The Best Golf Umbrellas for Your Protection [Ranked]

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Not all umbrellas are the same.

That umbrella you’ve been using all the time is not something to be used on the golf course.

Golf umbrellas are larger to provide protection for you and your gear or your companion. Some umbrellas have a sloped design that diverts water away from the handle to help you avoid getting wet. It can also be made from various materials such as metal shafts and fiberglass handles. Metal shafts are durable and strong. Fiberglass is extremely light but sturdy. Golf umbrellas can come with extra features as well. Those who don’t have a caddy usually use golf umbrellas with plastic tips. The best golf umbrella depends on your needs. Here’s a list of some of the best golf umbrellas today.

The Best Golf Umbrellas

Best Golf Umbrella

Windproof Golf Umbrella

Best Overall

Procella Windproof Golf Umbrella


  • Totally windproof
  • Ergonomic slip-resistant handle
  • One hand auto-open feature
  • Lightweight and durable
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Double canopy designed
  • Just slightly above average price

Our first umbrella has almost everything that golfers need. The Procella 62 inch UV Protection and Windproof umbrella has a double canopy design and venting system that can withstand strong winds and won't turn over like the stereotypical bad movie umbrella always does.

It can blocks out 99.5% of the sun's rays, to keep you cool on hot days. It helps you protect yourself not just from the sun but also from wind and rain. It also has an ergonomic slip-resistant handle, so it won’t slip out of your hands even if the wind gets stronger than you initially thought. It is one of the best ultra-lightweight umbrella that fits perfectly on your golf cart.


Other features and benefits include:

  • sunblocking skin saver
  • Made of 210T Pongee fabric with fiberglass and comes with a lightning-resistant shaft, so it is durable and can last for a long time
  • This Procella large umbrella comes with a matching carrying sleeve
  • Weighs 1.7 pounds, so it is light and easy to carry
  • You will also get free golf instruction videos

All-Weather Elite Series Umbrella

Best Golf Umbrella on a Budget

All-Weather Elite Series Golf Umbrella


  • Very affordable
  • Large enough for a couple
  • Easy auto-open
  • Good enough for light wind and rain but not extreme weathers

The All-Weather Elite Series Umbrella is ideal for outdoor concerts, sporting events, or rainy days due to its large coverage. It is a 60-inch umbrella that is large enough for two, making it a perfect option for a romantic walk in the rain. 

Overall, the All-Weather Elite Series is big enough to protect golfers from the rain and wind. It is flexible enough to endure high winds.


The umbrella also provides the following benefits:

  • Easy auto-open system provides instant coverage
  • Features fiberglass shaft and ribs polyester panels, so you are assured that it’s durable
  • There’s also a plastic tip that allows you to keep the umbrella secure to the ground. The wooden handle provides the umbrella with a classic look.
  • has a storage sleeve and Velcro strap for closing.
  • The fabric used is water-resistant, durable, and light.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

Most Easy to Carry

G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella


It's a nice bonus that the G4Free Automatic Open umbrella is available in three different sizes to make sure it fits everyone's needs. It is also a double canopy design is suitable for windy days. It has wide coverage if you want to be protected from rain, hail, or sun.

With the sun protection material used it's also the #1 choice for sun protection on our list. The best golf sun umbrella we could find!


Other great features include, but are not limited to:

  • Unconditional 1-year guarantee against any craftsmanship defects
  • Auto-open via button is a standard feature, but particularly well executed in the G4Free
  • Fiberglass frame to make sure you don't get blown away
  • Sun protection included in the form of SPF 50+ canvas material
  • Uber comfortable EVA grip to make it smooth carrying it around

RainStoppers Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella

Best Oversized Umbrella

RainStoppers Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella


  • Oversize to protect all your gear
  • Non-slip foam rubber handle
  • Windproof
  • Customers have complained that it feels cheaply made

The RainStoppers 68" Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella is big enough to cover 3 or more people, making it perfect for families. It can also provide enough protection to you and all your golfing gear.

It measures 43 inches when closed. Overall, it’s a large and durable umbrella that can withstand wind and provide enough coverage for you and your gear or your golfing companion.


Here are other things you’ll love about the RainStoppers 68" Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella:

  • The umbrella’s canopy is made of durable nylon fabric, so it won’t get damaged easily.
  • The fiberglass ribs and shaft guarantee maximum stability. It won’t invert or fly out of your hands even during intense winds.
  • This 68-inch golf umbrella from RainStoppers comes with a foam non-slip handle, so it won’t slip out of your hands easily.
  • The umbrella has a matching sleeve. It comes with various two-tone color schemes, so you are free to pick the design that suits your taste.

GustBuster Classic Golf Umbrella

Best Small Umbrella

GustBuster Classic Golf Umbrella


  • Double canopy design
  • can stand on 55 mph without flipping
  • lightning resistant fiberglass shaft
  • One size. Only available on 48 inches

The GustBuster Classic 48 inch Automatic Golf Umbrella is the #1 umbrella on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours. GustBuster has also been featured on CNN, GoodDay NY, Regis and Kathy Lee, Talk soup, and many more television and radio shows.

It boasts a “pinchless” open and close release mechanism that makes it lighter, but far stronger than ordinary umbrellas.


Other things you will like about the Classic include the following:

  • The high-impact end cap not only protects the umbrella but also preserves its beauty.
  • The best thing about the Classic is that it will keep you dry wherever you go. It has a double-reinforced fiberglass shaft that is resistant to lightning and designed not to snap or crimp.
  • The unusual style and strength of this umbrella assure you that it will last for a long time. You can pick between the manual and automatic opening.
  • It features a curved hardwood J-handle and comes with a lovely fitted sheath, protecting the umbrella when not being used.
  • The GustBuster Classic 48inch Automatic Golf Umbrella can withstand winds of more than 55 miles per hour, so you are assured that it won’t go flying out of your hands or invert.
  • The umbrella measures 48inch in diameter and is 36" long. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why golf umbrella is essential?

When playing golf, it is important to carry an umbrella, not just to protect you and your bag whatever mother nature throws at you. It aims to keep the equipment dry in every condition, especially during heavy rain. There are different kinds of umbrellas that are suitable in every situation. A golf umbrella also helps protect your skin while walking under the sun. Aside from the golf hats and golf sleeves, it also saves you against UV rays.

During unpredictable weather, an umbrella saves your golf club from getting soaked in the rain. Golf clubs can develop rust when in contact with water, especially if you'll leave it inside your golf bag. A lot of golf bags in the market set a space for your favorite umbrella. So the next time you are looking for the list of accessories, don't forget to write the best umbrella next on your list.

What's the difference between a golf umbrella to a regular umbrella?

Both umbrellas can help you protect your skin. However, regular umbrellas lack features that can help golfers when they are on the golf course. Standard umbrellas are great for every day but not as a company during golf. Most regular umbrellas can't stand during hard weather conditions.

If you are playing golf, an umbrella that was designed for this game would be better. Why? Umbrellas for golf have a large size. They are specially built to protect you and your precious golf clubs. The drawback of golf back umbrellas is that they are heavy. Choosing the best umbrella can be tricky. But you have to understand its features and what weather condition you will be using them most of the time.

What is a double canopy design?

A double canopy has two layers instead of the one you often saw with a typical umbrella. It has a vent in between so air can escape on windy days. The canopy is connected with each other. The second canopy is located at the top and is shorter. When folded, you will not notice that this umbrella has a double canopy design. These are usually large. But don't worry, they are also available in different sizes. You can pick the one in which you think we'll you and your bag safe and even shared with your golf buddy.

How to choose a double canopy umbrella?

Below are some tips if you want to opt for double canopy umbrellas.

1. Before purchasing the golf umbrella, it is vital to determine when you are using this umbrella. Being wind resistant is one of the strengths of a double canopy umbrella. There are full-length and shorter canopies. A full-length canopy umbrella is best for resisting high winds. However, if you are using it during summer days, an umbrella with a large canopy would be enough.

2. The construction and the quality of the umbrella. If possible, go with popular brands. These companies built their umbrella with the highest standard to make sure to produce the one with quality. These companies also offered warranties on their product, so you would worry less if ever something went wrong.

Which is the better, single or double canopy?

Double canopies are better in most situations. It has a double layer that has a vent, perfect during windy conditions. You don't have to worry your umbrella will turn inside out because this umbrella's design can withstand windy conditions.

What is the best size for golf umbrellas?

Golf umbrella's length in the market ranges from 62 and 68 inches. A larger umbrella is heavier, so if you are most likely to carry it, it would be good to check the umbrella's weight.

Are bigger umbrella's better?

Most of the time, a bigger golf umbrella would be better. It covers you and your golf bag while you are on the course. But of course, you should not rely on the size alone. You must also pick the one that you can use for a long time.

Do all umbrellas have UV protection?

Umbrella is from different materials, and not all of them has this feature. Golf umbrella that UV protection uses thicker materials to block the UV rays from the sun. Make a habit of checking the label of umbrella features to ensure that your golf umbrella also protects you from the sun's harmful rays. If you are mostly playing under the sun, this feature is worth checking for.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Now that you are aware of the best golf umbrella in the market and your frequently asked questions have been addressed, let's dive deeper into its features to make sure that you'll pick the right one for you.

Opening Speed

For me, this is one of the most important umbrella features. You don't want to be drench in the rain because your umbrella won't open quickly. It would be best to consider an umbrella that needs a simple push to open it right away by simply pressing the button on the handle.

Wind Resistance

Golf umbrellas are designed to be able also to withstand whatever mother nature throws at you. They do better on this aspect compared to the regular umbrella. They are built with robust frame construction to handle strong winds. However, this is the feature that sometimes golfers missed. You don't want you chasing it on the golf course, don't you? or go home with a wrecked umbrella.

Manufactures did several tests to make sure that it can stand in harsh weather conditions. They tried to make it virtually unbreakable.

UV Sun Protection

Most manufacturers focus on having a windproof and waterproof design for their umbrella, and the UV protection features are often missing. For an umbrella that offers UV protection, you will notice a silver inside. They used a special material to block the harmful rays from the sun and keep you cool.


If you're one of those that don't let the rain stop them from golf, then you must consider the size of the golf umbrella that you will be taking with you. The regular umbrella can be useful when used every day but not when you are playing golf. Golf umbrella offer different sizes. Golf umbrellas on the market range from 54 to 72 inches. So if you're planning to play even during a rainy day, an oversize golf club would be a great option.


Because golf umbrellas are larger, it is also essential to consider the weight. Golf umbrellas differ in fabric, shaft material, and handle. It would be best if you'll pick materials that offer long durability. Umbrellas are often made from nylon, polyester, and pongee fabric. So what is the difference between the three?

Some umbrella are made from 100% nylon, like the GustBuster Classic. It feels like silk, but the fabric can shrink when often used outdoor. The other fabric that is often used by manufacturers is polyester. This is cheaper, but the fabric also shrinks and creates creases when folding. The last one is the pongee. You must have heard of this one. Premium umbrella is made from this material. It combines the strength of nylon and polyester. You should also expect that this kind of umbrella is more expensive.

Golf umbrella frame material also differs. It can be aluminum or fiberglass. We highly recommend the one that is made from fiberglass. Fiberglass is lighter and can withstand powerful wind. And more importantly, unlike aluminum or any other metal, fiberglass does not attract lightning.


Another one is durability. For your money not to waste when the wind messes your umbrella, it needs to be durable. It would be great if you looking for an umbrella that is made from high-quality materials. Something that was designed to stand against not favorable weather conditions and can last for years.


Procella Windproof Golf UmbrellaBest OverallProcella Windproof Golf Umbrella62"
All-Weather Elite Series Golf UmbrellaBest on a BudgetAll-Weather Elite Series Golf Umbrella60"
G4Free Automatic Open Golf UmbrellaMost Easy to CarryG4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella54" & 62" & 68"
RainStoppers Oversize Windproof Golf UmbrellaBest Oversized UmbrellaRainStoppers Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella68"
GustBuster Classic Golf UmbrellaBest Small UmbrellaGustBuster Classic Golf Umbrella48"

Don’t let the rain or wind prevent you from enjoying a good game of golf. With the best golf umbrella, you will be protected from intense winds, heavy rain, and other unpleasant weather conditions on an open course. Golf umbrella is one of the important golf accessories that you must keep in your bag. There are tons of the best golf umbrella in the market and we bring to you our top 5 picks. Choose the right golf umbrella that suits your needs and of course budget.

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