Cobra LTDX Driver Review: The Ultimate Driver for Distance?

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The LTDX driver is a brand new line in the Cobra Golf’s driver line. In this Cobra LTDx review, I’ll tell you about the specs and details on every model, including:

Specifically, I’ll go over:

  • How to buy the new Cobra LTDX driver
  • Similarities and differences in the Cobra LTDX vs LTDX LD vs LTDX MAX vs LTDX Tour Length
  • How the new LTDX driver compares with previous year Cobra drivers including the Air-X and King Radspeed
  • Key features I like in this new golf equipment
  • Does the LTDX deserve a spot on this year’s best golf clubs list?

After you read this Cobra LTDX driver review, let me know if you think the hype is worth the price down at the bottom of this guide.

How to Buy the Cobra LTDX Driver




LTDX Black Edition

LTDX Palm Tree Crew Special Edition

What is the Cobra LTDX Driver?

The LTDX driver is brand new for 2022. It is a lineup of five different models, plus a few different spinoff models and special additions. Each model is made for a different type of golfer.

Cobra Golf promises a few things about the LTDX driver, including:

  • Ultimate distance on every hit
  • Zero center of gravity, meaning that the entire club face is a “sweet spot”
  • Very low spin in order to maximize distance and reduce slices and hooks

The LTDx has a combination of well placed internal and external weights that help to reposition the weight as low as possible and create an ultimate distance machine.

All of the drivers come in a red or yellow accent color, plus a few limited edition models which we will go over below. Plus, there are multiple shaft options that you can equip, including the Project X HZRDUS and UST Helium Nanocore.

Key Features

Cobra has promised a number of features that are exciting to both tour professionals and casual golfers in the new RTDX, including:

  • Low Spin
  • Higher Forgiveness
  • Machine Learning Face Design
  • Stronger Construction

Let’s break down these features in more detail.

Low Spin

All of the extra weight in the LTDX driver is low and forward in the club face. This promotes a lower spin and a faster ball speed and forward motion. The different LTDX models (more on that below) promote a different trajectory so that you can buy what you want.

cobra ltdx driver review low spin

Higher Forgiveness

Cobra claims that they’ve reached zero center of gravity in the LTDX driver. This means that there is high forgiveness and a sweet spot that covers the entire face of the club. Cobra calls this PWR-COR technology.

It accomplishes zero CG with a tungsten back weight installed in the bottom of the club. The club also has a stronger titanium chassis.

Machine Learning Face Design

Cobra performed thousands of impact simulations on the club in order to create 15 different zones on the club. These zones are given a thickness that is calculated from artificial intelligence in order to be fine-tuned for fast ball speeds.

This H.O.T. face technology adds to the forgiveness of the club. You can see in the topology map below how the larger area of the face is broken down in 15 different zones for you.

cobra ltdx hot machine learning face design

Stronger Construction

Like the TaylorMade Stealth, Cobra has used carbon in the design of the LTDX driver. The entire face is not carbon like the Stealth is, but the it is used strategically with the titanium chassis to position the mass of the club strategically. The construction also uses a lightweight carbon crown and sole plate.

The weight of the driver is low and forward, back to that zero center of gravity I mentioned above. The face of the club is designed with premium milled grooves that are leading edge and increase the sweet spot zone.

All of the LTDX models include these key features in them. Next, I’ll break down the different models in more detail.

cobra ltdx driver review strong construction

Arccos Caddie Integration

Through a partnership with Arccos, all new Cobra Golf clubs come with a free set of Arccos Smart Sensors to equip on your set.

Arccos Caddie is an artificial intelligence golf swing analyzer that helps golfers of all skill levels shoot lower scores, improve faster, and make smarter decisions. It combines smart distance club averages, automatic shot tracking, AI-powered GPS rangefinder, advanced analytics, and Caddie advice to help you stay on top of your game.

Arccos Golf Caddie utilizes sensors on each of the clubs, plus a smartphone app, to record and track every shot that you hit.

To claim your free set of Arccos sensors, you have to visit this link on the Cobra Golf website after you purchase your clubs and fill out the required information. You will need to confirm your offer with the serial number found on your Cobra club.

cobra golf integration with arccos caddie on the new ltdx driver


The price of the Cobra LTDX driver $499 for the regular editions and $599 for the Black and Palm Tree Crew (more on those below). This is $79 cheaper than the TaylorMade Stealth and Callaway Rogue ST drivers released in the same year.

Is that enough of a difference to sway people to go Cobra?

My opinion on that is below, but let’s break down all of the different models that you can buy first.

Cobra LTDX Driver Models

There are 8 different models of the LTDX driver. If that sounds complicated, don’t be worried because it’s not that complicated. Let’s break down each in detail:


  • Spin = Low
  • Launch = Medium
  • Forgiveness = High

The LTDX base model of the driver is the best for the average golf. It offers a low spin, similar to all of the models in the lineup. The launch angle is medium and the forgiveness is high.

The base model LTDX has a back weight installed in the driver that promotes that medium launch angle with a neutral or soft draw ball flight.

You can adjust the weight in the club to an extra DRAW loft setting in order to get over 7 yards of draw from the driver.


  • Spin = Low
  • Launch = Low
  • Forgiveness = Medium

The LTDX LS has a low launch angle and medium forgiveness. It is suited for experienced golfers and tour professionals who want to be able to shape their shots naturally.

The LS has an extra 10 gram weight in the heel of the club, which promotes a soft fade on your ball flight. An extra 10 gram weight in the toe promotes another 4 yards of fade bias. In total, this should help experienced golfers hit the ball as long as possible on whatever line you need to be on.


  • Spin = Low-Mid
  • Launch = High
  • Forgiveness = Extreme

The LTDX MAX driver has a higher launch angle and extreme forgiveness. It is the most suitable for newer golfers who need the most help from their club.

The LTDX MAX has a pair of 10g tungsten weights installed: one in the back and one in the heel. In total, these weights promote over 16 yards of draw distance. If you are a player who can’t quite seem to fix his slice, then the LTDX MAX is the club you want.

LTDX Tour Length

All three models (base, LS, and MAX) come in a special Tour Length version of the club. The Tour Length version of the driver is 44.5″ inches long, one inch shorter than the traditional version. This version was inspired by Rickie Fowler’s shorter driver, who is a major brand ambassador for Cobra Golf.

To make up for the shorter length, the Tour Length drivers have heavier 14 gram tungsten weights in the back of the driver, which is 4 grams more than on the traditional models.

LTDX Black Limited Edition

The Black Limited Edition version of the LTDX driver comes with a few key cosmetic changes:

  • The head of the driver is a shiny all-black color
  • The driver comes with a custom black and grey headcover
  • The shaft on the driver is a premium aftermarket UST LINQ White

All of the technical features in the Black Limited Edition are the same as the standard red or yellow models.

LTDX MAX Palm Tree Crew

Like the Black Limited Edition, the LTDX MAX Palm Tree Crew is a custom version of the driver that comes with a few cosmetic changes:

  • A custom gold and black design
  • A limited edition Palm Tree Crew (PTC) headcover that is black and gold

This version of the LTDX driver is a collaboration between Rickie Fowler, Puma Golf, Palm Tree Crew, and world-renowned DJ and producer, Kygo.

What I Like

The first thing I noticed when I picked up and started using the Cobra LTDX driver was how much weight the club had. The heavy weight in the back of the club allows for maximum speed when you swing the club.

Like the TaylorMade Stealth, the carbon used in the club makes the club head feel premium. However, it is used in conjunction with the other weighting in the club so that this driver is much more forgiving than the Stealth. In particular, the MAX model of the LTDX driver is interesting to use. It has over 15 yards of natural draw built into it, which should eliminate the slice on nearly every golfer.

The multi-material chassis consistent of stainless steel, titanium, and carbon fibre mostly works here too. All in all, the center of the face is wide on this driver, which makes the club pretty forgiving for most golfers. The hot zones mapped into the club with machine learning is just one of the innovative ways that Cobra is designing clubs this year, but I’m not sure I fully understand what is happening and how it effects things.

The new design on the LTDX is also a winner in my eyes. Both the base yellow and red designs are awesome and the Black and Palm Tree Crew editions are seriously top notch. The design of the Cobra driver has nothing to do with the performance on the golf course, but casual golfers may be interested.

cobra ltdx driver review - palm tree club special edition
Palm Tree Club special edition LTDX driver

Finally, I like the big hitting zone and the forgiveness of the club. There is a high smash factor that should give you the longest total distance possible.

What I Don’t Like

While Cobra has done a great job, there are a few things I don’t like in the new LTDX drivers. There is high forgiveness, but the zero CG advertising feels a bit over exaggerated. A good hit felt really good, but I still felt a mis-hit when it happened.

The 10+ models in the LTDX family are also a bit confusing. Most casual golfers will not understand the difference in the models and will buy whatever they see first. I never did understand the reasoning behind the Tour Distance model, which is one inch shorter. Just because it works for Rickie Fowler, most casual golfers will not know about it or understand why. And anyone buying a shorter driver “to be like Ricky” is just putting themselves at a $500 disadvantage.

Finally, Cobra advertises weight savings in the new club, but I’m not sure it was needed. The one thing I liked about the Stealth and the Callaway Rogue ST this year was that those clubs really owned their weight and felt more premium.

Cobra LTDX vs Air-X vs King Radspeed Comparison

How does the LTDX driver compare to the Air-X and King Radspeed that were available last year?

Well, the LTDX is a direct replacement for the Cobra Radspeed driver. The LTDx includes carbon in the club head, which is the major trend in 2022. This allows the club head to be more dense in the same size. The center of gravity has been lowered on the driver in order to increase the MOI.

Overall, the LTDx feels more solid than the Radspeed.

The Radspeed did get a 30% discount for 2022 and is now available for $350 retail price. This is enticing enough that golfers could save some serious cash and not be disappointed with their choice.

The LTDx vs Air-X is a tougher comparison to make. The Air-X is marketed towards beginner golfers and players who don’t generate as much club speed. The club head is light – 277g. It’s much easier to swing, but hard to feel like your are powering through in the same way as a premium club.

Curiously, the Air-X costs the same as the King Radspeed driver from last year now. This seems a little unfair, since the technology and quality of the Radspeed is way higher for the same price.

cobra air-x vs ltdx driver comparison

Overall, real beginner golfers probably aren’t spending $350 on their first driver. And if you are caught in that middle zone between beginner and experienced, the Radspeed is a more enticing option for the technology it offers.


Overall, there is a lot I really like about the new Cobra LTDx driver. I think the weighting in the club does promote a higher ball flight on most models. The adjustable weights are placed in a nice spot to lower that sweet spot on the club.

The MAX version of the driver is the best model for average players. It should really help to straighten out your drive if you normally have trouble. If also gives you a high launch thanks to that optimal weight placement. It is hard to say if regular golfers will have a problem spending $500 on a driver or not.

Better players may have trouble opening up the wallet for this club verses other premium options on the market. The club looks beautiful visually, but lacks the premium “wow” factor of other new drivers released this year.

Overall, the LTDx makes some improvements over last year’s Radspeed driver, looks great visually, and should find its way into many golf bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key technologies in the Cobra LTDx driver models?

Cobra has placed the emphasis on the following new features in the LTDx:
– PWR-COR technology that positions weight low and forward for zero center of gravity
– New H.O.T Face Design which promotes the use of machine learning to adjust the thickness of different parts of the face
– Multi-material face system consisting of steel, titanium, carbon, plus tungsten weights to create the right combination of weight distribution.
– An adjustable weight system consisting of tungsten that allows you to setup and shape your shots perfectly.

What loft of LTDx driver is the best?

A driver loft between 8.5 degrees and 10 degrees will be fine and usable for most golfers. If you have the tendency to hit your drives really high, go with a lower loft in order to push your golf ball forward in a straighter path.

Which PGA tour players are using the Cobra LTDx?

Bryson Dechambeau is the most recognized name hitting the Cobra LTDx driver currently. He uses a custom version made by Cobra that has only 5 degrees of loft on it. Bryson has commented that the LTDx is a perfect driver for those who hit with speed, because the sweet spot on the driver is so large. Jason Duffner is another PGA tour player using the new LTDx.

Is the LTDX driver forgiving?

The Cobra LTDX driver is designed to be very forgiving. Cobra has lowers the center of gravity in the club and used machine learning to optimize the club face in order to maximize the sweet spot on the driver.

What is the difference between the LTDX and LTDX MAX?

The LTDX MAX model of the driver has a higher launch angle and bigger tungsten weight installed in the bottom of the club. It is designed for golfers who need to maximize the sweet spot they have while hitting. The LTDX Max also has a draw bias so that golfers who have a heavy slice can fix their swing with the help of the driver.

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