Fix Your Golf game: Tips for playing Golf in Wind or Rain

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Playing golf is fun, but there are some circumstances when it is no fun especially when the course is all wet due to rain. The worst part is, your gear can get wet, and it makes playing troublesome. Since golf is a game that has been played for centuries, people have devised ways to thrive during a golf game despite harsh weather conditions. I’m sure you must be interested in knowing some of these ways. Below you can find some ways in which you can improve your golf-play even during windy weather and rain. Read on to find out:


Tips for Playing Golf in Wind or Rain

1. Grab Your Waterproof Gear

It is always best to keep the gear that is waterproof. At a minimum, a waterproof jacket should suffice. If you do not already own one, think about buying one. You can find this gear in the market and even in online stores. Ask your friends about it; they might know where reliable products can be found. But a jacket is not enough if you’re an all-weather golfer, so invest in a complete all-weather gear once and for all. I’m sure you will not be disappointed. And do not forget buying a pair of waterproof shoes because wet feet make it difficult to concentrate on the game and walk.

2. Something To Hold Onto

Always keep something with you to which you can hold onto. Golf course tends to become very slippery so you should keep something which can be used as a support. During a golf swing, there are two main contact points. One is with the club, and the other is with the ground. Even if one of these is not solid, you have a potential chance of compromising your entire game due to the weather. So from time-to-time invest in your grips and get new cleats because you don’t want them to cost you shots and matches during the game.

3. New Gloves

If you own only a single pair of gloves, you need some help, buddy. It's never a bad idea to keep a spare pair of gloves because sometimes the rainwater gets through your single pair of gloves pretty quickly. You can keep it inside your carrier bag, and they will remain safe and dry to be used in times of need. There are also special gloves out there which improve grip during wet-weather, and you can keep them for rainy weather. Again, make sure the gloves you get are water resistant.

4. Waterproof Trolley Cover

You didn’t expect this one to come on this list, did you? What suffers apart from you during a windy or rainy match is your equipment. Irons may get rusty if you do not take proper care of them, so you can find lots of trolley or cart cover in the market to deal with this problem. Mostly they're shaped like a cape, and they have an easy-to-attach mechanism which helps fix them on the trolley during stormy weather.

5. Towels!

Another essential to keep with you during matches are towels. If the grips are too wet, I can ascertain that you won't be able to hit a decent shot. However, if you have loads of dry towels stocked with you, you would be able to dry the grip and hit shots that do not amount to a failure. This is one of the reasons keeping a carrier bag with you is a must. In short, keep a supply of dry towels.

6. A Perfect Umbrella

Keeping the right umbrella with you is paramount. If you have a cheap umbrella, it will become nearly impossible for you to deal with the bad weather. Buy yourself a decent umbrella which will stand against the high gusts of wind and keep you dry during the match as it will prove to be your ultimate savior in a severe weather condition.

best golf umbrellas

7. Keeping the Score Track

It gets hard to keep track of score during a windy and rainy weather. In case of a match-play or during a competition you would need to keep a score of the match. It is never a bad idea to keep a spare scorecard with you in a safe and dry place; it will save you from a lot of trouble. During rainy weather, your original scorecard might get wet and become unreadable. You can also avoid this from happening by writing down the scores after every few holes instead of writing them down after every single hole.

8. Less Run Is an Option

Rainy weather may alter the entire manner in which a game is played. If the ground is wet, it is certain that the ball won't run very far and stop. Of the tee, less run might mean that more clubs can be taken on holes, and you would be holding back in this situation but in a rainy weather that is not required. You will notice that chips and pitches grab more often in rainy weather.

9. How to Hit in the Rough

When hitting in the rough, you ought to hit more firmly. Because, when the course is wet, it tends to slow the progress of clubheads. You need to make sure that the impact is stronger than average conditions for the ball to make it to its target landing position. This tactic would help you make sure you do not lose your shot on the wet course.

10. Don’t Expect Much

 You ought to keep in mind that despite all the precautions, there are many factors induced by rain and windy weather that you won’t be able to control, and these factors would affect your overall gameplay despite all the efforts you make. So, do not expect your scoring to soar like routine. Especially if you don’t have a caddie, playing in rainy weather can be very difficult. And if you end up dropping a few shots, do not get upset or disappointed because the weather is same for everyone and I am sure it will affect their game equally so it is not just you who is suffering.

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Most importantly, remember to have fun. Minor problems that arise due to wet weather shouldn't affect the prime reason for a sport, which is enjoyment. I hope these tactics help you play better the next time your course is drenched in the rain. Happy Golfing!

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

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