Takomo Irons Review: 101 vs 201 vs 301 Comparison

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This is the ultimate review guide for Takomo golf irons, a direct-to-consumer brand that promises premium golf clubs for a better price. But do they work? And how do they compare to popular golf brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, and Callaway?

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What is Takomo Golf?

I’ve found Takomo Golf to be a breath of fresh air in the golf club market, offering durable and high-quality clubs at prices that won’t break the bank.

Takomo Golf originated in 2019 and has since been dedicated to growing its brand and producing high-quality premium golf equipment in the golf industry. The brand prides itself on a “Scandinavian mindset,” emphasizing functionality, timeless design, and accessibility for everyone.

Takomo manufactures all kinds of golf clubs including drivers, fairway woods, new irons, and wedges.

As a direct-to-consumer brand, Takomo Golf offers global shipping and an international warranty, ensuring the accessibility of its products for golfers worldwide.

Who Created Takomo?

Sebastian Haapahovi is the creator of Takomo Golf. After experiencing sticker shock when searching for new golf equipment, he decided to start his own club-making company.

Haapahovi, who comes from an IT background, identified the opportunity to offer premium golf equipment at an affordable price through a direct-to-consumer model. This led to the creation of Takomo Golf, a global brand headquartered in Finland.

takomo 101 vs 201 vs 301 golf irons

Takomo 101 Irons Overview

Holding the Takomo 101 irons, I immediately noticed their sleek design that looks great. They are designed to provide exceptional forgiveness and maximum distance, making them suitable for players with a wide range of handicaps.

Crafted from premium 431 carbon steel, the hollow body design in these Takomo clubs helps a player looking for forgiveness in their irons. The precision-milled thin face ensures high ball compression and spring effect for impressive ball speed even on mishits and more distance control on your ball striking.

The Takomo 101 irons come equipped with Lamkin grips and your choice of KBS Tour Shafts.

takomo 101 irons review

Unique Features in the Takomo 101 Irons

Hollow Body Design for Forgiveness and Distance

The hollow body design of these irons is a game-changer for me. They forgive my less-than-perfect swings without sacrificing any distance.

Precision-Milled Thin Face

The precision-milled thin face of the irons ensures high ball compression and spring effect, resulting in maximum ball speed on every shot.

takomo 101 vs 201 irons face review comparison
Takomo 201 vs 201 irons comparison club face

Versatile Flex Options

The Takomo irons have a range of shaft flex options, including KBS Lite shafts in Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff, and more, catering to golfers’ diverse needs.

These shaft options help customize your clubs to what you need to succeed on the golf course.

What are the Takomo 101T Irons?

The Takomo 101T irons are top-quality player distance irons that provide exceptional performance, advanced technology, and great value for money. These irons are designed with a hollow-body construction made from 431 steel, promoting forgiveness without compromising distance.

The precision-milled thin face ensures high ball compression, resulting in remarkable ball speed, even on off-center strikes.

Focusing on a sleek, classic design and advanced technology, the Takomo 101T irons cater to players seeking forgiveness and ball speed, with a mid handicap. The irons have received positive reviews and are recommended for advanced players looking for a little more distance, workability, and style.

Takomo 201 Irons Overview

The Takomo 201 irons are highly regarded for their exceptional feel and workability, making them a top choice for golfers seeking precision and control. Constructed with precision-forged S20C steel, these irons provide a soft and smooth feel comparable to that of renowned brands like Miura Golf.

The cavity back design offers forgiveness while retaining workability, and a milled back pocket enhances ball speed and increases forgiveness. Ideal for advanced players who are close to being a scratch golfer, the Takomo 201 irons feature a sleek, modern design.

The Takomo 201 irons come equipped with Lamkin grips and your choice of KBS Tour Shafts.

takomo 201 irons review

Unique Features in the Takomo 201 Irons

Cavity Back Design for Workability and Forgiveness

The cavity back on Takomo 201 irons offers maximum forgiveness while retaining workability, and a milled back pocket enhances ball speed and forgiveness.

As someone striving to lower my handicap, these irons have been a crucial part of my journey, offering the forgiveness and control I need.

Precision-Forged S20C Steel

The Takomo 201 irons are crafted from precision-forged S20C steel. This helps provide a soft and smooth feel, comparable to other high-quality brands on the market, for a fraction of the price.

Takomo 301 Irons Overview

The Takomo 301 irons, comprising the CB (cavity back) and MB (muscle back) models, showcase remarkable softness and exceptional feel. The 301 irons are for the best golfers in the world. They are crafted with soft S20C steel and utilizing a one-piece design forging.

With a focus on precision and playability, the 301 CB and MB irons feature a sleek and modern design and cater to golfers seeking control, workability, and forgiveness. These irons are intended for elite players.

takomo 301 irons review

Unique Features in the Takomo 301 Irons

Cavity Back and Muscle Back Options

The 301 CB provides players with a forgiving cavity back design, while the 301 MB offers a muscle back design, catering to the distinct preferences of top-level golfers.

Precision Design for Workability

The 301 irons feature a short blade length, a low center of gravity, and a wider sole. I found them extremely workable.

takomo irons review

Which Takomo Irons Are the Best For

Beginner Golfers

The Takomo 101 irons are the best option for beginner golfers due to their forgiving nature and ability to provide extra distance due to stronger lofts. This makes them suitable for beginner golfers looking to improve their golf game.

Budget Conscience Golfers

If budget is the only thing you are considering when purchasing Takomo irons, you can go right with all of them. Although the 101s are the cheapest of the bunch by a decent amount, all three sets are well below the price of other high-quality golf brands.

takmo 101 vs 201 irons review comparison
Takomo 101 vs 201 irons top view

Bogey Golfers

The Takomo 201 Irons are well-suited for bogey golfers due to their forgiving nature and game improvement features. These irons are forged cavity back irons explicitly designed with the everyday average amateur in mind.

Low Handicap Golfers

The Takomo 301 CB irons are the best option for low-handicap golfers. They offer a clean, minimalist look and exceptional feel, making them some of the best irons of their type for players seeking precision, control, and feedback.

takomo 201 vs 301 irons
Takomo 201 vs 301 ironskl

Conclusion: Are Takomo Irons Good?

Having played a round with each model Takomo offers, I can vouch for Takomo’s quality. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, Takomo irons should be on your radar.

The company’s commitment to producing premium golf irons that address the needs of different players is evident. I believe that Takomo is a viable choice for golfers seeking quality and performance in their golf game.

The only downside of being a direct-to-consumer is that you need to have the option of using them before you buy. However, after reading the many positive reviews around the internet and seeing many online influencer golfers be impressed with the quality of the product, it should help ease your mind when making that decision.

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