Styx vs Takomo Golf Clubs: Which Brand is Better?

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Styx and Takomo are two popular DTC brands in the golf industry. But which one is better? In this Styx vs Takomo comparison guide, I compare the two sets of clubs against each other to help you determine which brand to buy!

If you own either of these clubs, comment down below and let me know which one your favorite is!

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Styx Golf Clubs Overview

Styx Golf Clubs are a direct-to-consumer golf equipment manufacturer known for its innovative and high-performance golf clubs. The company offers clubs catering to different skill levels and playing styles, including drivers, irons, wedges, and putters.

Styx is crafted using advanced materials focusing on precision engineering and design. Styx Golf Clubs are focused on forgiveness on off-center hits and maximum distance. The design of the club head, particularly the hollow and cavity back options, enhances forgiveness and game improvement, making them suitable for players at various skill levels.

Golf Club Selection

The lineup includes all different kinds of clubs:

  1. Drivers: Styx provides a range of drivers designed to maximize distance and forgiveness, featuring advanced materials and innovative clubhead designs.

  2. Irons: The company offers a selection of irons tailored to different skill levels, from game-improvement irons with enhanced forgiveness to precision-crafted irons for better players.

  3. Wedges: Styx Golf Clubs provides a variety of wedges designed to help golfers achieve greater control and spin around the greens, catering to different shot-making scenarios.

  4. Putters: Styx’s putter line includes models engineered to enhance feel, alignment, and consistency, offering options for golfers seeking improved performance on the putting surface.

Styx has also introduced new clubs in their lineup, which show significant performance improvements compared to older models.

Takoko Golf Clubs Overview

Takomo Golf Clubs are another direct-to-consumer manufacturer recognized for its dedication to producing high-quality, custom-fit great clubs. With many styles of clubs available, Takomo makes it easy for golfers of all skill levels to find something that works for them on the golf course.

Takomo puts emphasis on enhanced feel, control, and consistency for golfers of all levels. These qualities can significantly improve a player’s golf game, providing better control and consistency in every swing.

Golf Club Selection

  1. Custom-fit Clubs: Takomo specializes in custom-fit golf clubs, allowing you to customize the shaft options, length, lie, and grip, ensuring optimal performance and comfort on the course.

  2. Drivers and Fairway Woods: Takomo provides drivers and fairway woods designed to maximize distance, accuracy, and playability, with options suitable for varying swing speeds and playing styles.

  3. Irons: Takomo offers a variety of irons crafted to deliver exceptional feel, control, and forgiveness. They have the 101, 101T, 201, and 301 options, each offering something different depending on your handicap and swing style.

  4. Wedges: The Takomo Skyforger wedges come in many different lofts, offering a great value wedge compared to other major brands. The wedges provide great spin and control on all of your approach shots. The end of the golf season impacts the testing and reviewing of Takomo’s products, ensuring they perform well under various conditions.

Styx vs Takomo Golf Clubs

Price Comparison and Selection

When comparing the prices of Styx and Takomo golf products, it is essential to note that each company offers a few different options.


The Styx Complete Driver is available for $439 USD. It is only right-handed and has a Regular, Stiff, and Extra-Stiff shaft flex. You can get it in standard or tall length.

The driver is all black and features a lightweight carbon fiber crown. It is fully adjustable from 8 to 10 degrees and has a premium all-black headcover. It features a dialed center of gravity and MOI for maximum forgiveness and mid-flight launch.

The Takomo Ignis D1 Driver is available for $359 USD. It also only comes in right-hand, but Takomo gives you many more shaft options. You can choose between Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff in HZRDUS Red, Black, and Blue shafts.

The driver comes in a nine and 10.5-degree option. It also features a carbon crown and three weight ports on the driver’s rear that help support a fade, straight, and draw flight bias.

Winner: Takomo

Fairway Woods

The only fairway wood Styx offers is a Perform 5-Wood, which costs $175 USD. It features an all-black, minimalist design that helps you get the ball up into the air easier and straighter. The shaft design is designed to increase your swing speed naturally.

Takomo just recently introduced the Ignis Fairway Wood into their golf club lineup. This wood is designed with a carbon crown and steel chasis, optimized to launch your ball with maximum power. You have your choice between HZRDUS Red, Black, and Blue shafts, and each wood has an adjustable sleeve allowing you to add or remove up to 2 degrees of loft.

You can also optimize your spin and swing weight by using one of three tungsten weights in the rear weight port of the wood. The Ignis Fairway Wood is available in a 3, 5, and 7-wood option, which significantly differs from what Styx offers.

Winner: Takomo

Game Improvement Irons

Styx has one set of irons available to purchase: the Perform Series Iron Set. Included in the set is a 5-iron through pitching wedge. These irons are great-looking, featuring clean lines and an all-black finish. Created with high-quality materials, Styx advises that these irons are made for 99% of golfers. They are cavity-back irons.

The one downside is that these irons are only available with graphite shafts, which may be a turn-off for some golfers. This iron set is available for $580 USD right from the Styx website.

These Perform irons instill confidence in every shot and are designed for maximum forgiveness. Although not technically labeled as game improvement irons, the lofts ensure you get maximum distance for every shot.

Takomo has more iron sets, tailoring to a wide range of golfers depending on their swing speed and handicap.

The 101 iron set is $489 USD and is designed as the ultimate game improvement iron. They are muscle back irons designed to promote forgiveness and distance. The 101T iron set is $589 USD, classified as the ultimate player’s distance iron. These irons resemble the TaylorMade P770 and boast plenty of forgiveness and ball speed. They feature a shorter blade length with less offset and a thinner topline than the 101s.

The Takomo 201 iron set is a forged player’s iron for $589 USD. They are cavity back irons designed for forgiveness and workability around the golf course. The 301s are a player’s iron, available in both a muscle back and cavity back option. This set offers the most workability and will cater to more of a scratch golfer who does not have to worry about their ball striking. This set can be purchased for $649 USD, and you can get a combo set, which is very popular.

Takomo also offers a 101U Driving Iron for $119 USD. This hollow-body design is perfect for golfers looking for an alternative off the tee or fairway. It comes in a 2-iron, 3-iron, and 4-iron loft and is a great replacement for golfers who don’t carry a hybrid in their bag. The shaft option is KBS Tour graphite in regular, stiff, and extra-stiff flex. These driving irons are specifically designed for driving balls off the tee and are best suited for players with high swing speed and a consistent swing.

Winner: Takomo


The Styx Perform Wedge Set comes with a 52, 56, and 60-degree blade-style wedge and is $290 USD. All of these wedges come with a stiff, graphite shaft. The 52-degree wedge comes with a 10.5″ bounce and is excellent for shots where the pitching wedge is not needed, and you don’t need the loft of a sand wedge.

The 56-degree wedge comes with an 11.5″ bounce and is perfect for bunker shots. The 60-degree wedges come with a 10″ bounce for maximum loft. The only downside is that Styx does not offer these to be sold as individual wedges, so you need to buy the set to get them.

The Takomo Skyforger wedges come in lofts from 48 degrees to 60 degrees and can be purchased individually for $89 USD each. Takomo also lets you choose between a standard and midsize grip.

These wedges are forged with a progressively tapered blade thickness, allowing you to control your trajectory with a soft feel easily. The bounce change between the wedge and the stock grip is a Lamkin Crossline.

Winner: Takomo


The Styx Putter is available for $113 USD and comes in left or right-handed with the ability to customize the shaft length. This half-mallet design and squared grip allow you ultimate control over your putts. A small red alignment line lets you quickly line up your putts and hit them exactly where you want.

Takomo does not currently offer a putter. However, I heard that one will be coming soon!

Winner: Styx

Customization Options

In terms of customization, both Styx and Takomo offer great options for golfers when choosing between golf clubs. However, Takomo offers more customization in every aspect.

Styx only provides one set of irons with a standard graphite shaft. You can choose the flex of your shaft and the length, but that is it. Takomo allows you to choose between different shaft options as well as flexes.

Only one grip is available on Styx golf clubs, whereas Takomo will enable you to choose between the standard Lamkin Crossline grip and a midsize option.

Takomo also features way more options in terms of irons to get the perfect fit for every golfer.

Winner: Takomo

Quality and Performance Based on Swing Speed

Both Styx and Takomo claim to craft their golf products from the highest-quality products and materials. After seeing the Styx golf irons, I noticed how durable they were. Even after hitting 100+ shots on the range, the irons looked almost brand new with no nicks or blemishes. That is very impressive when considering how cheap these golf clubs are compared to the major brands.

Takomo crafts its clubs from precision-forged steel, and they look crisp. I can confidently say that I prefer the traditional steel look more than the all-black finish of the Styx, but to each their own.

I would put the Styx irons in more of a super game-improvement category. There is quite a bit of offset and a thicker top line. The lofts are also reasonably strong, meaning gaps between your long irons and scoring irons could exist. These clubs would perform great for high handicappers. The flight and distance of golf balls with Styx irons are impressive, even on mishits, showing good responsiveness.

The performance for the Takomo irons were out of this world. The 201 and 301 models rival forged irons that major companies have. Even the 101T look almost identical to the P770s, right down to the tungsten screw in the toe. The Takomo irons also provide excellent launch and accuracy with different types of golf balls, making them a solid choice for any golfer.

These irons were crisp, and I recommend Takomo to any golfer looking for a budget-friendly, great-performing iron.

User Reviews and Feedback

After reading reviews on both the Styx and Takomo golf brands, many others feel the same way that I do.

The main discussion point with Styx golf clubs is the graphite shafts. These are more game-improvement-type irons, which would be better for beginner players. Even with a stiff graphite shaft, you probably won’t get the best performance out of these clubs if you have a higher swing speed. Users have noted that the appearance of Styx clubs behind the golf ball is appealing and helps in hitting the golf ball more consistently.

You will find a PGA Tour player currently using Takomo irons, Wesley Bryan. Many golf influencers use these irons and have nothing but great things to say about the clubs. For the price, you can’t go wrong with any of these clubs as they are cheaper than major brands. Additionally, feedback indicates that Takomo clubs also look great behind the golf ball and aid in consistent golf ball striking.

Customer Service and Warranty for DTC Brands

Both Styx Golf and Takomo Golf feature a 365-day warranty where they will take care of manufacturer defects, transit problems, and production issues. With both companies being direct to consumers, they must offer good customer service and warranty so that golfers continue to return to them instead of going with more prominent companies.

Golfers have advised that the customer service is excellent on both ends, with fast responses to complaints or issues.


In the Styx vs Takomo golf clubs showdown, both DTC brands shine uniquely. Styx offers innovative, high-performance clubs that are ideal for golfers seeking forgiveness and maximum distance. On the other hand, Takomo excels in custom-fit options, providing exceptional feel and control for golfers of all skill levels.

When I look at selection, quality, and customization, Takomo takes the lead with a broader range of options and tailored fittings. Share your experiences with these clubs in the comments and help others make their decision!

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