Sunday Golf Loma Bag Review: Is it really a game-changing carry bag?

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Keeping your round light.

Sunday Golf Loma bag is a very lightweight golf bag that let you enjoy your par 3 course play.

Can't wait to take my clubs and my favorite bag and hit the golf course again! That’s how I feel most days when I wake up. (after I had my coffee…)

I prefer to walk the course every time I play golf. That's why I hate lugging a heavy bag. Aside from playing golf, walking is also one of my favorite exercises to keep fit. I wanted to walk comfortably with a small bag and as few clubs with me as possible. I live in the city and mostly go to the driving range or play 9 hole courses. But some bags are quite bulky and uncomfortable. It strained my shoulders sometimes. I wanted to move quickly. With all the traction and excitement it stirred up on social media, I decided to try the Loma Bag from Sunday Golf.


Last Sunday, I hit the golf course for the first time with this bag. So what is the Loma bag? This bag was designed for a quick round on a 9 hole or Par 3 course or when swinging at the driving range. I perfectly fit that profile so it seemed totally worth a try for me. Weighing only 1.9 lbs it is much lighter than other Sunday golf bags. They claim it’s the lightest on the market and I have a hard time imagining a lighter bag than this. While being light, it still has a lot of pockets that can accommodate all your essential accessories.

The bag comes with a 3-inches wide strap and a dual flex stand system. It can fit up to 8 clubs and has a full-length divider to separate your irons and putter. It has a built-in carry handle and a waterproof zipper too. Here’s a photo I shot at the driving range:

loma bag


I put the bag in the backseat on my way to the range. With the bag on my shoulder, I now headed to the first tee box. The bag was surprisingly comfortable and light. I had 6 clubs in my bag, yet it felt light in my shoulder. Tip: You can also grab the handle if you do not want to put it in your shoulder or when quickly walking short distances.

The bag is well-designed and looks great and stylish. The divider makes my clubs sit neatly and helps you stay organized inside the bag. The stiff round shape makes it easier to pull clubs in and out while playing.

One of the struggles for players is picking up the bag. But this one has a dual flex stand. It is sturdy and keeps the bag and clubs clean and dry too. The built-in handle is very helpful as well. It is well-designed and was easy to grab as I moved around.

The other thing that I love about this bag are the pockets. It has a lot of different pockets. I loved the small side pocket where I can keep my mobile phone, without having it on me and constantly getting interrupted. I can now swing with confidence that my phone won’t buzz at the most inopportune time.

Another unique type of pocket for this bag is the “frosty pocket”. It is like a built-in cooler where you can keep your cold can of beverage of choice. After an hour of playing, I grabbed my can of beer that I kept in the pocket, and sure enough it was still cold. What a treat! This pocket will be extremely helpful especially during summer.

loma bag frosty pocket

If you want to carry a bottle of water, there is also a mesh pocket for it. It is a multi-purpose pocket where you can keep your bottled water or your golf balls.

Wondering where to put those gloves? Worry not! This bag has a velcro patch too. It securely held my gloves after playing. There are also designated tee holders for the tees.

loma bag

At the price of $114.99, this bag is a great deal. Sure, there are some slightly cheaper Sunday bags to be found on the internet, but you will have a hard time finding anything close to this in terms of value for money. It has a lot of nice features that make my golfing enjoyable with all my golf essentials in one super light bag. It is also a good price for both beginners and professional players. It is available in three colors, cobalt blue, matte black, and heather gray.


Indeed, the Loma golf bag is a game-changer. It is great for people like me, who hate carrying big and heavy bags around. This one is very comfortable while playing short or par 3 courses. It is sturdy and seems to be durable. At the end of the day, you want to be happy and enjoy your game without worrying about the strain of your back or shoulder. A bag you don’t notice is a good bag.

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

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