2024 Callaway Chrome Tour vs. Chrome Tour X vs. Chrome Soft: Comparison

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Which brand new Callaway Chrome golf ball is worth a spot in your golf bag today? In this guide, I go over my experience comparing the Callaway Chrome Tour vs Chrome Tour X vs Chrome Soft (2024 versions) to help you decide if the new balls are worth the upgrade.

First, I’ll review features in the new Callaway golf balls and then show you which ball fits your playing style the best.

In a rush? Compare these golf balls below!

Callaway Chrome Tour vs. Chrome Tour X vs. Chrome Soft Key Takeaways

  1. The 2024 Callaway Chrome Tour, Chrome Tour X, and Chrome Soft golf balls offer distinct features for different player levels, with improvements in speed, distance, and spin control.

  2. Key differences between the 2024 and 2023 models include construction changes for enhanced performance, higher spin rates, and a new aerodynamic pattern for stable flight.

  3. The Chrome Tour is ideal for amateur golfers, the Chrome Tour X suits fast swingers and professionals, and the Chrome Soft is best for beginners and those with slower swing speeds.

2024 Callaway Chrome Tour Overview

In 2024, Callaway released brand new Chrome Tour and Tour X golf balls. The Chrome Soft was also updated from the previous model to will remain in the lineup. The new Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X golf balls replace the previous Chrome Soft X and Chrome Soft X LS models marketed towards golfers with a higher swing speed.

The goal with these new golf balls was to elevate performance while still catering to a wide range of golfers. In my opinion, this is mostly true. Each ball offers something different in terms of performance.

As is usual, Callaway engineered and optimized these golf balls in collaboration with professional golfers and influencers around the world.

The Chrome lineup sits above the Callaway Supersoft and ERC Soft in the lineup.

Check out all of the new features below!

How to Buy

You can buy your new Callaway Chrome golf balls directly from the official website or any licensed golf store worldwide. Use the buttons below to get yours today.

Key Features in the 2024 Callaway Chrome Tour Lineup

New Hyper Fast Soft Core

The new Chrome Tour lineup features a core formulation that helps get more ball speed and distance from each shot. When I used these golf balls, I could tell that they were shooting off the face of the club with each shot.

Driver ball speed was consistently higher than my Callaway Chrome balls from last year.

Seamless Tour Aero

Callaway has always had a unique HEX design on their golf balls, and the new Chrome Tour is no different. They’ve updated it from the previous model, and this new unique aerodynamic design helps stabilize your ball flight.

Although you may not notice this every time, the ball’s flight was consistent on each shot. To test this, I used a robot tester to achieve a consistent swing speed and pattern each time.

Depending on what model you hit, you may see more or less spin rates on the ball, depending on your preference for what works for you.

High-Performance Tour Urethane Cover

Chrome Tour golf balls have a reformulated urethane cover on the outside of the ball that helps add a new level of spin on short-game shots. By using a slightly softer cover, you will notice that the ball does have a softer feel off the face of the club.

I noticed the new cover mostly from 50 to 80 yards into the green. The ball will launch slightly lower and spin more when it comes down on the green. This is precisely what golfers are looking for on short-game shots.

Callaway Chrome Tour vs. Chrome Tour X vs. Chrome Tour Soft: Comparison

Callaway Chrome Tour

The new Callaway Chrome Tour is a direct alternative to the Titleist Pro V1. It offers a balance of distance and feel and outperforms its competitors on ball speed and distance. It is slightly softer than the Chrome Soft X, ideal for those valuing hitting straight above high workability.

The Chrome Tour is a 4-piece construction with a 90-compression scale rating. It features a new Seamless Tour Aero, a new aerodynamic design built for stable ball flights in any condition.

Chrome Tour also features a new High-Performance Tour Urethane Cover, allowing for even more greenside spin and added control.

Many golfers will use this golf ball as it benefits many players.

Callaway Chrome Tour X

The Chrome Tour X directly replaces the familiar Chrome Soft X golf ball and is a direct alternative to the Titleist Pro V1x. It targets higher-level golfers who require ultimate speed and control of their golf balls.

The Tour X is the golf ball used by Jon Rahm, who is currently one of the best golfers in the world.

The Chrome Tour X is a 4-piece construction with a 98-compression scale rating. The ball is firmer than the Chrome Tour and features maximum spin on both long iron shots and short iron and greenside shots.

On top of having the same new features as the Chrome Tour, I noticed more workability around the golf course and is aimed towards the best golfers looking for the best performance.

With faster ball speed, this will be the ball you see professional golfers using.

Callaway Chrome Soft

The Chrome Soft is an upgrade over the previous model, with a few added benefits to further increase performance on the golf course. This golf ball is aimed at all golfers looking for a softer, Tour-quality ball.

The Chrome Soft is a 3-piece construction with a 75-compression scale rating. This golf ball will suit mid-handicap golfers who benefit from a higher ball flight and may not have the swing speed or skills to maximize the benefits of the other two correctly.

With the new Hyper Fast Soft Core, the Chrome Soft offers much higher ball speeds than its predecessor. It also is the lowest-spinning option of the three, which will benefit those looking for maximum distance.

The chart below outlines the main similarities and differences in the new Callaway Chrome lineup. During my testing, I noticed a lot of the same things.

What I Like About the 2024 Callaway Chrome Golf Balls

I like the new Callaway Chrome Tour golf balls because they offer a range of appealing features that cater to the needs of high-level players and aspirational golfers. You can tell that Callaway worked on their performance and made subtle changes that should help elevate your performance on the course.

I love how Callaway has an option for everyone, whether you are a scratch golfer or have a high handicap. Another thing I like about the Chrome Tour golf balls is Callaway’s customization. You can order them with different alignment aids to help you line up your ball and ensure everything is online before you shoot. They also come in yellow, along with the original white.

The Callaway Chrome Tour golf balls are available for $54.99 for a dozen, which is the standard price for higher-end golf balls. I recommend checking them out for this upcoming golf season.

Callaway Chrome 2024 vs. 2023 Versions

Key Similarities

The new 2024 Callaway Chrome Tour golf balls share several key similarities with their previous model. Both the Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X are designed to directly challenge the dominance of Titleist’s Pro V1 and Pro V1x in the tour ball retail sector.

They are tailored to cater to the needs of better players, with the Chrome Tour focusing on a balance of soft feel and distance, while the Chrome Tour X prioritizes control and higher spin in a firmer ball. The Chrome Soft still offers a softer golf ball that will provide faster ball speeds and less spin.

All three models also feature Callaway’s Tru Track technology, which offers visual options on the ball, providing additional alignment assistance. Like its predecessor, the Chrome Tour is designed for players seeking a slightly softer feel and a lower spin package.

At the same time, the Chrome Tour X is aimed at those who desire ultimate speed and control, similar to the previous Chrome Soft X attributes.

Key Differences

There are many critical differences between the new 2024 Callaway Chrome Tour golf balls and the previous model, which are significant and are aimed at enhancing the performance and playability of different categories of players.

One main difference is the construction changes to critical components, including the core, inner and outer. I found that the Chrome Tour X, for example, added over 250 RPMs on shorter shots compared to the Chrome Soft X. Having higher spin rates helps golfers spin and work the ball better off the club face, which should help your performance on the course.

Another new difference is Callaway’s new aerodynamic pattern on the golf ball. This new pattern helps consistently stabilize your ball flight when the ball is in the air.

Which Callaway Chrome is the Best?

For Beginners

The Callaway Chrome Tour Soft golf balls will be the best option for beginner golfers. They are the softest option and also feature the most miniature spin.

This means you will get a higher ball launch and less spin, equaling distance on each shot.

For Faster Swing Speeds

For faster swing speeds, the Chrome Tour X will be the ball suited for you. It is the firmest of the three, featuring a 98-compression scale rating.

This means you will get maximum ball speed on every shot.

For Slower Swing Speeds

For slower swing speeds, the Chrome Soft X will be best suited for you. It is the softest of the three, meaning you will get maximum distance from each shot as the launch is higher and there is less spin.

For Amateur Golfers

The Chrome Tour golf ball will be the best option for amateur golfers as it offers a slightly softer feel than the Chrome Tour X, all while still offering fast ball speeds and high spin on greenside shots.

For Professional Golfers

For professional golfers, you can go right with either the Chrome Tour or Chrome Tour X. Both balls are tour level and your pick will come down to personal preference.

The Chrome Tour is slightly softer, which is ideal for golfers who prioritize looking to hit the ball straight instead of having high workability and spin.

The Chrome Tour X will suit you better if you want the most workability.


Callaway has made strides in recent years to release higher-quality golf balls. It has paid off, with more and more professional golfers using Callaway instead of Titleist.

The new Callaway Chrome lineup makes a few smart improvements to attract even more golfers. The entire golf ball has incredible spin, exceptional speed, and outstanding performance.

If you try out these balls, I think you’ll love the consistent flight off of the tee and the incredible spin on approach shots.

For casual golfers, even the Chrome soft balls are better than other competitors.

Try these for yourself today!

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