Bushnell Pro X3 vs Voice Caddie SL2 Active: Which Premium Rangefinder is Better?

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Golf rangefinders have become essential for golfers looking to improve their game. The Bushnell Pro X3 and Voice Caddie SL2 are two of the best golf laser rangefinders available today if you are looking for a premium design with all of the features.

But what makes them stand apart from the rest?

What makes them different from each other?

This article will compare the Bushnell Pro X3 vs Voice Caddie SL2 Active to determine which rangefinder is better. We will look at their features, accuracy, ease of use, and overall performance to help you make an informed decision.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Bushnell Pro X3 Rangefinder Overview

Bushnell has always been a leader in the golf rangefinder category, and the Pro X3 laser rangefinder is no different. The Pro X3 rangefinder is packed with features that every golfer wants and is dubbed the best-performing and most advanced laser rangefinder on Earth.

Those are pretty big words if you ask me.

Some key features include:

  • Slope Adjustability

  • Dual Display

  • Slope locking switch

  • Accurate readings from over 600 yards away

We’ll go into more detail on all of these features below.

Bushnell X3 rangefinder magnet

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Bushnell Pro X3 Rangefinder Key Features

Elements and Adjustable Home Elevation

Most golf rangefinders come with a slope button which allows you to slide the rangefinder in and out of slope mode easily. It makes the rangefinder usable in tournament play when not in slope mode.

New in the Bushnell Pro X3 is the addition of elements. The Pro X3 can now determine the temperate outside along with the altitude. Both have been added to Bushnell’s slope technology which will now give you the most precise compensated distances ever.

Also added to their slope compensation is the addition of home elevation. You can now add in your home golf course’s elevation, and the rangefinder will accurately reflect the compensated distance readings based on that. This helps provide even more precise distances than ever before.

Bushnell X3 Slope adjustment

Dual Display

The X3, like the X2 before it, has a dual display but with an even more crisp picture. This option allows you to toggle between a bright red or crisp black display easily based on the lighting conditions and personal preference.

This is an excellent feature as it changes the color of the writing and the background, making it easier to pick out the flagstick to grab distance readings. You should never struggle again with getting an accurate reading.

Locking Slope Switch

Bushnell has upgraded the design of the Pro X3 and added a new locking slope switch. This easily lets you switch the rangefinder in and out of slope mode.

The switch is located on the top front of the rangefinder, and the lock is sturdy, meaning you won’t accidentally slip into slope mode during a tournament. Slope mode helps you get the true distance on every shot to help your golf game.

Voice Caddie SL2 Active Rangefinder Overview

The SL2 Active Rangefinder by Voice Caddie is one of the sleekest-looking rangefinders on the market, packed with features that will help you on the golf course. Along with being one of the best laser rangefinders, it is also a pocket-sized caddy ready to give you all the tips and tricks for every course you play at.

Included in the SL2 Active are the new Smart Course View and Active Green View, which provide a lot of helpful information for navigating the golf course. The Smart Course layout shows where all hazards and lay-ups should be, and the Active Green View will help you read the break of the green.

Pin Assist mode uses continuous GPS data for even more accurate distances. The SL2 Active is one of the best laser rangefinders that you will find.

Bushnell Pro X3 vs Voice Caddie SL2 Active Displays

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Voice Caddie SL2 Active Rangefinder Key Features

Smart Course View

The SL2 has a feature called Smart Course View, which they developed. It takes the golf course you are playing and helps provide tips to give you a better grasp of the course layout.

Smart Course View will give you helpful information, such as the best spot to land your drive and different distances to sand traps and other hazards found on the course. It is like having a personalized caddie with you and a golf laser rangefinder as well.

The course view map is located right on the screen and is touch-oriented, instantly showing distances.

Active Green View

Again, Smart Caddie developed its Active Green View, which might be a cooler function than the Smart Course View. This function provides many features, such as green undulation, green zoom, and green attack information.

Active Green View is a great tool to use when putting, and it can help you take some strokes off your game. It will show you the break of the green, and the Green Attack mode is excellent for pitching onto the green.

It will show you the safest landing area so the ball rolls toward the hole. This function is a game-changer.

Pin Assist Mode

Most golfers choose between a GPS device and a laser rangefinder, but what if you could have the best of both worlds?

With Pin Assist mode, the SL2 does just that.

You don’t have to worry if you have shaky hands or find yourself locking onto things that aren’t your target. It has a built-in GPS tracker and continuous scan mode. It continually scans the course and provides all the accurate readings, even if you accidentally target something else.

Bushnell Pro X3 vs Voice Caddie SL2 Active: Similarities

There are quite a few similarities between the Bushnell Pro X3 and the SL2 Active premium golf rangefinders.

Both rangefinders provide incredible accuracy when locking onto targets in the distance. The readings are quick, and a jolt will happen on both to let you know you are on target for your shot.

Bushnell Pro X3 Distance locking

Both the X3 and the SL2 have a sophisticated slope mode, which helps provide slope-adjusted distance on every shot. Slope gives you the most accurate distances.

The slope functionality works excellently on both rangefinders, although we did like the locking feature on the Pro X3 a little better.

Voice Caddie SL2 Active pin locking

Another similarity between the two was the overall feel of the device. You can tell they are high-end as soon as you pick them up. They are heavier than the normal rangefinders and very comfortable when placed up to your eye.

Both rangefinders are very durable and come with premium carrying cases so that no damage happens outside the golf course.

Lastly, both rangefinders feature a bite magnetic mount allowing you to attach them directly to your golf cart or golf bag during your round. This helps for ease of use and makes sure you aren’t fumbling around before each shot.

Bushnell Pro X3 vs Voice Caddie SL2 Active: Differences

App Quality

The biggest improvement for the Bushnell Pro X3 is the Bushnell Golf App.

This app can be downloaded on all mobile devices. From there, you can alter the rangefinder’s settings and save your game stats and course information. The app also provides full-color GPS hole maps and shows distances to everywhere on the course.

This is a great feature, and the app comes free with any Bushnell golf product purchase.

Advanced Course Information

The main improvement for the Voice Caddie SL2 are its advanced course analytics features:

  • Smart Course View

  • Active Green View

  • Pin Assist Mode

These features are incredible in their own way and make the SL2 stand out above all the other golf rangefinders.

What I Like About the Bushnell Pro X3 Better

Many golfers complain about how big and bulky the Pro X3 rangefinder is, but I like the sturdiness of it. It fits nicely in the hand and feels very durable, which is great when you spend so much money on it.

I also liked the new slope-locking switch on the Pro X3. It is located right on the top front of the rangefinder, and if you click it in, it locks it in, meaning there is no way to slip it into slope mode during tournament play. This won’t apply to you if you don’t play in tournaments, but it is a nice touch.

The bite magnetic cart mount is also great to use. The magnet locks itself to the roof arm, and there is zero fear of falling off. This also provides easy access to it for every shot.

Lastly, Bushnell still does a great job at yardage accuracy. It has an extreme sensor in it that measures barometric pressure, which the SL2 does not. The laser provides accurate yardage on every reading, and it is nice to know the actual distance for every shot.

Bushnell has been one of the best laser rangefinders on the market, and the Pro X3 is no different.

Bushnell Pro X3 front view

What I Like About the Voice Caddie SL2 Active Better

I like the Voice Caddie SL2 Active rangefinder better due to the number of functions it includes for the same price. The Pro X3 and SL2 are premium rangefinders, but the SL2 does more in providing helpful information on the golf course.

To start, the GPS pin assist mode is a game changer. It combines a laser rangefinder and a GPS device, providing the most accurate yardage possible. The front display is also a great feature for sharing this information.

You don’t have to worry about having a shakey hand or missing your target, as the GPS continuously runs in the background to provide those yardages. The GPS technology works great and is a pin finder, allowing for the most accurate shots possible.

The Smart Course View provides layout graphics right on the screen of each hole. This is something that you will not find with many other rangefinders. The touch screen allows you to press anywhere on the course, and the rangefinder will let you know the exact distance to this spot. It also outlines any and all hazards.

Lastly, the noise filtration is a nice added touch. The rangefinder does a great job of blocking outside noise so that you can concentrate on getting the correct distances.

Voice Caddie SL2 front view

What is the Difference Between a $600 Rangefinder and a $300 one?

Is there a difference between a cheaper golf rangefinder and a premium one? The answer, in short, is yes, there are quite a few differences between the two.

However, it is up to you as a golfer to decide whether the upgrade is worth it.

One of the significant differences is locking onto the pin. Cheaper rangefinders will have a more challenging time picking up the pin and will pick up something behind the hole, which throws your distances off.

Another big difference is the clarity of the lens. Premium rangefinders usually have up to 7X optics, allowing for a crystal clear image.

Cheaper rangefinders will not have as good magnification, which may make things blurry. They also don’t have a display that automatically changes the coloring and lighting for a better view.

Cheap rangefinders also don’t have the enhanced slope algorithm that the premium ones do. With a premium rangefinder, you can be sure you get the best slope function and reads for all your shots.

Lastly, more expensive rangefinders are higher quality. They are solid to hold in your hand and can take more of a beating.


In conclusion, the Bushnell Pro X3 and Voice Caddie SL2 Active are both premium golf rangefinders, each offering unique features and benefits for every golfer.

The Pro X3 comes with slope adjustability, dual display, slope locking switch, and an excellent app experience. Meanwhile, the SL2 Active shines with its Smart Course View, Active Green View, and innovative Pin Assist Mode.

Choosing between the Bushnell Pro X3 and SL2 Active will depend on your personal preferences and needs on the course. If you appreciate advanced slope technology and the integration of atmospheric elements into distance calculation, then the Pro X3 would be a fitting choice.

However, if having a range of course analytics features and a combination of GPS and laser technology is more critical for your game, the SL2 Active is certainly worth considering.

Ultimately, the Bushnell Pro X3 and the Voice Caddie SL2 Active provide exceptional accuracy and ease of use that surpasses cheaper models.

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