Styx Golf Clubs Review: Should You Buy These Clubs?

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in this Styx golf club review, I am going to go through their lineup of clubs to help you decide whether this is the direct-to-consumer (DTC) golf brand you should buy from. Styx has a modern and minimalist look, receiving great reviews online.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

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What is Styx Golf?

Stix Golf is shaking up the golf world with its innovative approach to golf clubs. They offer high-quality golf clubs at fair prices, focusing on a minimalist design that looks sleek and performs well.

Their driver stands out, often compared to top-tier models. Stix Golf aims to make golf more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, especially beginners. Their clubs are designed to improve the golfing experience without breaking the bank.

Additionally, Stix Golf’s design and price point make it an attractive option for the new golfer, offering beginner-friendly equipment that significantly enhances the golfing experience for those new to the sport.

styx golf woods

Who Created Styx?

Styx Golf was founded by Gabe Coyne. Frustrated with the high cost and complexity of golf equipment, Gabe wanted to create something different. He wanted clubs that were both affordable and high-performing.

With a background in software development and design, Gabe co-founded Styx Golf to bring modern, minimalist, and cost-effective golf clubs to the market.

The company has grown rapidly and is now a leader in the golf club industry. Gabe Coyne’s vision has significantly impacted the golf equipment market by introducing new clubs that have changed the game for many golfers.

Styx Drivers and Fairway Woods Overview

styx golf clubs review woods

Styx Golf offers drivers and fairway woods perfect for beginners and mid-handicap golfers. This range is part of a comprehensive club set that includes everything from Driver to Putter, designed to enhance forgiveness and performance for golfers at any skill level.

The driver is designed to provide a long, straight ball flight, boosting confidence and making the fairway seem wider. The fairway woods are crafted to make long shots feel easier and to complement a golfer’s swing, emphasizing forgiveness and ease of use.

Both types of clubs have a minimalist design and use premium materials, offering high performance at a lower cost.They are built for 99% of golfers and offer high performance at a fraction of the cost. These clubs are ideal for those who value performance, forgiveness, and aesthetics in their golfing equipment.

Unique Features in Styx Woods


The Stix clubs, including the driver and fairway woods, are renowned for their durability and use of premium materials, featuring a black coating that ensures longevity. These clubs look like a premium offering at a budget price, making them a great option for beginners looking for durability, minimalist design, and affordability.

Forgiveness and Confidence

Both the Styx driver and fairway wood are designed for maximum forgiveness and confidence. They cater to a wide range of players and offer all the performance for a fraction of the cost. With a minimalist look, you will have major confidence in every shot. This level of forgiveness can significantly enhance a golfer’s performance on the course, leading to improvements in their overall golf game.

Optimized Loft and Design

The fairway woods are engineered with just enough loft to help golfers get the ball up in the air more easily and straighter without sacrificing distance. This is due to a lighter and smarter shaft design that naturally increases swing speed.


Standard Driver

  • Features a 10.5° loft, a 460cc titanium head, and a graphite shaft.

  • Stunning black-on-black, minimalist finishes.

  • Capitalizes on modern advancements for a farther and straighter ball flight.

3 Wood

  • Stainless steel head with a 16° loft and a graphite shaft.

  • Like the five wood, it is designed to ease long approach shots and maintain distance with a lighter, smarter shaft design to increase swing speed naturally.

5 Wood

  • Stainless steel head with a 19° loft and a graphite shaft.

  • It is designed to make long approach shots feel shorter, aiding in getting the ball up in the air easier and straighter.

Styx Irons Overview

styx golf irons

Stix Golf Irons feature a sleek black or silver finish, appealing to both casual and dedicated players. They are easy to hit, providing consistent spin and distance, ideal for beginners and casual golfers. These irons are known for being forgiving, with a good feel and improved performance, especially appealing to average or beginner golfers.

I really like these irons because they balance style, performance, and durability. Plus, they are competitive with more popular golf brands.

Unique Features in Styx Irons

Customizable Loft Structure

The loft structure of Stix irons varies between the 3-iron and 6-iron, providing versatility and catering to different playing needs. A 7-iron at 28° also offers flexibility in shot options.

Graphite Shafts

The Styx irons feature graphite shafts, which offer benefits such as lighter weight, increased clubhead speed, flexibility, and forgiveness. This helps golfers generate more distance and improve control of their shots, especially on off-center hits. Additionally, the choice of graphite shafts can significantly enhance a golfer’s control and consistency during the golf swing, making it easier to achieve the desired trajectory and accuracy.


The neat thing about Styx Golf is that they only offer one iron model. The set comes with a 5-iron through pitching wedge if you purchase it. You can also purchase individual irons to buy only part of the set. 

The Styx irons are created from 431 stainless steel, feature 64g ultra-light cavity-back heads, and have lightweight graphite shafts. There is currently no option to have steel shafts.

5 Reasons I Like Styx Golf Clubs

Here are the five main reasons why I think you should consider buying Styx golf clubs today:

styx golf clubs driver review
  1. Outrageously Good Performance: Styx clubs perform exceptionally well, comparable to premium brands. They are forgiving, easy to hit, and offer great distance, boosting my confidence and improving my game.

  2. Sleek Matte Black Design: The clubs’ matte black finish is visually appealing and durable, showing no dings or nicks after multiple rounds.

  3. Exceptional Value for Money: Offering a complete set of 14 clubs for under $1,000, Styx provides tremendous value. The included golf bag is durable and stylish, perfect for new golfers.

  4. Confidence-Boosting: The driver and fairway woods inspire confidence. Their minimalist look ensures no distractions before hitting the ball.

  5. High-Quality Build: Despite their low price, Styx clubs are high quality, comparable to premium brands. The sturdy build and great warranty add to their appeal.

For those looking to replace their starter set, Styx clubs are an excellent upgrade, offering improved look, feel, and execution on the course.

styx golf irons review

Conclusion: Is a Stix Golf Club Set Worth It?

Styx Golf Clubs are highly praised for their performance, design, and fair price. They offer a perfect balance of high quality at a price that is considered reasonable and lower than big-name brands, making golf more accessible and enjoyable.

After my time with Styx Golf Clubs, I realized they are worth it, but it depends on the target market. These clubs are perfect for weekend and mid-to-high handicappers. The quality and performance will be excellent without breaking the bank.

You may not consider these if you are a low-handicap golfer connected to other brands. It depends on how much you are willing to spend and the performance that comes with that.

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