How to Organize a Golf Bag (14-Slot, 8-Slot, 6-Slot, 4-Slot)

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You should always try to organize your golf bag so that you can quickly grab the golf clubs, balls, and accessories you need. In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to organize a golf bag in all different styles:

  • 14 slot
  • 8 slot
  • 6 slot
  • 4 slot

Organizing your golf bag may not seem like a super complicated concept, but there are some rules you should follow that will help ensure your clubs don’t get damaged and stay easily accessible during your round on the golf course.

With so many bags to choose from, it is great to know how to organize your clubs and accessories appropriately.

Let’s have a look at how to set up your golf bag!

How to Organize a 14-Slot Golf Bag

Organizing a 14-way golf bag is the easiest because the bag has a slot or divider for each club. Most professional golfers use a 14 slot golf bag set up because of the dedicated space for each club. For amateur golfers, using one comes down to personal preference.

There is still a method on where to place each club due to the dividers being different sizes. It also makes a difference if you have a push cart bag or a riding cart bag

Let’s go over that below.

Push Cart Bag

The method for loading a 14-slot push cart bag is pretty straightforward. Your longest clubs should be placed at the top of the bag, with your shortest clubs placed at the bottom of the bag.

The reason for this is that you don’t have your shorter clubs hitting the graphite shafts of your longer clubs (driver and fairway woods) and causing damage. Graphite shafts are less durable than the steel shafts of irons, so you want your graphite shaft clubs sitting above them.

The largest dividers are usually at the top of the bag, which helps and supports this thinking.

How to organize a golf bag 14-slot

The only exception will be placing your putter near the top of your bag, where the drivers and woods are. The putter has a headcover, just like the woods, so they can bang together without causing any damage.

The other reason is that putter grips are becoming increasingly bigger, so having a more oversized grip at the top ensures that it is not hitting the shorter club shafts.

Riding Cart Bag

The method of organizing a 14-slot riding cart bag is the same as the push cart bag but in reverse. Cart bags are designed to strap onto the golf cart easily you are using that day and provide access to all your clubs and pouches.

These bags also have a slight slope outwards to ensure that the shafts and club heads are not banging together and causing damage over time.

When organizing a cart bag, you want to make sure your longest to shortest golf clubs are organized back to front. Where you place your putter is entirely up to you because it has a headcover on it, and the bag is designed to keep the clubs straight and point the same way.

Best 14-Slot Golf Bag

The Titleist Hybrid is a really nice 14-way bag that offers plenty of storage space for all of your accessories. It’s still lightweight, making it a good option for casual golfers who don’t want so much bulk.

How to Organize an 8-Slot Golf Bag

An 8-way golf bag is quite a bit smaller than the 14-slot, but the method of organizing it again is much the same. The only difference with an 8-slot bag is that some dividers will hold more than one club.

You want to ensure that your longest clubs (driver and woods) are placed at the top of the bag, above your irons and the wedges.

Your putter will go in the separate putter divider if there is one. If not, you will have to keep a slot open.

You want to keep similar length clubs sharing a divider with an eight-slot bag. The driver and your fairway wood (3-wood or 5-wood) will go in the first slot at the top. In the next slot will go your hybrids club and then your long irons, middle irons, and short irons.

With an 8-slot bag, you should only have to put a maximum of two clubs together in the same slot down to your wedges at the bottom of the bag.

Best 8-Way Golf Bag

The Ogio Woode is my favorite 8-way golf bag. The configuration of the dividers is a little different and unique on this one. Your three main woods and putter get their own dedicated slots. The remaining four spots are for the rest of your woods and hybrids, long irons, short irons, and wedges.

How to Organize a 6-Slot Golf Bag

6-way golf bags are much smaller than the 14 and 8 slots, but they still offer ample storage for your clubs and other accessories.

Your driver and one fairway wood will go into the top slot. The following two places are reserved for other fairway woods and hybrids that you carry.

All of your irons will go in the following two spaces, with the longest ones going on top and shorter ones on the bottom.

Lastly, your wedges and putter will go right in the bottom slot.

Six-slot golf bags are perfect for the casual weekend golfer who likes to head to the course and walk their rounds. They are very lightweight to carry and allow for easy access to each club.

Best 6-Way Golf Bag

The Mizuno BR-D4 is my favorite 6-way golf bag. The 6 dividers on this bag are very high quality. Plus, it comes with a ton of pockets, including a pouch with a magnetic latch.

How to Organize a 4-Slot Golf Bag

The most simple and lightweight option of the bunch, the 4-way golf bag will allow you to access all of your golf clubs the fastest easily. The reason for this is with fewer slots, you do not have to worry about putting each club into its divider.

Your driver, fairway woods, or hybrids will all go into the top slot.

Your long irons, 4-iron through 7-iron, will go into one slot. Short irons, 8-iron through pitching wedge, will go into another space.

The last slot is held for your remaining wedges (pitching wedge, sand wedge, etc) and putter.

how to organize a golf bag 4-slot

Some people like to keep things simple with the 4-way divider bag, which gives you more flexibility to put your clubs into a bigger slot in the top of the bag. All of the different options can be an organized golf bag as long as you put some effort into packing.

Best 4-Slot Golf Bag

The Titleist Players is a great 4- slot golf bag. Titleist is a reputable brand who builds top-notch bags for all players. The Players bag has a premium double strap, easy for carrying.

Best Golf Bag Divider Styles

No matter how many slots your bag has, bags come in a few different divider styles.

Full-Length Dividers

Full-length dividers go all the way down to the bottom of the bag. This means that none of your club shafts will touch each other or get mixed up. However, the extra material will add extra weight to your bag.

Club Dividers

A club divider bag only separates your club heads with its material. Your shafts will touch each other at the bottom of your bag. For most golfers, this isn’t a big deal and it will make the entire setup more lightweight.

List of Items to Pack in Your Golf Bag

There are some essential items and accessories that you should pack in your golf bag other than your clubs. If you are starting, this list will help you ensure you pack the essentials.

The most important items you’ll want to buy and pack are:

  • Golf Balls
  • Tees
  • Glove
  • Divot Repair Tool & Ball Marker
  • Hand Towel
  • Rain Jacket or Pullover
  • Umbrella/Rain Cover for Clubs
  • Beverages

Overall, it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Items such as the rain jacket, umbrella, and cover for your clubs can usually stay in the bag all year round. If you need them, they are accessible. If not, they can remain zipped away in one of the pouches.

The golf towel can also stay clipped to the side of the bag until it needs cleaning. All other tools and balls can be replenished when required.

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How to Load Your Golf Bag Pouches

All golf bags nowadays come with ample storage pouches to ensure you have enough space to carry everything you need with your golf clubs.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are the essential item outside the clubs for your golf round. You want to ensure you carry extra golf balls, so you don’t run out during your round.

A rounded zipper pouch should be on the top of your bag that will have quite a few golf balls should you need them. If you lose some, you want to ensure you replenish, so you don’t run out during your round.

After slots for your clubs, a good quality ball pocket is the next most popular feature of your bag.

Golf Tees

There should be a smaller zipper pouch on top of the golf ball pouch; this is where you can keep some smaller items, such as golf tees. Keeping this re-stocked is also a great idea, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

Divot Repair & Ball Markers

It is always a great idea to have a divot repair tool on hand and ball markers. These small items can be placed in the same zipper pouch as your tees.

These will come in handy during almost every round.


Golf Towel

Golf towels will usually come with a hook on them, and somewhere on the side of your golf bag will have a place to hook the towel onto. A towel comes in handy to help keep your clubs clean during your round.

If you use it frequently, I recommend putting an extra towel into a different apparel pocket on the bag.

Rain Gear and Apparel

A full-length zipper pocket should be on the side of your golf bag, which is essential for storing any apparel you may need, along with an umbrella and rain cover for your clubs.

This full-length pouch tucks away nicely under the golf bag, so you don’t have to worry about making the bag bulky. This is usually an insulated pocket, which keeps things dry and safe in the elements.

Lots of modern bags come with a dedicated hook for an umbrella on the outside of the bag. If not, you can use the full-length apparel pouch.

RainStoppers 68-Inch Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella


Most golf bags come with some insulated cooler pockets. This is where you will want to store beverages, water bottles, and snacks for your golf round.

Water Bottle

For your single water bottle, most bags will come with an extra insulated water bottle pocket. This pocket usually doesn’t have a zipper and allows you to quickly grab the bottle out when you need it.

Golf Ball Retriever

If you own a ball retriever, it actually fits in the top slots with the rest of your golf clubs. If you don’t have a dedicated slot, I recommend placing it with your drivers where it can sit lower and out of the way.

Other Items

Any other items or jewelry can go in one of the empty zipper pouches or accessible pockets which come on most bags.

These smaller zipper pouches will usually be waterproof and are great for holding your keys, cell phone, wallet, jewelry, and other small items.

Overall, most modern bags will have plenty of storage space for your golf equipment and golf accessories. With some proper organization skills when you buy it, you can have everything in separate sections.

Steps to Clean and Organize a Golf Bag

You’ll want to make sure that you keep things organized and clean over time! And this means taking everything out, cleaning, and organizing your bag.

Step 1: Empty Your Bag

The first step to cleaning and organizing your golf bag is completely emptying it. Take out all your clubs and ensure every zipper pouch is empty.

This allows you to start with a clean slate and get rid of items that might just be sitting in your bag and not needed.

This also allows you to clean old used items such as torn gloves and old scorecards to open up space. Creating more space in your golf bag will make it more lightweight.

Step 2: Clean Bag, Golf Clubs, and Accessories

The next step is to clean everything you’ve just taken out. The great idea is to plug in a shop vac and vacuum out all the pouches, as there can be a lot of dust and dirt in the corners.

Cleaning your golf clubs is easy. Grab a towel and warm water and ensure every single groove is clean. We recommend buying a small handkheld brush to get into the dirty grooves more efficiently.

If you’ve never cleaned your equipment before, I recommend buying this kit from ClubPur. It comes with a safe cleaning solution, brush, cloth, and carrying pouch.

Step 3: Arrange and Reinstall Your Clubs

Next, you want to arrange all of your clubs according to what type of golf bag you have. Refer to our guide above and ensure that you are organizing your golf bag correctly to get the best use and prevent damage from happening to your clubs.

The longest clubs should go at the top of the bag, with the shorter clubs towards the bottom. The putter can be placed into the individual putter well if there is one, and if not, near the top of the other head-covered clubs.

Step 4: Reinstall Your Accessories

Lastly, you will want to re-organize your accessories into the correct zipper pouches to maximize your storage.

Refer to the above on how you should load each pocket with the proper accessories to have the best round. If you do things correctly, you should have balanced weight throughout the bag.


Follow the steps about to learn how to organize a golf bag of any style and number and slots. It doesn’t matter how many dividers your bag has, you should still be able to make your clubs feel organized.

Most bags have a number of additional pockets and sufficient storage space for storing your balls and other accessories. Amateur golfers might not have as many golf-related items, but will be able to use those spacious compartments for a few beverages.

If you need any help organizing your golf bag, comment down below and let me know how I can help you!

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