whichever feature you expect from women's golf shoes is present in this one. So; they are on top of our list.


Rubber sole:

The sole of any shoe is the heart of the shoe. If the sole is not proper, the shoes will suffer from extensive wear and tear. However, these consist of a rubber sole for excellent grip. It is also possible due to the TPU material in the outsole. The spikeless design means that the shoes are lightweight as well. The combination of the rubber sole and TPU material ensures that the sole will facilitate proper movement on the golf course.

Ultra lightweight design:

The designing of these shoes is done in such a way that every component is pretty lightweight. When you look at the cushioning, it is responsive but lightweight. Similarly, the rubber sole does not add much to the weight either. The low shaft design, once again, does not increase the weight significantly. The synthetic upper does the same. With these features, it becomes easy to understand why these shoes are lightweight.

The ultra-lightweight design means there will be no feet fatigue. If you prioritize comfort over everything, then these Ultra-light shoes score high.

Excellent cushioning:

These shoes consist of high rebound cushioning. The cushioning is part of the Goga max insole. The insole provides your feet with proper support. The high rebound design means that it protects you from any impact and shocks as well. Additionally, there is Ultra-flight highly responsive cushioning as well. The responsiveness ensures that it can provide you with all-round support.

The dual cushioning design makes it much more comfortable than ordinary women's golf shoes.

Water resistant:

Did you know that these women's golf shoes are water-resistant?

Yes, you read it right! You can wear them even during a drizzle on the golf course. Also, the water-resistant design means that you can use them throughout the year.

Numerous variants available:

With 22 color options, you have plenty of choices when going with these women's golf shoes. Every variant is available in numerous size options. That is why; finding the right size and color is not going to be a problem.

With numerous features, it becomes difficult to ignore these women's golf shoes in favor of others.

Adidas Tech Response

Best on a Budget


  • Low-profile design
  • Highly comfortable
  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent durability
  • Breathable construction
  • Available in different variants
  • Leather quality can be better

The low-profile design of these golf shoes helps them stand out. Apart from that as well, these shoes have a lot of features on offer. The synthetic sole takes care of the grip. Microfiber leather makes them comfortable. Along with that, the low-profile design means that they are easy to wear. The breathable construction makes them even more comfortable. The plethora of features help them stand out.


Synthetic sole:

On the golf course, you need shoes to provide you with proper direction. Only when these shoes can facilitate freedom of movement, can you go with them. The shoes which we are speaking about now consist of the synthetic sole.

The synthetic sole is durable. Additionally, the synthetic sole also provides you with excellent traction on the course. That is why, in terms of freedom of movement and traction, it will not disappoint you.

Lightweight design:

The microfiber leather upper and low-profile design, makes the shoes quite lightweight. The lightweight shoes do not cause any feet fatigue. The lightweight design certainly works to their advantage.

Breathable construction:

The microfiber leather upper offers breathability. So, you need not worry about moisture. Also, they help you maintain the temperature of your feet. You will remain comfortable when wearing these women's golf shoes.

Available in different variants:

ou get to choose from 6 different color options. You get size options in each of those colors as well.

The comfort and the breathable design of these women's golf shoes give you no reason to complain.

Nike Roshe G

Upgrade Pick


  • Highly versatile
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Excellent support
  • Proper cushioning on offer
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • It takes time to break into

Do not mind shelling out something extra?

If yes, the shoes that we are going to speak about now are your best bet. They offer quite a few features that set them apart. The shoes offer features like premium quality materials, excellent traction, and so on. With the help of foam midsole, you can be sure that cushioning is ample. The sidewalls and midsole provide you with excellent support. Various other features make it suitable for not just a golf course but any surface. The versatility and the premium quality construction help these women's golf shoes stand out.


Premium quality materials:

The materials in use are of the highest standards. The advantage of these materials is that they are breathable and lightweight. Not only can you keep your feet dry, but you can move around safely.

Excellent grip:

The outsole consists of a pressure-mapped design. Consequently, the traction is excellent. There are hardly any other women's golf shoes offering pressure-mapped outsole. This feature is sure to grab your attention.

Excellent cushioning:

The four midsoles provide you with proper support. Additionally, it provides you with lightweight cushioning. The injected foam midsole means that you need not search for a replacement anytime soon.

All-round support:

Whether you look at the heel counter, or the high side walls, those provide you with excellent support. These shoes aim to provide you with support from all sides. Due to this reason, you can wear them for long hours without any fatigue.

Highly versatile:

You can wear the shoes not only on the golf course but also on the road, pavement, hardwood flooring, and various other terrains. These are as versatile as you can get.

Moreover, with numerous size options, getting the right size is easy. The durability and versatility of these women's golf shoes set them apart.

FootJoy LoPro Collection

Great Alternative


  • Durable construction
  • Ample cushioning
  • Facilitates freedom of movement
  • Excellent traction
  • Available in different variants
  • Instep design
  • Size representation needs to be more accurate

The USP of these women's golf shoes is its durability. You get highly durable synthetic sole, synthetic upper. The EVA footbed provides you with an excellent grip. The cushioned rubber will not let you lose grip on any terrain. Durability is the primary reason why it is on our list.


Durable outsole:

The outsole consists of synthetic material. Additionally, the outer layer is of rubber. The soft rubber compound means that flexibility is excellent. It can also provide you with superior traction due to rubber construction. The rubber sole ensures that it is not bulky either. When you need to move swiftly, this feature can come to your rescue.

Synthetic upper:

Another reason the durability of the shoes is excellent is because of synthetic upper. The synthetic material is lightweight. However, it is exceptionally durable. Moreover, it does not need much maintenance. These features increase the life span of the shoes.

Comfortable insole:

The EVA footbed provides proper support and cushioning to your feet. The cushioning prevents the impact of any jerks or shocks to your feet. At the same time, you get a non-slip grip. It is easy to move around safely due to the EVA footbed.

Standard instep design:

When you look at its design, you will realize that it consists of a rounded toe area. Along with that, the slightly narrow forefoot and a narrow heel ensure that you can control it easily. These attributes make it an instep shoe. The advantage of instep shoe is that it is not bulky. It is easy to move around while wearing an instep shoe. Once again, this feature can help you on the golf course.

Apart from these features, the shoes are available in 3 colors and various size options. Due to these reasons, these are one of the best womens golf shoes which you can buy.

Puma Monolite Cat

Best for HOT Weather

Puma Monolite Cat



  • Breathable design
  • High durability
  • Excellent grip
  • Numerous variants available
  • Comforting insole
  • Sidewall thickness should be more

Do you prefer women's golf shoes with mesh on offer?

If yes, you should opt for these golf shoes. The mesh construction makes them breathable. Along with that, the synthetic sole makes them durable. The insole is super soft and provides you your feet with all-round support. Couple this with the carbon rubber, and you get an excellent grip, which certainly stands the test of time. In terms of durability and breathability, these shoes score high.


Breathable design:

The breathable design is only possible because of the mesh upper. The entire upper is not of the mesh material. It is part of the mesh and partially of fabric. The advantage of mesh is that it can make the shoes breathable, soft, and lightweight. The combination of these two work pretty well for these shoes.

Excellent grip:

The outsole of the shoes consists of synthetic material and carbon rubber. The synthetic material increases the life span significantly. The carbon rubber is abrasion-resistant. Simultaneously, the carbon rubber provides excellent traction. You will not face issues with the grip.

Numerous variants available:

You get to choose from 4 different color options. These color options are available across the size spectrum. Consequently, finding the right size and color is easy.

Efficient insole:

The insole is exceptionally soft. It means that when it comes in contact with your feet, there will be no issues. The durable sock liner means that your feet will get all-round support. These shoes can keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.

When you look at these features, it is clear that comfort and durability are almost unparalleled. That is why they are an excellent buy.

New Balance Minimus Sl

Best for off the course


  • Highly durable
  • Rubber outsole on offer
  • Breathable construction
  • Offers Ortholite insole
  • Facilitates freedom of movement
  • Bit wider

The heavy-duty textile fabric of these women's golf shoes makes it comfortable and durable. Add to that, the breathable mesh upper, the responsive midsole, rubber outsole, and you have an excellent golf shoe. Moreover, these shoes also consist of Ortholite insole that can keep your feet cool.

Isn't that a great feature?

In addition to this feature, the lightweight cushioning also helps these shoes stand out. Additionally, these shoes are available in different colors and size options. The comfort which these women's golf shoes offer is the reason why you should buy them.


Textile fabric in use:

The textile fabric in use is exceptionally soft and durable. When it comes in contact with your feet, you will realize that it is gentle on the skin. Additionally, the textile fabric can handle wear and tear.

Excellent outsole:

The rubber outsole provides you with a proper grip with a spike-less design. This spike-less design makes it flexible. When you're playing golf, the shoes will not hamper you.

Ortholite insole:

Ortholite insole is famous for providing proper comfort to your feet. They are thin. Therefore, they do not add to the weight of your shoes. However, these shoes can keep your feet cool and dry. Thus, the comfort which the shoes provide you with is excellent.

Breathable construction:

The mesh upper provides excellent breathability. Along with it, you get ultralight synthetic overlays. So, the mesh stands the test of time.

These features make these women's golf shoes an excellent option to keep your feet comfortable.

When searching for the best womens golf shoes, the 6 are the ones you should consider. We have spent hours compiling this list. Once you choose from this list, you need not spend days comparing different options. To know more, you can refer to the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do golf shoes make a difference?

Yes, golf shoes allow you to play golf on any terrain. Moreover, these facilitate freedom of movement. These two factors certainly make golf shoes perfect for playing the game.

Do you need golf shoes to play golf?

Yes, you do need golf shoes while playing golf. These can keep you comfortable on the golf course and help you focus on the game rather than discomfort.

Can you wear golf shoes every day?

If you buy any of the above women's golf shoes, you can wear them almost every day. These are versatile and can be worn not only on the golf course but also in the office, home, and various other venues.

Is it bad to use golf shoes on a concrete surface?

You can wear golf shoes on concrete because they can provide you with excellent traction. You can wear them on hardwood floors, laminated floors, and any other flooring type.

Are golf shoes worth it?

Yes, shoes are worth it because they can improve your game. Moreover, the feet support makes them worth it.

Now that you know all about women's golf shoes let us look at what makes good women's golf shoes.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Excellent traction

The women's golf shoes cost should consist of the heavy-duty outsole. The outsole should be able to provide traction on any kind of terrain. If the shoes consist of a rubber terrain, that is an advantage.

Lightweight design

Golf games can easily last for a long time. When you're buying golf shoes, you should get a lightweight one. Only when they are lightweight, they will not cause any feet fatigue.

Supporting insole

The insole of shoes comes directly in contact with your feet. When you're buying golf shoes, they should consist of efficient insoles. The insole should protect your shoes against any shock and impact. Only when it does that, should you go ahead with the woman's golf shoes.

High weather resistance

Additionally, women's golf shoes should also offer you weather resistance. If the shoes can handle drizzles and rain, then only you can go ahead with this.

Once you keep in mind these four criteria, it will become easy to buy the best womens golf shoes.


Skechers MaxBest OverallSkechers Max
Adidas Tech ResponseBest on a BudgetAdidas Tech Response
Nike Roshe GUpgrade PickNike Roshe G
FootJoy LoPro CollectionGreat AlternativeFootJoy LoPro Collection
Puma Monolite CatBest for HOT WeatherPuma Monolite Cat
New Balance Minimus SlBest for off the courseNew Balance Minimus Sl

If you want to be comfortable on the golf course and focus on your game, you should get the best womens golf shoes. Our list above can help you choose one right away. With our extensive research and careful curation of the 6 Best womens golf shoes, buying one is easy. You can use our buying guide to choose between the six options. It is time to go with the best womens golf shoes to keep your feet comfortable and enhance your golf skills.

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