Callaway Apex 19 Irons Review

Callaway Apex 19

The Callaway Apex 19 irons are as versatile as it can get. Moreover, with the help of numerous variants, you can pick the precise variant that you prefer. The fact that they allow you to hit the ball longer and to a higher height and even spin the ball makes them a great choice.

A golf iron is your best friend on the golf course. It allows you to reach the hole with the minimum number of shots possible. However, the performance of a golf iron can vary depending on its construction and design. When buying a golf iron, you have to be pretty careful to choose the best one.

So, to ease the process for you to buy the best golf iron, we will share our review of such an iron with you. We are speaking about Callaway Apex irons. Our Callaway Apex irons 19 review will highlight every aspect of this iron. Also, we will go into the details of the features to provide you with a holistic view. We will also give our verdict at the end so that it becomes easy to decide whether you should go ahead with Callaway Apex 19 or not.

Let us first start with the pros and cons to provide you with a brief Callaway 19 irons review.


  • Numerous variants available
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Allows you to spin the ball
  • Facilitates greater ball traveling distance
  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Highly versatile
  • Great aesthetics
  • Packaging can be better

Key features of Callaway Apex 19 irons

Now that you are well-aware of the pros and cons, let us look at the salient features Callaway Apex 19  irons.

1. Numerous variants available

Only when you're comfortable with the golf iron, can you use it effectively. For that, you should choose the right variant. Fortunately, Callaway Apex 19 provides you with quite a few variants.

Firstly, it provides you with both hand orientation variants. You can choose the right-handed or the left-handed variant. Once you select the preferred variant, you will not face any issues with the grip.

There are variants in the shaft material as well. You can go with the Callaway irons Apex consisting of a steel shaft or one with graphite shaft. Both of these are available. While both these materials are quite durable but if you simply want to go with the sturdiest option, you can go with the graphite one.

The flexibility decides the amount of vibration sound and feel that reaches you. Some golfers prefer to feel the vibration. It lets them know whether they have hit the ball correctly or not. Some golfers do not want to experience the sound of vibrations.

Fortunately, Callaway Apex 19 irons provides you with three variants when it comes to flexibility. The first one is the regular variant. You will get a normal sound and feel of vibrations in it. The 2nd one is the stiff variant. That is the variant you should go with if you do not want to feel much vibration.

If you are a golfer who prefers to feel more vibrations and sound, you can go with the lighter one. The lighter one also reduces the amount of effort that you will have to put into the shot.

When it comes to flexibility, you have three different options.

Apart from this, there are various configurations available as well.

The one which we will review today below is the right-handed steel regular Apex club. Now that you are familiar with the variants available let us look at the other features.

2. Carbon Steel construction

The exact material in use is 1025 mild carbon steel material. The USP of this material is that it has a soft feel. Despite the sturdiness, it is comparatively lightweight as well. It means that you can use it on the golf course throughout the day. You will not have to worry about tiredness or hand fatigue. The heavy-duty construction facilitates long-term use. Once you buy it, it will not undergo much wear and tear for a long time.

The carbon steel construction also helps you in using it around the year. Irrespective of the weather outdoors, you can use this Apex iron easily. There are very few other irons having soft feel carbon steel construction. Consequently, carbon steel construction is one of the main highlights of this iron.

3. Easy to hit precision shots

The design of the Apex iron is such that you can locate the center of gravity quite quickly. Additionally, it is easier to know the sweet spot of the iron. Hitting the ball on the sweet spot ensures that you can control the ball flight easily. Moreover, you can make it travel a considerable distance as well.

The easy to locate the center of gravity also improves your golf skills. You can reach the hole with a lesser number of shots. Many other golf irons have a significant learning curve. However, this one does not, due to the easy to locate the center of gravity.

This feature makes it suitable for beginners, intermediates, as well as professional players. Anyone can use this golf Apex iron easily. The easy to locate CG facilitates precise shorts. That is why; Apex 19 irons have become so popular.

4. Tungsten Infused design

Apart from carbon steel, there is another material used in the manufacturing of this iron. It is equally durable as well. We are speaking about tungsten.

The tungsten infused design means that the sturdiness of this golf iron is even higher. The tungsten design also ensures that it is much more stable as well. Apart from this, tungsten can handle any weather condition. Due to this reason, using it in a drizzle is going to be comfortable as well.

Another advantage of tungsten is that it provides an aesthetically pleasing look as well.

Tungsten is not the only additional material used in the manufacturing of this iron. Callaway 19 irons also incorporate urethane microspheres into the iron. The urethane microspheres are more than 1 million in number. They consist of air pockets that work to absorb unwanted vibration feel. Also, they do not slow down the face either. Consequently, they help you in hitting the ball at a greater distance.

When you look at the construction of this iron, you will realize that all the materials are carefully chosen. The aim is to provide you with excellent control and increase the lifespan of this iron. In this regard, it scores over many others.

5. Flexible Rim

Ultimately, it is the face of the Apex iron that comes in contact with the ball. The design of the face and associated parts matter a lot. Only when they are flexible, can you use the iron.

Fortunately, this Apex iron consists of a 360° face cup. Additionally, it consists of a flexible and shallow rim. The rim is around the face perimeter. The rim can flex and can come into its original position after the shot. This action of flexing, as well as releasing, can increase the ball speed significantly. Since the rim is around the perimeter, it can help you with aggressive shots.

The advantage of this rim is that even when you're hitting the ball off the center, it can travel a greater distance. When you're hitting it with the sweet spot of the forged iron, consistent distance and desired ball flight can be achieved. The flexible rim certainly reduces the learning curve associated with this golf iron. It also helps you reach the hole faster, even if you misplace the short.

How cool is that?

The face cup, along with the flexible rim, certainly helps this golf Apex iron club stand out.

6. Spin control on offer

The face cup has another advantage. Are you one of the pros using ball spin to their advantage?

If yes, you will be happy to know that the face provides excellent spin control. Hence, you can opt for aggressive shots as well. It can help you outsmart the competition. The excellent distance and spin control mean that once you practice a bit with this iron, you can use it easily. Also, you can play precisely using this iron.

Thus, even if you're looking for an iron that allows you to spin the ball, this one meets that requirement.

7. Perfect for long-distance shots

The numerous features as highlighted in our Apex 19 irons review make it perfect for long-distance shots. These features include:

Easy to spot CG

With the help of easy CG spotting, you can be sure that hitting the ball at the sweet spot is undoubtedly possible. Once you do so, it can travel a greater distance.

Urethane microspheres

Urethane microspheres allow you to swing the irons Callaway Apex at a higher speed. The Urethane microspheres do not let the golf club slow down. When you hit the ball at a higher speed, of course, it will travel a greater distance since ball speed will be high as well.

Flexible Rim

The flex rim can contract and expand. Due to this reason, even a misplaced shot forces the ball to travel a greater distance.

These three features make it perfect for long-distance shots. Combine with the precision which irons Callaway Apex has on offer, and you have a winner.

8. Great aesthetics

With the tungsten and carbon steel construction, you need not worry about aesthetics. Additionally, it consists of a platinum chrome finish as well. In a nutshell, when it comes to aesthetics, you have nothing to worry about.

With features like these, it becomes difficult to ignore Callaway Apex 19 irons in favor of any other. I will now highlight the various aspects of this iron to provide you with a clear view.

Our Callaway Apex irons Review

With features out of the way, let us look at the different aspects to understand more about it.


The feature that you will notice about this Apex iron design is the face cup. Apart from that, the platinum chrome finish does not disappoint either. The cup shape of the face ensures that it is aesthetically pleasing and quite efficient as well.

Moreover, the sleek design allows you to handle it with ease. Whichever design feature you look at, it certainly stands out.

Construction quality

The construction of this golf iron is such that whichever material is in use, it offers an additional feature. For example, whether you choose the carbon steel one or the graphite one, the durability is excellent.

The tungsten infused design further strengthens the iron. When you speak about the urethane microspheres, they have tiny air bubbles inside them. The tiny air bubbles minimize the feel and sound of vibrations.

The material combination not only enhances the sturdiness but also makes it more efficient. In a nutshell, Callaway has put a lot of thought into the construction materials of this golf iron.


As we have highlighted above in the features, you will have no complaints regarding the aesthetics of this iron. It is because, along with a sleek design, there is platinum chrome finish as well.

Not only that, but the chrome finish also protects the iron in any weather. It is long-lasting in design. You need not worry about the aesthetics wearing off. Thus, it offers the perfect combination of great aesthetics and high durability.


The forgiveness of this iron is excellent. It is primarily due to the Flex around the face perimeter. Off-placed shots can also make the ball travel a longer distance. This feature is missing in many other Irons.

Overall Performance

This iron's versatility is such that you can use it for long-distance shots, achieving excellent ball height, and spinning the ball.

What more could you ask for?

The versatility of Apex 19 irons is the reason why you should go for it. The control which it provides ensures that you will have no worries about its performance.

Whichever way you consider, the combination of features and distinct specifications which this iron has on offer certainly helps it stand out.

Without taking a look at the competition, choosing irons Callaway Apex will be a mistake. We will compare it with its competitors below.

How does the Callaway Apex pro irons stand out in comparison with the competition?

Essentially, the Callaway Golf 19 Apex Irons Set has two close competitors. We will highlight its comparison with both of them below.

Callaway Rogue Irons 2018

As the name itself suggests, these are launched in 2018. The problem with them is they just focus on one thing. It is to help the ball travel a greater distance. Apart from that, they might not help you achieve a lot of spins. On the other hand, the Irons we are speaking about in this article allow you to spin the ball, help it travel a greater distance, and be lightweight and forgiving. In a nutshell, Callaway Golf 19 Apex Irons provide you with the complete package.

Taylormade M6

TaylorMade M6 has been designed only to offer you forgiveness. If you're just starting, that might help you. However, the downside is that it does not offer the same capability to hit long-distance shots. It does not offer anything for spinning the ball, either. Moreover, it is comparatively heavier. You will not get the same sleek design.

On the other hand, Callaway Apex irons offer you not only forgiveness but also sleek design. It is quite lightweight despite the sturdy construction. The irons Callaway Apex also help you hit the ball a greater distance. They allow you to achieve a required ball flight as well. The high-quality material combination means that they are certainly better than the competitor.

When you look at its closest competitors, then too you will realize that Callaway Apex pro irons stand out. Thus, when you're going with irons Callaway Apex, you can be sure that you're going with the best.

For whom are Callaway Apex irons suitable?

The beauty of Callaway Apex irons is that they are suitable for almost everyone. When you're just starting, excellent forgiveness allows you to improve your golf skills quickly. The Flex ensures that even misplaced shots make the ball travel a greater distance. In that case, you can reach the hole faster.

For intermediate level players, it offers long-distance shots. With the help of excellent travel distance, such players can easily reach the hole. Not only that, but the highly durable design also ensures that the players can use Callaway forged iron day in and day out.

It has a lot on offer for pro-level players as well. Firstly, it allows them to control the spin of the ball. The 360° face design means that they can use the club head quite easily. The more they play with the iron, the more features they will discover. The long-distance shot-making capability and the spin control provide them with a weapon in their arsenal. They can undoubtedly outsmart the competition using these Apex 19 irons.

As you can see, it has something for everyone. It is one of the reasons why these Callaway 19 irons have become so famous.

We will now answer some FAQs related to these Callaway 19 irons to help you know more about them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Callaway Apex irons forgiving?

Yes, Callaway Apex irons offer excellent forgiveness. It is only possible due to the flexible rim around the face perimeter.

Are Callaway Apex irons game improvement?

Callaway Apex irons certainly help you improve your game. It is because as you use the irons Callaway Apex more, you will realize how to spin the ball and hit a greater distance. The large offset ensures that you can hit the ball accurately as well.


The Callaway Apex irons are as versatile as it can get. Moreover, with the help of numerous variants, you can pick the precise variant that you prefer. The fact that they allow you to hit the ball longer and to a higher height and even spin the ball makes them a great choice. Combine this with the sleek and the durable construction of this iron, and it is easy to understand why it has gained immense popularity in a relatively short time. I recommend you go with this iron if you're looking for an efficient and durable iron.