The Best Ping Golf Bags: The Ultimate Lineup

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"Ping...Ping...", you hear that? That's the sound of some great golf gear coming your way!

Okay, terrible jokes aside, Ping really is one of the industry leaders in golf gear, with a wide range of quality products available under their name, from clubs, to clothing and accessories. So it should come as no surprise that Ping is also known for their wide range of some of the best golf bags on the market.

With that in mind, which types of Ping golf bags are the best? That is what we will be taking a look at in today's Ping golf bags reviews, as we look at five of the best Ping golf bags.

THE Best Ping GOlf Bags

  • Ping Traverse Cart Bag (Best Ping Cart Bag)
    "Featuring 14 full length dividers and a molded putter well that fits your oversized grips, the Ping Golf Traverse Cart Bag provides the often demanded features that other bags miss out. It is of extremely high quality construction and comes in a variety of colors. Best of all, it has almost perfect reviews on Amazon, with no major flaws to pick on."
  • Ping Hoofer 14 Stand Bag (Best Ping Stand Bag)
  • Ping DLX Cart Bag (Best Ping Tour Style Bag)
  • Ping Pioneer Cart Bag (Most Stylish Ping Bag)

Best PING Golf Bags

Ping Traverse Cart Bag


  • Abundance of large pockets
  • 14-way divider with molded putter well
  • Lightweight but big
  • Easy access to pockets
  • Relatively expensive

We open the lineup today with what is possibly one of the best cart bags available with the Ping Traverse Cart Bag.

To begin, the Traverse seems to address some of the issues that the previous two cart bags seemed to have. It does this by having an abundance of large pockets for storage, as well as having a 14-way divider with a molded putter well that makes the bag a good choice for golfers using an oversized grip.


In addition to this, despite the bag's large size, the bag is very lightweight for a cart bag, at only around five pounds. This bag is also great for the golfer who wants a bag that matches their personal style, as the Traverse is available in range of seven different color options.

On top of all this, the Traverse is also very easy to put on to any cart. With a slit that runs between the bag itself and the pockets, it is easy to strap this bag onto any cart, and still have easy access to your rangefinder or whatever equipment you may have stored in your bags pockets.

With almost no downsides, the Ping Traverse Cart Bag is easily one of the best golf bags that has been put out by the Ping brand, giving golfers everything they will ever need from a golf bag.

Ping Hoofer 14 Stand Bag


  • Light but big for many clubs
  • Carry bag with stand
  • Oversized grips can sometimes get stuck

The Ping Hoofer 14 is a "carry" style of golf bag. This means that the Hoofer is designed to be both light and comfortable to carry.

Just how light, you may be asking? The Hoofer comes up to around five pounds, which makes the Hoofer an easy bag to carry even for those golfers who may not have the strength they once did. To make carrying even easier, the bag also comes with a backpack style Strap slider, making it easy to adjust the bags straps to any user's needs.


As for features, with the Ping Hoofer, you will get a 14-way divider that is designed to keep your clubs neat and organized. You also get 8 different pockets on the hoofer, including a 100% water resistant valuables pocket.

There are some caveats to this bag that may turn some away, however. For starters, there are some small issues that, while not affecting all Hoofer bags, see the shoulder straps on the bag sometimes breaking. There are also a few issues for golfers that use oversized grips, as the grips can sometimes become stuck in the club slots.

These problems aside, everything else that you get with the Ping Hoofer 14 is exactly what any golfer would want from this style of bag. Lightweight, yet big enough to house all your clubs and equipment, the Hoofer is a good choice for a carry bag, and a great place to start this list.

Ping DLX Cart Bag

Best Ping Tour Style Bag


  • 15-way mesh covered divider
  • Easy access to all pockets
  • Great organization
  • Limited pocket storage capacity

While Ping certainly has a good selection of carry and stand bags available, they also have a wide range of Cart bags to choose from. The Ping DLX just so happens to be one such bag.

Like most cart bags, the DLX is a larger bag, and is designed to be strapped to the back of a golf cart or a push cart. What makes the design of the DLX unique, however, is that the cart-strap channel is designed to allow easy access to all the bag's pockets, eliminating the extra hassle of having to remove the bag from the cart to gain access to certain areas.


To allow for better organization of your clubs, the DLX has a 15-way divider, which is covered with a mesh that both keeps your clubs separated and secure. If you happen to use oversized grips on your clubs, you will be happy to know that the 15-way divider is large enough to fit these kind of grips comfortably, something that a good portion of golf bags can't do.

Unfortunately, the attention that is paid to club storage eliminates the storage capacity of the pockets. Not only are there fewer pockets on this bag than in some others, but the pockets themselves also allow for limited item storage, which may leave a few golfers jaded.

But that can be excused when considering how well made the bag is, and how it can keep your clubs both safe and organized. While maybe not the best for accessories, the Ping DLX is still a cart bag that gives golfers what they want most out of their golf bag: safe and easy storage of their clubs.

Ping Pioneer Cart Bag

Most Stylish Ping Bag


  • 15-way club divider
  • Anti-flex walls for stability
  • Large pocket capacity
  • Not very oversized grips friendly

If the storage issues that the previous Cart bag had were a problem for you, then Ping has an answer to your concerns: The Ping Pioneer.

While there are still only eight available pockets on this bag, the Pioneer makes up for the lack of quantity with the amount of space each pocket provides. Each of the eight pockets, from the water-proof valuables pocket to the insulated beverage pocket, are large enough to fit multiple items in, and does so comfortably.


With the Pioneer, you also get a lot of the features that were great about the previous DLX bag. This includes the protected 15-way club divider and a sturdy, anti-flex design that keeps your bag stable and clubs secure.

Unlike it's brethren, however, the Pioneer is not as friendly to oversized club grips, with some reporting that oversized putter grips can get caught in the club well. There is also an odd issue with scalpers online with this particular model, with some people offering different colors of the bag for hundreds of dollars over the original price, so use caution when buying online.

All in all, this golf cart bag does the job you want it to of providing space and safety for all your equipment, making the Ping Pioneer a "Pioneer" in the sport of golf.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Ping golf best known for?

Ping is first known for its unusual Putters. Then in 1969, they introduced the irons too. With more than 50 years in the industry, Ping does not settle with putters, irons, and drivers. They are also now known for their golf bags.

Where are Ping golf bags made?

It all started in a garage in California in the late 50s. However, like all other major manufacturers, they make most of their components in China nowadays.

What professionals use Ping?

One of the notable professional that uses PING is Bubba Watson. Despite not being the ambassador of the brand he's quite one of the most popular user.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation


If you are looking to buy a golf bag from the Ping brand, you are very likely going to be purchasing the bag online. If you are going to do so, then I have to provide a word of caution.

More so than most golf bag brands, Ping brand golf seem to have varying prices, even on the same model of bag. For example, while the Pioneer was running at a price of around the $160 mark, a different color of the same bag was over $600 dollars. This is large price gap that is, for all intents and purposes, unreasonable, so you'll want to keep an eye out to make sure you are paying a good price for the product you want.

Grip Size

Another issue that was discussed a lot above was the size of the grip on your clubs, and how well they would fit in each bag.

While every bag above is good for those golfers that use standard grips on their clubs, those that prefer larger grips, especially on their putters, may have issues with their clubs fitting inside the bag. To help combat this, before purchasing your golf bag, make sure the bag in question will be able to house your clubs properly. Otherwise, you may find yourself having more difficulty than you bargained for.

Ping Vs Other Brands

When it comes to Ping bags, one running theme is that almost all of their models of bags are strong and well-constructed, especially in comparison to some other brands. Despite this, a lot of their bags are also relatively lightweight, which makes them a good choice for golfers that have trouble lifting and carrying their clubs usually.

Where Ping does suffer in comparison to some other brands, however, is the price of their bags. Where some brands, such as Callaway, will have some bags that start below the $100 mark in price, many of Ping's bags start higher than others, around $150-160.

While you are certainly going to get quality with Ping bags, you are going to have to be ready to pay for them, making the bags a bit hard to suggest for the golfer on a budget. However, if you are willing to pay the extra coin, you certainly are not going to be disappointed with any Ping bag you buy.


Ping Traverse Cart BagBest Ping Cart BagPing Traverse Cart Bag
Ping Hoofer 14 Stand BagBest Ping Stand BagPing Hoofer 14 Stand Bag
Ping DLX Cart BagBest Ping Tour Style BagPing DLX Cart Bag
Ping Pioneer Cart BagMost Stylish Ping BagPing Pioneer Cart Bag

If you are looking to buy a Ping golf bag, you should now have all the information you need to find exactly what you are looking for with these Ping golf bags reviews. From carry bags to cart bags, Ping is one brand that is sure to give any golfer whatever they may be looking for.

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