Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters: An Honest Review

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The Scotty Cameron line of golf putters by Titleist have exploded in popularity over the last few years. In this guide, we review the new Scotty Cameron Phantom X putters.

We’ll do a deep dive and tell you everything you need to know, including:

  • How to buy the Scotty Cameron Phantom X
  • A breakdown of all the key features in the latest version of the putter
  • Explanations on all 7 models of the putter you can buy today
  • A summary of different weighting, grips, and shafts that you can buy for the putter

Is the Phantom X one of the top putters available this year? Read below to find out!

How to Buy the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 2022 Putters

The 2022 Phantom X putters are not available on Amazon yet. However, they can be purchased from PGA Tour Superstore, a very reputable online store for golf enthusiasts. Check out each of the Phantom X models in more detail below.

Phantom X 5

X 5.5

X 7

X 7.5

X 9

X 9.5

X 12

Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putter Overview

scotty cameron phantom x putters review

The 2022 Scotty Cameron Phantom X is the newest and next evolution of the Phantom X mallet-head putter. This line of putters from Titleist has seen great success on the PGA Tour so far. There are ten new models released in 2022, with three of them coming mid-year. 

The new lineup of mallet putters features brand new head shapes as well as a few updates to the most popular Phantom X models out currently. There is black sight lines on each putter, allowing you to line up each shot correctly with your golf ball.

The 2021 Phantom X line was very popular amongst golfers and even saw 2021 PGA Player of the Year Patrick Cantlay use it during the season with great success. This putter gets praised for its smooth putting stroke and the new models were created with player input.

With many models and new options to choose from, there is sure to be a certain head shape and weight for everyone out there to try. Below we will go over each of the 7 models available to purchase.

What does Phantom X mean?

The Phantom X is Scotty Cameron’s line of mallet-head putters. The Phantom X has been on the Tour for a few years now, but most recently has seen an increase in use and popularity. There has also been a massive increase in mallet-head usage on the PGA Tour. 

There used to be a 70/30 split in favor of blade style putters and now that number is opposite with 70% of players opting for a mallet style putter. Scotty Cameron is taking advantage of that success by releasing these 7 new models of the Phantom X. Scotty Cameron is commonly known as the king of modern mallets.

Key Features

Here are the main putter features in the new Phantom X that we life.

Solid Steel Face and Body

The new Phantom X putters all have a 303 solid stainless-steel face. The stainless steel face carries from the putter head through to the body and wings of the putter. 

Titleist integrated an aluminum sole for ultimate feel when putting. The aluminum helps keep a consistent sound and soft feel off the face of the putter. The reasoning behind the aluminum is to allow for perimeter weighting on the putter, which allows for a higher moment of inertia (MOI). 

The Phantom X putter will definitely have forgiveness even on hits not off the center of the face.

Precision Milled Shapes

The Phantom X head shapes were designed with quite a bit of feedback from touring golf professionals. Each model has been redesigned or updated based on tour player preferences such as:

  • alignment lines
  • stainless steel faces
  • different style putter heads
  • specific shafts
  • specific neck options

PGA Tour Player of the Year Patrick Cantlay had the Phantom X 5 in his bag all year and was high on strokes-gained-putting.

Shaft and Neck Configurations

The great thing about the new 2022 Phantom X models is that there are 7 different options to choose from, all with different shaft and neck configurations depending on what you are looking for and comfortable with. 

The Phantom X 5, 7, 9, 11 and 12 models all have a stepless steel shaft, which minimizes face rotation with a single mid-bend aimed right at the target line. The Phantom X 11.5 features a low-bend shaft installed over a milled topline spud. The Phantom X 7.5 and 9.5 have small slant/jet necks. 

The best way to find what you like is to head into a golf retailer and try out every model for yourself. Below, we break down all of the new Scotty Cameron Phantom X models in more detail.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X Models

Phantom X 5

The X 5 is a redesign of the popular 2021 model. The 2022 Phantom X 5 comes with a new sole plate design and updated graphics. 

It is a face-balanced putter with customizable sole weights in both the heel and the toe. This model has a single bend shaft with an updated aluminum sole plate in the face for maximum feel. The 5, like all of the Phantom X models, has a single sight line to help you line up your shots.

The X 5 is often compared to the X 5.5. The main difference from the 5.5 model is the single bend in the shaft as opposed to the slant/jet neck in the 5.5. It is one of the most comfortable mallet putters I’ve ever held.

The Phantom X 5 is available for $429 USD.

2022 scotty cameron phantom x 5 putter

Phantom X 5.5

The X 5.5 is also an update on the 2021 model. It comes with a new sole plate design and also updated graphics on the putter head. The only different between this and the 5 model is the small slant neck in the shaft. 

The Phantom X 5.5 is what Justin Thomas uses on the PGA Tour. It also has the customizable weights in the heel and toe and the brand new aluminum sole plate for maximum feel. This model is also available left-handed.

The Phantom X 5.5 is available for $429 USD.

2022 scotty cameron phantom x 5.5 putter

Phantom X 7

The Phantom X 7 was completed updated for 2022. The head is an angular wingback mallet head with a single bend shaft. It again has the brand new aluminum sole along with brand new dual purpose alignment features. 

The long wings on the head create a great alignment aid on the ball and also helps position the weight further back on the putter head which increase MOI. It also has the customizable weights in the heel and toe of the putter to provide maximum feel and distance control.

The Phantom X 7 starts at $429 USD.

2022 scotty cameron phantom x 7 putter

Phantom X 7.5

Just like the X 5 and 5.5, the Phantom X 7.5 is identical to the X 7 but with a small slant neck. This small change helps promote slight toe flow on the putter head. The head is the all-new angular wingback mallet shape with customizable weights in the heel and toe. A brand new aluminum sole with the enhanced alignment options, this putter is great to look at from above.

The Phantom X 7.5 starts at $429 USD.

2022 scotty cameron phantom x 7.5 putter

Phantom X 9

The all new Phantom X 9 putter shares very similar design attributes as the X 5 and 11 putter heads. Instead of having the slit where the wings are, it is a near-full faced putter head. The near-full face putter head provides a more balanced compact MOI mallet head, and also shares the same features as the other models. 

It has the customizable weights in the heel and tow and the face and wings are integrated with a rounded 6061 aluminum sole flange component. The “full” head at address may be more appealing to golfers wanting a full putter head look instead of the wing-back style. 

Like the X5 and X7, the Phantom X 9 has a straight shaft.

The Phantom X 9 is available for pre-order and starts at $429 USD.

2022 scotty cameron phantom x 9 putter

Phantom X 9.5

Just like the Phantom X 9, the X 9.5 is considered a near-full faced mallet head. The difference from the X 9 is the small slant neck instead of the single bend shaft. It holds customizable weights in both the heel and toe and has a solid milled stainless steel face. 

The full mallet face provides a unique profile with enhanced alignment aids on the ball. The feel on this putter is next to none.

The Phantom X 9.5 starts at $429 USD.

2022 scotty cameron phantom x 9.5 putter

Phantom X 12

Lastly, the Phantom X 12 is fully redesigned with an elongated single alignment line that also has a thinner mid-section and updated graphics on the bottom of the putter. The new Phantom X 12 has the highest MOI of the 7 new models being released and is a similar putter head to the Taylormade Spider X. 

It is a single mid-bend shaft with swept back wings design. It has perimeter weighting on the heel and toe and is definitely the most forgiving option of the 7. A left-handed version is also available in this one.

The Phantom X 12 is available for pre-order and starts at $429 USD.

2022 scotty cameron phantom x 12 putter

Weighting and Shafts

Each new Phantom X model being release features perimeter weighting with customizable weights on the heel and toe of the putter. Each model released also comes with different shaft options, depending on what your preference is when putting.

The optimal weight distribution is immediately obvious when you get your hands on the Phantom X.

The main difference between the whole number and decimal number versions of this putter is the shaft bends. So if you prefer a single bend shaft or a small slanted neck, you can get your preference.

Our best advice is to head into any major golf retailer and try out all of the options to see what the best option for you is. The single bend shaft will probably feel most natural to new golfers.


All of the new Phantom X putters are equipped with a brand new updated Pistolero Plus grip that features a non-slip and decorative texture. The Pistolero grip has a pronounced angle toward the butt end. Your bottom hand sits nicely in the groove while you putt. Overall, I think it provides really great comfort and feedback while putting.

If you don’t like the grip that comes equipped, or you are more familiar with others, you can definitely equip whatever grip you’d like onto the club as well. Putting all comes down to feel.

What I Like About the Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters

There are a lot of great things to like about this putter. First off, it’s the most beautiful putter ever created, with a sleek profile, clean topline, and light grey design. The dark color schemed feels so premium in your hands. Put this putter side-by-side with any other one and this one gets chosen based on looks every time.

The weighting in the putter is top notch too, with optimal weight distribution throughout the club. The integration of steel into the head works well. Your putter stroke is so smooth with this thing in your hands and the golf ball has no bounce off the face.

What I Don’t Like About the Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters

The most obvious drawback to this putter is the almost $500 USD price tag. That’s up in driver territory for price! If you have the wallet to stomach this purchase, you’ll be happy. But for most people, that is simply too much to spend on a putter.

The other thing that is confusing are the ten different models that the Phantom putter comes in. Most amateur golfers do not hit enough strokes to care about a straight vs slant neck, the difference in sole vs heel weights, or the different head styles. Plus, the odds of your local golf shop having every model available to hit and practice with are low. If you are a left-handed golfer, the selection is limited to certain models as well.

It would be nice if Titleist pulled some analytics for this putter and sold the two most common models only and left the rest to custom order for professionals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which professional golfers use the Scotty Cameron Phantom X?

Many professionals tour players have been using one of the new Phantom X putters. Justin Thomas has already committed to using the Phantom X on tour this year. Pantrick Cantley also uses the Phantom X and he was the PGA Tour Player of the Year last year.

Which Phantom X putter is the most popular?

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 is the most popular putter in the lineup. It has a large mallet head that it easily forgivable and popular amongst both amateur and professional golfers. With the ability to pick the shaft configuration that you like the most, there is an option for everyone.

Why is the Phantom X putter so expensive?

Scotty Cameron is a premium golf brand and it has built a reputation for using quality components and the latest technology. The premium steel head and custom weighted inserts provide advanced customization for golfers and increase the price.


The brand new Scotty Cameron Phantom X putters are completely redesigned from the 2021 options with new technology that is sure to help improve your putting game. It also helps that Scotty Cameron is providing many different options for golfers, depending on what kind of shaft and putter head they prefer. 

The updated graphics on the putter head are sleek and great to look at. I think this is the best looking putter that has ever been released. There is brand new aluminum soles to provide maximum feel and sound on the ball. The perimeter weighting on the heel and toe provide great feel and distance control on every single putt.

The only thing that we really don’t like is the price of these putters. Scotty Cameron putters will always be the premium brand. But, with all of the new technology and the amount of golf professionals that use these putters, it sure does let you know that you get what you pay for in the end.

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