Playing Golf with a Caddie: The Do’s and Dont’s

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A caddie is a person to some extent trained to assist golf players with whom they are caddying in attempts to enhance their experience. The most basic tasks of caddying involve handing over clubs to golfers for when they request for them, as well as carrying the golf bags for those that they are caddying.

Other than the above mentioned, further duties such as the replacements of divots, analyzing the yardages in-between the ball and the green patch as well as tending to the pins for the golfers, can also be availed.

More experienced caddies are also permitted as per the golfer they are caddying, to pass remarks and comments in the form of advice regarding the topography of the course.

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Playing with a Caddie

Regardless of whether you are an experienced caddie, aspiring to be one or want to take it up as a part-time profession for earning some extra cash, it is essential to follow a set of rules, otherwise known as caddie etiquettes for guaranteeing an enjoyable experience. Some of which can be found below.

Choose Your Standing Position Strategically

All caddies must always maintain cognizant of where they choose to stand to primarily ensure that their placement does not come in-between any imaginary or potential shots that golfers may want to make from the ball into the holes.

Secondary, placement should also strategically be selected by caddies to allow for them for staying entirely still for prolonged periods while the shot is about to be made by golfers. Only by waiting entirely still can absolute silence be maintained by caddies to help enhance the level of concentration being utilized by golfers.

Lastly, consideration must also be given to not only those that one may be caddying but also others around the course playing otherwise there is always high chances of getting hit by a golf ball at some point or the other.

Beware of Wildlife

Being a caddie is not for the faint-hearted specifically for those that are afraid of animals. Golf-courses may seem like relatively a peaceful place, but one must at all times be prepared to deal with animal encounters of all kinds.

From animals such as continually pesky geese, relatively dangerous coyotes, venomous snakes to even alligators, golf courses have seen it all depending on their geographical location. 

Always Have the Clubs Ready

As mentioned above, one of the primary duties of a caddy involves not only carrying but also fully handling the clubs of a golfer. When presenting the clubs to the golfer, a caddie must do it in a fashion to allow natural selection as well as accessibility.

The most commonly advised positioning involves the bottom golf bag being placed onto the ground while the top is kept leaning away from the body at the height of a caddie’s waist.

Keeping the clubs thoroughly clean is also from among the primary tasks; therefore, carrying a separate towel to wipe the clubs clean after each shot and even the ball, is an essential. For courses which already consist of the hand-operated ball and club cleaners near the holes, utilizing the towel can be skipped.

Stay Focused

Keeping an eye on the ball is also among the critical most tasks to be carried out by a caddie during a golf match. Alongside the golfers themselves, caddies should always be aware of where the golf ball is landing after a shot so that they can lead golfers to the location of their shot if they fail to track it themselves.

Keeping the Sunblock Fully Stocked

For those that opt to caddie on a regular basis, standing in the sun for 4+ hours become a part of the daily routine. Even on a relatively cloudy day, prolonged UV exposure can lead to cases of sunburns.

Since the harmful rays of the sun are almost unavoidable, it is best to always have a sufficient layer of sunblock between the sun rays and one’s skin.

Maintaining the Golf Course

Chunks of grass from the ground are bound to fly off to short distances when the club hits both the ball as well as the land below with significant impact. It is the duty of a caddie always to be aware of such divots created by golfers, as well as place the chunks back to their initial positioning.

Staying Informed with the Expected Weather

Staying entirely up to date with the weather even if a caddie does not have a set schedule for their hours of working, weekly forecasts can help provide a general idea of the expected weather. This way, a caddie can fully prepare by giving adequate consideration to their attire so that it suits the climate efficiently.

Should Effectively Be Able to Tend the Pin

There are times when caddies also need to take up the task of tending to pins which create disturbances within the view of golfers between the ball and the pre-set hole.

Being Aware of All the Rules of Golf

The essential, as well as the minor rules of playing golf, must always be at the very tip of each caddie’s fingers to help avoid players from surpassing any game rules or being subject to penalties. Evaluating the selected course in advance enhances the ability of a caddy to provide precise information to golfers with helping in reading the putts.

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There is a lot that goes behind the scenes of efficiently carrying out the job of being a good caddie; the aspects mentioned above are just a few out of the many components one must incorporate if they wish to attract more loyal and satisfied golfers as their customers in the course.

These tips and tricks above can help to keep you from a fate similar to mine, helping to give you the tools you need to get your chip shot down. Now it is time to apply this advice to your golf game and start your journey to a better chip shot, so get out there and practice!

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

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