The 15 Best Electric Golf Push Carts Today [Top Picks]

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Walking the golf course is great exercise, but pulling or pushing your golf clubs in a manual cart is tedious. Luckily, our list of best electric golf push carts will show you sophisticated options that automatically push your carts all over the course for you.

For each cart, we’ll take a look at:

  • An overview of the model and what it does
  • Key features you’ll like
  • Specific things I like in each cart
  • How to buy each electric golf cart

From auto-following to GPS, compact to travel-friendly, there are a whole ton of options for you. If you didn’t know that electric push carts were a thing for placing your golf bag, you are in for a real surprise!

If you have any of the options in our list of best electric golf push carts, or another one altogether, let us know by commenting down below.

What Are The Overall Best Electric Golf Push Carts?

  1. Cart-Tek Electric Push Cart (Best Overall)
  2. MGI Zip Navigator (Best Premium)
  3. MGI Zip X3 Electric Golf Caddie (Best for Transport)
  4. Super E Caddy Weekender (Best Flexibility)
  5. Batcaddy X8R (Best for Remote Control Precision)
  6. Motocaddy M7 (Best Manoeuvrability)
  7. Callaway Traverse Electric (Best Compact)
  8. MGI Zip X1 (Best Value)
  9. Bat-Caddy X4R Electric Caddy (Easiest to Setup)
  10. Alphard Ewheel Golf Club Booster V2 (Convert a Regular Golf Cart to Electric)
  11. Foresight ForeCaddy. (Best Automatic Following)
  12. BagBoy Volt
  13. Stewart X10
  14. Stewart Q Follow
  15. Caddytrek FTR R2

Best Electric Golf Push Carts

Cart-Tek GRi-1500L Electric Golf Push Cart with Remote Control

Best Overall Electric Golf Trolley

Cart-Tek is the world’s leading motorized golf caddy for golfers of all experience levels. Featuring improved ergonomics, a brand new remote control, and completely redesigned wheels, Cart-Tek can follow you while you walk so that you don’t have to do any of the work.

The Cart-Tek also features slope control, which lets the cart go exactly where you want it to go, even on uneven ground. This golf caddy’s sleek design both provides extra protection against the elements and also hides the motor nicely. The included remote fits in your pocket easily for quick control of the cart to drive it where you need.

Cart-Tek uses a precision welded aviation-grade 6061 aluminum to construct the cart frame, which makes it one of the most rugged push carts on the market. The 1500Li uses 2 x 24 volt motors and a lithium-ion battery that can serve you for up to 36 holes of golf.

When you pop open the box, you will get the GRi-1500Li, a 10Ah Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger, an accessory bundle, and a user manual. Lithium batteries are a must in all of the best electric golf push carts on the market today.

Key Features

  • Has three modes – free wheel, trolley, and remote.
  • Highly customizable and programmable (tracking, speed buttons, and turning force).
  • The included 10Ah lithium-ion battery can serve you for two rounds without charging.
  • Has a remote control for easy steering.

What I Liked

This golf push cart is by far the best on the market. I liked that the remote works every time and has an amazing range. It’s also very stable and makes golfing so much fun. I also liked the trolley mode and slope control features.

MGI Zip Navigator

Best Premium Quality

The MGI Zip Navigator is a powerful golf electric cart that can let you roam freely and play shots under less fatigue. The manufacturer uses cutting-edge electric cart technology to produce this masterpiece, so that you can walk freely around the course while the cart does all the work.

It features a fully directional remote control, advanced click and go lithium 24v 380Wh battery system, and an automatic downhill speed control. This cart easily maneuvers on hilly or rough terrain.

This motorized push cart is equipped with an electronic park brake to hold or stop the cart across all terrain. It is also equipped with a resettable odometer for easy tracking of your total usage, longest drive, and distance walked.

Inside of the box is the cart and wheels, plus other essentials:

  • battery, charger
  • umbrella holder
  • GPS phone holder
  • drink holder
  • multi purpose clip
  • rear wheel covers
  • USB charging cord
  • remote control
  • user manual.

Key Features

  • The Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology lets you easily track the cart across all terrain.
  • Powered by the largest capacity Lithium 24V 380WH with awesome battery life
  • The remote control is fully directional.
  • This golf push cart has a foldable rear 4th wheel for added stability.

What I Liked

I liked that this push cart is simple to assemble, even when attaching the battery. I also liked that it fits my standard golf bag. It moved along smoothly on the course and can easily navigate side hills.

MGI Zip X3

The MGI Zip X3 Electric Golf Caddie has Zip Fold Technology, which simplifies setup and transport. I really like this feature because it makes it easy to place in and out of your vehicle. The Click & Go Lithium Battery System gets me up to 36-holes, eliminating concerns about power depletion during an extended round.

The powerful 230-watt motor provides a smooth and whisper-quiet ride. The T-Bar Top Handle and Independent Top Bag Support are fully customizable. These are easy to adjust to the right levels as needed.

Two standout features are the variable speed control and distance modes. These provide you with optimal control and awareness during your round. Including an accessory bundle featuring a drink holder, umbrella holder, rear wheel covers, multi-purpose clip, and GPS phone holder adds practicality and convenience to the caddie.

On the golf course, I think that the Zip X3 moves well. I play on a home golf course with some rolling hills and I never have problems. Check out the X3 today for yourself and you will see the benefit!

Key Features

  • Compact and easy-to-handle electric golf caddie without the need for a remote.
  • High-performance lithium battery with a 36-hole capacity
  • Smooth and virtually silent operation.
  • Versatile front wheel options, including swiveling and lockable fixed positions
  • Fully integrated foldable 4th wheel for enhanced maneuverability
  • Weighs only 24.80 LBS without the battery and 29.47 LBS with the battery.

What I Liked

I like that the MGI Zip X3 Electric Golf Caddie looks more sophisticated than other similar options. The compact design with Zip Fold makes it remarkably convenient for transport.

The whisper-quiet motor ensures a serene stroll on the course, letting me focus on the joy of the game without any distractions. The fully adjustable features, especially the ergonomic T-Bar Top Handle, provide a tailored and comfortable fit.

Super E Caddy Weekender

The Super E Caddy Weekender comes with a ton of features that have improved my golfing experience. First off, it has two modes – manual push cart and electric push cart – so that you benefit from the flexibility to continue using the cart even if the battery runs out. This adaptability ensures uninterrupted play on the course.

The powerful 12V battery provides enough energy to comfortably complete 18 holes on a single charge, eliminating concerns about battery life during extended rounds. This battery life is less than others on this list, but the price of this electronic push cart is better as well.

One of the notable advantages is the lightweight and foldable design, making transportation a breeze. You can effortlessly fold and stow the cart in car trunks or backseats, adding convenience if you prefer walking the course. The three-wheel configuration ensures easy maneuverability over various terrains, contributing to a smooth and stable navigation experience during the round.

Key Features

  • Provides both manual push cart and electric push cart modes.
  • Equipped with a robust 12-volt battery.
  • Designed for portability, the Super E Caddy is lightweight and folds up in seconds.
  • With its three wheels, the Weekender can easily maneuver over uneven terrain.
  • Being battery-powered, this golf cart eliminates engine noise and fumes.

What I Liked

The Super E Caddy Weekender is a perfect entry-level electric cart to golf with. Transitioning effortlessly between manual and electric modes offers me flexibility on the course, ensuring I can continue my round without interruptions.

Its lightweight build and easy maneuverability make it a joy to navigate. The motor is quiet, creating a more enjoyable and immersive golfing experience.

Batcaddy X8R

The Batcaddy X8R electric golf push cart is fully directional from a remote control that sits in your pocket during your golf round. This flexibility lets you navigate freely and with high precision. The oversized “Mountain Slayer” dual anti-tip wheels ensure stability, benefiting you on various terrains and enhancing overall maneuverability.

Equipped with dual 200W quiet motors, the X8R allows you to tailor your walking pace with nine forward and reverse speeds. Control features such as downhill speed control, optional manual control, auto-timed distance control, and cruise control will empower you with versatility. The X8R caddy adapts to most preferences and course conditions.

Beyond functionality, the electric golf caddy includes essential accessories like an umbrella holder, scorecard holder, and drink holder, catering to your needs during play. Additionally, the Batcaddy has a USB port so that you can use the battery to charge up your phone on the course.

Key Features

  • Includes oversized “Mountain Slayer” dual anti-tip wheels
  • Equipped with dual 200W quiet motors
  • Control features like downhill speed control, optional manual control, auto-timed distance control, and cruise control.
  • Has a USB port for added convenience.

What I Liked

The cart’s light and foldable design impressed me as it effortlessly fits into my Camry trunk alongside my clubs. Setting it up was straightforward, albeit after a minor adjustment with a file on the center bracket.

The power and traction are exceptional, providing a smooth ride and impressive top speed on the course. A light yet powerful battery is a worthwhile investment, ensuring uninterrupted play. However, the cart’s tendency to veer on uneven surfaces proved challenging, requiring constant direction adjustments.

Despite this, I appreciated the option to guide the cart manually using the remote, which worked well.

Motocaddy M7 Remote

Best Maneuverability Over Rough Terrain

The Motocaddy M7 Remote can make your golf game easier. It is the perfect push cart for golfers looking for a foldable model with exceptional control.

It is easy to set up and use. Plus, the remote control covers significant distances. It has an extra back wheel that’s designed to prevent the cart from tipping over, even on rough or hilly terrain.

The manufacturer recently redesigned the system to offer optimized rechargeable battery efficiency, increased reliability, and instinctive caddy control. With the Motocaddy M7 Remote, you will enjoy complete control over all terrain with the push of a button. Whether you want to walk to the green or drive to the next tee box, you won’t worry where your cart is located. The cart helps carry your clubs and other golfing accessories to the course and make you ready to play your favorite game.

This push cart is fully adjustable. The 2 step system collapses the push cart into a compact size, making it to transport and store.

Key Features

  • This cart features an easy manual control mode and automatic downhill cruise control.
  • Has a USB charging port where you can recharge the battery.
  • Equipped with a removable rear anti-tip wheel.
  • Has nine speed settings, speed indicator & battery meter

What I Liked

I liked that this motorized golf push cart can maneuver rough and hilly terrain without tipping over. The battery power works very efficient and it has a quiet motor even over the steepest hills.

Callaway Traverse Electric Push Cart

Best Compact

The Callaway Traverse Electric Push Cart is one of the best electric golf trolleys for professional golfers who want to navigate hands-free on the course. This cart is powered by high-torque twin motors with a gearbox and sealed housing for a smooth operation.

The Traverse comes with variable speed and directional control – reverse, forward, right, and left. It has a portable rechargeable lithium battery that can serve you for up to 27 holes on a single charge.

The Callaway Traverse Electric Cart is equipped with a storage compartment, ball holder, beverage holder, tee holder, and umbrella holder. With a lightweight aluminum frame, this push cart can conveniently fold down for easy storage and transportation. It can perfectly fit most car trunks.

So, if you need a push cart with all the necessary accessories to enjoy hands-free navigation on the course, look no further than the Callaway Traverse Electric Push Cart.

Key Features

  • Has an adjustable height.
  • Foldable, compact, and portable.
  • Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery
  • The frame is durable and made of aluminum.

What I Liked

I like that this cart is portable, compact, and can easily fit into my vehicle. It is easy to travel with and big enough to hold my full golf bag and accessories.

MGI Zip X1 Electric Golf Caddy

Best Value

The MGI Zip X1 Electric Golf Caddy is the perfect model for golfers who need a motorized push cart to do all the work while they concentrate on the game. This golf caddie is powered by a high-torque 230 watt electric motor to guarantee a quiet and smooth ride. The motor receives electrical power from the advanced Click and Go lithium 24v 250Wh battery system.

The push cart comes with a fixed front swivel wheel to support a smooth ride and easy navigation on difficult terrain. There’s also a fully foldable rear 4th wheel for added stability and easy storage.

The box includes a buggy, battery charger, user manual, wheels, and GPS holder.

Key Features

  • This model has a fixed front wheel.
  • Powered by a quiet 230 watt electric motor.
  • Has a battery indicator and variable speed control.
  • Perfect for all terrain.

What I Liked

Compared to other models, this motorized golf push cart offers the best value for your money. It lets you navigate the golf course hands-free and is suitable for all terrain. It’s a great beginner electric trolly cart.

Bat-Caddy X4R Remote Control Cart

Easiest to Set Up

The Bat-Caddy X4R Remote Control Cart is another push cart to give serious consideration. It has all the features you need to concentrate on the game, including scorecard holder, umbrella holder, and cup holder.

It also has optional accessories like a sand dispenser, rain cover, remote control cliphanger, and GPS holder.  It has a nice adjustable handle that can match your height or push down to a smaller size for storage.

This push cart is powered by a 2 x 200 Watt, 12 V DC motor. It has a rear wheel direct drive for free wheeling when power goes off. The frame is made of a precision welded aviation-grade 6061 aluminum, which makes it perfect for different terrain. What’s more? The Bat-Caddy X4R Remote Control Cart is equipped with a slope control mechanism, which helps the caddie to go to precise locations, even on bumpy ground.

Key Features

  • The battery can serve you for two rounds without charging.
  • Is highly programmable for custom preferences.
  • Comes with a 2 x 200 Watt DC electric motor.
  • Comes with a USB port for easy charging.

What I Liked

What I liked the most about this push cart is that it is the easiest to set up and take down. Plus, it uses FCC Authorized remote control with range up to 120 yards.

Alphard Ewheel Golf Club Booster V2

Conversion for Regular Push Carts

The Alphard Ewheel Golf Club Booster V2 is perfect for those looking to convert their regular push cart into a motorized, electric remote-controlled golf push cart. With this product, you can do the transformation within 20 minutes; all you need to do is to remove the existing back wheels and install the mounting brackets, and you are good to go.

The remote control guarantees effortless smooth steering with multiple speed and distance timer settings. One major feature of this model is that it uses a 6-axis gyroscope to automatically detect all terrain conditions and can adjust its wheels to keep a steady pace.

The 6-axis gyroscope also helps prevent unwanted deviations as you walk the course. Club Booster V2 comes with premium features found on high-end electric caddies. The detachable lithium-ion battery can last up to 500 cycles without any replacement. You can also use your smartphone as a backup remote control.

If your battery dies in the middle of the round, no worries. The Ewheel comes with a free-wheel mode that allows you to switch the cart back to a standard push cart.

Key Features

  • This model comes with brackets to fit Clicgear 3.0 and above.
  • Comes with a remote control that you can pair with your smartphone for convenient control.
  • Uses a 6-axis gyroscope to automatically detect terrain.
  • Easy installation and operation.

What I Liked

I liked that this model can transform a regular push cart into a motorized golf push cart. Plus, it’s equipped with waterproof, long lasting detachable lithium-ion battery and comes with a mobile app for remote operations.

Foresight Sports ForeCaddy Smart Cart

Best Automatic Following Technology

The Foresight Sports ForeCaddy Smart Cart is designed from the ground up to give you superior performance and make you concentrate on the game. With four modes of operation, you’re certainly in for hands-free navigation around the green while the motorized push cart does most of the job.

From showing off the coolest gear in front of your buddies to the added health benefits, this golf push cart will put you on top of your game. And with accessories like a phone charger, ball and scorecard holder, and more, you will enjoy an ideal golfing experience.

The operation modes include:

  • follow
  • remote
  • power assist
  • manual.

The box contains the ForeCaddy Smart Cart, a remote control, umbrella holder, cup holder, scorecard and ball holder, battery and charging adapter. It also contains a sand bottle holder, additional golf bag security straps, wireless charger, and a USB-C charging cable.

Key Features

  • Has an automatic follow mode as long as you have 7 feet on each side.
  • Comes with a cup holder, phone holder, and sand holder.
  • Powered by the largest capacity Lithium 24V 380WH battery
  • The remote control is fully directional.

What I Liked

I liked that this push cart knows how to follow. Once you clip the remote to your waist, you can walk hands-free while the push cart takes care of the rest.

Click here to view Foresight Sports ForeCaddy Smart Cart

BagBoy Volt

The BagBoy Volt is a high-quality golf course push cart. It has a generous storage capacity and an ergonomic remote control system, so you can effortlessly transport your clubs throughout the round. The TrueLine Tracking technology keeps the cart on course. It can convert to a manual push cart, making it ideal for easily navigating tight spaces.

Battery life is a big winner on the Volt cart. It has two 380-watt motors, the highest out of any electric golf cart I’ve reviewed. The cart battery is rated for 36 holes, but you can easily get that much or more.

With its compact fold-down size, the BagBoy Volt offers unparalleled convenience and portability. I really enjoy the nine different speed levels, which is more granular than other carts.

Key Features

  • Predetermined distance setting with nine speed levels for customizable control.
  • Powerful 24v 380Wh lithium battery for reliable performance.
  • Extendable 4th wheel prevents cart tipping for added stability.
  • Lockable remote control ensures safety and prevents accidental engagement.

What I Liked

I really like the lightweight design and ample storage capacity on the BagBoy Volt Electric Golf Push Cart. As someone who values convenience and ease of use on the golf course, I appreciated how effortlessly I could transport my clubs throughout the round. The versatility of the Volt is awesome.

The long-lasting 36-hole battery life provides peace of mind, allowing me to focus on my game without worrying about interruptions.

Stewart X10

The Stewart X10 is an awesome automatic push cart. With its proprietary 7th Generation Follow Technology, you can navigate the course with unparalleled ease and focus solely on your game without the distractions of pushing or pulling a traditional cart. This innovative feature allows the X10 Follow to trail effortlessly behind you. It works on all terrain types.

I also like the remote on the Stewart X10, which is really easy to use.

The one drawback to the X10 is the battery. It is half as powerful as the Bag Boy Volt. While it performs pretty efficiently, this is one area for improvement. The steel frame is really sturdy and solid. It helps the Stewart X10 move efficiently on uneven surfaces, but it adds a few extra pounds.

Key Features

  • Remote control range of up to 50 yards for added convenience.
  • Extended battery life with EcoDrive Motors and 18/36-hole battery options.
  • Secure Bluetooth communication for reliable connectivity.
  • Rechargeable handset with USB cable for easy charging.

What I Liked

Stewart’s Follow Technology works really well. This push cart offers seamless hands-free navigation. Walking the course without the distraction of pushing or pulling a cart significantly enhanced my overall experience.

The remote control range of up to 50 yards was also a standout feature for me, allowing me to guide the cart effortlessly from a distance and save time between shots. The combination of advanced technology, convenience, and reliability in the Stewart X10 Follow is another feature I liked in the design.

Stewart Golf Q Follow

The Stewart Golf Q Follow is the most compact Follow cart ever. It has all the features you need to concentrate on the course. With its compact and lightweight design, the Q Follow offers unparalleled maneuverability and portability, making it easy to transport and store.

Incorporating Follow and Remote technology allows you to enjoy a hands-free experience on the course, walking hassle-free down the fairway while the cart effortlessly trails behind. This innovative feature enhances convenience and will enable you to focus solely on your game, eliminating distractions and improving overall performance.

The Q Follow’s has three modes of operation: Follow, Remote, and Manual. I enjoy the flexibility to navigate various course conditions. Whether you utilize Follow Mode for a seamless walking experience, remotely guide the cart to the next tee, or manually maneuver through tight spaces, you can tailor your experience to suit your preferences.

The Qalso includes features such as the retractable stabilizer and SmartPower battery with Bluetooth connectivity, which ensures convenience throughout the round.

Key Features

  • Microcellular composite chassis for durability and strength.
  • Retractable stabilizer and dual-bearing, free-rolling wheels for stability on any terrain.
  • SmartPower battery with Bluetooth connectivity for monitoring and control via smartphone.
  • Seventh-generation Follow technology for seamless navigation on the course.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with 36-hole capacity for extended play.

What I Liked

This cart exceeded my expectations in every way. With just a press of the “Follow” button on the remote, I could enjoy a hands-free experience as the cart followed effortlessly behind me, maintaining a perfect distance of 6-8 feet.

The electric cart’s convenience makes me wish I had invested in it years ago. I also like how compact and portable the Q is, which makes transportation and storage effortless.

Caddytrek FTR R2

The Caddytrek FTR R2 is a powerful electric golf push cart that can revolutionize how you navigate the course. Its robotic design offers unparalleled convenience and freedom.

With its tracking technology utilizing ultrasound and RF signals, the CaddyTrek cal, thus speed, distance, and angle of your position. This ensures seamless movement and effortless navigation on the course.

Beyond its hands-free capabilities, the CaddyTrek FTR R2 offers versatility with two tracking modes—Follow and Marching. Whether you prefer to have the caddy trail behind you or operate it remotely for additional speed and hill-climbing ability, the CaddyTrek easily adapts to your preferences.

The compact, lightweight folding aluminum frame and powerful 250-watt dual motors ensure smooth and efficient operation. The lithium-powered battery provides enough power for 27 holes of play. With its sports-like drive wheels and matching caster wheels, the CaddyTrek FTR R2 delivers a truly effortless and enjoyable golfing experience.

Key Features

  • Remote Mode allows for additional speed and hill-climbing ability.
  • Compact and lightweight folding aluminum frame for easy storage and transport.
  • Powerful 250-watt dual motors ensure smooth operation on various terrains.
  • Low-to-high speed control is available when operated in remote control mode.
  • Sports-like wide-track drive wheels and matching caster wheels for stability.

FTR also includes several useful accessories with the cart: a Cup Holder, Scorecard Holder, Umbrella Holder, CaddyBelt, and Golf Cart Phone Holder.

What I Liked

What I loved most about my FTR CaddyTrek R2 was its effortless control and flawless performance, especially in Follow mode. From the moment I took it out for a spin, I was impressed by how seamlessly it trailed behind me, allowing me to focus entirely on my game without the hassle of manually carrying my bag.

While it took a bit of practice to master the marching mode, once I got the hang of it, navigating the course became a breeze. However, I found myself gravitating more towards the simplicity and convenience of the Follow mode.

How to Choose the Best Electric Push Cart

best electric golf push carts cart-tek

When shopping for a new electric push cart, there are several things to consider. First, look at the price. If you want to save money, then you should go for a cheap one. However, if you plan to invest in a quality product, then you need to spend a little bit more in exchange for some of the best features.

In addition to the price, check out the following:

Battery Capacity

A low-capacity battery may only last for one round or less on the course. Look for a higher capacity that is advertised for at least two rounds on a single charge. Even as the battery starts to fail, you will get a full round out of your electric cart.

If your electric golf push cart dies in the middle of a round, you may have just gone with a manual option to begin with!

Motor Power

How much power does the motor provide? Higher power means less time needed to get going. You will also be able to drive your cart over rougher terrain and thicker rough.


Are the wheels on the cart solid wheels or rubber tires? Solid wheels are better than rubber ones. They offer better traction and stability. Some carts offer larger back wheels to help you drive around the course more easily. Consider something durable that won’t fail as they wear down.


Is the electric cart light enough to carry around before and after the round? Heavy carts tend to be difficult to maneuver and they are also more difficult to travel with. If weight is concern, look for either a portable option or the e-wheel option which are electric wheels that attach to a normal cart.

Follow Mode

Next, decide whether you want a follow mode or not. Follow mode allows you to walk away from the cart without having to worry about it. On the other hand, if you prefer to stay close to the cart, then you should opt for a non-follow mode.

Follow mode also makes sure that the cart follows you wherever you go. Manual mode lets you take full control over where the cart goes.

Speed Control

You need to regulate the speed of your pull cart to navigate directions more conveniently and easily. If you play golf on hilly courses, you need to control its speed as you tend to slow it down during downhills and increase its speed during rising slopes.

Innovated pull carts in the market allow the golfers to determine their preferred speed of pull cart. This means that the golfer has a full control over the pull cart speed; they can slow it down or speed it up when necessary.


In most cases, golfers will need to frequently load their carts back into their car at the end of a round. Portability and lightness of the pull cart should be taken into consideration. When loading it to your car together with the other golf equipment packed in your bag, you need to fold it into a smaller size. Ensure the car space where you want to load your pull cart before you purchase a trolley in the market.

Other Features

Finally, look at the number of other features included with the cart. Most carts include a cup pocket, phone/music player holder, and umbrella holder, but some also include other cool features too. 

For example, some carts come with a GPS system so you can track your score on the fly.

Videos of Electric Push Carts in Action

Want to see how some of these carts look on the course? Below are some top videos to check out for more information.

The New MGI Zip Navigator AT - Electric Golf Push Cart
Remote Motor for your Golf Push Cart - Alphard v2 Club Booster

Benefits of using an Electric Golf Trolley

There is research that has been performed claiming that carrying your golf bag could lessen your possibility to ace the game because of the energy you release. Besides that, since golf bags are heavy because of your equipment, they can pose stress to your back, leading to medical complications that need to be treated right away.

Plus, golfers have a lot to worry about on the course already:

In this case, the best electric golf push carts will help you a lot in terms of improving your game as well as minimizing your effort.

A lot of manufacturers developed and release their own versions of pull trolleys and electric golf push carts. Since we are now living in a technology-oriented generation, innovative manufacturers started to electrify their golf carts, allowing the golfers to play at their full potential, especially when it comes to undulating courses.


  • It reduces the release of too much energy.
  • Compared to traditional push carts, this innovative version is equipped with more advanced specifications and features.
  • Compared to manual pushcarts, these ones look and feel sturdier.
  • The powerful electric motors can be used on golf courses that are hilly.
  • You will find that long term, you save money on cart fees


  • You need to charge its batteries before using.
  • Compared to traditional push carts, this one requires you to spend a little more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions about electric trolleys for golf:

How many wheels are on the best electric golf push carts?

The number of wheels on the best electric golf cart depends on how much power you need. The more power you need, the more wheels you will want. In general, most electric carts come with three wheels. All three wheels are the same size or the rear two wheels are often a little bigger.

How easy is it to assemble electric carts?

How easy the cart is to assemble depends on the model you choose. Some models are easier than others to put together. The easiest ones have all the pieces pre-assembled and just need to be attached.

Are electric trolleys worth it?

If you like to walk the golf course when you play a round, then an electric push cart is absolutely worth it. Instead of having to pull your clubs behind you, the battery will take away most of the effort for you.

What’s the difference between electric push carts and manual push carts?

Electric golf push carts are powered by electricity. They have an engine inside that runs on batteries. Manual push carts don’t need any power source and rely on your own strength to push or pull.

Can I use my own batteries for an electric golf push cart instead of buying them separately?

Most carts come with a standard electric battery that is 6 or 9 volts big. You can replace it with any equivalent battery as long as it will fit into the battery enclosure. Most brands will recommend that you buy their specific replacements, but this comes down to a match in size.

Which electric golf push carts are good for beginners?

The Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart is a great option for beginners. In addition to a sturdy frame, the cart has slope control features and a remote control that let you control things from your pocket. We also like the Alphard Ewheel option, which can attach to any push cart and turn it into an electric option.

How do I know if an electric golf cart is safe?

All of the electric golf carts in our guide are safe and sold by legitimate manufacturers. These brands are authorized to sell motorized products around the world.

Do electric golf carts work well in wet weather conditions?

Yes! Many carts feature waterproof motors and enclosures. If you live in a rainy area, these carts are perfect because they won’t get ruined.

What kind of warranty does an electric golf cart usually come with?

Some carts come with a one year warranty, while others offer a lifetime guarantee. Check the manufacturer’s website for details.

How long does it typically take to recharge an electric golf cart?

It takes about 2 hours for most carts to fully charge. This time varies depending on the type of battery used and what your current battery percentage is at.

How much does an electric golf push cart cost?

Prices of electric push carts range from $200 to over $2,000. Prices vary based on the brand, options, and other factors.

What accessories should I get with my electric golf push cart?

You’ll want to add some extras to make sure you’re comfortable using your new cart. A set of golf bags is a must, and you might also consider adding a club cover, umbrella, and a rain poncho.

Who makes the best electric golf push cart?

We’ve tested every electric golf cart available and found that the Car-Tek Electric Golf Cart is the best choice. It offers a solid design, easy setup, and plenty of features. MGI, Motocaddy, and Bat-Caddy are some other household brands in this space.

Are electric golf push carts and electric golf trolleys the same thing?

Yes, these two terms are interchangeable and are both used depending on the manufacturer and brand.


Hopefully you now know everything you need to know about electrical push golf carts, also known as a golf trolley. All of the options on this list are great for different reasons. The Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart is our top overall option.

Other options on this list are great for other reasons, including:

  • Premium Features
  • Manoeuvrability
  • Value
  • Being easy to setup
  • A conversion for a regular cart
  • Automatic following
  • Special technology

No matter what you go with, comment down below and let us know if it works as well as you had hoped.  

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

With over 25 years experience in the world of golf, I've dedicated a significant portion of my life to appreciating this sport. From my early days swinging a club at 12 years old to now, my passion has only grown. While I avidly follow the PGA Tour, what truly captivates me is the evolution of golf equipment and technology. Over the years, I've familiarized myself with the latest gadgets, training aids, and golf accessories that enhance the golfing experience. My mission is to share this knowledge and enthusiasm with fellow golf aficionados, ensuring they have access to the best insights and recommendations. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, I'm here to guide you through the dynamic world of golf innovation.

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