Best Women’s Golf Bags – Top Picks for Her

Today's blog post is going to explore the Best Women's Golf Bags on the market today, providing you with our top picks, the most important criteria for you to make the right choice, and your frequently asked questions (FAQ) answered. Thanks for reading!

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OGIO XIX Women’s Stand BagBest OverallOGIO XIX Women’s Stand Bag
Sun Mountain Women’s 4.5L Stand BagBest Stand BagSun Mountain Women’s 4.5L Stand Bag
Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart BagBest Lightweight Cart BagRam Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag
Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart BagBest Golf Cart BagSun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag

Most of the lady golfers use a golf bag for men, either because of lack of selections or just by choice. If you are one of those people who love playing golf, you may consider using the best womens golf bags in the market. In fact, there is now a wide variety of brand selections or menu of golf bags for both men and women. So, why don’t you select a type of women s golf bags specifically designed to upgrade your performance level on the field?

Men or women s golf bags are suitable for you as golfers because of the list of factors like storage space, value, functionality, lightweight design, size, and overall type of style. So, these are just some of the reasons why golfer needs to choose specific types of men or women s golf bags, either for your activity practice or for the tournaments.

If you want to purchase accessories for men or women and collection brands, add them to your golfer cart and use one of the best types of women s golf bags or clubs, it is advisable to select the ideal one for you. To end up choosing the top-rated and high-quality ladies golf bag or clubs, then you may consider the different options or products below:

Best Women's Golf Bags - Detailed Reviews for 2021

1. OGIO XIX Women’s Stand Bag

Best Overall

Our Pick
OGIO XIX Women’s Stand Bag

This type is just a specific type of women s golf bag or clubs worth it in adding your cart, especially if you would like to have a women s golf bag that can easily be lifted. In fact, using women s golf bags have various options, benefits, and advantages for most men and women.


  • Lightweight – This is not that heavy to carry, so it will bring comfort as you use this item for both men and women. That’s why most men or women tend to buy these women s golf bags for good. No questions asked, they immediately add it to their cart.
  • High-quality with durable materials – Users are highly satisfied and instantly add these women s golf bags or balls in their cart. There are no questions that this golf bag is worth their investment.
  • Quality comfort straps – These women s golf bags or clubs feature premium quality straps that make you comfortable when you are using your golf bags. They say that it is just like a backpack that can be put on their back while they go to the golf course. 
  • Some people say that this bag is quite expensive compared to some other types of ladies’ golf bags or clubs and balls out there. Its price details and product questions are visible in the online cart. In spite of this high amount of golf bags and accessories offered in the market, you can still have a guarantee that the item is of good quality. 

If you think that this bag would fit your personality, you can shop this ladies golf bag online. You can opt to choose any type of color depending on your personality. You will never regret choosing this kind of bag since most of your golf accessories can be housed by this item since it also features a lot of pockets.


This women’s stand bag provides great advantages to the users. As you decide to buy this item and you’d like to visit some online stores, then you may notice that it is the top-rated women s golf bags in the marketplace. You may also check it out in any online store, and you will surely be amazed by its remarkable features and style. In fact, this item has received a lot of positive feedback from the customers because of its quality and variant colors. It is only an indication that many people are highly satisfied with this type of bag. They also love to recommend this item to some other women who are looking for various colors of ladies’ golf bags for their games. 

2. Sun Mountain Women’s 4.5L Stand Bag

Best Stand Bag

Sun Mountain Women’s 4.5L Stand Bag


  • It offers 9 pockets that can place all your golf accessories for the game.
  • It has a lift-assist panel built into a lower pocket for you to maneuver these women s golf items easily.
  • It provides a Z fit dual strap system or construction, which gives you more comfort in lifting the bag and adjust for customized fit without so much difficulty.
  • Because of the high-quality construction and its popularity of these women s golf stuff, there might have some imitation for this item. That’s why it would be advisable always to consider a reputable company provider when buying this bag. Always check online reviews prior to checkout payment in any online transaction. 

Another top-quality gold stand bag for women you may find in the market is the Sun Mountain 4.5LS 14-Way type of bag. These women s golf bags also provide numerous benefits to all users due to their excellent features and colors. 

This type of ladies’ golf bag construction is a perfect selection if you want different colors and a top-quality bag for your practice games. This is also ideal for walking in the course since the shoulder straps are well-cushioned construction. Because of the feature of this golf club item, you will be more comfortable when you place this range of bags on your back.


This bag is among the best options for you, especially if you would like to be part of the golf clubs. These golf clubs would be perfect for your overall outfit, plus the colors and quality type of golf shoes you have. Many people want this golf bag for ladies since all your equipment and everything you wish to bring related to golf games can be suited inside this bag. These golf clubs have a great design and colors that would surely complement your personality stand. Most of the women provide positive feedback regarding this golf bag. It is because they personally experience the advantages of having this item, especially when they are playing the games of tournaments.

3. Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag

Best Lightweight Cart Bag

Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag


  • It has a wide range of remarkable features, which include an external umbrella or rain hood holder, an easy-grab top handle, towel clip, dual glove, and a high-quality type of padded should strap and durable dividers.
  • It is not so heavy to carry since it features only weighs around 5 lbs. Golf bag manufacturers tend to design this bag to make sure that lady golfers dividers will not suffer from the heavyweight of the item or dividers.
  • It offers a cheaper price compared to any other products that are available in the market. With this golf bag's quality and affordable rate, you will surely love it as you play your games for the tournament. 
  • The only thing that makes the customers worry about this golf equipment with dividers is its authenticity during their purchase. Most women are looking for this item, and because of this prominence, there’s a possibility that imitation for this stuff may occur. That’s why it is highly recommended to only transact or purchase this item from those reputable companies and suppliers only. By dealing with any reputable shop or online store, you can also make sure that you will have the best and high-quality features of golf bag dividers for your golf tournament.

This golf cart bag with dividers is among the ideal options that would carry everything, including your golf equipment and accessories, because it features 14-way golf club slots. You may also consider this golf bag with dividers for lady golfers like you since it is a perfect choice for your appearance. This cart bag is highlighted with the color pink on the borderlines of the bag, which brings great impact to women. 


This type of cart bag is good for every woman who wants is fond of the golf game. Whether you are just practicing or you’re already in the tournament game, then this could be a perfect match for your outfit. With pink golf shoes and highlighted with gray and some colors of your socks, a perfect combination to your cart bags will be achieved.

Any type of cart bag dividers will be nice for you, depending on your tastes and preferences. But if you consider this Ram golf lightweight cart bag with 14-way dividers, you can have the guarantee that you’ll always be comfortable during your entire games. There are lots of compartments for your club storage, and you can place any kind of golf accessories that you may need during the entire game. All your things and golf equipment like balls, ball markers, golf clubs, towels, club head covers, and others can be completely placed in this golf bag. Even though you place more things and equipment for your practice and actual games, this type of bag can handle the weight of your things. It is because it is made up of quality dividers, features, and durable materials.

4. Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag

Best Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag


  • All the pockets are facing forward, which provides easy accessibility to all your things inside the bag. 
  • It features a Rangefinder pocket that lifts out the way, which helps you to secure your golf bag to the cart. 
  • A reputable shop also provides a good type of rain hood that could match the bag itself and your whole outfit as well. 
  • This is made up of durable materials, which ensures its good performance level.
  • If you try to check this item through an online shop, you may notice that this is more expensive in comparison to the other golf bag brands in the market. You might say that this item would not be commensurate enough to the money that you will invest for the bag itself. But if you purchase this ladies' golf bag at any shop, you will learn that this type will surely provide you the benefits you want for a golf bag brand. You can now even say that your money is worth an investment.

Another recent type of cart bag style dividers that you can buy in a certain shop is the Sun Mountain Diva Golf Cart Bag. It has several great features that will surely love by most women. If you’re looking for a specific type of TaylorMade golf cart bags and would like to consider this bag, it would be better if you must know first both the advantages and disadvantages of this item. You can at least have an idea about choosing a specific type that provides great functions while buying from an exceptional shop.


With the great features of this golf cart bag from your preferred shop, there’s an assurance that this item or style will be of great use to all its users. Some of these remarkable features include a 15-way top, a well-designed compartment full of accessible pockets, and cart bags that are fully functional. These things and features could be your possible reasons for buying this item from any shop or store.

This cart bag with accessible pockets will help you carry something needed when you are about to play for the tournaments. You don’t need to lift the bag pockets and feel the weight of your things since this type is one of the cart bag pockets that would help you in terms of club storage. You need to place all your golf equipment pockets inside the bag and then pull the bag as if that you are just pulling a cart towards the golf course destination. Any shop offered various color combinations such as silver, black, and silver stripes of this cart bag will surely complement your whole outfit during your game.

However, if you’re still looking for the type of golf bag pockets that is good for both men and women from any shop, then it would be advisable to choose a CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover. These black and gray golf bag pockets could be cheaper and would somehow give you the benefits that you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re quite skeptical in choosing the right women s gold bags and pockets for you, then below are some of the frequently asked questions with answers and explanations. These may somehow answer your questions about a specific type of ladies’ golf bag and pockets that would be apt for you. 

Are Golf Bags Unisex?

Generally, there’s not much discrepancy between a men’s bag and a women’s golf bag and pockets. It only matters on weights and sizes in some practical terms. In terms of being subjective, the golf bag's pockets will look more feminine and fashionable if you choose to buy a women’s golf bag if you are a woman. But you may also try to use a men’s golf bag since it doesn’t matter anymore as long as that this bag can carry your golf equipment. Nowadays, golf bags with pockets for men can also be used by women and are all available from any shop.

Why is it that Most of the Golf Bags are Very Expensive?

Manufacturers and even any shop or stores tend to offer a higher price for these golf bags with pockets and some TaylorMade bags for this sport because they need to gain more profit. From the profits that they have obtained, they will deduct the actual cost for the advertisements, development, research, and miscellaneous.

Why is it that Pro Golfer Bags are so Big?

Golf bags for both men and women golfers are so big because golf equipment and all things needed for the games must be placed in these golf bags. There should be adequate storage to make sure that all the player’s essential things will be catered by these bags.

How to Pick the Best Women’s Golf Bag?

Choosing a ladies' golf bag is not that difficult, even though there are a wide variety of selections that you may find in the market. If you want to end up picking the right ladies' golf bags, then you may consider the following tips and considerations:

  • Choose a specific type and design based on your tastes and preferences. Your preference always matters in picking the suitable one for you. You can select a type of ladies' golf bag based on your color preference, design, style, size, and any factors that would affect your selection.
  • Buy a ladies' golf bag when the supplier offers some promos and discounts. There are some sorts of ladies' golf bags for both men and women that can be purchased at a lower price, especially if it’s on sale. 
  • Read online reviews before buying some sorts of ladies' golf bags from the supplier. The feedback and questions of the customers will also affect your decision-making as you plan to buy the stuff.

These things are the essential tips and suggestions you need to consider to pick the best women s golf bags in the marketplace. Always be meticulous enough in doing some online transactions and buying this product to ensure that you will end up having the high-quality and authentic one for you.

Quick Summary of the Best Women's Golf Bags in 2021

OGIO XIX Women’s Stand BagBest OverallOGIO XIX Women’s Stand Bag
Sun Mountain Women’s 4.5L Stand BagBest Stand BagSun Mountain Women’s 4.5L Stand Bag
Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart BagBest Lightweight Cart BagRam Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag
Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart BagBest Golf Cart BagSun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag