Titleist Pro V1 vs Pro V1x – What’s the difference?

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Golf is considered one of the most played and prestigious sports today. It has been said that the earliest game can be dated back to the 15th century in Scotland. The early rule is that the player with the fewest strikes into the target using a stick and a leather ball wins the game. This fantastic stick and ball game is played over 18 holes. Since then, there has been quite a lot of changes from the way it was played down to the equipment that golfers are using. You can enhance your game performance by playing using the best premium ball in the market.

Golfers stand in the middle of the vast spectrum when it comes to their equipment, specifically in choosing golf balls. Despite similar appearances, our market today offers you the best selection of golf balls. Golfer continues to demand more and more performance from the manufacturers that create products.

Today, we will review and pick apart one of the most popular balls for golfers from Titleist, the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. These golf balls have a feel that even the lowest handicap players are satisfied with.

It will be a challenging task as both Pro V1 and V1x have certainly gained a hard-to-break reputation being created by the most leading innovators in the industry.  So, if you are looking for the perfect ball to spin, take a good time reading this guide between Pro V1 vs. V1x.

The Perfect Ball Will Make a Big Difference

How will the perfect golf ball in the market make a difference in your game? 

Finding a golf ball that is a good fit for your game will help you achieve the desired distance and ball flight that you need with your clubs. 

Should it be the Titleist Pro V1 or the Pro V1x? This will definitely an exciting ball fight! Certainly, being mindful of your swing speed using the most innovative and high-tech manufactured ball will not only transform you from a budding golfer into a professional one but will also give you the feel as if you are playing for the PGA tour or making a chip shot around the green. 

Many professional players are using both the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x in their games. Playing with golf balls that the pros use will help you see the same advantages that these great players see. 

Let me give you a few points you need to know about when choosing the golf ball to make your game performance even better.  There is a science behind a successful round on the course. Your ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate matter if you want to win. It has a profound impact on your overall performance. A subtle change in its design will bring a drastic effect on the way the ball performs.

1.   Understand that golf balls are designed to serve different situations. You might want to check out why it flies and what determines how far it travels because these are some basics information that you need to know before the tee meets the putting green. To give you a clearer view, let’s dissect the basic anatomy of the golf ball.

a. Core

The power center of the ball influences the speed distance and spin. With the 2019 Pro V1 and Titleist Pro V1x both possess 2 0 ZG Process Core wherein the outside is stiffer while the inner part is softer. The outcome is a lower spin on longer shots and faster ball speed. In addition, the spin around the greens is quite high.

b. Layers

It increases the spin that results in great control. The more layers a golf ball has, the more performance that it can offer. Premium golf balls tend to be four or more layers.

c. Cover

It is the exterior surface of the ball usually made out of either Surlyn (a thin, plastic resin) or Urethane elastomer cover (a slightly softer, slightly less durable synthetic compound). The softness or hardness of the ball has an effect when the ball spins off the club head. This will have a distinct effect when it comes to the performance around the green.

d. Dimple

It enhances the aerodynamic design causing it to manipulate the airflow around the ball, thereby creating a tighter vortex, effectively the dragging effect. It increases the ball’s distance, speed, and lifts. 

The manufacturer can manipulate its design which can increase or decrease the performance of the ball when hit off the air. The consistency of the design is critical in the optimization of its distance and speed for the ball to perform its full potential in any weather condition.

2.   Given a wide array to choose from, there are several things that you need to know and to consider before choosing between Titleist Pro V1 vs. Pro V1x Titleist. In the industry of Golf ball, technicians, engineers, chemists, aerodynamicists, and other scientists contribute their expertise to develop a new technology that will surpass the quality of the best one available in the market, making the new one more in-demand product. 

Although it’s a fact that each individual golfer has his/her own preference and treats their balls uniquely, it’s a big help to know the complexity of the science behind your favorite sports. Anyway, we are living in a world where knowledge is just around the corner; why not take advantage of it and use it to deliver a powerful performance.

Professional players will surely agree that choosing the right equipment is a huge decision that you could ever make and the best investment to hone your natural talent. Every piece must be in harmony with each other to achieve the result as expected. One right ball is one great leap towards the championship.

The Perfect Golf Ball

When we talk about golf, it’s difficult to not to talk about Titleist. Every golfer knows about this great American company in the world of golf. They are one giant brand name the offers the finest equipment and apparels product for amateur and serious golfers out there. 

Thus a quick tour to their site can be helpful. If you want further information regarding Titleist golf balls, such as the Titleist Pro V1 or the 2019 Pro V1, or other best golf paraphernalia, they can be reached through their email address provided on the website.

For this reason, we are going to tackle their two famous lines of products. This will be a great battle between Pro V1 versus Pro V1x. Comparisons are a great source of savvy information that will help you in coming up with a purposeful decision.

We have gathered useful facts and features for these two great innovations to clear out your doubts so you can easily say yes to “THE ONE” and have the soft feel and spin of a true golfer. Let us first decipher each using their peculiar features.

The Pro V1 and Its Important Features

Let us start casting out the clouds in your inquisitive head. The Pro V1 is one of the most popular golf balls with amazing characteristics. Here are its specifications:

a.   Sport Type: Golf
b.   Color: White (available in yellow)
c.    Material: Urethane
d.   Target Group: Unisex-Adults
e.   Brand: Titleist
Why is there a need to set this out first?
 Because it does matter.
Want your chip shots to drop and stop around the greens? Are you preparing for a tournament? 
Listen very carefully. The Pro V1 earned the attention of the market around 2000. It occupies the top spot for the finest golf ball in the world for quite some time with its faster- dual-core, a thicker casing layer, and a 17 percent thinner cover than the previous iteration. Its greatest features are the results of a series of studies using the combined knowledge from the group of professionals and scientists seriously working on changing the way you play your game. 
The Titleist Pro V1 is specifically designed to produce swift penetrating ball flight and descends at a shallower launch angle that will have more roll off the tee. Pro V1 provides ideal scoring control because it is efficiently designed for great speed and distance performance in the air. You are missing so much if you haven’t bought a Titleist Pro V1 for yourself.

The Pro V1x Was Introduced

With the popularity of the Pro V1, Titleist had to introduce a ball that would take care of the better players on the market. Those with extremely fast swing speeds are going to get excellent performance from the Pro V1x. 

This newest innovation is going to leave you in great awe. New technology is infused to develop this great product that really puts other brands behind. Its purpose is to challenge speed without sacrificing quality. 

Over the decade, Titleist remarkably maintains its dominance in the industry of golf. It has proven its name and clean reputation using its innovation, where it puts greatness on top of all. Its undeniable innovation flows freely in every angle and detail of Pro V1x. Here are the specifications of Pro V1x.

Titleist Pro V1x

a.   Sport Type: Golf

b.   Color: White (available in yellow)

c.    Materila: Urethane

d.   Target Group: Unisex-Adults

e.   Brand: Titleist

Comparing Titleist Pro v1 vs. Pro V1x can be a bit tricky as both have almost the same features in our naked eyes. However, great technology has created a thin line of differences that sets a serious impact to a quality ball performance. On top of all, Pro V1x offers extraordinary distance with consistent ball flight. The Pro V1x weight is 36 pounds with a very low long game spin and penetrating trajectory. It is expressly designed to produce more spin while flying high in the sky.

Comparison between Pro V1 vs Pro V1x

Titleist Pro V1 vs Pro V1x

Comparing the two golf balls, Pro V1 and Pro V1x, is like watching a “Best versus Best” Battle. Titleist golf balls Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls are the most picked golf ball of Champions. Below are some features that thinly distinguish Pro V1 to Pro V1x. It is truly a hard job to see what separates from one the other. Nonetheless, we have collected all important details that we believe distinguish Pro V1 to Pro V1x. To those who are left in confusion, wait no more as you are about to see the thin lines.

Number of Pieces

The Pro V1 provides a total performance from the tee to green with its three-piece-solid core golf, thus making a high penetrating flight capacity and very softer feel. While the Titleist Pro V1x provides a total performance from the tee with its four-piece-solid core golf producing high trajectory and soft feel.

Dimple Design

How does the dimple of Pro V1 and Pro V1x differ from each other? Accordingly, the engineers and scientists have determined that the aerodynamic optimization between Pro V1 and Pro V1x is achieved through dimple pattern design. When it comes to Pro V1, its dimple has a higher count generating a low long spin game, less iron spin, high short game spin. On the other hand, Pro V1x has a fewer dimple giving a ball a similar lower spin, less softer feel, more iron spin, higher short game spin, and a higher ball flight.

Professional vs. Amateur

For most professional golfers prefer the Pro V1x to its predecessor. The fact is grounded that Pro V1x designs attributed to its performance of making spin a little faster than Pro V1, especially in a windy condition. A thin hair likes variance, but to golfers, it brings a huge impact when the club hits the ball.


Overall, both Pro V1 and Pro V1x deliver a high standard performance beyond your expectations. Its durability and capabilities to give you a reasonable distance off the tee are indisputable --- and that is an exceptional brand quality that is apparent in all Titleist balls. Deliberately designed to aid golfers at all levels towards an excellent golf experience, especially around the greens.

All in all, the spotted difference between the two premium golf balls is not eye-popping.

For amateurs and golfers who are playing for recreational, it will be hard for you to see what separates Pro V1 to Pro V1x significantly. But one thing is for sure Titleist balls will perform well compared to the other brands. 

We encourage you to test the two, so you can see the difference for yourself. You are in the perfect place to determine what works ideal for you to win the game. Chances are you can’t go wrong with a Pro V1 or Pro V1 x in the golf bag.

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

I’m a golf enthusiast just like you and have been playing the game since I was 12 years old. Although I love watching the PGA Tour and following my favorite stars on tour I’m also fascinated by all of the unique and innovative products that are associated with the game I love. It's my greatest joy to share my fascination with golf gadgets, equipment, training aids, and golf accessories with fellow golf lovers on all levels.


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