The 5 Best Winter Golf Shoes for Cold Weather Play

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We all love the great sport of golf here, and many of us try to hit the links as much as possible during the warmer months of the year. As such, many of us also wish that the warmer months of spring and summer could last year round.

Unfortunately, that's just not the case for most of us, and in time the winter months rear their cold heads. However, just because there is a change in temperature and conditions does not mean that you are unable to play golf. It's all a question of preparation for cold weather.

Golf is a game that is meant to be played in many conditions, including the more unpleasant cold and wet weather during the winter. Therefore, it is imperative that you make sure you are fully prepared for whatever the weather may throw at you, and part of this is making sure you have a good pair of sturdy winter golf shoes.

These shoes are specially designed to provide traction for you to keep your footing, as well as warmth to fight against the freezing temperatures. A good pair of winter golf shoes is also waterproof, because there is usually more moisture in the grass or snow.

With so many winter golf shoes available now, how do you know which pair to buy, and which pairs to avoid? This is where we come in, as we provide you with some essential buying advice for winter golf shoes, as well as list those that are the best of the best.

Our Best Winter Shoes in 2021

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Best Winter Golf Shoes 

Adidas Men's S2g Mid Cut Golf Shoes

Best Winter Golf Shoe Overall

Finding the best pair of winter golf shoes can be a little more difficult than finding a great pair of traditional golf shoes. The reason behind this is that winter golf shoes are a bit more rare. You won’t always be able to find winter golf shoes in your style or size because many people decide not to play winter golf at all.

However, the Adidas Men’s S2g Recycled Polyester Mid Cut Golf Shoes are the perfect solution for your next round of winter golf. The S2g is designed to protect you from wet weather. In addition, the waterproof features help you stay both warm and dry. 


The Adidas S2g has more of a wide fit, so you are more than fine to wear a thicker golf sock with it. In addition, the textile lining helps to ensure that heat will stay in as you make your way around the golf course.

Winter golf shoes can help extend the golf season considerably. If you care about getting lots of golf in this year, you may want to look into the S2g and how they could help make this happen. 

Oregon Mudders CM400

Best Winter Golf Shoe on a Budget

There are many golfers who don't like boots but prefer ankle free shoe designs. This can be a problem because there are not many great warm shoes like that.

With the release of the Oregon Mudders CM400, the folks at Oregon have really outdone themselves. The special accomplishment is to make a shoe so well-tailored towards winter, while not making it a boot.

Oregon Mudders release two versions of C400. The CM400N which has a turf nipple sole while the other one is the C400S with a spiked sole.


The CM400 feature a spike sole for great traction. This allows you to keep your feet planted on the ground and prevents you from slipping down an icy slope when tackling uphill lies. CM400 also keeps your feet nice and dry, thanks to being 100% waterproof. This makes the shoes a great option when playing in deep snow or otherwise wet conditions.

If anything can be considered a negative for the CM400, it is that they are kind of on the ugly side. Being kind of bulky, these may not be the best looking shoes available, but that does not take away in the least from the shoe's performance.

While it may not be for the fashion-savvy golfer, these shoes more than do the job they are intended for. If you want to keep your feet nice and comfortable without sacrificing your game, the CM400 is a great choice for you at a very reasonable price.

Skechers Torque Brogan

Winter Golf Shoe Upgrade Pick

Sketchers Torque Brogan is a boot style golf shoe. It is warm, comfortable, and lightweight. Cushioned with a RESAMAX technology insole, you can walk the entire 18 with no trouble wearing it for that long. To make it more comfortable moving around, you can adjust its tightness through its lace or the Velcro patch.

It has a relaxed fit design that gives enough room for wearing winter socks while keeping the toe and forefoot comfortable. The design gives enough room for wearing winter socks. It was made from leather with synthetic and mesh panels with rubber grip bottom plate.  


You can use this during mud or snowy season. It has soft replaceable spikes that will give you plenty of traction in this kind of weather and become grippy on the golf course. One more thing that we love about this shoe is it is waterproof. The H2GO shield offers waterproof protection for up to two years. You'll not be disappointed with its performance whether you want to use it to play golf or wear it every day during winter.

FootJoy Waterproof Golf Boots

Best Lightweight Winter Golf Shoe

FootJoy Men's Waterproof Golf Boots Golf Shoes in Black Size 10 M

When we unpacked the FootJoy Waterproof Golf Boots we couldn't believe how lightweight they were. At first, it made us a little skeptical how warm they could possibly be. But we quickly realized that warmth was also no issue here.

However, the one drawback that comes from the lightweight design is the lack of support. You will stay warm, dry, and you probably won's slip thanks to the great spikes. The chances of twisting an ankle are a little higher with these though compared to the Adidas shoe topping our list.


They are also waterproof and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Which should keep this stylish shoe looking good for a long time. That's right, it's durable as well.

All in all, we really liked wearing the FootJoy Waterproof Golf Boots with the one drawback of less support.

Oregon Mudders CM700

Warmest Winter Golf Shoe

Oregon Mudders CM700 Winter Golf Shoe

Our next product is another from Oregon Mudders named the Oregon Mudders CM700. While the CM700 does share a lot in common with the previous CM400 it is designed as a boot, which brings all the warmth of the CM400 above your ankle.

The CM700 has two versions — the CM700S, coming with a spiked sole, and the CM700N with a Turf Nipple Sole.

Thanks to the CM700 being a boot instead of a traditional shoe like the CM400, the CM700 comes equipped with additional ankle support. This, combined with rubber spikes on the soles, gives you traction while also making it easier to traverse uneven terrain.


One issue that does seem to come up from time to time is that the spikes on the shoes have an issue with coming loose. While all the spikes on the CM700 are replaceable, if you aren't careful when using the shoes, the spikes can come to loose which may cause you to lose them in the mud or in snowbanks.

That one minor caveat aside, you can't take away from extreme warmth and the support that the Oregon Mudders CM700 provide, making them a good choice for golfing on the toughest of winter terrains.

Puma Golf Men's Ignite Proadapt Golf Shoe

Best Performance Winter Golf Shoes


The Puma Golf Men’s Ignite Proadapt Golf Shoe is not necessarily just a winter golf shoe, but it is built for a great time in the winter weather. The shoe is 100% leather, which will help keep the foot warm and dry throughout your round of winter golf.

Puma makes some excellent performance golf shoes, and they come with an adaptive fit system to ensure that they will be an excellent long-term solution for your foot. The ability to adjust the fit of a golf shoe means that you will feel more comfortable and potentially even warmer in the winter weather.


The biggest thing to keep in mind about winter golf is the fact that you tend to stay protected from the elements. The Puma Golf Men’s Ignite ProAdapt will adapt to any weather condition that comes your way and ensure that your next winter round of golf is comfortable and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are The Benefits Of Winter Golf Shoes?

When looking to buy a pair of winter golf shoes, you will want to make sure that certain essentials are covered.

Does the shoe in question keep your feet from getting frostbitten? Do they provide strong footing, even on icy and slippery conditions? Will you be the envy of your friends thanks to your shoe's stylish design?

These are a few of the questions you will want to ask yourself before making a purchase, as these factors (or at least the first two mentioned) are what make these types of shoes perfect for winter golfing.

What’s Actually Different About Winter Golf Shoes?

Winter golf shoes tend to be much thicker than normal, run of the mill golf shoes. This is to help keep your feet warm, as well as dry so that you will be able to play a round of winter golf in comfort.

Winter golf shoes also tend to have larger spikes on the soles than normal shoes. These spikes will help you to dig into the ground, which will help to keep your footing in slippery conditions.

These spikes also help you to keep traction on snowy and icy courses. This can prevent dangerous slipping, which can also lead to injuries and unwanted hospital visits.

There are also winter golf socks, which feature insulating technology to keep you warm, and to keep your feet dry – meaning no more changing out of soggy socks!

Are Winter Golf Shoes Worth It?

If you live in an area with cooler winters, a pair of winter golf shoes is well worth it. Having a pair of winter golf shoes means that you can extend your golf season and potentially become a much better player. 

Playing even just a few rounds of golf in the winter will keep your swing consistent and make the transition back into the golf season considerably easier. If you are able to just slightly increase the amount of time spent on the course, it will be well worth it. 

Winter hats, winter gloves, winter shoes, and hand warmers are the perfect accessories to keep you playing all year round.

What Temperatures Are Winter Golf Shoes Necessary For?

Golfers often find that when temperatures drop below that 50 mark, it can get a bit uncomfortable on the golf course. Having a winter shoe will ensure that your foot is comfortable and warm. In addition, your entire body will often stay warmer if your feet are dry and your head is warm as well.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

  1. Material and Sole
  2. Type of Shoe (Boot or Ankle Free)
  3. How often you Play
  4. Price

Material and Sole

The first thing you may want to look for when deciding on a winter golf shoe is the sole of the shoes. As with any type of shoe, the sole is what will take most of the wear and tear as you move, as well as being the part of the shoe responsible for keeping you on the ground.

For example, many golfers prefer a shoe with a classic sole, which incorporates cleat-like spikes into the overall design. This is mainly because they allow for a much greater grip of the playing surface, creating steadier swings.

However, more modern golf shoes feature a rubber, “spike-less” sole, similar to AstroTurf boots used for football. These will help a golfer maintain its footing without the need for spikes, which may be cumbersome to a few golfers.

Aside from the sole, the material of which the shoe itself is made also should be taken into consideration. From more traditional materials such as polyester, to thicker, and heavier, Gore-Tex material, these materials each have their own benefits to tackle the winter, and it falls to the individual golfer to decipher which material is better for their needs.


Gore-Tex is much thicker than all of the other materials, which is why most winter golf shoes are manufactured from it. It allows for great insulation, along with a reasonable amount of sturdiness. Although it is thick, it allows for a good amount of airflow, meaning your feet won’t get too stuffy. It is also incredibly warm, which is why you should never use a pair of gore-tex shoes in summer. Another great positive is that gore-tex is fully waterproof.


Polyester is mainly used for summer wear. However, it is also a key material used for winter golf shoes, mainly for the lining – as it is extremely lightweight, and protects the shoes. The downside though, is that it isn't as durable as gore-tex.

Type of Shoe (Boot or Ankle Free)

Such as the case with any sort of footwear, winter golf shoes come in different shapes and sizes to suit these golfers needs.


Styled as a normal shoe, this is the classic golf shoe design. However, this doesn't provide anywhere near as much ankle support as a pair of golf boots. They are truly versatile, often offering a good amount of traction, and are also breathable.

While it may be tempting to buy a more traditional golf shoe for winter, as they have better breathability and are lighter, they are not well suited to tackle the elements or keep your feet warm and dry.

For this, players who want to golf in winter may want to look for something more boot-like in design. While these shoes are heavier, they are also better insulated to withstand moisture and keep you warm in the winter. Not only that, but these boots also usually have thicker rubber treads on the sole, which will help to prevent slipping.


These are favored by many golfers during the colder months, however, many golfers also testify to hating them. It’s similar to Marmite, you either love it or hate it, there is no in-between. (When I first tasted Marmite on my travel to the UK I quickly learned that I'm in camp NO Marmite. I understand why it's not so big in the US. Sorry to my British brothers and sisters!)

They offer a great amount of ankle support, which is useful during the dreary winter months. They are also extremely warm to wear, and many are fully waterproof – making them the best style for winter golfing from our experience.


Definitely not recommended for winter. They are extremely breezy and great for summer, but you will get frostbite if you try to use them in winter.

How Often You Play

Winter golfing is not for everyone, especially if getting out in the cold temperatures does not sound appealing to you. So it may not need to be said that if you hate the cold, you may not need to buy yourself a pair of these shoes.

With that in mind, you may want to consider how often you play during the winter as well. If you only find yourself playing one or two rounds of golf each winter, then you may not need to invest in a pair of these golf shoes, as a sturdy pair of waterproof shoes may serve your needs for the short term.


It may seem like a no brainer, but the price of the golf shoe you are trying to buy should be taken into consideration. In this economy, many people are on tight budgets, so you will want to buy a pair of shoes that won't break the bank.

That said, you also don't want to risk quality in construction for the sake of a great price, as you don't want to find yourself on the tenth hole only to find the sole of your shoe falling apart. For that reason, you will want to try to find a pair of shoes that are the perfect balance between cost and quality.


Adidas Men's S2g Mid Cut Golf ShoesBest Winter Golf Shoe OverallAdidas Men's S2g Mid Cut Golf Shoes
Oregon Mudders CM400Best Winter Golf Shoe on a BudgetOregon Mudders CM400
Skechers Torque BroganWinter Golf Shoe Upgrade PickSkechers Torque Brogan
FootJoy Waterproof Golf BootsBest Lightweight Winter Golf ShoeFootJoy Men's Waterproof Golf Boots Golf Shoes in Black Size 10 M
Oregon Mudders CM700Warmest Winter Golf ShoeOregon Mudders CM700 Winter Golf Shoe
Puma Golf Men's Ignite Proadapt Golf ShoeBest Performance Winter Golf ShoesPuma Golf Men's Ignite Proadapt Golf Shoe

We hope that you now have a better understanding of the importance of a winter golf shoe and how it can help your golf game. The Adidas Men’s S2G is the best overall winter golf shoe for golfers in 2021. With this mid-cut design, you are going to have plenty of warmth all the way into your ankle. It is a shoe that will start helping you in the late fall, and the waterproof features and functionality will last into the spring. You will find that the overall performance is something that is tough to match. With limited winter golf shoe choices on the market, the Adidas Men’s S2G is a great option to have.

Adidas Men's S2g Mid Cut Golf ShoesBest Winter Golf Shoe OverallAdidas Men's S2g Mid Cut Golf Shoes
Oregon Mudders CM400Best Winter Golf Shoe on a BudgetOregon Mudders CM400
Skechers Torque BroganWinter Golf Shoe Upgrade PickSkechers Torque Brogan
FootJoy Waterproof Golf BootsBest Lightweight Winter Golf ShoeFootJoy Men's Waterproof Golf Boots Golf Shoes in Black Size 10 M
Oregon Mudders CM700Warmest Winter Golf ShoeOregon Mudders CM700 Winter Golf Shoe
Puma Golf Men's Ignite Proadapt Golf ShoeBest Performance Winter Golf ShoesPuma Golf Men's Ignite Proadapt Golf Shoe
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