How Much Do Golf Caddies Make? PGA Caddy Facts & Duties

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Have you ever wondered how much golf caddies make on the PGA Tour? Looking for a possible career change? Look no further as we will outline exactly what caddies are making on the PGA Tour and at amateur courses.

We will also explain what exactly a caddie is and 10 key golf caddie responsibilities out on the golf course.

Learn about some of the most popular golf caddies of all time, including the partners for Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, and more.

How Much Do PGA Caddies Make?

PGA Caddies don’t all make the same amount, although there are a few standard rules across the board that apply in most cases. All caddies get a standard weekly salary and this is a fixed amount.It doesn’t matter if the caddie’s professional golfer makes the cut or not.

The reason for this is because caddies still have to pay for their own expenses when at a tournament, including:

  • airfare
  • hotel
  • rental car
  • food

If their golfer makes the cut, makes top 10 or even wins the tournament, it is a different story. Each caddie negotiates a deal with the golfer, so the payouts can all be different. There is however a standard 10-7-5 rule that most caddies have negotiated.

The 10-7-5 rule means they will receive 10% of the prize money if the golfer wins, 7% of the payout if the golfer finishes in the top 10, and 5% of the payout for everything else.

how much do golf caddies make?

PGA Caddy Pay Breakdown

Each weekly base salary can be different for caddies, but the standard across the board is between $1,500 to $3,000 per week. Some caddies may opt for a higher weekly fixed amount and take less winnings, but it all depends on what they work into their contract.

There is a 10-7-5 rule that most caddies will follow for winnings, which means they will take home 10% of the winnings if their golfer wins, 7% of the winnings if the golfer finishes top 10, and 5% of the winnings for everything else.

Some caddies may also work out a deal with the golfer to have some of their weekly expenses covered such as hotel room, rental car, food, or travel expenses for the week. Caddie pay used to be very cut and dry, but recently everything is more individualized between the caddie and golfer.

Lastly, caddies can also earn money from sponsorships. It would not be as lucrative as the sponsorship deals that the PGA golfers get, but caddies can earn money by wearing certain hats or logos on their shirt that represent different companies. These deals are worked out on a case by case basis and can really inflate how much a golf caddy makes.

How Much Do Amateur Caddies Make at Golf Clubs?

Quite a few golf country clubs around the world will actually hire amateur caddies to come out for the day on tournaments and other events being held. On these days, amateur caddies will make anywhere from $20 to $30 an hour at a club, or around $160 to $270 if they have a full 8 hour shift.

This actually isn’t too bad compared to other part time jobs and it also gets you out on your feet and active for an entire day!

If you have a passion for golf it is a great idea to get your name out there at your local golf club while you make a bit of money. It could also get you free or reduced green fees and connect you with other passionate golfers.

Key Tools and Equipment For Golf Caddies

Golf caddies carry around a few tools which make their life easy:

Groove Sharpener

Clean grooves are essential for adding maximum spin to a golf ball. All good caddies carry this groove sharpener to help keep the clubs clean.

Divot Repair Tool

Pro golfers tend to make serious divots on the green every hole. All golf caddies carry this divot repair tool in their pocket to keep the greens in good condition.

Premium Golf Club Towel

Caddies need to keep clubs and balls clean for the next shot. This premium golf towel is a large size and good quality.

10 Golf Caddie Responsibilities

For anyone who has watched a PGA Tour event on television, you see that caddies have a wide range of roles while out on the course. Below we will go over the many roles of a golf caddie.

Carry Clubs

On the PGA Tour, golfers must walk for the entirety of their round as power and push carts are prohibited. Walking a 4 and a half hour golf round is tiring enough, but your energy would be more drained if you had to carry your clubs as well.

It is a caddie’s job to carry their golfers clubs the entire round for them.

Clean Clubs and Golf Balls

Another job of the caddie is to ensure that their golfer’s clubs and golf ball are shiny and clean for every single shot. Anyone who has played golf before knows that clubs and balls can become quite dirty hitting out of rough, dirt and sand.

The grooves on the club are what provides spin so if the grooves are dirty, the ball will not do what the golfers wants it to do. Golfers will mark their ball on the green and have the caddie wipe the ball clean to ensure a perfect roll when putting as well.

Understand Course Layout and Provide Tips

Most professional golf tournaments will start on Thursday and conclude on Sunday, but the golfers participating in the tournament will arrive there much sooner to walk around the course and play some practice rounds. The role of the caddie is mark yardages in the golfer’s yardage book so that they know exact yardage from every spot on the course during the tournament.

Unlike amateur courses, there are no markings for 200, 150, and 100 yards on a professional course.

The caddie will also study each hazard and the best spots to put the ball on the course to give the golfer the best chance at succeeding.

Read the Green Break

On the green, the caddie will also help their golfer read the break and offer advice on where to hit the ball and where to aim. Good putting can often be the difference between a win and a loss, so a reliable set of second eyes on the green is a big help for a golfer.

Tend the Pin

While helping the golfer read the greens, the caddie is also responsible for tending the pin during shots. They will ask the golfer if they want the pin in or out and will hold it until the hole is concluded, before placing it back and heading to the next hole.

Understand the Rules of Golf

Caddies must understand the rules of golf so that they can offer insight on different scenarios, should they happen while playing. In most professional tournaments, there are PGA rules officials walking throughout the course to help out, but they might not always be around.

The caddie must know the rules so they can advise the golfer if something needs to be done such as hitting a second ball or dropping rules near hazards.

Fix Divots and Ball Markings

Another job of the caddie is to repair all of the divots in the fairway that their golfers may make. PGA Tour players will usually take big divots when using wedges on short approach shots. It is up to the caddie to put the divot back and ensure that the course stays in great condition. Caddies will also repair ball markings on the green from approach shots.

Hand Clubs to Their Golfer

Part of building a good relationship, golf caddies need to hand clubs to their golfer. Most times, caddie’s will know what club should be used without needing to ask. This skill helps to reduce stress on the golf course and keep a golfer in the zone.

Rake Sand Traps

Even the most successful players sometimes find a bunker to hit out of. If they do, it is a golf caddie’s job to rake sand traps and bunkers for their pro.

Count the Clubs

A major responsibility of golf caddie’s is to make sure that they bring and keep all of the golf gear and clubs in the bag in order. This means packing the clubs up at the end of the round and making sure they go where they need to next (hotel, airport, etc).

Overall, golf caddies make the lives of their players easier. Their job stretches out much further than an 18-hole round of golf. Good and experienced golf caddies have been around for a long time and understand all the nuances of the PGA tour.

Most Famous Golf Caddies

There are a lot of caddies out there as PGA Tour events are a quite big in size and every golfer has one. Caddies are usually chosen by having a personal relationship with specific golfers and also by being really good at their job.

That being said, there are a few famous caddies that almost everyone knows about in some way.

Steve Williams

steve williams golf caddy

Arguably the most famous golf caddie of all time, Steve Williams was the caddie for Tiger Woods throughout his prime. It is believed that Steve Williams earned over $12 million dollars while caddying for Tiger.

Steve Williams was on the bag for more than 12 years and helped Tiger win 63 times on the PGA Tour, including 13 Majors. After Tiger Woods, Steve Williams caddied for Adam Scott as well. In his early days, Steve worked with Greg Norman as well.

Fanny Sunesson

fanny sunesson golf caddy

Considered the one of the first great female caddies, Fanny was on the bag for Nick Faldo during his 4 Major victories. After that, she had short stints with Fred Funk and Sergio Garcia before concluding her caddie career with fellow countrymen Henrik Stenson.

Fanny’s career earnings are unknown, however her net worth is believed to be around $1.5 million.

Jim “Bones” Mackay

jim bones mackway golf caddy

Bones was on the bag for Phil Mickelson for over 25 years and the duo have one of the most famous player-caddie relationships of all time. Both Phil and Jim are very vocal people, so their exchanges on the course over the years showed the public the exact nature of what caddies do and how they provide input. Bones is retired from caddying and now provides on course analysis for CBS during tournaments.

Joe LaCava

joe lacava golf caddy

Joe LaCava spent more than 20 years being the caddie for Fred Couples. After that, he was briefly with Dustin Johnson and then in 2011 he was the caddie for Tiger Woods. Joe has been around for many years and hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down yet.

Jimmy Johnson

jimmy johnson golf caddy

Jimmy Johnson is the golf caddie for Justin Thomas. He is one of the most popular golf caddies today. Before Justin, Jimmy worked with Collin Morikawa as well.


Golf caddies play a vital role in the game of golf and it is important to know their responsibilities and duties. They help players improve their game and make sure everything goes smoothly during a tournament. Many golfers choose a caddie because they want someone who will look after them and keep them calm when things get tense.

In conclusion, golf caddies usually earn a base salary of around $100,00 year year. Then, they can earn as much as 10% of a golfer’s earnings on the PGA tour. Amateur golfers make a lot less, but often build up connections that could lead to bigger and better things.

Who is your favorite golf caddy? Comment down below and let us know.

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