Callaway Paradym AI Smoke vs Paradym 2023 Drivers Comparison Guide

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How much improvement are the new Calalway Paradym AI Smoke Drivers vs the original Paradym drivers from 2023? In this guide, we compare the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke vs Paradym golf drivers in detail to help you decide if the new clubs are worth the upgrade.

First, we’ll review the new features in the new AI Smoke drivers and then compare them to the last model in detail.

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Callaway Paradym AI Smoke vs Paradym 2023 Key Takeaways

  1. Innovative Technology: The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke features advanced AI Smart Face technology, a lighter carbon chassis, and internal titanium support for enhanced performance, especially on off-center shots.

  2. Diverse Models for Different Golfers: The Paradym AI Smoke line includes several models like AI Smoke Max, Max D, Max Fast, and Triple Diamond, each catering to different golfer needs, from high-handicap players to those with high swing speeds.

  3. Comparison with Original Paradym: The new AI Smoke drivers offer a slight improvement in distance, a more refined look, and a crisper sound compared to the original Paradym. However, the original Paradym is noted for better forgiveness and potentially more attractive pricing for budget-conscious golfers.

What is the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Driver?

The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke is the newest driver set to release from Callaway. It looks to build off the early success that the Paradym driver has seen since being released in February 2023.

The Paradym AI Smoke comes in four models:

  • AI Smoke Max

  • AI Smoke Max D

  • AI Smoke Max Fast

  • AI Smoke Triple Diamond

There are also different loft degrees and shafts to choose from to ensure you get a driver that fits your golf swing perfectly.

callaway paradym ai smoke vs paradym 2023 model

Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Driver Overview

The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Driver features an innovative AI Smart Face that optimizes launch conditions, spin, and sweet spots across the face for enhanced performance on off-center shots. The driver’s 360° Carbon Chassis has been refined to promote increased weight distribution and forgiveness, with a 15% lighter carbon chassis and internal titanium support structure.

callaway paradym ai smoke in hand

Th AI Smoke has improved launch conditions and forgiveness.

The balanced address look, bright blue elements, and bold aesthetics make it one of the best-looking drivers, appealing to golfers of all levels.

The driver is designed for elite ball speed, forgiveness, and consistency, catering to high-handicap and Tour players. Incorporating accurate player data and machine learning, the Paradym AI Smoke Driver is a testament to Callaway’s commitment to leveraging AI technology for superior golf equipment.

callaway paradym ai smoke ai smart face

Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Models

AI Smoke Max

The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max driver offers innovative features to enhance performance for a wide range of golfers. With AI Smart Face technology, the driver provides micro deflections upon impact, optimizing launch and spin on off-center shots, resulting in sweet spots across the face.

It is designed to deliver up to 19 yards of shot shape correction and an average extra 7 yards across the face, catering to golfers seeking consistency, forgiveness, and high levels of control off the tee.

From my testing, I saw about 15 yards of shape correction on the Smoke Max, which is a huge offset for golfers who need to cancel out a slice or a hook.

This model is an excellent option for a wide range of golfers.

AI Smoke Max D

The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D driver is the new draw-bias model offered. On top of featuring the AI Smart Face technology for optimal launch and spin on off-center shots, it is built with a higher MOI and a more extended profile at address to promote a draw flight pattern.

The Max D also has 19 yards of shot shape correction, catering to golfers seeking consistency, forgiveness, and high levels of control off the tee.

The AI Smoke Max D driver also features adjustable perimeter weighting for enhanced forgiveness.

AI Smoke Max Fast

The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max Fast driver is designed for players seeking lightweight, easy-to-swing performance. It promotes a high, easy launch and precise, clean contact with its shallow profile, flat crown, and pronounced sole camber.

the Max Fast offers a forgiving shape with adjustable perimeter weighting, delivering up to 19 yards of shot shape correction. It caters to a wide range of golfers, providing enhanced turf interaction and easy launch capabilities.

This model will cater to slower-swing speed golfers and high handicappers looking for outstanding performance without needing to swing out of their shoes.

AI Smoke Triple Diamond

The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond driver is tailored for better players seeking workability off the tee, characterized by a neutral-to-fade biased face progression and a compact overall head size.

It features a 360° Carbon Chassis, refined to redistribute mass into the head, improving launch conditions and forgiveness. The driver’s design caters to golfers with a high swing speed, offering swappable front-back weight to tune trajectory and spin.

If you are a low-handicap golfer who can consistently hit the center of the driver’s face on each swing, this will be the model for you.

How Do You Buy Callaway Paradym AI Smoke?

My favorite ways to buy the new Callaway driver are through the official website or through PGA Tour Superstore. Both are 100% guaranteed for warranty and quality.

Once Callaway drivers are regularly available, you can also purchase them worldwide via Amazon.

What is the Callaway Paradym 2023 Driver?

The original Callaway 2023 Paradym Driver marked a significant leap in driver performance, featuring a 360 Carbon Chassis, Triaxial Carbon crown, and Forged Carbon sole, all of which are 44% lighter than titanium, allowing for unprecedented weight redistribution and maximized distance.

callaway paradym x driver head

Engineered for players of all skill levels, it promotes high launch, low spin, and a neutral ball flight. The Paradym driver replaced the Epic line of clubs released by Callaway.

It was announced by Callaway Golf on January 4th, 2023, and was made available for sale on February 24th.

callaway paradym review driver and ball

Callaway Paradym Models


The original Callaway Paradym driver model introduced a paradigm shift in golf by reimagining the design to break the tradeoff between distance and forgiveness. It features the industry-first 360 Carbon Chassis, which eliminates titanium from the body, allowing for optimized weight distribution and stability.

With a refined shape, high MOI, and adjustable perimeter weighting, it caters to players of all skill levels, promoting high launch, low spin, and a neutral ball flight.

The driver incorporates Callaway’s speed-enhancing face cup technology, paired with a powerful forged titanium face, offering a combination of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability.

Paradym X

The Callaway Paradym X model is the highest-launching of the three and comes with the highest MOI for extreme forgiveness. On top of the features in the original model, it also has a stretched profile at the address, which helps add a draw bias to each swing.

This model is perfect for those wanting extreme forgiveness and a slight draw on their driver and is also great for slower-swing speed golfers.

Paradym Triple Diamond

The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond driver is designed for better players, featuring a compact 450cc shape and a 14g back weight for lower spin and maximum workability. A neutral ball flight offers the lowest spinning and launching characteristics in the Paradym range, making it ideal for golfers aiming to work the ball.

Notably, it provides low spin, low launch, long carry, and good forgiveness, catering to higher swing speed players seeking maximum drive performance.

Key Similarities Between the Paradym AI Smoke and Paradym Drivers

The original Callaway Paradym drivers and the new Paradym AI Smoke drivers share several key similarities in their design and technology. Both driver models focus on weight distribution and adjustability to cater to different player types.

Both golf drivers feature a carbon composite body that enables precise weight distribution and stability while saving weight and improving performance on off-center hits.

Additionally, both driver series utilize advanced face technology, leveraging specific thicknesses, swords, and edges to create micro-deflections that optimize ball speed, spin, and launch for various player types.

callaway paradym ai smoke looking down shaft

Another shared feature is the introduction of titanium components in the carbon body, contributing to enhanced performance benefits.

These similarities consistently emphasize technological innovation and player-specific performance across the original Paradym and the new Paradym AI Smoke drivers.

Key Differences Between the Paradym AI Smoke and Paradym Drivers

The new Paradym AI Smoke drivers feature a more sophisticated driver face, the AI Smart Face, designed through big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence based on the details of approximately 250,000 swings of golfers of all types. In contrast, the original Paradym drivers do not incorporate this level of AI-driven customization.

Another notable difference lies in the chassis composition. The Paradym AI Smoke drivers combine titanium with carbon to create a lighter frame. In contrast, the original Paradym drivers utilize a 360-degree Carbon Chassis, refined to promote increased weight distribution.

callaway paradym ai smoke address against ball

Additionally, the Paradym AI Smoke drivers offer more precise weight distribution tailored to different player groups, and the introduction of micro deflections on the face to optimize ball speed, launch, and spin represents a departure from the technology used in the original Paradym drivers.

What I Like About the Paradym AI Smoke Better

In comparing the new Paradym AI Smoke driver to the original version, I like a few different things better. First, the new AI Smoke has a more refined and finished look and is more aesthetically appealing to the eye. I like the pale grey color of the head much more than the teal finish of the original model.

Another thing that stood out was the sound of the ball off the club face. The sound of the AI Smoke driver was more crisp than the previous one, and I imagine that is because of the new AI-driven face design.

Lastly, the performance of the AI Smoke compared to the original Paradym was also slightly better. I got more distance on each shot, a few extra yards on average over hundreds of testing hits.

This may be a little for some golfers, but this is a huge deal if you want to get the most out of your drives.

callaway paradym ai smoke club head

What I Like About the Paradym Better

I like two things about the original Paradym driver better than the new AI Smoke model being released. First, I found that I was getting more forgiveness with the original model. Although the AI Smoke driver offers a slight increase in distance, I discovered that mis-hits and off-center hits resulted in a less forgiving result than the original Paradym.

The price point is the second thing other golfers and I like better about the original Paradym driver. Although the new AI Smoke Drivers are only $599, this should push the price of the original Paradym down well below that. With only a year separating the release, most golfers may still need to see a difference in performance between the two.

If that is the case, it makes sense to go with the cheaper one if you are budget-conscious about your golf clubs.

callaway paradym top down view

Callaway Paradym AI Smoke vs Paradym: The Winner

Both the original Paradym driver and the Paradym AI Smoke driver have their merits. While the original model offers premium performance and forgiveness, the Paradym AI Smoke introduces cutting-edge AI technology for optimized distance and accuracy.

The AI Smoke’s aesthetics are also much better than the original.

After reviewing both, I am ready to crown the Paradym AI Smoke driver the winner based on how I hit each one. However, the choice between the two will ultimately come down to personal preference, specific performance requirements, and price point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Paradym AI Smoke driver more forgiving than the original Paradym?

The original Paradym is noted for its exceptional forgiveness, especially on mis-hits. While the AI Smoke does offer improved distance and a crisper sound, some golfers may find the original Paradym to be more forgiving.

For high-handicap golfers, which Callaway Paradym driver is recommended?

High-handicap golfers might prefer the AI Smoke Max Fast, with its easy-to-swing performance with a high and easy launch. Alternatively, the original Paradym X, with its extreme forgiveness and draw bias, is also an excellent choice for high-handicap players.

Which Callaway Paradym model is suitable for low-handicap golfers?

Which Callaway Paradym model is suitable for low-handicap golfers?

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