The 6 Absolute Best Mallet Putters To Try [Ranked/Reviewed]

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Your decision to pick a perfect putter is crucial to upping your game and also in ensuring that you avoid the awful feeling that usually accompanies a bad putting.

Most golfers, especially those that are within the "retirement age" group often ignore paying close attention to details when selecting a putter and therefore end up killing their progress in the game.

When making the choice of a perfect putter, you need to consider the stroke style that suits you the most.

For example, if your preferred style is the straight back straight through putting stroke, you should be considering the choice of a mallet putter which is normally faced balanced.

Your case might be a little different, where a blade putter will be the perfect bet for you because you prefer the inside to inside putting stroke.

If you're in a hurry, here is our top choice:

THE Best Mallet Putters

Best Mallet Putters 

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter

Best Overall


  • Well-balanced
  • Confidence boost
  • Face inserts
  • Multi-material shafts
  • Smooth and accurate stroke
  • Misleading image (putter does NOT come with SuperStroke grips)

Odyssey is the leader in putters for a reason. They specialize and get rewarded. The beauty currently leading the market is called the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter and you believe that it comes straight out of a lab. The strikingly well-balanced shaft and the amazing weight distribution are just a pleasure to feel when holding the mallet putter for the first time.

We love the simple color combination for the Vera Putter category with the Marxman as our favorite. The silver, white, and black color of the club head make the alignment color more visible to the eye. It makes it easier for you to see the alignment line. Though the look of this putter may be different, you have a lot of options. Odyssey Lab Putters have ten different head shapes, four of these are mallet putter, while the rest are blade putters.


Oddysey Stroke lab Versa putter also combines the legendary white-hot feel. If you look at the face of the putter, it has a dozen micro hinges for better feel and distance control. This putter really performs well. It has a solid forward roll as the ball remains to the intended lines. When it comes to the sound upon impact, it has a faint "thud" sound and has very smooth feedback and flawless forward roll.

Odyssey successfully comes up with the multi-material shaft to pair up with their putter head. The multi-material shaft is the combination of the graphite and the steel shaft. The two most common shafts are graphite and steel. There are only a very few that use multi-material shaft and the Odyssey is one of them.

The combination of these two shafts lowers the weight by 0.1 pounds. The upper half of this mallet putter is made from steel while the bottom part is graphite. It is available in oversized and pistol grip. You also have options to choose the correct length for your shaft. It is available from 33-35 inches.

One distinct feature of the mallet putter is a large club head and a soft feel face insert. However, don't be fooled by its size. It may look larger but it weighs the same as other clubs. Odyssey lab comes up with a method of weight distribution for more distance control of the club head. Due to the heavier putter head, the shaft is stiffer than you might be used to from other putters, but don't worry about any of this. Just trust your buddies at the Odyssey research lab.

There are so many different configurations to this putter that we couldn't test and analyze every single one of them. But from what we've seen it is hard to imagine that any of them would be disappointing. Just keep in mind that the images are misleading in the sense that the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter does NOT come with a Super Stroke grip.

Pinemeadow PGX Putter

Best on a Budget


  • The contrast of white on green helps you to focus
  • Tour-weighted for better balance and feel
  • Looks really classy
  • Very affordable
  • Putter comes with a custom head cover
  • Some say it is a cheap knock-off of the TaylorMade Ghost Putter

If you are a lover of top-class products with exquisite finishing and design, then you will find the finishing on the Pinemeadow PGX very appealing. Pinemeadow PGX Putter is one of the budget-friendly brands. If you're not ready for a more expensive putter, then this mallet putter is worth checking out.

When carefully positioned on the green, it's difficult not to nice putter. This will certainly make you stand out in any golf course that you choose to take your game to next.


Aside from the obvious beauty of the PGX putter, the contrast of the white against the green grass goes a long way to help you maintain focus on the alignment lines and ensures that your putter is placed on target right from the start. This helps you limit the possibility of making silly errors.

Pinemeadow PGX Putter is designed for mid to high handicapper golfers. When it comes to the sound, it's not too clunky but doesn't click like the Scotty Cameron.

The increasing number of fast greens around the world makes the Pinemeadow one of the best mallet putter because it weighs 0.84 pounds, this includes an additional 0.01 pounds which can best be described as "tour-weighted".

The hand orientation of the PGX putter is right, which is awesome since many golfers who play golf are right-handed and I am guessing that you are too. It also comes with a customized head cover. This will protect your club from scratches or from the things that it comes into contact with.

TaylorMade Ladies Kalea Putter

Best for Ladies


  • Great to have a full line of ladies clubs
  • Feels secure and smooth
  • Elegant design
  • Ball speed might be a little higher than it should be

We checked different lady putters on the market and the Taylormade Kalea putter came out to be the best putter for ladies. With the Kalea line, TaylorMade created its first line of clubs exclusively for women and we would call it a big success. The TaylorMade Kalea Putter is very lightweight and comes with well-placed speed pockets. All this results in slightly higher ball speed for your putts than you might expect. The confidence boost you can expect from these clubs will show in your improved game.


One of the features that we love about this putter is the elegant design. The white color really stands out and set contrasts with the green. The putter lines are up nicely with the golf balls. If you're worried that this might not match for you, well...this putter is lightweight. It only weighs one pound and has a steel shaft. Its putter grip fits almost perfectly for every lady golfers. Thanks to its weight it generates more club head speed in every swing.

Cleveland Golf Satin Elevado Putter

2nd Best Overall

Cleveland Golf Satin Elevado Putter


  • Great value for money
  • Comes with a headcover
  • Milled face
  • Nothing much

Perfection is not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to remove. (Antoine de Saint Exupéry) That's what came to our mind when we were testing the Cleveland Golf Satin Elevado. It has a minimalistic beauty and gives you a lot of confidence on the green.

Are you ready to improve your putting and confidence? Gain confidence with your golf game with Cleveland Golf Satin Elevado Putter. This putter has a pretty compact club head. It is better for the straight back straight through golfers than arc golfers. The main feature of this mallet putter is the milled face. The design makes it easy to align the ball. It hit straight and with constant practice this will help you improve your speed and line and have the golf ball rolling with less effort.


Cleveland Golf Satin Elevado has a steel shaft. Other golfers complain that this putter is heavier than the other putter that they used to. It may take a time to get used but once you got hang of its weights, you will really find this putter awesome. You won't have to worry about your swing and stroke because it has a good weight and balance and is good with speed control. When you have more control over your putter you can have a straighter and consistent roll with your game. With its quality and price, this is one of the best mallet putters on the market. The putter is amazing, and particularly at this price, it's worth every penny.

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

3rd Best Overall

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter


  • Improved Confidence
  • Laser milling cutting
  • Comes with a headcover
  • Nothing really

Yes, when we said Odyssey is killing it with putters we really meant it. We had to give the Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 a bronze medal, and we feel great about it.

This putter is designed to level up your putting. Amateurs golfers as well as professional ones love this mallet putter. Because of the heel and toe weight placement, this putter has a great feel and forgiving. This mallet putter replaces the original hot version.


For a putter, this looks great. We love the dark and sleek design of this putter. It undergoes laser milling cutting for high tolerance. Improvement for consistency, feel, performance and sound is the aim of this new design. It is also constructed from steel making it durable and wear-resistant. It also has anti-glare features.

The pendulum swing feels extremely smooth and the ball easily moves on impact with the clubhead. All in all a very smooth putting experience and definitely a club you can't go wrong with.

Rife Two Bar Hybrid Mallet Putter

4th Best Overall

Rife Two Bar Hybrid Mallet Putter


  • One of the most forgiving, stable, best-rolling, and feeling putter on the market
  • It looks pretty ugly, sorry

Do you have a low budget and still want some quality? Make sure to check the Rife Two Bar Hybrid Mallet Putter.

The Rife Two Bar Hybrid Mallet is definitely a choice you should consider making.

Known as the World's First Hybrid Putter. Rife Two Bar Hybrid mallet putter is built from stainless steel. It allows you to have an excellent balance and also makes the perfect alignment that will help you easily send the golf ball where you want it to go.


You can personalize the putter depending on the speed of the greens through the removable cylinders in the back of the two bars on the two bar putter. You can gain control and ultimately take charge of your game.

The two bars are hollow, and the location of the weights helps to generate high MOI, thereby giving you greater stability.

It is virtually impossible to miss when you hit the golf ball if you first correctly position the two bars directly behind and on both sides of the impact area of the ball before making the hit.

Also embedded in the putter is a technology that grips the ball - rather than chip - and released it into an immediate forward roll, essentially utilizing less loft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Special About A Mallet Putter?

Golfers in the United States, like you must have noticed in your numerous practice sections, are constantly improving their game and with relative ease too if I might add. You too can do the same by choosing the best golf clubs and equipment to enable you up to your game.

Mallets designed for men who prefer the inside to inside putting are designed to help them improve moments of inertia; a feature that enhances both accuracy and fun of the game. Here are the best mallet putters in the market that can give you a good feel of this.

How will I differentiate mallet putter from blade putter?

Putting has a great impact on your score. It is considered one of the most important parts of the game. To help golfers maximize their putting, manufacturers able to come up with different heads and sizes. The two most common mallet putters are the mallet-style and the blade style. Each putter has its own strength and weakness. So what's the difference between these two putters?

It is easy to spot which one is the mallet and which one is the blade putter by looking at the design. Compared to the blade, the mallet putters are larger. It often comes with different head shapes and sizes. The heads of mallet putters are usually square or round in shape. The construction of mallet putters has really a great improvement over the years. Other mallet putters have a double milled face and have perimeter weighting, distributing the weight of the club head not just on the face but also to the different part of the head for more consistent roll and distance control of your golf ball.

Blade putters, on the other hand, are more of the traditionalist style and have a simpler design. It is long and thin. If the mallet putters have weight distributed over the club head, the blade putters are toe-weighted design.

Should I pick mallet or blade style putters?

Each style putter has its own advantage and disadvantages depending on what type of golfers are you. All types of handicaps can use mallet putters. It works for pros and amateur golfers. Even PGA Tour players like Jason Day have a mallet putter ready on his golf bag.

Like any golf equipment, it is far better to test and had putter fitting first before purchasing to match the putter with what kind of stroke.

There are two different kinds of stroke that are a perfect fit for each putter. The back straight, and the arch stroke. The kind of stroke is the result of the putting style that you're most comfortable with.

If you really wanted to have a putter that perfectly fits for you, it is better to test and had putter fitting first before getting the new putter. Although it is optional, we cannot argue the fact that putter fitting will keep you at ease that you pick the best mallet putter for your game.

In general, if you have your comfortable with a back straight back stroke, a mallet putter is a perfect option because this putter has face balance. However, if you prefer to use the arc stroke a toe hang putter would be ideal.

What are the different type of putting stroke?

Golfers have different posture during putting. Others tend to stand tall, while others crouch over a little bit. Below are the two commonly know putting method used by many golfers.

Straight Back Straight Through

Straight back straight through putting is when you swing your putter back in the inside and back out in the square and back in the inside with your eyes directly looking at the ball. The sweet spot of the head hit the golf ball with 90 degrees angle. Many golfers who are new to the game use this stroke. However, there are also professionals who like to use this method. And one of them is David Pelz.

Arc Stroke

Compared to the straight back, arc stroke is a more difficult style. This stroke is quite popular with professional golfers. One of the professional players that use this style of putting is Tiger Woods. Arc stroke means creating a slight arc as you close the stroke.

If you are struggling with the alignment, use a mallet putter. Aside from the fact that most mallet putters look great, it also has an incredible feel and high MOI. The latest putter has an adjustable weight on the sole, which allows the golfers to have better control with the club head and help reduce the twisting of the club during the swing.

Are mallets more forgiving than blade putter?

Because of the size of the mallet putter, we can say that it is more forgiving. It has a larger clubface which means it also has a larger sweet spot, which allows you to have a nice putting even if you don't hit a precise spot of the club face.

Do I need a putter fitting?

We recommend the best mallet putter based on the results of our test and reseach, but we can't deny the fact that putter fitting can be very helpful and will give you an idea of what is the best putter type, loft, and lie for you. However, this is not really necessary.

Testing Criteria Used for Evaluation

Now that we're done with answering the FAQ about the mallet putters, let's dive in with the key factors that qualify the mallet as one of the best mallet putters. Typically, a larger mallet style has a high MOI.

We will focus on the top 5 aspects that you can use as a reference when buying a new putter. Make sure to check this out.

Feel and Forgiveness

When we talked about the feel of the putter, this refers to the whole experience you had with your mallet putter. From the moment it touches your hand, how it feels in your hand upon the impact of the ball. Mallet putters are forgiving and have an incredible feel. You don't have to hit a specific spot of the face. Because of the perimeter weighting design, the mallet putter has a high MOI (moment of inertia).

Overall Design

Since mallet putters have different shape sizes, some of them may not be to your liking. The design and looks of your putters will not only draw attention from your fellow golfers but will also help you build confidence. There are putters that have an elegant design and a matte finish. Choosing the best mallet is really depends on your personal preference. Different shape sizes often also have different face styles and lines on the putter face.

Length of Shaft

The are putter that have different length options. If you are using the correct length you will definitely see a big difference in your game. Have the correct length of your shaft enables you to reach the putt and be consistent with your putting stroke. The common shaft length for putters is 34 inches. But you can customize it by adding an inch lower or higher.

Head Shape

There are two types of putter head shape, the mallet, and blade. As mentioned, mallet putters are larger and come in different sizes. However, don't be deceived by its size. Manufacturers are now taking advantage of the perimeter weighting on clubs. It performs well, just like those that have a smaller size. And even though it looks larger than the other club but the weight can be the same. Moreover, larger heads mean a larger sweet spot which is a great advantage for beginners and high handicappers.

Alignment line

If there is one feature that made mallet putters stand out aside from their unique design, it's the alignment system. If you're struggling with your golf ball alignment while putting, a mallet putter can help you with that. The alignment lines of each putter are usually long lines. These long lines allow you to have a clear line of sight as you swing your putter away and back to the ball. This feature also gives mallet putter and edge towards blade putter.


Odyssey Stroke Lab PutterBest OverallOdyssey Stroke Lab Putter
Pinemeadow PGX PutterBest on a BudgetPinemeadow PGX Putter
TaylorMade Ladies Kalea PutterBest for LadiesTaylorMade Ladies Kalea Putter
Cleveland Golf Satin Elevado Putter2nd Best OverallCleveland Golf Satin Elevado Putter
Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter3rd Best OverallOdyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter
Rife Two Bar Hybrid Mallet Putter4th Best OverallRife Two Bar Hybrid Mallet Putter

The above examples of putters are the few exceptional ones that we have time to look into, there are others that offer other exciting features and benefits. Putting is an important part of the game. Having the best mallet putter that perfecting fit for you will really be a game-changer so it is important for you to make the right choice.

Have you tried mallet putter yet? Hope our reviews above enlighten you about this putter. Others are afraid to use it because of its size. Mallet is a versatile putter and can work with all types of players. Because of its design, it is stable and has a great feel and distance control.

We love all the six putters that we reviewed above. However, the Odyssey Stroke Putter top the other choices. We think that most of the golfers would be happy to have this club added to their bag because of its look, design, and most of all its performance on the golf course.

Hope our best mallet putters review can help you make the right choice in order for you to catch up with the golfing progress that your friends are currently enjoying.

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