Best Golf Simulator Wall Padding

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If you want to buy some golf simulator wall padding to complete the look of your simulator man cave or garage setup, this guide is for you. From easy to hard, I’ll outline all the ways you can get wall pading below.

If you installed any other solution on the walls around your golf simulator, comment below and let me know!

What are the Best Golf Simulator Wall Padding Options?

  1. Full Enclosure Kit (Easiest Option)

  2. SigPro Golf Simulator Wall Padding (Most Expensive Option)

  3. Thick Black Curtains (Simple Option)

  4. Vantpanels (Modern Look)

  5. Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles (Easiest Tile Look)

  6. Acoustimac Sound Panels (Best for Sound Dampening)

  7. Leather Tiles (DIY Option)

Below, I’ll go through all of these options in even more detail!

Buy a Full Enclosure Kit (Easiest Option)

When deciding on the best wall padding for your indoor golf simulator, the easiest option is to purchase a complete golf simulator enclosure kit. The kit will come with everything you need to set up your golf simulator and ensure that all safety precautions are met.

Complete kits usually come with thick black curtains or a mesh that encompasses your enclosure and ensures that no errant shots get away and cause damage in the room. And they come with other accessories that you might forget about, like:

  • zip ties

  • foam coverings

  • ceiling baffles

golf simulator enclosure kit items

Although purchasing a full kit is the easiest option, it is also more likely than not to be one of the more expensive options. You are at the company’s mercy with what materials come with the kit.

Some companies may allow you to customize different materials, but in most cases, you will need to use what is included. This is more expensive than purchasing the materials on your own.

Click here to view the best golf simulator enclosure kits.

best golf simulator enclosure kit to buy

SigPro Golf Simulator Wall Padding (Most Expensive Option)

If you want a premium solution to wall padding in your golf simulator room, look no further than the SigPro golf simulator wall padding. SigPro features memory foam panels that help provide superior protection from errant shots. It also has a sleek, black finish, which helps boost the aesthetics of your room. The panels are customizable and fit any room size.

This is the simulator enclosure and wall padding that I have and I think they are worth every penny.

The only downside to the SigPro wall padding is that it is quite expensive compared to other options. The wall padding panels are $120 USD each. However, the nice thing is that you just have to measure your space and count how many you need, and that is how many you can order.

SigPro’s wall pads are made from high-quality materials, ensuring thick padding that will help protect your walls from any damage.

Click here to view the SigPro Golf Simulator Wall Pads.

sigpro best golf simulator wall padding

Thick Black Curtain (Simplest Option)

Using thick black curtains is the most straightforward option for wall padding for a residential golf simulator room. These curtains are readily available, cost-effective, and very easy to install. Curtains are an excellent choice for golfers seeking the most basic level of protection for their simulator rooms.

To install curtains, you need a metal frame for your simulator. These curtains are straightforward to attach to the metal frame and enclose your simulator to catch stray golf balls that bounce off your screen.

best golf simulator wall padding black curtain

Although black curtains may not offer the same level of impact absorption as other padding options, they still protect against golf ball impacts and can also help reduce the noise from your shots. The all-black color also helps with any glare from the screen during your gameplay, making them a solid and simple choice.

If you need an example, check out these black curtains:

Vantpanels (Modern Look)

If you want a modern, stylish look in your golf simulator room, I recommend checking out Vantpanels. These acoustic panels are very nice to look at and offer impact protection on your walls. Vantpanels can also be placed as ceiling panels, helping reduce noise in your simulator with sound-absorbing material.

Vantpanels come in various colors, and you can also customize the size of the panels based on the size of the space you have. This makes them pretty much universal for every style of golf simulator and room.

vantpanels best golf simulator wall padding

Although Vantpanels are more expensive than other padding options, they provide both wall protection and a modern aesthetic for your golf simulator wall. They are also very easy to install: You just need to drill a bracket into the wall and then click the panel into place. 

Buy your Vantpanels online:

Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles (Easiest Tile Look)

Peel-and-stick carpet tiles offer a very practical solution to wall padding for indoor golf simulators at a really cheap price. They are incredibly easy to install, and their customizable nature makes them a convenient choice for golfers looking for a tile-like aesthetic.

Peel-and-stick carpet tiles are made to absorb impact and help reduce noise. They can also be purchased from all major hardware stores and are very inexpensive.

The peel-and-stick features also make installation a breeze. Simply peel the back of the tile and stick it to the wall in your desired position. The adhesive on the back end is very strong, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the tiles moving or shifting during use.

The tiles click together and provide great protection from any errant shots you may have.

Here are my favorite carpet tiles for a golf simulator. There are dozens of patterns and styles to choose from:

Acoustimac Acoustic Panels (Best Tiles for Sound Deafening)

Acoustimac Acoustic Panels are the best wall padding choice if you are looking for the most sound-deadening option in your indoor golf simulator room. These panels feature Owens Mineral Wool Insulation, which helps reduce echoes and absorb sound. The panels come with the necessary tools for mounting on the wall, making the installation easy.

Acoustimac panels are customizable, ensuring they fit into any space required. They also come in various colors, offering you a great range of choices for your space. They are also not that expensive compared to other padding options.

Although they may not offer the same absorption and protection as other foam panels, Acoustimac is an excellent choice for reducing noise in your golf simulator while providing a modern aesthetic look.

Buy you Acoustimac panels online from Amazon today:

DIY Leather Tiles (DIY Option)

DIY Leather Tiles offer a unique DIY option for your indoor golf simulator room, all related to some of the options above. This entails choosing panels of your choice, covering them in foam, and then wrapping them in a faux leather material for a better-looking panel.

This helps you create a customized look for your golf simulator wall padding while providing impact protection from errant shots.

DIY Leather Tiles will require more effort in terms of crafting and installation than other panels you can purchase and use right away, but they add that extra bit of customization to your room. If you are handy and like to put your twist on things, I recommend trying out this method of wall padding for your golf simulator wall. 

if you want more inspiration, check out this video below. It has a listing of everything you need to buy to create these.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Simulator Wall Panels (FAQs)

What is the best material for golf simulator wall padding?

The best materials for golf simulator wall padding include memory foam, thick curtains, and acoustic panels.

How do I install golf simulator wall padding?

Most wall padding options are installed by attaching them to a metal frame or directly onto the walls using brackets or adhesive.

Can I use curtains as wall padding for my golf simulator?

Yes, thick black curtains are a cost-effective and easy-to-install option for golf simulator wall padding.

What is the most cost-effective golf simulator wall padding?

Peel-and-stick carpet tiles are one of the most cost-effective options for golf simulator wall padding.

Do I need professional help to install golf simulator wall padding

Most wall padding options are designed for easy installation and can be done without professional help.

Can wall padding help reduce noise in my golf simulator room?

Yes, options like Acoustimac acoustic panels are designed to absorb sound and reduce noise.

How much does golf simulator wall padding typically cost?

The cost varies widely, from inexpensive carpet tiles to premium custom options like SigPro panels, which can be more expensive.

Why is wall padding important for a golf simulator room?

Wall padding is crucial for protecting your walls from errant shots and enhancing the overall safety and aesthetics golf simulator.


For those seeking the best golf simulator wall padding, this guide covers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. From the convenience of a full enclosure kit to the premium SigPro panels, and even DIY leather tiles, there’s a solution for every setup.

Whether you prioritize aesthetics, sound dampening, or simplicity, these wall padding options ensure your golf simulator room is functional and stylish. Investing in the right wall padding enhances your simulator experience and protects your space from damage.

Choose the option that best fits your needs and transform your golf simulator room today.

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