GX7 Driver Honest Review (Who is this Club Made For?)

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Today's blog post is going to explore the Gx7 Driver Review on the market today, providing you with our top picks, the most important criteria for you to make the right choice, and your frequently asked questions (FAQ) answered. Thanks for reading!

Gx7 Driver
Best for Distance and Accuracy

A versatile golf club that is shorter in length and is available in numerous variants, and suitable for almost everyone.

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A driver is your best friend if you want to make the ball travel towards the hole. It will allow you to cover a fair distance in a single shot. Simultaneously, you will not lose a lot of energy since it helps you hit the ball further without attaining height.

There are too many drivers available. Since it is a club which you need to rely on, you cannot experiment with it. You have to get it right in the very first attempt.

We will help you out with the learning more about the GX7 driver and whether or not it could be a fit for your game. . We will share with you our GX7 Driver Review. Once you check our review, it will be easy to decide whether this club is worth buying or not.


  • Low center of gravity
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Numerous variants available
  • Maximum energy transfer
  • Legally compliant
  • Low spin
  • Large sweet spot
  • Includes accessories
  • High forgiveness
  • Extremely versatile
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • The quality of the headcover can be better.

Key Features of GX7 Driver

Firstly, we will look at the features of this driver. Once you take a look at the features, it is easy to understand whether this club is for you or not. The features also help you know how it fares against other similar clubs.

1. Multiple Variants

These days, many drivers, as well as clubs, come with numerous variants available. The GX7 is no different. The purpose of numerous variants is to help you choose the one which you prefer exactly.

You get to choose between the different variants. You can pick the left-hand variant or the right-hand variant according to your requirement.

When it comes to the Flex, you can choose between regular, senior, and stiff. There is another variant available for ladies. The ladies flex also comes a bit shorter as well. 

If you have a fast swing speed, you are going to want to go with the stiff shaft GX7. As you can see, you can buy this club according to your preferences. You will not be required to modify your game to use the club. The accuracy is also high due to numerous variants.

2. Easy To Swing

When you compare this club with any other, you will realize that it is shorter in length. That, however, is not negative.

When you couple the short length with the smaller clubhead, you will realize that it is easy to swing. It has a leading-edge, which mimics an iron. Once again, such a club ensures that swinging the club is going to be easier than ever. This is perfect for those that struggle with hitting the large 460cc drivers.

The easy to swing design means that you will not have to worry about mishits either.

3. Helps You Make The Ball Travel A Greater Distance

One of the primary purposes of using a driver is to make the ball travel a greater distance. The good news is that this driver can indeed help you with that. There are numerous features due to which it can help you achieve the same.

The first one is the stainless steel face. The stainless steel face means that the transfer of energy is excellent. Moreover, the custom shaft also helps you attain a higher distance. The launch angle is optimum, as well. You can easily control the golf ball.

In a nutshell, every design feature of the club is such that it will help you make the ball travel a greater distance. it does so without compromising on accuracy. That is one of the primary advantages of this club.

4. Legally Complaint

You might be wondering, is this club legally compliant?

The answer is yes. It complies with all the requirements. Consequently, you cannot just practice with this driver, but you can also play in the tournaments.

When you're using the same club for both purposes, it will become easy for you to improve the shots in your game.

Moreover, this club's ability to make the ball travel a greater distance also helps in this regard. You have an advantage over the competition while using this club. The legally compliant design is one of the main reasons you should buy this club instead of any other.

5. 14° Loft

The loft angle of this club is 14°. You might be thinking, is it a bit high for a driver? 

The higher launch angle of 14 degree ensures that you can make the ball travel a greater distance in the air. The more time the ball spends in the air, the further it goes. If you have a very high swing speed, the 14 degrees of loft may be a bit too much. 

Simultaneously, it can offer you a longer carry. The longer carry allows you to reach the hole in no time. Both these features can come to your rescue on the golf course.

6. 267, CC Clubhead

Usually, when you're looking at any other driver, it might have a clubhead of 460 CC. You might think that a bigger clubhead is a good idea. However, that is not always the case. Accuracy is far better than clubs with smaller heads.

Firstly, a more oversized clubhead is heavy. Moreover, the bigger clubhead does not mean that the sweet spot is bigger. It means that you will have to become more accurate to use the club. Accuracy is not the forte of all golf players.

You can avoid all of these problems by going with this club. The first advantage is that it has a 267 CC clubhead.

The clubhead is such that it makes the club quite versatile. Shot-making is easy with this club.

Not only that, the sweet spot covers a large area of the clubhead. In a nutshell, you will not need the same amount of accuracy.

When you're using the club, it can take you some time to get used to the sweet spot. That will not happen with this one.

The fact that most of the clubhead is the sweet spot, the learning curve is minimal. You can hit the ball straight away with excellent accuracy.

Thus, the smaller clubhead of this club is another reason why you should go for it.

7. Graphite Shaft

The shaft of the club is of graphite material. The graphite shaft is lightweight and should be the only type of shaft that players use in a driver or long distance club. It is a bit too difficult to get the necessary speed with a steel shafted driver shaft.

8. Low Center For Gravity

The center of gravity of this club is on the lower side. The advantage of the same is that it reduces the spin. Moreover, it allows you to hit the ball more accurately as well.

Consequently, the club helps you cover a longer distance.

Since the center of gravity is low, you can hit the sweet spot more easily. That will help you cover a greater distance.

Thus, the low center of gravity is a feature of this drive you cannot ignore.

9. Includes A Headcover

Want to protect your club when not using it?

If so, you get a headcover along with it. The headcover certainly makes it easy for you to use the club for a longer period. It will be insulated from the weather when not in use.

When you're moving it on the golf course, the headcover will come in handy until you start using the club.

It is a useful accessory to have. The inclusion of this accessory certainly is an advantage of this club.

10. Bigger Sweet Spot

The clubhead is 267 CC. However, in that, the sweet spot occupies a significant area. The advantage of the same is that you will not have to worry about the mis hits. Even if you're less accurate, you're likely to hit the sweet spot. It is the primary reason why it is suitable for amateurs.

Once you start using Gx 7, you can be sure that the learning curve will be short.

Other drivers do not offer such a lot of features. When you go through other club reviews, you will find that the sweetspot is difficult to make contact with.

Before you decide, it is a good idea to look through some of the other aspects of Gx 7. Once you take those into account, it will become straightforward for you to choose the right driver.

Our GX7 Driver Review

Let us now discuss more the construction, forgiveness, and other such aspects of gx7. Without taking these aspects into account, it becomes tough for you to choose the  Gx7 over others.


As we stated above, this one is short as compared to other drivers. Design is the strong point of Gx7.

The shorter length means that you can swing Gx7 easily. Not only that, you can swing Gx with full force. You can also release the golf club much easier, and that will help to eliminate a potential slice. 

Also, the 14° loft means that you can get the appropriate launch angle. Once you get the angle right, making the ball travel a greater distance is undoubtedly possible.

In case you're wondering about the exact length, that is 43 inches.

The low center of gravity is another reason why you should go for it.

All these design factors ensure that you can hit the ball a fair distance, even at swing speeds of less than 100 miles per hour. You will not have to worry about spin either, even at such low swing speeds. The ability to hit the ball at a lower swing speed provides it an edge.

The design features are such that you will have no complaints at all.

Construction quality

If you want to judge gx7's construction quality, you have to look at the clubhead and the shaft's construction. Only when you look at the construction of both these parts you can go ahead and make your buying decision.

Firstly, GX7 consists of a stainless steel clubhead. The stainless steel clubhead means that maximum energy transfer takes place. The stainless steel material can handle any weather. Due to the same, you can use GX7 around the year.

Moreover, when you look at the shaft, GX7 consists of graphite. The graphite shaft is lightweight. Similar to stainless steel, the graphite material does not undergo wear and tear either. It can handle any weather as well.

Whichever part of GX7 you look at, you will realize that you will not have a problem construction-wise. It is one of the sturdiest drivers you can opt for.


The short length of 43 inches certainly helps it stand out. Besides that, the iron-like leading-edge makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Apart from that, the stainless steel construction and the graphite material ensure that you will have no complaints in terms of aesthetics.

The iron edge certainly makes it a good choice if you're looking for something unique.


When you're buying a driver or any other club, it is essential to choose one with high forgiveness. Higher forgiveness helps beginners as well. Higher forgiveness also imparts higher accuracy to the club.

In the case of Gx7, the clubhead is 267 cc. The advantage of the same is that the clubhead is comparatively smaller. Most of the clubhead is covered by the sweet spot. Due to the same, forgiveness is excellent.

Even if you mis hit the ball, you're likely to hit it with the sweet spot. That ensures high accuracy. The result is that the ball will travel a greater distance. The lack of spin ensures that you can make the ball travel in the direction which you want.

All these features certainly increase the forgiveness of the GX7 golf club and provide you with high distance coverage.

Overall Performance

Versatility is one major reason why you should buy a Gx7 golf club. The iron edge, the shorter length, and the numerous variants available make it suitable for almost everyone.

Also, the maximum energy transfer and the low center of gravity mean that the Gx7 golf club's overall performance is excellent.

Additionally, when you're analyzing the Gx7 golf club, you will realize that it is wear and tear-resistant. Once you buy it, there is no need to look for anything else.

The main reason why GX7 has become so famous is because of its high score in every criterion. It is tough to find a problem with the GX7 golf club.

Still have questions regarding the gx7 golf club?

Worry not!

We will help you understand for whom the GX7 golf club is suitable.

Is the GX7 Driver Suitable for you?

As we have stated above, the driver is as versatile as it can get. It is suitable for almost everyone. 

For beginners, the large spot and forgiveness are primary reasons to go for it. Coupled with that, the shorter length, and it becomes easier for the beginners to use gx7 golf club. The numerous variants of gx7 golf club also come to the rescue of the beginners. In a nutshell, the shorter learning curve is one of the primary reasons it is suitable for beginners.

For intermediate players, the lack of spin and the ability to direct the ball even in case of a mis hit makes the GX7 golf club perfect for them. Couple that with the sturdy construction, and you have a winner.

Low handicap players are going to struggle with the GX7. Although they will be able to hit the ball, it is not the best choice long term; it doesn’t have the same feel or scoring as the more premium golf clubs would have. 

We will now answer some FAQs revolving around these drivers. After going through FAQ answers, it will be easy to make your buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is The Golf Driver Gx7 Golf Club Any Good?

The driver can undoubtedly make your life easier on the golf course. Its ability to help you direct the ball in the right direction, coupled with heavy-duty construction, certainly helps GX7 stand out.

Is Gx7 Golf Club Legal?

Yes, gx7 is entirely legal. The 267 CC clubhead complies with all the requirements of legal drivers.

How Do You Hit The Gx7 Driver?

The best thing about the GX7 golf club is that it is versatile. You need to bend over it all the way. Additionally, you can use the angle of attack with which you are comfortable. The loft of 14° ensures that getting the ideal launch angle is going to be easy. The ease of use is one of the main reasons why you can use the GX7.

Why Does Gx7 Golf Club Have A Stainless Steelhead?

The driver has a stainless steel head for maximum energy transfer. Stainless steel material can handle any impact. Due to all of these reasons, the head is of stainless steel material.

How Can You Increase The Lifespan Of 7 X?

The best way to increase the life span of the driver is to cover it with the headcover when you're not using it. The head is the part of the driver, which undergoes maximum impact. If you're storing gx 7 in perfect condition, you can insulate gx 7 from the weather. The graphite shaft, on the other hand, can handle any weather. By following this simple tip, you can certainly increase the lifespan of the GX7. 


Not all of these large club head, high performing 460cc drivers are the best choice for all golfers. The golf club you choose has to fit the strengths and weaknesses of your particular game. If you are a higher handicap or mid handicap player that struggles with the ability to use a driver off the tee, don’t use one! Go with something like the GX7 that helps you feel like you are hitting a controlled iron shot off the tee. You get plenty of distance and much more accuracy. 

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