Best Bag Boy Travel Covers for Golf

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Bag Boy makes some of the best travel covers for your next golf trip. In this guide, I’ll go through every single golf travel bag sold by Bag Boy and tell you what the best protection for your golf clubs is!

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What Golf Travel Bags Does Bag Boy Sell?

Bag Boy sells 7 different models of their popular golf travel covers:

  1. T-10

  2. T-750

  3. T-2000

  4. T-660

  5. Freestyle

  6. T-460

  7. ZTF

At first glance, the names tell you nothing about the features in each bag. Below, I’ll go over all of the common features that you get with every Bag Boy travel cover and then go into each individual cover in more detail.

Common Bag Boy Travel Cover Features

Below are some of the common features found on every single Bag Boy travel cover:

Durable Construction

Bag Boy travel covers have always stood out to me with their high-quality materials like ABS plastic, polyester, and nylon, ensuring long-lasting durability and protection for your golf equipment.

Your golf clubs will be thrown around with other luggage by the airlines, so you want a travel bag that keeps your clubs safe.

Club Protection

Every cover sold by Bag Boy features extra thick padding or high-density foam to provide maximum protection for your clubs during travel. This club protection feature ensures that your clubs are secure and safe, giving you peace of mind on the golf course.

Smooth Rolling Action

Deluxe in-line skate wheels or innovative 6-wheel bases offer smooth rolling action, making maneuvering your travel cover easy through airports.

Convenient Access

The lockable, full wrap-around zippers are designed for your ease and convenience. All Bag Boy bags feature easy-access exterior pockets so that your packing and unpacking process is hassle-free.

Internal Organization

The Bag Boy travel covers come with internal compression straps and multiple pockets, including and oversized pocket for your golf shoes, to help you organize and secure your belongings during travel.

Reinforced Corners and Skid Bars

Bag Boy’s travel covers are not just about style and convenience. The reinforced corners and skid-resistant ABS bases provide added protection and durability.

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T-10 Travel Cover Review

Airplane Recommended: Yes

If you want to keep things minimal and simple, the Bag Boy T-10 Travel Cover stands out. The T-10 has a crush-resistant ABS top that sits over top of your golf clubs while you travel. The top guarantees that your clubs stay safe from damage caused by rough handling, providing peace of mind throughout your journey.

Additionally, the T-10 features larger, premium, in-line skate wheels, enhancing maneuverability and making navigating various travel environments easier. Whether you’re rolling through airports or across golf course parking lots, these wheels ensure smooth and effortless transportation of your golf gear.

The T-10 features a main handle that you can use to carry your clubs around in addition to the loops on your golf bag.

The T-10 is priced at $200, which I think is an okay value. You can get fuller protection for a few bucks more (keep reading).

T-750 Travel Cover Review

Airplane Recommended: No

The Bag Boy T-750 Travel Cover is a budget option if you want to protect your golf clubs in your vehicle and don’t plan on flying with them much. The T-750 has an extra thick, 4-sided padded top that covers your clubs. However, it is only a soft top, so I wouldn’t trust it at the airport.

The T-750 has reinforced corners to enhance protection further. For $129.95, the T-750 offers simple protection for your clubs.

T-2000 Travel Cover Review

Airplane Recommended: Yes

The Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover is my favorite travel bag from the company. It stands out with its patented Pivot-Grip handle, which twists to the bag position and reduces arm and wrist strain while in transit. This unique feature enhances comfort and ease of transportation, allowing you to carry your golf bag with minimal effort.

The extra thick wrap-around padded top provides superior club protection, ensuring your clubs remain safe from impacts and damage during travel. The lockable full wrap-around zipper simplifies access and packing, making it convenient to pack and unpack your golf bag while keeping it securely enclosed.

At a price point of $229.95, the T-2000 combines advanced features, durable materials, and premium construction. This is a good travel bag to take on an airplane or store your golf clubs in for longer periods of time.

T-660 Travel Cover Review

Airplane Recommended: No

The Bag Boy T-660 Travel Cover has a thick, quilted cushion top to protect your golf clubs. If you put your stuff in anything other than your trunk, I would buy the Bag Boy Backbone to keep things in place and sturdy. This ensures your clubs are safeguarded from impacts and damage, preserving their condition throughout your journey.

The Bag Boy T-660 Travel Cover is designed with convenience and affordability in mind. Its thick, quilted cushion top provides exceptional club protection during transit, safeguarding your clubs from impacts and damage and preserving their condition throughout your journey.

Priced competitively at $99.95, the T-660 offers simple protection for your gear.

Freestyle Travel Cover Review

The Freestyle Travel Cover has a patented 6-wheel base for smooth, upright travel, redefining portability and convenience. This feature allows for effortless gliding through airports, train stations, and hotels, making transportation of your golf gear a breeze.

But the benefits don’t end there—the Freestyle’s panels fold into the base for compact storage, making it easy to stow away when not in use. With a thickly padded top providing maximum club protection, you can trust that your golf equipment is shielded.

The deluxe skid bars on the back and reinforced corners provide added durability and protection, ensuring your travel cover withstands the rigors of frequent use. Weighing just 9.5 lbs and with folded dimensions of 16″ x 14″ x 12″, the Freestyle perfectly balances portability and performance.

You can get this travel cover at $179.95.

T-460 Travel Cover

Airplane Recommended: No

The T-460 is another minor travel back for smaller golf trips. It is constructed from tear-resistant 600D polyester, which allows it to protect your clubs from the elements. The T-460 is equipped with smooth rolling wheels and reinforced corners, ensuring added durability for reliable protection during transit.

I do really like the reinforced nylon carrying strap, which also has locking handle. This makes it easy to carry your gear to and from the car. The other thing I like is the oversized, dual-zippered garment pocket, which provides ample storage space for for extra golf balls, clothes, shoes, or accessories.

The T-460 is very affordable at a price point of $79.95.

ZTF Travel Cover Review

Airplane Recommended: Yes

The Bag Boy ZTF Travel Cover has a hybrid hard-and-soft design. The hard top gives you added peace of mind for your clubs, while the soft bag keeps the weight down.

The ZTF standards for Bag Boy’s “Zip-to-Fit” technology, which allows for an expandable body and anti-burst straps that tightly secure things. This unique feature revolutionizes travel convenience, offering the freedom to use any golf bag without worrying about compatibility.

The ZTF also has a lockable full wrap-around zipper that gives you access to your things and allows you to organize better.

With interior Diamond PVC protection on all four sides and exterior anti-burst straps, the ZTF Travel Cover keeps your bag secure and protected during transit. Two exterior storage pockets provide convenient access to essential items, enhancing organization and accessibility while on the go. Weighing just 6.4 lbs., this travel cover offers lightweight portability without compromising durability.

This golf travel cover costs $159.95. It provides superior club protection, safeguarding your clubs from impacts and damage during transit.

Which Bag Boy Cover is the Best?

For Road Trips

Bag Boy T-750 Travel Cover

Reason: This travel cover is a budget option that is ideal for protecting your golf clubs in your vehicle. It is great for road trips, where harsh handling by airlines isn’t a concern. The T-750 is designed with an extra thick, 4-sided padded top and reinforced corners.

For Airline Travel

Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover

Reason: The T-2000 is has superior club protection with an extra thick wrap-around padded top, making it highly suitable for airline travel. Its patented Pivot-Grip handle eases transportation, minimizing the strain on arms and wrists, which is beneficial when navigating through busy airports.

For Maximum Protection

Bag Boy T-10 Travel Cover

Reason: The T-10 offers a crush-resistant ABS top designed to protect your golf clubs from damage caused by rough handling. This feature, coupled with its larger, premium wheels for easier maneuverability, makes it the best choice for protecting your golf clubs.

For Value

Bag Boy T-460 Travel Cover

Reason: At a price point of $79.95, the T-460 provides a balance between affordability and essential features for travel. It’s made from tear-resistant 600D polyester, has smooth rolling wheels, reinforced corners, and an oversized dual-zippered garment pocket for additional storage.

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