6 Best Golf Cart Bags to Ride Along With: Reviews & Recommendations

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Best Overall

sun mountain c130 best cart bag

Sun Mountain C130

Full 14 dividers

13 pockets

Smart strap system

Most Versatile

ogio woode best golf cart bag

OGIO Woode

11 pockets

Extra large putter slot

Rapid access slots


titleist cart 14 best golf cart bag

TaylorMade Cart Lite


Deep well cooler pocket

14-way divider

When you store your golf bag on the back of your cart rather than carrying it, you should be able to store everything you need. This guide will show you the best golf cart bags you can buy today.

For each cart, we’ll go over:

  • key features you’ll like
  • a breakdown of all the pockets
  • how to buy your cart bag today

If you are in a rush, the Ping DLX has 15 pouches, room for your shoes, and an insulated cooler for your beverage. Keep reading to find out more.

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What are the Best Golf Cart Bags?

  1. Sun Mountain C130 (Best Overall)
  2. OGIO Woode (Most Versatile Cart Bag)
  3. TaylorMade Cart Lite (Lightest Cart Bag)
  4. OGIO Silencer (Quietest Cart Bag)
  5. Titleist Cart 14 (Best on a Budget)
  6. Ping DLX (Coolest Features)

Sun Mountain C130 (Best Overall)

sun mountain c130 best cart bag

Key Features

  • 14 full-length dividers with a dedicated putter compartment
  • Velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Magnetic rangefinder pocket
  • Smart Strap System
  • Three utility handles
  • Rain cover included

What I Like About the Sun Mountain C130

The C130 is Sun Mountain’s best-selling golf cart bag and has been updated for the 2023 season. Everything about this bag has been created to work optimally on a golf cart.

There are three utility handles at the top of the bag, allowing you to lift the bag on and off a golf cart. The top of the bag is also reversed, enabling easy access to all your clubs for every shot.

Another convenient thing about this bag is that all the pockets are forward-facing for easy access to your belongings. Among the 13 pockets available are two full-length apparel pockets, a ventilated cooler pocket, a magnetic velour-lined rangefinder pocket, and two other velour-lined valuables pockets, one being water-resistant.

This bag has ample storage space for all of your golf stuff!

Sun Mountain has also brought back its Smart Strap System. This system attaches your golf bag to the riding cart with two Velcro straps that help stop the bag from twisting around on the cart and keeps your bag securely attached to the golf cart.

All these features make the Sun Mountain C130 an excellent cart bag and one of the best golf bags available.

OGIO Woode (Most Versatile)

ogio woode best golf cart bag

Key Features

  • 15-way Woode Top
  • Extra larger putter slot
  • 11 Front-facing pockets
  • Rapid Access Snap Ball Pocket
  • Oversized insulated cooler pocket
  • Lockdown Straps

What I Like About the OGIO Woode

The updated 2023 OGIO Woode 15 Cart Bag is designed to deliver the best golf course experience by efficiently organizing your clubs and belongings. This bag has been specifically crafted to work optimally on a golf cart, making it your ideal companion on the green.

The innovative 15-way Woode Top organizes your woods and irons separately, protecting your woods while providing extra room for large putter grips. With easy access to all your clubs, every shot is a breeze.

The OGIO Woode Cart Bag features 11 front-facing pockets for convenient access to your belongings. Among these pockets are a Rapid Access Snap Ball Pocket, a Rapid Access Snap fleece-lined valuables pocket, and an oversized insulated cooler pocket, ensuring you have ample storage space for all your golf essentials.

OGIO has also incorporated Lockdown Straps into the design. These push cart lockdown straps secure your bag in place on push carts and e-trollies, preventing your bag from twisting around and ensuring a secure attachment to the golf cart.

With its innovative design and convenient features, the OGIO Woode 15 Cart Bag is an outstanding choice for golfers seeking organization and ease of use on the golf course.

TaylorMade Cart Lite (Lightest Cart Bag)

taylormade cart lite best golf cart bag

Key Features

  • 14-way divider top
  • Incredibly lightweight at 5 lbs
  • Deep well cooler pocket
  • Many color options are available
  • Rain cover included

What I Like About the TaylorMade Cart Lite 2023

When you think of golf cart bags, your mind automatically moves to how heavy the bag is. This is where the TaylorMade Cart Lite comes into play as the best lightweight cart bag. This golf cart bag is very light, weighing only 5 pounds.

But don’t let this fool you, as ample storage is available.

The top divider has 14 holes, which should be plenty for all your golf clubs. The holes are all individual, allowing easy access to all your clubs.

There are many storage zippers available on this bag also. The ball pocket is easy to access, and all the zippers are smooth. A cart-strap pass-through system keeps your bag secure from the golf cart and makes all pockets and zippers easily accessible.

The TaylorMade Cart Lite is a great golf bag, and the weight makes it comparable to some of the lightest stand bags, which is excellent for a cart bag.

The only downside to this golf cart bag is that there are fewer storage options than other cart bags. This is to keep the weight down, so it depends on what you value more. This bag is one of the best golf cart bags for the 2023 season and easily one of the lightest cart bags.

Ogio Silencer (Quietest Golf Cart Bag)

ogio silencer best golf cart bag

Key Features

  • Ogio Silencer Club Protection System
  • Molded vault pocket with impact protection
  • Comfort-molded foam shoulder straps
  • Umbrella holder
  • 11 pockets for maximum storage

What I Like About the Ogio Silencer

If you are looking for the most protection on your golf clubs and the quietest golf cart ride, look no further than the Ogio Silencer golf cart bag. Ogio’s number one priority for this bag was silence, and they achieved just that.

The Ogio Silencer features a molded 15-way top divider that allows you to organize your golf clubs more efficiently. The molded dividers lock your clubs into place, which helps to prevent them from rattling around and causing damage.

A newer broad base on the bag also helps lock it into place on the cart to prevent it from moving around. A cart strap pass-through system also locks this bag into place fully.

This bag features 11 pockets, including a rapid access ball pocket. The valuables pocket is soft-lined, with helps prevent any scratching. There are also two large apparel pockets to store anything you need for the day.

All of these features make the Ogio Silencer one of the best golf cart bags available this golf season.

Titleist Cart 14 Cart Bag (Best on a Budget)

titleist cart 14 best golf cart bag

Key Features

  • 11 cart-accessible pockets
  • Lightweight cart bag design
  • Large cooler pocket

What I Like About the Titleist Cart 14 2023 Cart Bag

The Titleist Cart 14 is a brand-new cart bag for the 2023 season and our choice for the best on a budget. This bag is inexpensive compared to the others on this list but provides almost all the same features.

This bag includes a lightweight design, only weighing 5.7 pounds. It consists of 11 pockets that are easily accessible when the bag is on a cart, so you aren’t fumbling around for what you need.

The top has individual club dividers for all your golf clubs and an easy-to-use strap loop for easy connection to a golf cart.

There is a large insulated pocket for beverages and a removable ball pocket for customization. This may not be the flashiest cart golf bag, but it does the job without breaking the bank.

Ping DLX (Coolest Features)

Key Features

  • 15-way divider top with dedicated putter well
  • 15 pockets for maximum storage
  • Two hidden shoe pouches
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Magnetic rangefinder pocket

What I Like About the Ping DLX

The Ping DLX is our choice for the top golf cart bag available for the 2023 season. This bag has everything that you need for a smooth round of golf.

There is a 15-way top that has spacious dividers for all of your golf clubs. The putter well is separate, so you don’t have to worry about your grip sticking while putting the club in and out.

This is also great for golfers who have putters with oversized grips, as you don’t have to worry about those snagging. There is also so much storage that you will need help figuring out what to do with the space.

The DLX has 15 spacious pockets throughout the bag. Every pocket is functional in one way or another, allowing you to maximize your storage.

One of the coolest things about this golf cart bag is the two hidden shoe pouches which tuck away nicely into the rear of the bag. This means that you can store your golf shoes inside the bag without even noticing that they are there.

The Ping DLX also features a magnetic rangefinder pocket and an insulated cooler pocket to help keep your beverages cold.

The bag is made from a premium material that can withstand all of the elements, and there is also a cart-strap pass-through channel that keeps all of the pockets available even while strapped to the golf cart.

The only downside to this bag is its weight, which can get quite heavy with all the storage compartments. But, if you purchase a bag solely for riding in a golf cart, this should be okay.

Click here to buy the Ping DLX.

ping dlx best golf cart bag

Is A Cart Bag Or Stand Bag Better?

The better option for you depends on your intended use case.

A cart bag is an excellent choice when play golf using a golf cart most of your time on the course. However, if you decide to walk a course, your cart bag will bring you little joy due to its weight and lack of a stand. It’s only designed to stand upright on a flat surface.

If you plan to keep your options open to take carts and walk the course, stand bags are usually a good compromise. They are a lot more lightweight while at the same time still providing most of the storage space a cart bag would provide.

However, cart bags are heavier than most Sunday bags or travel bags.

What Are All The Pockets On A Golf Bag For?

The primary function of the pockets is to help you store your golf gear and equipment in your bag. Typical pockets are:

  • Ball pockets.
  • Small pockets for golf tees.
  • A larger pocket for apparel.
  • A few generic extra pockets.

Many higher-end models come with pre-molded rangefinder pockets, velour-lined valuables pockets, umbrella pockets, or even cooler pockets.

Most golf bags focus on zippers to close their bags because the bag moves around so much that the chance of losing your items would be too big with slip pockets. All in all, pockets are for storage, making it easy for golfers to find their items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Golf Cart Bag To Buy?

The number one cart golf bag to buy is the Ping DLX. It has ample storage options and two hidden shoe holders!

Can Golf Stand Bags Be Used On A Cart?

Yes, standing bags will fit just fine on the back of a cart. They are lighter and will have less storage compared to a cart bag, but are versatile for every situation.

What Is The Lightest Golf Cart Bag?

The TaylorMade Cart Lite bag has the lowest weight among the reviewed golf cart bags. With a weight of just 5 pounds, it is incredibly lightweight and offers excellent storage for all your belongings.

What Is The Best Waterproof Golf Cart Bag?

Most golf cart bags, even if they aren’t waterproof, come with a rain hood to protect your clubs. It’s usually straightforward to put on and remove the rain hood and use these features. However, this is not as big of an issue for your cart bag because the cart usually provides enough protection from the rain.

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