Callaway Rogue ST Irons Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Well known PGA tour players like Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele, and Sam Burns use the Rogue ST driver on tour, but what about the Callaway Rogue ST Irons? In this complete Rogue ST Irons review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these irons, including:

  • Key features that we like
  • The difference in the four models: Rogue ST MAX, MAX OS, MAX OS Lite, and Pro
  • Pricing
  • How to buy your Callaway Rogue ST irons today

Whereas the Rogue ST are getting lots of attention from PGA tour professsionals, the irons are made more for the average golfer who looks for good forgiveness in their clubs.

Let’s look at more details below.

How to Buy the Callaway Rogue ST Irons

Rogue ST MAX


Rogue ST MAX OS Lite

Rogue ST Pro

Callaway Rogue ST Irons: An Overview

Callaway is promoting their new Rogue ST irons as being the “longest ever”, which is a pretty heavy claim to make. However, a lot ot the features and specs in the new irons are made with distance in mind.

Callaway has designed the clubs out of high strength 450 steel, urethane microspheres, and precision tungsten weighting. The combination seems to work for the most part to add distance no matter what your golf handicap is.

Like the Rogue ST driver, Callaway has focused some of its R&D time into implementing artificial intelligence (AI) into the club by designing the face to be optimized for ball speed and hit consistency.

Compared to the driver models though, there is one word in the Rogue ST irons product line that keeps coming up:

Game improvement.

Callaway has designed these irons for the regular golfer, offering forgiveness, performance, and high quality without a ton of effort required.

Before we look at some of the specific features in the new Rogue ST irons, here are some product specs you should know about.

Product Specs

4-Iron18.5°RH / LH38.875″60.5°7.0D0D2
5-Iron21.5°RH / LH38.25″61.25°6.8D0D2
6-Iron24.5°RH / LH37.625″62.0°6.4D0D2
7-Iron27.5°RH / LH37.00″62.5°6.1D0D2
8-Iron32°RH / LH36.50″63.0°5.8D0D2
9-Iron36.5°RH / LH36.00″63.5°5.3D0D2
PW41°RH / LH35.75″64.0°4.8D0D2
AW46°RH / LH35.50″64.0°4.3D0D2
GW51°RH / LH35.25″64.0°3.7D0D2
SW56°RH / LH35.00″64.0°3.2D0D2

Key Features in the Rogue ST Iron Family

Here are some key features found in the new Callaway Rogue ST irons no matter which model you buy.

450 Stainless Steel

The majority of the club head, including the face, is made from 450 stainless steel. This is the same material used in the new TaylorMade Stealth irons as well. 450 steel is known for its strength and consistency, which makes the club very forgiving when you hit with it.

Flash Face Cup

Callaway’s flash face cup technology has been around for a few years and involves the use of artificial intelligence to map out the face of the irons in a way that promotes performance and distance.This face is different on every club, optimized through machine learning in Callaway’s R&D lab

Precision Tungsten Weighting

Up to 62 grams of tungsten have been added to these irons depending on which model you go for. Tungsten gives you stronger lofts and ball speed by adding weight underneath to the part of the irons that makes contact with the golf ball. 

Urethane Microspheres Compound

A urethane compound has been added behind face of all Rogue ST irons to enhance sound and make your hits feel full. 

callaway rogue st irons review urethane microspheres compound

High Launch

The overall design of these clubs helps you get a good launch angle on your shots and extra distance on each hit. 

callaway rogue st irons review technology

Callaway Rogue ST Iron Models

Callaway has opted for four different models in the new ST iron line. This can be confusing to new buyers, so I’ve broken down the key differences in each below. All of the models include the key features above.

Callaway Rogue ST MAX

The Callaway Rogue ST MAX irons are the “standard” model lineup of these irons. They have the strongest lofts out of the whole family, which means that they travel further distance with a straighter arc. This is because of the 62 grams worth of precision tungsten weighting loaded into these clubs. 

The Rogue ST MAX irons are for average golfers who don’t need to worry about playing a variety of high spin shots. With all of the features above, Callaway promises that you will add distance to your irons shots with these.

Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS

The MAX OS lineup of irons are for beginner golfers who have trouble getting the ball up and off the ground. The OS lineup has the highest forgiveness with a wide sweet sport. The head shape is more oversized than the MAX irons as well.

The MAX OS has 49 grams of tungsten installed in each club, distributed to help you launch the ball further into the area.

Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS Lite

The MAX OS Lite irons are for older golfers or females who don’t want as heavy of a club to swing around. The Lite version has lighter shafts and the lightest tungsten installed – 46 grams.

Still, the Lite versions retain a lot of the game improvement features found in the MAX OS models:

  1. High forgiveness
  2. A wide sweet spot
  3. Oversized head share
  4. High launch 

Callaway Rogue ST Pro Irons

callaway rogue st pro tour review

The Rogue ST Pro irons are the only ones that look different compared to the others. These are not game improvement irons, but catered towards tour professionals who look for high performance.

The Pro irons feature a hollow body construction and a more compact shape. They allow you to add spin to your shots and shape the golf ball much better. They feature the lowest launch out of the group, allowing you to dictate distance with your swing speed.

The Callaway Rogue ST Pro irons have 48 grams of tungsten loaded into each club.

Rogue ST Irons Pricing

A breakdown of the per club and total price for the Rogue ST irons is as follows:

ModelIndividual PriceFull Set Price
Rogue ST MAX$143$999
Rogue ST MAX OS$143$999
Rogue ST MAX Lite$171$1299
Rogue ST Pro$157$1099

Rogue ST Irons Release Date

The Rogue ST irons were released on February 18th, 2022. They replace the original Rogue irons, which were released back in 2018.

What I Like About These Irons

Like the Stealth Irons, I like that the Rogue ST irons are catered more for game improvement. The club heads feel heavier than any iron released previous to 2022. It feels powerful when you follow through with these clubs, which is a goal that Callaway was going for.

Callway put over 48 grams of tungsten into every club (more depending on what model), which is A LOT. The Mavrik irons released last year had 17 grams of tungsten in them, so the difference will be noticeable for most.

I also really liked the launch on these clubs. Even from less ideal conditions, I found it easy to power through thicker rough or awkward lies to get my ball in the area. This should be favorable for most golfers.

The quality of build on these irons is really top notch as well. They’ll be welcome in my golf bag for a few years easily.

Overall, the Rogue ST irons are a worth competitor to TaylorMade’s offering and the two should compete for the top spot on most lists in 2022.

callaway rogue st irons review

What I Don’t Like About These Irons

The first thing I noticed when I hit these irons is how THICK the bottom of the club head is. They are the exact opposite of the thing blade irons that tour players use.

Because of this thick head, I could not get as much backspin on my golf balls with these. This is also a byproduct of the tungsten weights and steel heads which are more for “bang bang” and less for control.

As far as the Tour Pro model, the biggest sign of quality will be if any PGA pros take up the clubs in their bag. So far, we’ve seen most pros stick with the Apex TCB and Apex Pro lineup of Callaway clubs, so we’ll be watching closely to see if that stays the same or not.

The four models in the lineup will also be confusing for most. Hopefully my description above was clear and concise for you to make the right decision.

Callaway Rogue ST Irons vs Apex Pro Irons

Callaway Apex Irons

Callaway sells the Rogue ST irons alongside the existing Apex series released last year. High handicap golfers will have an easy decision to make because the Apex series is geared more for single digit handicap golfers.

The club head and sweet spot is smaller on the Apex series right across the lineup. The Apex Pro irons have a ton of workability and control and you can hit any shot you want with them. They have more of a traditional feel in terms of weight.

Rogue ST has the latest technology built in to them. They have a new face material and the use of more tungsten promotes a lot of distance in your shots.

Overall, the Apex irons are for better players who can hit a more consistent shot. You can do a better job shot shaping with them. They are a more compact iron that tour pros are using today.

By contrast, the Rogue ST will give you good strikes most of the time you swing the club.  They will play good on any golf course and skill level.


Which Callaway Rogue ST irons have your attention? Hopefully this review gives you a good idea of what to expect in these clubs. Callaway Golf is a premium brand that incorporates the latest technology into all of their clubs. These irons are no different and do a great job catering to all types of golfers.

Callway, along with TaylorMade, are the gold standard in golf. Just like the Stealth driver vs the Rogue ST driver, the Rogue ST irons vs the Stealth irons are a great rivalry.

If you tried these clubs and have any feedback to share, please comment down below and let others know. Are these clubs an upgrade over your previous irons?

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