Bushnell Tour V6 vs Precision Pro NX10 Golf Rangefinders

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Golf rangefinders have become an essential tool for golfers, helping them to measure distances accurately and improve their game. The market is flooded with several rangefinders, making choosing the right one for your needs challenging.

This article compares two of the most popular rangefinders today, the Bushnell Tour V6 vs Precision Pro NX10. These rangefinders are known for their accuracy, speed, and durability, making them the top choices for many golfers.

In this article, we will go over the following:

  • Slope and Non-Slope versions

  • Key Similarities

  • Key Differences

By the end of this article, you should be able to decide which golf rangefinder will better suit your needs. We will also give our final thoughts on the two.

If you have any questions, please let us know below!

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Bushnell Tour V6 Overview

bushnell tour v6 review

The new Bushnell Tour V6 rangefinder was released in April 2023, and it brings new and improved electronics which help make it one of the most accurate golf rangefinders on the market.

Two versions of this rangefinder are available: the original Tour V6 and the Tour V6 Shift, the slope version.

Bushnell rangefinders have been the number one rangefinder chosen by golfers for quite a few years. They are incredibly accurate and durable.


The Tour V6 is made with a brand-new weather-resistant design, which means it can withstand all the elements without getting damaged. The Tour V6 is not as heavy or bulky as the Bushnell Pro XE, which was the previous model.

Pinseeker Technology

The Tour V6 features new pinseeker technology. A red ring flashes with a sudden jolt to provide even better feedback that you have correctly locked onto your target in the distance. The Tour V6 is 100% accurate up to 500 yards away, which is excellent for getting distances all over the golf course.


The Tour V6 Shift rangefinder is the Slope version. The slope switch is located on the side of the rangefinder and can easily be slid in and out of slope mode to make the rangefinder tournament legal.

When in slope mode, the rangefinder provides a slope-adjusted distance, considering any slopes and elevation between you and your target. This slope feature works great and prevents you from hitting any blind shots.

Bushnell Tour V6 slope switch

BITE Magnetic Mount

Lastly, the Tour V6 and V6 Shift feature Bushnell’s patented BITE magnetic mount. This mount quickly attaches the rangefinder right to your golf cart. It is very secure, so you don’t have to worry about the rangefinder falling off, and it provides you easy access to it at all times.

Bushnell Tour V6 review

How to Buy the Bushnell Tour V6

Precision Pro NX10 Overview

precision pro nx10

The Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder is a great budget rangefinder with many features that most premium rangefinders have. This rangefinder is extremely solid and made with durable materials. As soon as you pick it up, you will notice that it is not a cheap feeling.

Target Acquisition Technology

It features Target Acquisition Technology which quickly locks onto your target even if you have a shaky hand. This ensures you have the proper distance on every shot.

Slope Compensation

Located right on the top of the rangefinder is the slope compensation switch. You can easily slide the switch back and forth to take the rangefinder in and out of slope mode, making it legal for tournament play.

This budget rangefinder has slope features, which is great because it shows that you don’t need to spend much money to get high-end features that usually have an additional cost.

Custom Skins

The NX10 is the first golf rangefinder that lets you update your style with removable skins, whereas other rangefinders won’t. This is a fun change and allows you a customizable faceplate that can be changed anytime.

precision pro nx10 customized skins

Magnetic Mount

The Precision Pro NX10 features ambient display optics and a built-in magnet cart grip.

This allows you to easily attach the rangefinder to any golf carts for easy access during your round. With the same features as more expensive rangefinders, the Precision Pro NX10 is one of the better golf products available today.

How to Buy the Precision Pro NX10

Slope vs Non-Slope Versions

bushnell tour v6 vs precision pro nx10

For the Bushnell Tour V6, you need to purchase the V6 Shift model to get the slope features as the original V6 model doesn’t have. The Tour V6 Shift model is $100 more, so you will be paying additional costs to get the slope adjustment features.

The slope switch is located on the side of the Tour V6 and can easily be slid back and forth for slope mode. The original Tour V6 is just a laser rangefinder with no slope capabilities.

With the NX10, Precision Pro has the slope features included in that model, which is great because you don’t have to pay anything additional to get it. The slope switch is located on the top of the rangefinder and slides back and forth.

You must ensure each rangefinder isn’t in slope mode if you plan to play in tournaments. Rangefinders are only tournament legal if the slope mode is turned off.

Bushnell Tour V6 vs Precision Pro NX10 Similarities

Slope Adjustment

The Tour V6 Shift includes Bushnell’s enhanced slope algorithm to provide a true distance on every shot. This helps provide slope-compensated distance that gives you the actual distance to the hole after considering elevation change.

Bushnell Tour V6 vs Precision Pro NX10

Precision Pro uses a similar adaptive slope calculation. It makes distance adjustments based on uphill and downhill lies. They may not be as popular as other brands, but Precision Pro provides excellent features at no extra cost.

External Slope Switch

The external slope switch on the Bushnell Tour V6 is conveniently located on the side of the rangefinder. It blends in nicely with the company logo. It also locks in place, meaning you shouldn’t accidentally slip into slope mode if you don’t want to.

The external slope switch for the NX10 is located on the top of the rangefinder, right next to the power button. This switch also slides back and forth very smoothly. It is a basic-looking switch with a nice neon green color in slope mode.

Magnetic Mount

The Bushnell Tour V6 and Precision Pro NX10 feature a magnetic mount on the side of the rangefinder, allowing you to attach it directly to your golf cart. This is one of the best features on both rangefinders as it allows you easy access to it for every shot.

After testing both, we found that the Bushnell rangefinders’ magnetic mount holds up quite a bit better than other brands. The NX10 was good but will fall off if you hit bigger bumps on the golf course. With the V6, it withstood every single bump we hit.

Target Acquisition

The Bushnell Tour V6 and Precision Pro NX10 locked onto the target almost instantly. This is exactly what you want out of a golf rangefinder. Most rangefinders may take a second or two to provide the distances, whereas these two offered instant feedback.

Bushnell Tour V6 target acquisition

The NX10 has ultra-clear HD optics, making locating your target even easier. The auto-ambient display will also make the numbers and lettering easy to read. The Tour V6 features 6X optics as well, which is crystal clear in finding your desired target.

precision pro nx10 review

Pulse Vibration

Both rangefinders feature pulse vibration technology, which provides tactile feedback when the target is acquired, ensuring that golfers know when to shoot.

The pulse vibration was good on the NX10. However, we found that sometimes it went off even before it located the target we were looking for. We then had to try again to ensure it locked onto our desired target, not other objects on the course.

The Bushnell Tour V6 has a brand-new pin seeker and visual jolt. Once locked onto your target, it will provide a jolt, but a red ring now also flashes to give even more excellent feedback that you are locked onto your target.

1-Yard accuracy

Both rangefinders claim that they are 100% accurate within 1 yard. After testing both, I can confirm that both rangefinders are extremely fast and precise at finding the right distance.

I did notice that on some shots, the NX10 consistently came up with 1 yard shorter distance compared to the Bushnell. It was not a massive deal at all, and it didn’t happen on every shot.

These rangefinders will do a great job providing accurate distances for breaking eighty on the course.

Bushnell Tour V6 vs Precision Pro NX10 Differences


The Bushnell Tour V6 (non-slope version) is available for $329, and the Tour V6 Shift (slope version) is available for $439.

The Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder is available to purchase for $309.99.

This is a key difference between the two rangefinders because the NX10 offers the same features as the Tour V6 Shift at a much lower price.

Winner: Precision Pro NX10


Bushnell offers its customers a 2-year warranty on all Bushnell rangefinders.

Precision Pro offers customers a 3-year warranty on all products.

This may seem like a slight difference, but an extra year of warranty is excellent, especially when dealing with golf technology that can be used frequently.

Winner: Precision Pro NX10

Build Quality

The build quality between these two rangefinders is one of the differences where Bushnell excels at. Anyone who has previously held a Bushnell golf rangefinder knows they are heavy, durable, and fit nicely in the hands.

This is one of the reasons Bushnell produces the best rangefinders on the market.

That isn’t to say the Precision Pro NX10 needs to be built better, though. It just doesn’t fit nicely in the hands, and there is also no grip portion to sit in your hands.

You sometimes feel like you will drop it where you don’t think that with the Bushnell rangefinders.

Winner: Bushnell Tour V6

Interchangeable Designs

One of the coolest features of the Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder is the ability to interchange custom skins. These skins easily snap on and off the rangefinder and are a neat way to customize your rangefinder. This is something new that other brands don’t offer.

These skins can be purchased on the Precision Pro website.

Winner: Precision Pro

Free Battery Replacement

One of the essential critical differences between the Tour V6 and the Precision Pro NX10 is the fact that Precision Pro offers free battery replacement on its batteries.

This is a game changer because it uses CR2 3V batteries which are not cheap to replace. This is a great long-term way to keep consumers happy and committed to your product.

Bushnell does not offer any battery replacement.

Winner: Precision Pro NX10


The NX10 put Precision Pro rangefinders on the map in terms best rangefinders for golfers. It provides a cheaper alternative to the premium brands while offering all the same features.

Bushnell will also be at the top in terms of golf rangefinders. They constantly provide quality rangefinders and are continually improving their technology to help your golf game get better.

You can’t go wrong with either of these rangefinders the next time you play golf. However, the Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder is a better deal and my pick for best rangefinder for its price!

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