5 Best Heavy Putters to Buy Today [Ranked and Reviewed]

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Did you know that buying a heavier putter can actually improve your stroke and allow you to golf better? In this guide we will be going over the best heavy putters on the market right now. 

The new golf season is in full swing and your putter is arguably the most important club you have in your bag. We want you to feel confident in your putter of choice so that you can knock down putts from all over the green.

We will go over:

  • Five of the best heavy putters available in 2022
  • Pros and cons of each putter
  • Benefits of using a heavy putter vs light putter

If you have any questions about heavy putters or have used any of the five we go over, let us know down below in the comments!

The Best Heavy Putters to Buy Today

The Best Heavy Putters

Below is a more detailed description of the best heavy putters available today.

Odyssey Toulon Design Las Vegas H4.5 Putter

Best Overall Heavy Putter

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Key Features

  • The grooves are designed so that you get a consistent roll every single time
  • Beautiful sleek black finish on the head of the putter
  • Weight distribution between the head and grip keeps balance and tempo even throughout your putting stroke
  • Has a two-weight adjustable system that moves the weight forward, towards the heel and toe

Key Drawbacks

  • The price tag may be a turn off for most amateur golfers who do not want to spend $400 on a putter


The Odyssey Toulon Series is one of the most popular putters used on the PGA Tour and this year’s design is no different. The Las Vegas design looks much like the popular Odyssey White Hot #7 putter with the fang like mallet head. It has a sleek black finish, with a simple white alignment aid. 

I found that the ball rolls perfectly on the green every single time while testing out the Toulon. This putter also comes with an adjustable weight system with one weight each in the heel and toe. This provides even weight distribution throughout your entire putting stroke. 

In terms of the pricing, the Toulon isn’t the most expensive putter on the market but it also isn’t cheap. In this case though with the quality that Odyssey puts out, you get what you pay for. For a heavy putter, the Toulon is the #1 choice.

Click here to buy the Odyssey Toulon putter.

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter

Best Value Heavy Putter

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Key Features

  • Slick white putter head that lets it stick out from the green grass and easily line up your putts
  • 340g weighted putter head that provides a smooth forward roll every single stroke
  • Very cheap putter option for those amateur golfers looking to try out a mallet-style putter head without spending a lot of money

Key Drawbacks

  • The white putter head gets stained and dirty quite easily 
  • Lacks that “premium” feel that you get with the more expensive brands such as Odyssey and TaylorMade


The Pinemeadow PGX Putter is a perfect mallet-head putter alternative for those amateur golfers who do not want to put a ton of money into one club. It is also great for someone who is used to the blade putter and wants to try something different.

The PGX is very affordable and easily the best value heavy putter available on the market today. It has a slick white putter head that is a nice contract from the green grass. The black alignment lines allow you to easily line up your putts and the 340g tour-weighted head provides easy weight distribution throughout your entire putting stroke. 

The only downside is that this heavy putter lacks a true “premium” feel compared to the bigger brands. However, it is perfect for the mid to high handicap golfers.

Taylormade Spider GT Putter

Best Mallet Head Heavy Putter

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Key Features

  • The Pure 2Roll insert on the face of the putter is at a 45 degree angle, which helps minimize backspin at impact and keeps the ball rolling smooth on the greens
  • The 145g aluminum top plate keeps the weight distributed to the center of the putter 
  • Comes in 4 different colors: red, black, silver and white
  • Comes with 3 different options of hosel types depending on your preference: Short Slant, Single Bend, Centre Shaft 

Key Drawbacks

  • The price tag will be a turn off for those who do not want to spend $400+ on a putter
  • The alignment line on the top of the putter could be a little longer and seemed off-putting on the center hosel alignment version


The Taylormade Spider GT is the newest line of putter released by Taylormade this year and it has quite a different look than previous years. It doesn’t have as much of a square look, opting for a more rounded moon look from above. 

There are 4 different colors you can get it in, with also three different hosel types depending on preference. There is a 145g aluminum top plate that evenly distributes the weight to the center of the putter. For a mallet style putter, this is my favorite heavy putter.

The face insert makes sure there is no backspin off impact and keeps the ball rolling smoothly on the green. Many PGA Tour players use the Spider putters such as Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia.

Cobra King 3D Printed Supernova Putter

Best Feeling Heavy Putter

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Key Features

  • Oversized fang putter look with middle alignment line that allows you to easily line up and hit every putt on a straight line
  • The face insert is developed by SIK Golf and is comprised of 4 descending lofts to ensure a consistent roll and minimized backspin
  • Comes standard with the Cobra Lamkin Sinkfit grip which is very comfortable and easy to use right away

Key Drawback

  • The grip that comes installed on the putter may not be the best feel for everyone that first uses the club


Cobra is back in the putter business with their King series after taking a few years off. The King 3D Printed Supernova putter is nicely worth it. I love the look of this putter from above with the oversized fang design. The face insert is designed by SIK Golf and gives a perfectly consistent roll every single time. 

The feel of this putter is great and so is the grip that comes installed. It is equipped with a Lamkin smart grip, which features a sensor that actually syncs to your smart phone. 

Cobra has a compatible app that you can download so that you can track your putting statistics each round. This is a cool feature for those tech-savvy golfers.

Evnroll ER11v Midlock Putter

Best Expensive Heavy Putter

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Key features

  • The mallet head has a slick black/white/grey finish with an easy alignment bar through the middle to easily line up putts
  • Custom stitched headcover
  • Four different hosel types to choose from along with multiple different custom grip options
  • The Midlock version features a custom pistol grip that gives the user the feeling of a normal putter, but using the arm-lock putting technique

Key Drawbacks

  • One of the most expensive heavy putter available on the market
  • Not all golfers use or even know of the arm-lock technique

Evnroll’s EV11v putter series is a very good putter for low to scratch golfers. The ER11v Midlock putter comes with a black aluminum stainless steel head with a custom face insert and easy alignment bar to ensure the ball stays straight on every roll. 

On the Midlock version, it comes with a custom pistol grip for those who use the arm-lock putting technique. Arm-lock is when your grip rests against your forearm to ensure more stability and less wrist action. This putter gives great feel on every putt and the distance control was great. 

The only downside is that this is one of the most expensive heavy putter on the market today to purchase. However, it is popular on the PGA tour for a reason and if you need a good quality heavy putter, this is it.

Benefits of Using a Heavy Putter

There are many benefits to using a heavy putter when hitting the links. Heavy putters will definitely give you a better feel on shorter putts from 10 feet and in. With the heavier putter head, your putting stroke should be like a pendulum. Your back stroke should be the same length as the follow through. 

Also, with a heavier head it causes you to use less of your wrists. If you have a lot of wrist action in your putting stroke, it can cause the head to go off course and not consistently hit straight putts. 

Almost all heavy putters have alignment lines on the center of the head to ensure your ball stays straight.

Heavy Putter Advantages

  • Better feel on short putts (10 feet and in)
  • Causes less wrist action in your putting stroke
  • Allows you to use less force when putting so you can let the putter head do the work
  • A slower putting stroke means maximizing control


  • Gives you a harder feel on long range putts (over 10 feet)
  • Takes a lot longer to get a feel for a heavy putter than if you were to just pick up a blade putter
  • Distance control on all putts will take getting used to
odyssey toulon best heavy putter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Heavy Putter?

A heavy putter today is a putter head that exceeds 450 grams or more. There are many different shapes of a heavy putter such as a mallet, fang, half-moon and more. The purpose of a heavy putter is to use less wrist in your putting stroke to ensure a straighter, more consistent putting stroke.

How much does a Heavy Putter weigh?

A  heavy putter is a putter head that exceeds 450 grams or more. Back in the day, a putter head that was 350 grams was considered hefty, but the game has evolved since then. 

The weight of a putter also depends on other factors such as the weight of the shaft and grip that you have installed. All of these together will affect the weight and your putting stroke.

Is a Heavy Putter better for fast greens?

Yes, a heavy putter is better suited for faster greens. The idea is that when you have a heavy putter, you take a smaller back stroke. This means having better control over the putter head and the speed in which you hit the ball. 

The long answer is that it really depends on personal preference. 

If you grew up using a lighter putter your entire life, you may find that works better. It all comes down to preference, but I would suggest using a heavy putter to give you better control over the greens.

Are Heavy Putters illegal?

No, heavy putters are not illegal. The USGA does not care about the weight of a player’s putter so you don’t have to worry about that. 

The most recent rule change on putters was not allowing you to anchor the long putter to your chest.

Does putter grip weight matter?

Yes, the weight of a putter grip does matter. When you putt, the grip is the only point of contact that your body has with the club. The grip weight can definitely affect the overall feel of the club, so the best thing to do is go into a store and test out as many grips as you can. 

Grips come in all different shapes, sizes and weights, so it is up to personal preference on what kind of grip you want on your putter.

In our opinion, we would recommend checking out SuperStroke grips. They are comfortable and you can get a variety of sizes and colors to find something that works for you.

And that is our list of the best heavy putters available on the market today. No matter which one you choose, you will have better control around the greens and a more consistent stroke.

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