Alphard Club Booster v2 and CB Sidekick Review

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In this Alphard Club Booster review, I’ll go over the v2 model of the electric golf cart in full detail, showing you features and specs you should know about before you buy. I’ll also review the CB Sidekick, a new attachment for the Booster, which allows the cart to drive automatically down the golf course beside you!

Overall, the Club Booster and CB Sidekick are my favorite automated golf carts, with good vision and speed, and smarts to let your golf cart follow you down the course. The Club Booster is compatible with most manual golf carts, so you don’t need to buy a fully automated solution.

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What is the Alphard Club Booster v2?

The Alphard Club Booster V2 is a motorized golf trolley with two wheels at either end that you attach to your golf push cart. It eases the burden of carrying your golf clubs down the fairway.

The Alphard Club Booster V2 is perfect for senior and professional players who need a convenient way to get their golf clubs to the course without wrecking their back and shoulders.

alphard club booster review

The Booster is constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum. Thus, it’s solid and durable. The wheels are made from wear-resistant polyurethane, so you can trust that the Alphard Club Booster V2 will roll over asphalt, sand, rocks, or any terrain without complaint.

In between the two wheels is a control panel with a handle. It comes with a mounting kit that you can securely attach to your current golf push cart. Extend the axles on the wheels and attach them to the pushcart brackets, and you are good to go.

Once assembled, the Club Booster can be programmed to go ahead of you or behind you up to 30 yards. The installation and setup take less than 20 minutes.

This product is designed to help you operate your old push cart like a modern golf caddie. It’s available at $739, with shipping calculated at checkout.

How to Buy the Alphard Club Booster v2

Club Booster Key Features

The Alphard Club Booster V2 comes with exciting features, including:

Remote Controlled

The device is remote-controlled, and the included remote control for the Club Booster works up to 100 yards away. Whether you are headed down the course or off the course, you can control the movement of the Club Booster as you deem fit.

Tether Following

You can set the Club Booster in front of you or move slowly up to 30 yards behind you. If you change direction as you move down the fairway, the Club Booster comes with smart sensors to detect your new direction.

Universal Support With Any Push Cart

One of the most significant benefits of using the Alphard Club Booster V2 is that it doesn’t discriminate. It supports all types of golf push carts regardless of the brands.

However, you will need the correct bracket to fit your push cart’s back wheels.

alphard club booster review with cb booster

Freewheel Mode

The Alphard Club Booster V2 has a freewheel mode to help navigate your push cart in tight spaces without engaging the power system. Just power the device and set it to freewheel mode using the remote, and the Club Booster will begin to follow you.

Set Distance Timer

You can set a distance timer to enable the Club Booster to move to the next hole while you are still hoping to finish your putt.

Electronic Parking Brake

When not using the Alphard Club Booster V2, you can activate the electronic parking brake to hold your golf push cart in place without moving.

Club Booster Specs

Battery Life

The Alphard Club Booster V2 has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to 27 holes. You can replace the battery mid-round for more power. Like other devices that use batteries, your usage of the Club Booster can affect its battery life. Flat travel will use less power than hill climbing.

However, one thing you should always do is to fully charge the device before heading to the course.

Holes Per Charge

The Alphard Club Booster V2 has a 5-light battery indicator that displays the holes per charge. The light flickers and disappears as the charge depletes.

So, as you move from one hole to the other, keep your eyes on the light battery indicator to help you finish a round.

6-Axis Gyroscope

The Alphard Club Booster V2 is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope to help detect change patterns in terrain. This smart sensor slows down the device when it goes downhill to maintain stability. It also sends more power to the motor when the device is going uphill.

Brushless Motors

The device has brushless motors that power the wheels. Unlike a traditional motor, brushless motors run quieter and are extremely durable. They don’t cause a ruckus while you are headed down the fairway.

Even at maximum speed, the motors run silently and deliver the power needed to drive the wheels.

Carrying Handle

Club Booster has a carrying handle (top mounted) to carry the device to your car once you finish playing. You need to unclip the Alphard Club Booster V2 from your push cart before taking it to your vehicle.

alphard club booster review auto follow

What is the Alphard CB Sidekick?

The Alphard CB Sidekick is a brand-new golf accessory that uses Bluetooth to connect to the Club Booster V2. When connected, it allows the Booster to automatically follow you down the fairway hands-free.

Unlike conventional follow-behind caddies, once connected to your cart, the Alphard CB Sidekick allows your cart to follow you from the left, right, and behind. It is a perfect side-following solution for professional golfers as they make their way to the course.

With the Alphard CB Sidekick, you won’t have to frequently turn around to check if your cart is still following you as you move from hole to hole. Connect the CB Sidekick with your Club Booster V2, mount it on the handle, choose your preferred mode, and watch your cart sail.

The Alphard CB Sidekick is available at a price tag of $299. Alphard has come out and said that the device will sell for $399 in 2023.

alphard cb booster review

How to Buy the CB Sidekick

The CB Sidekick was crowdfunded by Alphard and smashed through its goal. The first iteration of the device is currently being manufactured and sent to early subscribers.

Click here to check out the CB Sidekick and reserve yours today.

CB Sidekick Key Features

The CB Sidekick also comes with great features, including:

Bluetooth Connectivity

The CB Sidekick connects to the Alphard Club Booster V2 via Bluetooth. Power the CB Sidekick, connect it to the cart via Bluetooth, choose your preferred mode, and you’re good to go.

Follow Options (Left, Right, or Behind)

Unlike traditional golf caddies that only follow from behind, the CB Sidekick is designed with multiple follow options. As you walk down the fairway, the CB Sidekick lets your cart be behind, left, or right.

What I Like About the Alphard Club Booster and CB Sidekick

I like a lot of things about the Club Booster, and there is a good reason why it’s the most popular electric caddy you can buy.

The Alphard Club Booster and CB Sidekick give you absolute freedom. Freedom from the drag of my cart. Freedom from the weight of my golf clubs. And freedom from the exhaustion of carrying heavy gears from one hole to the other.

The Club Booster V2 has enough electrical power to conquer any golf course. I’ve played on a very hilly course and other rough terrain without any issues. It can easily detach from your golf push cart and is cheaper than most motorized caddies.

I like how it automatically detects your change of direction and terrain conditions. The “follow” feature generally works well, and the turning radius gets a pass too.

The battery can serve you easily for 18 holes. Twenty-seven holes are advertised, but I usually charge the Cub Booster after every sound.

As for the CB Sidekick, I like that you can use it as a standard remote control instead of the follow mode. The remote control allows you to set your cart up to 30 yards on cruise control down the course.

I also like the price and performance of the CB Sidekick. It will be a bit too much money for some people, but a fun upgrade to your electric cart.

What I Don’t Like About the Club Booster and CB Sidekick

One thing you’ll want to make sure of is that your manual push cart can successfully connect to the Club Booster. When you attach it to a non-swivel front wheel cart, the cart has limited maneuverability.

The other thing to know is that it doesn’t fold up with your push cart. You have to detach and reattach it each time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Alphard Golf?

Alphard Golf is owned by Alex and Constantine Tse. Before starting Alphard to create automatic golf carts, the pair owned and operated Sun Mountain golf carts, a manual cart brand.

How long does it take to charge the Alphard Club Booster?

The battery on the Club Booster v2 takes about 4 hours in order to fully charge. Once it is at 100%, you can play golf for 6 hours or 27 holes on the golf course.

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