Callaway Rogue ST Driver Review, Specs & Videos (MAX vs MAX D vs MAX LS vs Triple Diamond LS)

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The Rogue ST is the brand new line Callaway drivers, one of the most recognizable brands in golf. In this Callaway Rogue ST driver review, I’ll tell you about the specs, and details on these drivers:

  • MAX
  • MAX D
  • MAX LS
  • Triple Diamond LS

Specifically, I’ll go over:

  • How to buy the new Callaway Rogue ST drivers
  • Similarities and differences in the Callaway Rogue ST MAX vs MAX D vs MAX LS vs Triple Diamond LS drivers
  • Callaway Rogue ST vs Rogue OG comparisons and differences
  • Key features I like in this new golf equipment
  • Is the Rogue ST one of the best golf clubs of all time?

After you read this Callaway Rogue ST driver review, let me know if you think the hype is worth the price down at the bottom of this guide.

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How to Buy the Callaway Rogue ST Driver

Use the links below to buy the new Callaway driver today. If you need some more convincing, check out the rest of our Rogue ST review below.




Triple Diamond LS

What is the Callaway Rogue ST Driver?

The Callaway Rogue ST Driver is the latest driver collection released by Callaway Golf. It is a collection of drivers with four different models available. Instead of having the same head with movable sliding weight options, each model has a distinct design for different player types. 

Callaway is promising many things with the Rogue ST Driver, including:

  • Fastest, most stable driver yet
  • High MOI from an all-new Tungsten Speed Cartridge design
  • Jailbreak speed frame provides extra stability and speed
  • Low spin, high distance

The Callaway Rogue RT Driver collection was just released to the public on February 18th, 2022. Each of the four models have different distinct designs, depending on what type of golfer you are and how you approach your shots off the tee.

Each driver head has anywhere from a 20g to 26g Tungsten Speed Cartridge Structure head, all differing with different launch angles, spin and more. We will go over each of the models in more details down below.

This driver is used by many PGA Tour players today, including Jon Rahm.

Overall, Callaway is an industry leader in golf and I wanted to know if the Rogue ST carried on that tradition. After trying out this new driver and comparing the MAX vs MAX D vs MAX LS vs Triple Diamond LS, I have recommendations for which driver is good for all kinds of golfers. There is a model for everyone.

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Key Features

Callaway has tried to reinvent the wheel with a number of really unique features in the new Rogue ST drivers, including:

  • Tungsten Speed Cartridge
  • High MOI
  • Jailbreak Speed Frame
  • AI Speed Tuned Face

If these features sound unique compared to any other golf driver you can buy, you’d be right! Let’s break these down in more detail.

Tungsten Speed Cartridge

The “ST” in this driver stands for Speed Tuned. Callaway’s number one focus was cranking up ball speed off the face of the driver. They have created a back-weighted Tungsten Speed Cartridge. This tungsten weight sits in a urethane structure, which helps drive the center of gravity toward the back of the driver head.

The tungsten weights are slightly different, depending on which model you choose. This helps put the weight where it is most optimal depending on how you hit the ball off the tee. This means that you won’t lose as much speed or distance on mis-hits off the center of the face.

High MOI

MOI stands for moment of inertia and it is a measure of how stable the golf club is at impact. A high MOI means that a club is more forgiving, allowing you to hit the ball straighter and longer even on off-center hits.

The Tungsten features in the Rogue ST are designed to give you a high moment of inertia, letting you have multiple control in your golf swing.

Jailbreak Speed Frame

The Rogue ST Driver is designed with many ideas, but one main one being Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, the Rogue isn’t the first driver designed with AI assistance. The previous Mavrik and Epic Speed collections were also created with AI assistance. With that, Callaway created their jailbreak speed frame technology and that is back in the Rogue ST driver. 

This is a structure that sits behind the face and connects the sole to the crown. It helps this Callaway driver reduce the overall weight from the frame. This then helps provide stability in the horizontal and torsional direction. They added a slightly thicker bar across the bottom of Jailbreak to deliver even more ball speed off the face.

Artificial Intelligence Speed Tuned Face

Callaway Golf has now added spin into their formula when creating the driver face. They took real player data from different levels of golfers to create their face, which allowed them to fine tune the spin off the face of the driver.

Callaway claims that the result is supposed to be the perfect combination of lowering spin while adding the most forgiveness off the tee. Each of the four models have different spin off the face of the club, depending on how you strike the ball.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t very popular yet on the design of golf clubs, but after seeing what Callaway has done in the last few years, other companies may be following in the footsteps.

Like I said, there are four different models in the Rogue ST lineup, so let’s go into more detail about those.

Callaway Rogue ST Driver Models

There are four different models available, all for a variety of different golfers.

Rogue ST MAX

The Rogue ST MAX is the most standard model of the four. It is the most suitable for amateur or inexperienced golfers. 

The ST Max has the most forgiving driver head in the lineup and comes pre-set with a slight draw bias. The reason for this is because most amateur golfers will struggle with a slice until they get their swing mechanics correct. The slight draw bias will help offset the slice at impact, helping carry the ball farther and straighter, even on mis-hits.

It comes in a 9, 10.5 and 12 degree loft and also the heaviest tungsten weight at 26 grams. There are four different Mitsubishi stock shafts you can equip:

  • Tensei AV Blue 55
  • Tensei AV Blue 65
  • Tensei AV White 65
  • Tensei AV White 75

There is also a Fujikura Ventus Blue 5 shaft available as a more limited edition model.

The price for the Rogue ST Max is $549.99 USD.


Compared to the Rogue ST MAX, the ST Max LS will have lower spin, more workability and a more neutral trajectory off the tee. This is a great option for mid-to-low handicap players.

The Rogue ST MAX LS has a slightly smaller tungsten weighted head at 23 grams. The launch is quite bit lower, while still being very forgiving on mis-hits. It also will have a more neutral trajectory off the face. If you are a golfer that struggles with a slice, this model probably won’t be the best option for you. 

Another thing that I loved about this club was how quiet the impact of the ball was off the face.

This model comes in a 9 and 10.5 degree loft. You can get any of the four shafts listed above as well.

The price for the Rogue ST Max LS is $549.99 USD.

Rogue ST MAX D

The Rogue ST MAX D driver is designed for golfers who want high launch angles, as well as maximum forgiveness off the tee. This model is great for a variety of golfers without looking at particular skills.

The ST MAX D has internal and external draw weighting that aims to help golfers hit a high draw shape off the tee rather than the very common slice that most amateur golfers have. Compared to the other 3 models, the MAX D is definitely larger while looking at from above. Having such a big head does inspire some confidence off the tee, as it should give you distance even on mis-hits. 

The only issue I think that some golfers may have is that the driver face sits slightly closed at address, which might not suit all golfers.

This model comes in a 9, 10.5 and 12 degree loft and a 20 gram tungsten weighted head. Along with the 5 different shaft options above, you can also equip this model with a Project X Cypher Black 50 graphite shaft as well.

The price for the Rogue ST MAX D is $549.99 USD.

Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS

The final Rogue ST driver model is the Triple Diamond LS, the smallest tour-preferred head of the four. This one also has very low spin off the tee. This model is more designed for low handicap players as it encourages lower launch and lower spin.

The head of the MAX Triple Diamond LS is only 10cc smaller than the other 3 models, but it does look a lot smaller than that. You will definitely be sacrificing some forgiveness based on the smaller head. But, if you are a lower handicap golfer anyway, you don’t have to worry about that. This model was the easiest to shape different shots off the tee, as it didn’t have any biases to offset a slice.

If you are a low handicap golfer with a faster swing, this will be the best option for you. This model comes in a 9 and 10.5 degree loft with a 20 gram tungsten weighted head. Shaft options include a Mitsubishi TENSEI AV White 65 and 75 graphite.

The price for the Rogue ST MAX Triple Diamond LS is $549.99 USD.

What I Like

So, what features in the new Rogue ST driver are worth paying for and what isn’t?

Well, I think the MAX D draw driver is going to be big with amateur golfers who have a lifelong slice. You can spend a lot of money to fix your swing or you can spend a lot of money on this sexy new driver. And I think most people will choose the second option.

Secondly, the quality in the club is obvious. The unibody design on the Rogue ST is solid and the satisfaction you get when you hit a nice ball is obvious. The weight distribution on the club is optimized and nearly perfect. It is a noticeable improvement if you are still using an old golf club.

Overall, I think this club is awesome. It’s a good flagship golf driver that will be strong for Callaway for the next five years.

What I Don’t Like

The one thing most casual fans will notice in our Rogue ST driver review is the thing that will deter most people about this club. The starting price point of $549 is steep for a new driver. Though, it is still $30 cheaper than the starting price of the TaylorMade Stealth.

The other thing is that the artificial intelligence “feature” is a little bit silly. AI is reserved for software usually, but Callaway seems to have capitalized on using the term for this club. Most golfers will not notice any difference in the spin of the ball while using this club.

Overall, there isn’t too much not too like.

Callaway Rogue ST vs Rogue OG Comparison

The Callaway Rogue OG driver was the first line of driver from Callaway to bring in the Jailbreak technology. The Rogue OG is a very forgiving driver, more suitable towards mid to high handicappers and amateur golfers. It is forgiving on mis-hits and will allow for long distance and high launch off the tee.

The Callaway Rogue ST has four different models to choose from depending on what you are looking for and how you strike the ball off the tee. Having more choices, alongside with the new technology will give you a better chance off the tee. 

The best way to determine which driver is the best for you is to head into any golf shop and test them out by hitting into the golf simulator screen. There is no better feel than holding the driver in your hands and actually hitting balls with it.


In conclusion, Callaway has released a great driver in the Rogue ST. With four different models to choose from, you have more options then ever to get your hands on the best driver for you. 

Unlike TaylorMade who complicated their Stealth HD models with different price points and advanced features, I love that Callaway kept it simple. All models cost the same money and you only pay for your preference based on your swing type.

There seems to be a model for every type of golfer out there, including the low handicappers looking for a more tour-preferred driver.

With the new Jailbreak technology and Tungsten Speed Cartridge, you know you will be getting maximum distance and maximum forgiveness. If you struggle with a slice, the draw-bias model will help you in reducing that all while keeping the same distance. The Rogue ST driver appeals to all kinds of golfers and I think Callaway did a great job there.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the new Callaway Rogue ST Driver?

There are four different models of the Callaway Rogue ST driver available for purchase and all four start at $549.99 USD. There are different shaft options for every model as well as different loft options.

What is the release date of the Callaway Rogue ST Driver?

The Callaway Rogue ST Driver was released to the public on February 18th, 2022. You can find it at all major golf retailers as well as online.

Which Rogue ST model is the most forgiving?

The Callaway Rogue ST MAX driver is the most forgiving out of the four available. It has the heaviest tungsten weighted head at 26 grams and it also comes preset with a slight draw-bias which will help amateur golfers fight the slice.

Which professional golfers use the Callaway Rogue ST Driver?

PGA Tour players that are currently using the Rogue ST Driver include Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele, Phil Mickelson and Abraham Ancer.

Did we miss anything in our Callaway Rogue ST driver review? Get in touch with us and let us know, so that we can show you more!

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