The Absolute Best Golf Ball Holders: Reviews & Tips

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One thing that most normal golf bags will give you is plenty of pockets for accessories. These pockets can hold almost all of your essential gear, from beverages to tees and, of course, your golf balls.

But isn't it a hassle to have to dig into your golf bag's pockets to retrieve a ball if you happen to have shot it into a water hazard or through the woods? If only there was something more convenient...

Oh wait, there is! Introducing golf ball holders; a nifty little accessories that can latch onto your golf bag, securely holding your golf balls and providing you with quick access to them.

Okay, I know that was probably not the best introduction to these products, but trust me when I say that these golf ball holders are probably something you are going to want. To prove it, we'll take a look at five of the best golf ball holders you can buy right now, and you can decide for yourself.

ThE Best Golf Ball Holders

Best Golf Ball Holders

Golf Ball Holder PRO

Best Overall

Golf Ball Holder PRO


  • Fastball dispensing with quick-release
  • Grab-and-go design lets you select balls from both sides
  • Sometimes ball dislodges

The name of the game when it comes to golf ball holders is convenience; you are going to want a holder that allows you to get to your balls quickly when on the course.

This is where the Golf Ball Holder PRO comes in. Featuring a “quick-draw release” system, you will be allowed to quickly get your ball out of the three-ball magazine, allowing for quicker play and less fiddling around with your bag.


The PRO can easily attach to the side of your bag, thanks to the large grip on the top of the holder. This clip can attach easily to almost any kind of golf bag, making this a tool that most golfers will be able to use without issue.

The steel frame in which you place your ball is coated with an anodized aluminum finish. This finish will allow the frame to remain sturdy, meaning that it can't get damaged easily if being banged around in the trunk of a car.

The quick-release system does have its drawbacks, however, especially when your bag is in a golf cart. If it is in the chamber of the PRO, the banging and movement of the golf cart can sometimes cause balls to become dislodged, so you may need to take extra caution while driving the golf cart.

No matter who you are, this is a product that you will be able to get the most out of, being able to allow speed and convenience when needed.

Neoprene Golf Ball Holder

Best on a Budget

Neoprene Golf Ball Holder


  • Affordable
  • Quick dispensing
  • Golf cart can knock balls loose

Are you on a tight budget at the moment? Still, want to get a new golf ball holder before this weekend's golf match? Then the ProActive Sport Neoprene Golf Ball Holder is your solution!

At a price that is barely more than you would spend on your lunch, the ProActive can provide you with the best golf ball holder that you are looking for without emptying your wallet. This makes the ProActive probably the best choice for golfers looking to save a few dollars.


What you get for your money is a holder that is similar in design to a holster of a gun, and protects your item in much the same way. It does this by completely encompassing them inside of the holder's pouch, while a secure latch keeps your balls in place until you need them.

For quick dispensing, you simply need to just latch this holder onto your golf bag and push your ball through the hole on the bottom. This makes access to your golf balls as quick and simple as it gets, allowing for quicker play.

Golf carts can, in rare instances, cause some issues for the ProActive. The bumping around that you can experience with a golf cart can knock balls loose, leading to you losing golf balls. This only seems to happen when the pouch is not properly packed, however, and shouldn't cause too much concern.

The ProActive Sport Neoprene Golf Ball Holder gives golfers the best golf ball holder they need on a budget. If you are in search of an easy to use ball holder for pennies on the dollar, look no further than the ProActive.

GreenBean Golf Ball Holder

Most Stylish & Coolest Choice

GreenBean Golf Ball Holder


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Maximum portability
  • Maximum two balls

The Green bean Golf Ball Holder takes our next spot for today and features a unique design that lends itself to being the top on the most stylish and coolest choice category.

As the name suggests, this golf ball holder somewhat resembles a bean in its shape. This shape isn't for nothing, however, as this shape allows the holder to securely encompass your balls, making sure that they won't be going anywhere without your say so.


Removing your golf balls from the holder is a cinch, with you able to easily remove them with your thumb and index finger. This allows for quick-fire access to your golf balls in a pinch, allowing you to play your round of 18 quicker.

The GreenBean is able to latch onto any golf bag loop thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum clasp features. Thanks to the small and compact design of the GreenBean, no one will hardly notice it's there, making it one of the less cumbersome holders you can buy.

The only real drawback to this golf ball holder is that it only holds two balls at a time. This isn't really an issue unless it is more convenient to have a golf ball holder that can hold more balls at any given time.

Small, easy to use, and secure for your balls, the GreenBean Holder is hands down one of the best ball holders you can buy.

Clicgear Ball Clip Holder

Best Golf Ball Holder for Cart

Clicgear Ball Clip Holder


  • Able to latch onto push carts
  • Easy installation
  • Only makes sense with push carts or similar

While all the other holders on this list can provide you with the ability to hold your golf balls while providing quick and easy access, our next holder, the Clicgear Ball Clip, provides one thing that the others cannot.

This golf ball holder is a great addition to our golf accessories. What that is is the ability to hook onto a push cart. If you happen to use a push cart for your golf bag, then you will love that the Clicgear is designed to hook onto most models of golf cart via its unique handle.


That isn't to say that the Clicgear can't attach to golf bags either, as it can easily do so, so long as your bag has a latch on it. If you find the Clicgear doesn't attach to your golf cart or bag, every unit of the product ships with an extra clip, which can be used to attach it to a golf cart and bag that it otherwise wouldn't have.

The Clicgear comfortably carries up to three golf balls inside of its slots. These balls can be added or removed easily, allowing for quick and convenient access.

If you are a push-cart owner, then you can't go wrong with the Clicgear Ball Clip, providing easy ball access to golf cart users and non-golf cart users alike.


Golf Ball Holder PROBest OverallGolf Ball Holder PRO
Neoprene Golf Ball HolderBest on a BudgetNeoprene Golf Ball Holder
GreenBean Golf Ball HolderMost Stylish & Coolest ChoiceGreenBean Golf Ball Holder
Clicgear Ball Clip HolderBest Golf Ball Holder for CartClicgear Ball Clip Holder

This is one of those cases where picking a clear cut “best product” is nearly impossible. Every one of the golf ball holders listed above can provide golfers with convenient access to their golf balls, are easy to use, and are all relatively affordable.

So in this case, it is best to say that you should go with your heart. No matter what the choice, you should be able to easily find the best ball holder for you. Now if only you can do something about those damn water hazards.

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