Buying vs Renting a Golf Simulator: What is the Breakeven Point?

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Golf simulators are becoming increasingly popular among golf enthusiasts who want to practice their skills from the comfort of their own homes. However, deciding to purchase or rent a golf simulator can be difficult.

While buying a simulator may seem like a better long-term investment, renting may be the more cost-effective option for those who use it occasionally.

In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of buying vs renting a golf simulator and how to calculate the breakeven point to help you make an informed decision.

If you do decide to buy a golf simulator, here are the best golf simulators you can buy for your home.

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Golf Simulator

buying vs renting a golf simulator

Available Space

Your available space is essential when deciding whether to buy or rent a golf simulator.

Buying a simulator will require a dedicated space to set it up, which may only be feasible for some. You need a bigger space for a golf simulator set-up to get its total value. You may also spend more money than anticipated.

On the other hand, renting a simulator allows you to use it without needing a permanent space. You can freely rent the simulator from a local place in y our city whenever you want, which may make it most cost-friendly in the long run.

Considering the space available before deciding on a home golf simulator set-up is essential. It is a costly venture and requires a lot of thought beforehand.

Usage Frequency and Purpose

When deciding whether to purchase or rent a golf simulator, the intended use and frequency of usage are important factors to consider.

If you believe that the simulator will be used frequently, then buying a simulator is a better long-term investment. You need to decide how serious you are about using the golf simulator, as the set-up and costs will be high.

Suppose you mark down the pros and cons of how often you plan to use the golf simulator. In that case, renting may be more cost-effective if the simulator is only used occasionally.

Additionally, it is crucial to consider the purpose of the simulator. If the simulator is purchased for personal use by multiple people, buying one may be more beneficial. On the other hand, renting the simulator for an event or a short-term project may be a more suitable option.

Budget Constraints

Budget constraints are essential when deciding to purchase or rent a golf simulator.

Golf simulators can be a significant investment, costing thousands of dollars for a complete package. There are several components you need to buy, including:

If you don’t have any equipment to start, purchasing the entire package will be a hefty bill.

If you have a limited budget, renting a golf simulator may be more cost-effective, especially if you think it will be used sparingly.

If you only want to golf a few times in winter, renting a golf simulator is a great option. You rent the golf simulator bay by the hour and play whatever games or courses you want.

Technological Requirements and Features

Lastly, one of the most important factors when purchasing or renting a golf simulator is the technological requirements and features needed.

Once the entire home golf simulator set-up is completed, it doesn’t stop there. You also need the simulator software to play the actual golf game and use the virtual driving range that comes with most software.

You must ensure the correct PC or table to run this simulator software. Most of the software also requires subscription plans to access real-life golf courses to play on. This can add a few hundred dollars to the overall cost per year and may have a person second-guessing their investment.

When you rent a golf simulator, they already have the software and everything set up. Customers can show up and start playing immediately, which might be more enticing to some golfers.

Costs Associated with Buying a Golf Simulator

Upfront Investment

When you purchase a golf simulator, there will be some upfront costs. Some sellers will offer a financing plan, but unless you want to be stuck paying interest charges for years to come, it is better to try and pay it all off right at the start.

If you don’t have any money to pay for a golf simulator upfront, you should get your finances in order before doing so.

Golf Simulator Unit Cost

Premium golf simulator buying cost

Golf Simulators cost anywhere from $1,000 to $70,000, depending on what you are looking for. Some units are very basic, and others are extravagant set-ups.

You first must decide what unit you are interested in based on your budget and go from there.

Installation Expenses

Once you have found which golf simulator you wish to purchase and have decided where it is going, there may be other installation expenses you need to worry about.

This includes transforming a garage into a home golf simulator. You may have to insulate the garage and ensure enough heat during winter to keep you warm while golfing.

Other things include raising the roof in your desired location so that you can take a full swing and possibly adding or removing walls to the room.

Accessories and Complimentary Items

Once you have the necessities for your golf simulator set-up, there are some other accessories and complimentary items you may need to purchase.

This includes:

  • a golf club holder
  • different-length tees compatible with your hitting mat
  • furniture for your golf simulator room
  • other decor

Remember that these items are optional, so I wouldn’t worry if it’s not in your budget.

Maintenance and Upgrade Costs

With golf simulator equipment comes maintenance on that equipment along with potential upgrade costs.

All equipment, over a while, requires maintenance to keep it working properly for as long as possible. This could include regular area cleaning, including the cords, connections, and impact screen. This could also include replacing light bulbs in the room and other regular maintenance items.

This could come into play for upgrade costs if you purchase a cheaper item off the start to reduce the cost. If you decide later on to get a better indoor golf mat or launch monitor, it will cost more for better equipment.

You must consider this before upgrading!

Software Updates

When you purchase the golf simulator software, you must also be aware that there could be updates to the software to ensure it runs smoothly.

Once purchased, the updates usually won’t cost more, but it will take time and a solid internet speed to download the updates and ensure everything is ready for next time.

Wear and Tear

Much like other equipment that is used over a period of time, it will eventually wear down and need to be replaced.

Like the brakes on a car, hitting off a golf mat often will wear it down, and it will not operate properly. Once this happens, you will need to look at replacing the equipment.

Costs Associated with Renting a Golf Simulator

Rental Fees

golf simulator rental fees

There are a few different rental fees when renting a golf simulator.

First, there are golf simulators that you can rent to pick up some different companies and bring them back to your set-up to use for a specified time.

These fees will vary depending on the equipment type provided and how long you rent it. The costs can be anywhere from $950 to $2500 per month to rent a golf simulator.

Rental fees are attached if you visit an indoor golf simulator another company provides. This is usually in the form of an hourly rate but can depend on the company. Also, if you don’t have your own set of golf clubs, you would have to look at renting them as well, which could be another $20-50.

Hourly Rates

The hourly price at an indoor golf simulator can vary but is usually between $30-$50. The good thing about this is you typically book this with a group of people so that the total cost can be divided by the number of golfers. If you go by yourself, it can be pricey.

Monthly Packages

Some companies will rent golf simulators to you for months. Different packages are usually available depending on what kind of equipment you rent and the required specs and space.

Basic monthly packages can start from $900 per month and go up to $2,000. Some premium packages are available that can go up to $3,500 monthly.

Membership Discounts

Some companies offer membership discounts if you sign up at an indoor golf club for specific periods. For example, you may get a discount if you purchase a 3-month membership.

A full-year membership may be a higher discount.

This entices golfers to sign up as members and spread it through word of mouth to others to grow the member base. However, you will pay extra than if you only wanted to go to the golf simulator business during winter months.

Other Perks

Some golf simulator businesses have enough space to host other things in their space. For example, corporate events might be able to rent out special meeting rooms or food areas. Some places also have other games to play, like pool or shuffleboard.

These other perks are hard to quantify in dollars, but you have to determine whether you are interested in those features.

Set-up and Transporation Costs

If you rent a golf simulator to take back to your own space, there will most likely be set-up and transportation costs. You will use gas in your vehicle to get to the rental company.

If you need a bigger vehicle to transport all of the equipment, you may either need to rent a bigger vehicle to do so, or you may need to pay the company to deliver the equipment, which would be an added cost. Setting up the equipment properly also takes time. If extra materials are required, this could be an out-of-pocket expense.

Occasional Maintenance and Repair Costs

Suppose you were to damage or break the rented golf simulator equipment while in your care. It is your responsibility to pay for the repairs.

This also applies to regular maintenance, especially if you are renting for months at a time.

If a cord needed to be replaced, you would either have to replace it out of pocket, or the company renting it from would charge you afterward.

Breakeven Point Calculator for Buying vs Renting a Golf SImulator

To build a breakeven calculator for buying vs renting a golf simulator, here are the variables we have:

  1. Cost of the golf simulator package: P (assumed as a one-time purchase cost)
  2. Hourly rate at the golf simulator business: H
  3. Hours of usage per visit: U
  4. Number of visits: V

The total cost of using the golf simulator at the business would be the product of the hourly rate, hours per visit, and the number of visits (H U V).

The cost for purchasing a golf simulator package would be just P since it’s a one-time cost.

To find out when purchasing a package would be cheaper than paying for hourly use at a business, we can set these two equations equal to each other and solve for the number of visits:

V = P / (H * U)

So, the number of visits (V) where the costs are equal is the cost of the golf simulator package (P) divided by the product of the hourly rate (H) and hours per visit (U).

If your home golf simulator costs $7000 and renting one cost $40 per hour and you spend 3 hours there, the breakeven calculation is:

V= $7000 \ ($40 x $30) = 58 rounds of golf to break even.

This calculator does not consider any maintenance on your owned simulator that you wouldn’t have on any simulator rentals. It also doesn’t consider how much food and drink you would purchase at the rental business.

Interactive Breakeven Calculator

Use the form below to calculate your own breakeven costs for buying vs renting a golf simulator!

Pros and Cons of Buying vs Renting a Golf Simulator

Pros of buying a golf simulator

Pros of Buying

unlimited Access

Getting up and playing golf whenever you want from the comfort of your home is a fantastic perk, and most golfers would love this. You don’t need to get ready, pack your golf clubs up or leave the house.

Customization Possibilities

Having something that is yours can be challenging, especially when you can customize it exactly how you want. You can hang whatever art you want on the walls and make the room stand out, which you can’t do when renting a golf simulator.

Potential for long-term savings

The initial up-front cost of a golf simulator will be very expensive, but there is potential for long-term savings. If you plan to use it frequently and keep everything clean and working, it could be cheaper in the long run.

Pros of Renting

Pros of renting in a golf simulator space

Lower Upfront costs

When renting a golf simulator, it will cost significantly less up-front than if you were to purchase one. This is a great perk if you need the financial capabilities to buy one off the start.

Flexibility and Convenience

The perks of renting a golf simulator include being able to do so whenever you feel like golfing. When you purchase a golf simulator, you may need to use it all the time to get the most out of it. When renting, you don’t have to feel this way.

Access to the latest technology

Companies always keep their hardware and technology up-to-date, which entices golfers who want to try out the latest technology without buying it themselves. If you had a simulator, you would need to download and buy the newest technology.

If you wanted to try a specific program or game, you could rent a simulator for an hour and see how you like it.

Additional Tips for Making a Decision

Assessing Personal Needs and Preferences

As a golfer, you must assess your needs and research to determine whether buying a golf simulator is for you.

What exactly are you looking for?

Are you looking to have fun and play golf on a virtual golf course during winter?

Or are you serious about taking lessons and making yourself a better golfer?

You need to decide your end goal before making such a significant investment.

Comparing Golf Simulator Brands and Models

There are hundreds of different brands and models available for a golf simulator. There are also other software and games available to purchase and play.

But everything comes with a price.

Premium options will cost a lot more money than fun options. We recommend researching as much as possible to find what works best for you.

Consulting Online Reviews and User Experiences

Reading online reviews and personal user experiences is a great way to learn about different golf simulators and how they function.

Reading about them online straight from the company is great, but knowing exactly how a regular person like yourself purchased one and set it up is better. It is more realistic to let you know how everything will go.

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