The Best Bag Boy Golf Bags to Buy [Ranked & Reviewed]

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Today we will be taking a look at the best Bag Boy golf bags… what is that? You have never heard of Bag Boy Golf Bags?

Admittedly, Bag Boy is a brand name that does not get much attention in the world of golf. With names like Ping and Callaway available, Bag Boy tends to fall into the background.

But make no mistake, because Bag Boy has its fair share of highest quality golf bags to provide golfers. If you are looking to buy a Bag Boy golf bag, or if you are just curious about this rather obscure brand, then you have come to the right place, as we’ll be taking a look at some of the best golf bags that Bag Boy has to offer.

Our Best Bag Boy GOlf Bags in 2021

  • Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart Bag (Best Bag Boy Cart Bag)“Even though Bag Boy makes some of the best golf travel bags, the Bag Boy Revolver Cart Bag is a cart bag that wins our top pick for best Bag Boy golf bags. Besides having 14 full-length dividers for easy organization, 8 total pockets and a removable insulated cooler pocket, a quick access golf ball sleeve, the most outstanding feature of this bag is the rotating top with click-lock technology for the ultimate organization and prevents clubs from hitting each other.”
  • Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag (Best Bag Boy Women’s Golf Bag)“Chiller Cart Bag will not only allows you to carry all your must have clubs and accessories but also allows you to carry food and beverages with you.”
  • Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag (Best Bag Boy Stand Bag)
  • Bag Boy T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover (Best Bag Boy Travel Golf Bag)
  • Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled Travel Golf Cover (Best Bag Boy Travel Cover on a Budget)

Table of Contents

Best Bag Boy Golf Bags 

Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart Bag

Best Bag Boy Cart Bag

Bag Boy Revolver FX Cart Bag



  • Rotating top with clip-lock technology
  • 14 full-length individual dividers
  • Waterproof fleece-lined valuables pocket
  • Clips are rather loose

The first Bag Boy bag we are looking for is a  cart bag known as the Bag Boy Revolver FX, and once you take a look at the bag, you’ll see that this name is very appropriate.

The Revolver features a unique, 14-way top, that rotates around. These full length dividers with lock in clips not only keeps your clubs secure, but also allows very easy access to your clubs by being able to spin the clubs around to easily remove them from the club well.


If you want to carry around your drinks, or even if you don’t, the Revolver has an insulated cooler pocket. This is in addition to 9 other pockets that the bag has, including two full length apparel bags, allowing you to carry around all your golf gear.

The clips that hold your clubs in place while in the bag are where this bag falls short. The clips are a bit on the looser side, and tend to not hold your clubs in place quite the way you would expect, which can make your clubs fall out of the bag if you are not careful.

Regardless of this, the design of this bag is cool, and allows for a lot of convenience to the golfer, with the Bag Boy Revolver FX giving golfers plenty of options for their gear.

Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag

Best Bag Boy Women’s Golf Bag



  • 15- way organizer
  • Fits oversized putter grip
  • Chiller pocket with removable insulated cooler bag
  • Nothing much

Our next bag is the Chiller Cart Bag, the second cart bag that we are taking a look at on this list. And much like the first cart bag, the Revolver, the Chiller name is very appropriate for the bag.

This is due to the bags large chiller pocket, which also has a removable insulated cooler bag, allowing you to carry all the food and beverages you wish to take with you. This is in addition to the nine other large pockets on the bag, including an oversized ball pocket as well as a lined valuables pocket.


For your clubs, the Chiller has a 15-way organizer to keep all your clubs neat and separated. In addition to this, you will get a full length putter well, which can even fit oversized putter grips for the golfers that prefer to use this kind of grip.

Outside of some small, isolated cases that some golfers have had, there really isn’t much bad to talk about with the Chiller Cart Bag. If you want a good quality golf bag, the Chiller is a purchase you can feel secure in making.

Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag

Best Bag Boy Stand Bag

Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag

We at Hitting the Golf Ball love hybrid stand bags, because they are the perfect mix between a Sunday bag / carry bag and a cart bag. For people who want flexibility without an overflowing garage these are the perfect choice.

The value for money you get from the Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Bag is excellent and will leave you happy for years to come.

Bag Boy T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover

Best Bag Boy Travel Golf Bag

Bag Boy T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover


  • Hard ABS top for maximum protection
  • Heavy duty anti-burst strap
  • Deluxe in-line skate wheels provide smooth rolling action
  • Weak zipper

One thing that the Bag Boy brand seems to do well is travel bags, which is the case with our next bag, the missile-shaped T-10 travel cover.

Part of the reason that the T-10 has the missile like shape it does is because of the hard plastic cover that the bag has. This cover is extremely hard to damage, which means that your clubs are certain to be secure while they are inside the bag, meaning your equipment won’t come to harm.


While the bag can safely house many full-length golf clubs, it can also keep your gear secure, thanks to two oversized shoe and garment pockets. Helping to keep all this secure is the 600D polyester body, which is both hard to damage and strong.

While the material of the bag is strong, the zipper is not. The zipper has a tendency to break after a few uses, making them the one weak point on this strong bag.

Not a perfect bag, but certainly not a horrible one either, if you are looking for a super strong and durable travel bag, you can’t go wrong with the T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover.

Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled Travel Golf Cover

Best Bag Boy Travel Cover on a Budget

Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled Travel Golf Cover


  • Lockable, full wrap-around main zipper simplifies access and packing
  • Weather and tear resistant 600D polyester
  • Affordable
  • Not very durable for longer trips

Our final Bag Boy product for today is another travel bag with the T-750 Wheeled Travel Cover. Not only is this option great for travel, like the other Bag Boy travel bags, but it is also the best travel option for those trying to save some cash.

If buying tickets for your upcoming trip has left your bank account a bit drained, and you still need a travel bag, this is the best option to go with.


As for other features, the bag is made with a double quilted design, making for a thick and strong housing for your golf gear. To make accessing your gear easy for the user, the T-750 comes with a lockable, full wrap around zipper, allowing you to quickly get to your clubs and other golfing equipment.

Unfortunately, while this bag is great for shorter trips, longer trips can be hard on the bag. Due in part to its cheaper price, the bag is not as durable as some of the other travel bag options from Bag Boy, and longer trips increase the likelihood that the bag and your equipment can become damaged.

This is certainly not desirable, but for shorter trips the bag is more than serviceable. Should you only be going a short distance, or find yourself short on cash, then the T-750 Wheeled Travel Cover is a good choice for travel bag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Bag Boy golf bags have a warranty?

Yes. Bag Boy golf bags and travel covers usually have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Please check with reseller or manufacturer for details.

Is there a rain hood in the Bag Boy golf bag?

Yes, Bag Boy golf bags have a rain hood that can be found in the large garment packet.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

On Or Off The Course

As you can see, Bag Boy offers a variety of golf bags in the form of cart bags and travel bags. So which type of bag should you buy?

If you are someone who is looking for a bag that you can use at any golf course, then you cannot go wrong with Bag Boy’s cart bags. These bags provide many options for golfers on the course, including large putter wells and many pockets for GPS and rangefinders, as well as foods and beverages.

If you happen to travel a lot, however, then the three travel bag options that are listed above are all options you should consider. Sure, they may not have all the fancy pockets and extra space, but they are also guaranteed to keep your clubs safe when traveling, making sure your clubs get to your destination as safe as you do.

Bag Boy Vs. Other Brands

With so many other, bigger brand names out there, is there anything that the Bag Boy brand of golf bags has to offer?

The Bag Boy brand offers some good options for cart bags, without question. However, in comparison to some other brands, these cart bags are a little lacking in quality, and there are some other options out there that can be considered better.

Where Bag Boy excels, however, is in the travel bag area. While other brands do offer these kind of bags, few can rival the quality of the Bag Boy travel bags, with their travel bags being stronger and harder to damage than others.

To sum up, if you are a person who travels a lot, then the Bag Boy brand is the name you should keep an eye out for.


Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart BagBest Bag Boy Cart BagBag Boy Revolver FX Cart Bag
Bag Boy Chiller Cart BagBest Bag Boy Women's Golf Bag
Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand BagBest Bag Boy Stand BagBag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag
Bag Boy T-10 Hard Top Travel CoverBest Bag Boy Travel Golf BagBag Boy T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover
Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled Travel Golf CoverBest Bag Boy Travel Cover on a BudgetBag Boy T-750 Wheeled Travel Golf Cover

As you can see, even an underdog brand such as Bag Boy has a lot to offer golfers. If anything, the brand name is proof that a name isn’t everything, as you can’t go wrong with a Bag Boy golf bag.

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