Callaway Paradym vs Rogue ST Drivers: Which Club is Better?

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In this guide, I’ll compare the Callaway Paradym vs Rogue ST drivers in complete detail, to help you decide which golf driver you should buy.

After using the Rogue ST for a full season in 2022, I’ve been trying out the new Paradym as an alternative to confirm whether newer is better.

If you’ve hit both of these clubs, comment down at the bottom of this guide and let me know which one you prefer.

If you are in a rush, compare the store listings for both drivers now:

At a Glance

The Callaway Paradym is a better club for beginner golfers. The use of carbon in the sole allows Callaway to pick and choose where the weight of the club is. This makes it a bit easier to swing overall.

The Rogue ST’s biggest perk is its really wide sweet spot. It’s hard to hit a bad shot with the club overall. The Rogue ST is now $50 cheaper than the Paradym, but will still be considered ‘modern’ for a number of years.

Keep reading to see all of the features and specs that are better on each club.

What is the Callaway Paradym Driver?

The Callaway Paradym Drivers are brand new for 2023, It is Callaway’s first golf driver to use the company’s face cup technology. Compared to a standard driver face insert, Callaway paired the powerful and forged titanium face with the face cup to achieve higher energy transfer to the ball.

The driver features a 360° Carbon Chassis midsection that eliminates titanium to get you extra stability and optimized weight. The weight savings means more efficient forgiveness that different types of players need. The Paradym’s design is comparable to the TaylorMade Stealth, which has promoted the carbon material in it since the day it was released.

callaway paradym driver review

The new Callaway Paradym Driver is engineered to produce a neutral ball flight and a high launch with low spin. It’s also designed for players of all skill levels. In fact, I think that it is Callaway’s best combination of adjustability, forgiveness, and distance yet.

The driver offers an AI-optimized face for downrange dispersion, a new Jailbreak design, and many other features packed into a driver. With a sliding rear weight, you can adjust your shot shape as you deem fit.

callaway paradym at address side view

The Paradym comes in three different models to choose from.

How to Buy

You can purchase each Paradym driver from the official Callaway store. As soon as Amazon has stock, I will update this section with more information.


Paradym X

Paradym Triple Diamond

Callaway Paradym Models

The Callaway Paradym comes in three different models suited for different golfers.


This is the standard model of the Paradym family. Of the three models, the Paradym offers the most adjustability due to a sliding weight track positioned at the rear of the driver and an adjustable hosel.

The base Paradym is best suited for golfers of all skill levels and comes in lofts of 9°, 10.5°, and 12°

Paradym X

The Paradym X is the highest launching driver of the Paradym family. It is created by replacing the sliding weight adjustability along the perimeter with a heavier single rear weight. It offers a slight draw bias and is designed for extreme forgiveness. The X is for regular golfers who want an easier time getting high ball speed.

The Paradym X also features three lofts: 9°, 10.5°, and 12°

Paradym Triple Diamond

The Paradym Triple Diamond is designed for golfers who desire more control from a compact profile. It is also designed for professional players who have a faster golf swing speed and lower handicap. A number of PGA tour players have already started using this club in their bag.

The Paradym Triple Diamond driver is equipped with adjustable front and rear weights and shorter front-to-back to help reduce spin and give you control as you deem fit.

Paradym Triple Diamond comes in lofts of 8°, 9°, and 10.5°.

The Paradym drivers are one year newer than the Rogue ST from Callaway, so that must make it better. However, golf equipment doesn’t tend to change that fast. So, I’ve compiled all of the similarities and differences in these two golf clubs that you should care about below!

callaway paradym x driver head

What is the Callaway Rogue ST Driver?

The Callaway Rogue ST Driver is the 2022 driver collection released by Callaway Golf. It is a collection of drivers with four different models available. Instead of having the same head with movable sliding weight options, each model has a distinct design for different player types. 

best gift for golfers callaway rogue st driver

The Rogue ST Driver has a number of really great features for golfers, including:

  • Fastest, most stable driver yet
  • High MOI from an all-new Tungsten Speed Cartridge design
  • Jailbreak speed frame provides extra stability and speed
  • Low spin, high distance

Each of the four models have different distinct designs, depending on what type of golfer you are and how you approach your shots off the tee.

Each driver head has anywhere from a 20g to 26g Tungsten Speed Cartridge Structure head, all differing with different launch angles, spin and more.


How to Buy

You can buy each Rogue ST driver from the official Callaway Store, amazon, or any major golf retailer. Use the links below to go directly to the store listing.




Triple Diamond LS

Callaway Rogue ST Models

Rogue ST MAX 

The MAX is the standard model, suitable for most golfers. The ST Max has the most forgiving driver head in the lineup and comes pre-set with a slight draw bias. The bias will help offset the slice at impact, helping carry the ball farther and straighter, even on mis-hits.


The LS stands for lower spin and this gives you more workability and control in your shots. This is a great option for mid-to-low handicap players. The launch is quite bit lower, while still being very forgiving on mis-hits. It also will have a more neutral trajectory off the face. 

Rogue ST MAX D

The MAX D driver stands for DRAW and is designed for high launch angles and maximum forgiveness off the tee. This version has internal and external draw weighting that helps golfers fix their slice. The club head is also slightly larger on this version of the driver.

Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS

The Triple Diamond LS driver has the smallest tour-preferred head of the four. This one also has very low spin off the tee. This model is more designed for low handicap players as it encourages lower launch and lower spin.


Key Similarities Between the Paradym and Rogue ST

Rear Weighting

The Paradym comes with adjustable perimeter weighting guarantees high MOI and launch. Also, the adjustable 15g rear sliding weight helps the driver to create up to 12 yards of shot shape correction.

On the Rogue ST, it has Triaxial Carbon crown and sole to help to reduce overall club weight. The weight is redistributed to achieve a slight draw bias and increase forgiveness with a high launch. The driver’s titanium unibody construction also helps to lower the center of gravity and provide stability. The driver’s head weighs between 20g to 26g.

Rogue ST tungsten speed cartridge

Jailspeed Speed Frame

Both drivers are designed with the new AI Jailbreak system. The jailbreak speed frame provides stability in both torsional and horizontal directions. In particular, Rogue ST has a thicker bar around the Jailbreak area to deliver more ball speed.

The Paradym and Rogue ST drivers are not the first to feature AI assistance; both Epic and Mavrik collections were equipped with AI assistance too.

The speed frame gives both drivers their general shape.

callaway paradym jailbreak ai
Jailbreak speed frame

Driver Head Size

All three Paradym and Rogue ST models have a refined shape and measure 460cc on the base two models and 450cc on the Triple Diamond version.

Both the Paradym and Rogue ST come with a Tungsten Speed Cartridge structure, which measures up to 26 grams. This tungsten weighting provides more forgiveness with high moment-of-inertia and increased speed on off-center hits.

Key Differences Between the Paradym and Rogue ST

Driver Head

The Paradym’s head features a 360° Carbon Chassis, which helps to promote maximum weight distribution for improved ball speed and distance. The Carbon Chassis makes the driver 44% lighter than the titanium chassis in the Rogue ST driver.

The huge weight savings in the Paradym allows Callaway to only add weight to the parts of the club that need it. This should make the club easier to manage and easier to swing.

Though the Rogue ST has more weight, it still delivers impressive forgiveness and a slight draw bias.

Winner: Callaway Paradym

Club Face

The Paradym is the first Callaway driver to use its face cup technology. The company pairs this technology with a forged titanium face to provide explosive ball speeds and more forgiveness compared to standard drivers.

callaway paradym flash face ai
Paradym face cup technology

When creating the Rogue ST’s face, Callaway added spin to the face, taking input from real-life player data to allow players to fine-tune the spin off the face. The four models have different face spin depending on how you strike the ball.

Overall, face cup should be more universal for different types of golfers. Callaway did a good job with the face on last year’s Rogue ST, but had to release an extra driver model to cover each type of golfer.

Winner: Callaway Paradym


All three models of the Paradym family retail for $600 each. This is similar to the Rogue ST family when they were released.

However, I noticed that Callaway is now recommending a price of $549 for the Rogue ST, which will give it a slight discount for new buyers. Either way, this is quite a bit of money for a new golf driver, but expected these days.

Winner: Callaway Rogue ST

What I Like About the Paradym Drivers Better

I like the Paradym drivers because it has massive weight savings due to the forged carbon chassis construction. The weight savings are channeled towards offering more energy on solid hits and forgiveness on mis-hits.

I also like that the Jailbreak structure works well with different face designs to deliver impressive performance. Plus, the Paradym offers premium high-tech aesthetics. Additionally, this driver provides an impressive mix of speed and consistency.

callaway paradym vs rogue st driver head
Rogue ST vs Paradum driver heads side by side

What I Like About the Rogue ST Drivers Better

I like the Rogue ST Drivers because the AI-developed face is hot and reduces spin. I also like that the driver’s carbon fiber triaxial crown and sole helps to increase swing speed. The Rogue ST Drivers also have a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness.

The weight distribution on the Rogue ST Drivers is optimized. The unibody construction is solid, more than other drivers which were released the same year. Plus, I always enjoy the sound the ball makes on impact.

callaway paradym vs rogue st driver club face
Rogue ST vs Paradym driver faces side by side

Video Review: Paradym vs Rogue ST

Want to check out more information before you buy? Here’s a great video showing the Paradym vs Rogue ST in more detail, along with the Callaway EPIC too.

Longest & Straightest? Callaway Driver Comparison - EPIC vs Rogue vs Paradym

Callaway Paradym vs Rogue ST: The Winner

Overall, you can see why Callaway brought out the Paradym driver, despite the Rogue ST only being one year old. The optimized weighting and extra use of forged carbon is a real winner. This is going to be the club to own for the next few years.

Golfers with slower swing speeds should get a lot of distance out of the Paradym. It is a bit easier to swing and hit out on the golf course.

Golfers with a faster swing speed should check out the Rogue ST. The sweet spot on it is larger than any driver I’ve ever tried and the draw bias does a good job keeping your ball straight.

Lower handicap golfers should go into a fitting store and try out the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond driver against the Rogue ST Triple Diamond. You will be able to try out the stock shafts against a custom option that gives you improved performance.

If you want to check out the Rogue ST or Paradym driver in more detail, click on the buttons below.

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