Golf Simulator Room Design Ideas

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Want some inspiration for your own golf simulator room? I’ve compiled my favorite designs and rooms to give you some inspiration for adding a golf simulator in your own home!

There are a ton of fun ideas for entertainment and added features as well!

Comment below and let me know which your favorite room is.

Garage Golf Simulator Room

Want to add your own golf simulator into your garage? Take inspiration from these ideas!

This garage golf simulator setup is top-notch because it still allows you to use the garage when the simulator is not in use. Simply roll up the hitting mat or set down another mat for your vehicle to park on, and you can double the space. The multi-use storage shelving is another perk of this setup.

If you have young kids, this garage simulator is an all-in-one setup. Tucked into the back of the garage is this simulator, with an indoor miniature sized hockey rink for your kids to enjoy their game as well! It is nice to have a little something for everyone!

I love the rustic look of this garage golf simulator and the fact that it is located below where the vehicles are parked. The indoor bar is a nice touch and it helps keep your equipment away from where vehicles are parked above.

The option above is as simple as it gets for simple simulator setups. You have everything you need with the hitting net and the putting green. Plus, iit takes up little to no space in the back corner of your garage. This is perfect for those on a budget who still want that indoor golf setup.

I love how this person completely transformed their garage into an indoor golf simulator and a personal gym. If you have the garage space and don’t require it for your vehicles, this is a clean looking setup to base your idea on.

Basement Golf Simulators

If you have high enough ceilings, the basement is the perfect spot to play indoor golf in a controlled temperature all year round.

The simulator setup above is one of my favorite basement golf simulator setups. It doubles as a movie room with full row seating with your impact screen and projector. There is golf memorabilia all over the walls, and it looks to be a great time for a boy’s night.

The setup above is a nice, simple way to use your basement for an indoor golf simulator. There is seating at the back with the island and bar area, which can double as a movie room.

This person transformed their carpeted basement into an indoor golf paradise. Simply throw a hitting mat on top of the carpet and hit away. The comfy recliners at the back are a nice touch, and the shelving unit on the side can hold all of your golf equipment.

I love that this setup is located three steps from the sitting area. There is plenty of space for multiple people to be downstairs and not cramped, and the setup is modern and crisp.

The above setup is the epitome of what a basement should look like (in my eyes). The simulator is separated by a glass wall leading to a massive sitting area and a pool table. The other wall is painted with a golf background. This is the ideal setup!

Shed Golf Simulators

More and more popular, consider buying a shed that is sized perfectly for your golf simulator. Inside, you can have the man cave of your dreams.

This person turned a bigger shed into a golfer’s paradise, adding a few couches for comfort. Sheds come in all shapes and sizes, so you first must know the size before you can determine what you want your setup to look like.

I love the simplicity of this shed golf simulator setup. It has everything you need, and you won’t really have to worry about deafening the sound when in a shed because noone will be able to hear you anyway. Add some hooks to the walls to hold your golf clubs and you are ready to go.

Turning a shed into an indoor golf simulator may be one of the better ways to utilize the space if you have it. I like this setup because it has a dart board and is inviting for a guys’ night in without disrupting anyone. You can even throw a couch or a chair in the corners for a sitting area.

The above setup shows that even having a smaller shed is doable for a golf simulator setup. The roof would is just high enough room to swing a golf club comfortably, and you can keep the doors open to enjoy the outside weather.

Bedroom/Office Golf Simulators

If you have the flexibility, here are some other cool golf simulators placed in other parts of the home.

The bedroom golf simulator setup above uses its space perfectly, tucked away in the corner. You still have the couch sitting area with the television beside it, and the setup is made so that no golf balls will fly errantly and cause damage.

The above setup works if you have office building space for a golf simulator. A nice sitting area with a conference room is separated by a glass wall. If you want to add a golf simulator into your office for your employees (or yourself), this is a great way to do it.

The above simulator was built in an existing bedroom by adding a half wall for padding. Standard bedrooms usually have high enough clearance to swing your club comfortably, and this setup tucks nicely in the corner. It still allows you to use the bedroom as needed.


There are endless possibilities for creating the perfect golf simulator room. Whether you transform your garage, basement, shed, or even a bedroom or office, each space offers unique benefits and design opportunities.

These golf simulator room ideas can turn any area into a golfer’s paradise, enhancing your practice sessions and providing entertainment for all. Get inspired, plan your setup, and start building your dream indoor golf space today.

Don’t forget to share your favorite golf simulator room ideas in the comments below!

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